Top 30 Quotes about Jim Carrey

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I wanted to be the female Jim Carrey.

I wanted to be the female Jim Carrey.
Chrissy Metz
If you work with Jim Carrey, you’re working with the best.
Peter Farrelly
I really like Jim Carrey.
Lucas Cruikshank
I like all Jim Carrey films. They’re really funny.
Rupert Grint
My parents are my major supporters. I look up to Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey. They have all opened my mind and helped me with my craft.
Adam Hicks
I remember doing a comedy show with Jim Carrey once, and he was out there with his foot behind his neck and rubbing his face with it.
Dana Carvey
That’s where humour lives for me. In the body. The Steve Martin kind of stuff or Jim Carrey, that’s what I like. I’ve always felt that’s what I would like to do.
Al Pacino
If you have the opportunity to watch Nathan Fillion or Jim Carrey do a scene, it’s like getting a Ph.D. in acting.
Molly Quinn
It’s good Xerox is known for its copying machines, and it’s good Jim Carrey is known for comedy.
Steve Guttenberg
I love Jerry Lewis. I loved Jim Carrey when I was younger, and Mike Myers and Phil Hartman, all the ‘Saturday Night Live’ people in the late ’80s.
Simon Helberg
Boys from my generation all love Jim Carrey! But you know, just being in his house with him and pitching jokes that he would act out, literally felt like the dreams that I had, so it was amazing.
John Francis Daley
I’d say people that really inspired me at first were like, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Carrey… serious Jim Carrey though.
Logan Lerman
Jim Carrey and my dad were best friends. He would always be in my house and stuff like that.
Damon Wayans, Jr.
It must be hard being Jim Carrey. His precipitous fall from comedic grace has climaxed in a sad thud as the once brilliant rubber-faced comic has transformed into an unfunny, thick human hemorrhoid.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
My idol growing up was Charlie Chaplin. I was obsessed with him. I mean, while other kids were watching Jim Carrey and the likes in the ’90s, I was watching Charlie Chaplin films, because I was a bit of a geek. I became obsessed with this idea of physical comedy.
Josh Gad
I feel like Jim Carrey is probably the closest thing to a true physical comedian that we have working today.
Josh Gad
It’s great working with Steve Carell and Jim Carrey. Those guys are really funny.
Steve Buscemi
While it is entirely untrue that Canadians lack a sense of humour, the funniest ones tend to head south: Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox.
Simon Hoggart
I grew up watching Jim Carrey, and I was like, ‘I want to be like him. I want to do what exactly what he does.’ YouTube was just a platform, kind of like a trampoline to, like, bounce into it at a faster rate.
Kian Lawley
I would like to work with Jean Reno, and I think it would be amazing to work with Jim Carrey. I would quite like to work with Robert De Niro and probably Christopher Walken.
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
I don’t think more concentration is required for Robert De Niro to do what he does as for Jim Carrey to do what he does.
Eddie Murphy
I do a lot of teen shows and voice over work for animation, so when I got the part in ‘The Number 23,’ it was really cool because now I get to be in a movie with Jim Carrey. Acting in this movie was really a learning experience for me.
Paul Butcher
Working with Jim Carrey is an absolute gas. I have never laughed so hard for so long. Had he been on-board for the sequel of Dumb & Dumber, I would’ve jumped on, with no hesitation.
Jeff Daniels
Jim Carrey, a comic genius, has a harder time overcoming the public’s desire for him to be funny simply because he’s so good at it.
Ben Stiller
I wanted to be in Jim Carrey comedy movies before I met him. I wanted to be a comedian on Stage 19, yukking it up.
Jenny McCarthy
Jim Carrey and Steve Carell did dramatic roles. I look up to them. You want a career like that.
Billy Eichner
I knew since third grade I wanted to be Jim Carrey. His freedom, his goofiness, his crazy, loud, sudden energy. I told my family I was going to be a pediatrician, but in the back of my mind, I was like, ‘Nope, I’m going to be the biggest movie star ever.’
King Bach
I would like to do comedy. I can be a bit of a Jim Carrey. I was always the class clown.
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
I don’t think I have the pulling power of Jim Carrey.
Dev Patel
I liked Jim Carrey from the very beginning.
Robert Forster