Top 30 New Challenge Quotes

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People see your life on social media, and they say, 'Oh

People see your life on social media, and they say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s perfect,’ and I’m like, ‘No, every day, it’s not even just a struggle: it’s something new, and it’s a new challenge to make sure that I’m mentally stable and healthy and that I’m okay.’ It was just great to finally get it out and talk about it.
Karen Civil
It was a village where I come from, obviously a lot smaller than London, so the support was unreal and close by. To come away to a new challenge, a new level, knowing that I was going to have to step up massively – not having those people around me was a test.
Millie Bright
The idea of doing something that I’ve never done before, that presents a new challenge, that forces me to stretch in some way – that’s kind of a perfect project for me, and especially something that has greater social, conversational ramifications. I mean what more could you want?
Allison Williams
You cannot plan for the Champions League: the competitors are always overwhelming. It is a big new challenge every year.
Thomas Muller
I like having a new challenge to tackle because that gives me an adrenaline rush.
Gautam Rode
I mean, I love New England. But after 10 years and winning three Super Bowls, something inside was telling me that I was ready for a new challenge. And I thought I might have to go elsewhere to find it.
Devin McCourty
I’m always looking for a new challenge. There are a lot of mountains to climb out there. When I run out of mountains, I’ll build a new one.
Sylvester Stallone
The Cubs – with their passionate fans, dedicated ownership, tradition, and World Series drought – represented the ultimate new challenge and the one team I could imagine working for after such a fulfilling Red Sox experience.
Theo Epstein
Well I think after leaving prison, and having written three diaries about life in prison, it became a sort of a new challenge to write another novel, to write a new novel.
Jeffrey Archer
When I stop playing I’ll want a new challenge. I couldn’t just do nothing.
Scott Parker
I came to QPR looking for a new challenge after six years at West Ham, a wonderful time capped off by promotion at Wembley.
Robert Green
It’s hard to shape glass. It took me years of practice, and as a result, I’ve never gotten bored with it. It’s difficult. Every time I come into the studio, I’ve got some sort of new challenge. And something that I would like to learn how to do better, and the material never disappoints me.
Jim McKelvey
I am thrilled to be joining United. I have enjoyed some very happy years at Chelsea, but the time has come for a new challenge.
Juan Mata
People ask me often, ‘Why did you leave Green Bay? You had the best quarterback, you were going good and all that.’ But I’ve always been one for challenges. Try to build something up, try something new, challenge myself.
Mike Holmgren
I like a new challenge.
Jorja Smith
You have to treat every day as a new challenge, and you have to remain paranoid, as they say.
Anand Mahindra
We must all learn a good lesson – how to live together. That is the new challenge of the new world… learning to co-exist and not co-annihilate.
Jesse Jackson
I like to write in all different genres. I just like a new challenge.
Alison McGhee
You can get excited and feel unstoppable, but every week presents a new challenge. Each week, you have to work and get better.
Antonio Brown
I had to take up a new challenge and I always want to stay true to myself. My last six months at Celtic were a tough time but, at the same time, I’m gone from there now, and I’m enjoying my football again.
Scott Sinclair
The thing about being an actor is that every new job is a new challenge. Sometimes you’ll have a shot, and it doesn’t work. Sometimes it’ll work better than you expected.
Jacki Weaver
At the moment I’m enjoying a new challenge at the Royal Opera House, but I’m also keen to pursue my interest in television and particularly in science.
Deborah Bull
Vegas is definitely a new challenge, but I wanted to be able to put on a different type of show. You get to do so much more when you don’t have to put your stage in trucks after the show every night – we got to build a venue specifically for my show. It’s going to be more like a party than a typical concert.
Britney Spears
Arsenal are a great club, but after eight years, sometimes you feel that you need a new challenge.
Robin Van Persie
Every Bundesliga match is a new challenge, our opponents don’t make it easy for us.
Philipp Lahm
Every season is a new challenge to me, and I always set out to improve in terms of games, goals, assists.
Cristiano Ronaldo
A new project can offer you a new challenge.
Ronald Koeman
I went to Germany taking a chance on seeing what Europe was like, and taking on that new challenge. Obviously it wasn’t for me at the time, but I always had that goal to come back to the U.S. and work hard and hopefully go back to Europe.
Zack Steffen
Neurosurgery is a new challenge with each case. The preparation, the discipline, the technical skills and the need to perform at your very best under pressure provide the same adrenaline rush I had in football.
Myron Rolle
For me, each game is a new challenge, which has to be dealt with rationally and systematically. At that time, every other thought fades into oblivion.
Viswanathan Anand