Top 30 Recommendation Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Recommendation Quotes from famous people such as Paul Romer, Charles Dickens, Carlos Sainz Jr., Aristotle, James Wolcott, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

My number-one recommendation is to invest in people. Hu

My number-one recommendation is to invest in people. Humans that are well trained are the inputs into this discovery process. And there’s big opportunities still, I think, to do a better job of investing in people.
Paul Romer
You don’t carry in your countenance a letter of recommendation.
Charles Dickens
My recommendation is to try and do the best you can in go-karting to be spotted by a big name like Red Bull or Ferrari. And like that you have a chance. If not, nowadays it’s very difficult. It’s always been, but these days, even more.
Carlos Sainz Jr.
Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.
What had brought me to New York in the autumn of 1972 was a letter of recommendation written by Norman Mailer, the author of ‘The Naked and the Dead’ and American literature’s leading heavyweight contender, to Dan Wolf, the delphic editor of ‘The Village Voice.’
James Wolcott
I’ve known those pieces ever since I was about 16 or 17; I also at that time was taken to meet Charles Ives whom I got to know fairly well. He was the one who wrote a recommendation for me to get into college.
Elliott Carter
The best recommendation I can have is my own talents, and the fruits of my own labors, and what others will not do for me, I will try and do for myself.
John James Audubon
I’m an avid reader so I can go on and on about my recommendation for books but the one book that I would strongly recommend is ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr Brian Weiss. This book has really helped me change my perspective towards a lot of things and also get a better understanding of life.
Zareen Khan
All kinds of excuses have been given by governments for not implementing this recommendation like food price inflation. But the question is, do the farmers of this country, who constitute nearly half of the working population, also not need to eat?
M. S. Swaminathan
I had this really intense resolve. I would call universities and community colleges and say, ‘I really want to go to college. How do I get to college? What do I do?’ And they would say, ‘You have to get an application. You have to get letters of recommendation.’ It was terrifying. I had no idea what I was doing.
Susan Fowler
I don’t have a particular recommendation other than that we base decisions on as much hard data as possible. We need to carefully look at all the options and all their ramifications in making our decisions.
Dorothy Denning
I believe that you can, by taking some simple and inexpensive measures, lead a longer life and extend your years of well-being. My most important recommendation is that you take vitamins every day in optimum amounts to supplement the vitamins that you receive in your food.
Linus Pauling
My suggestion and my recommendation is, to solve the problem in Korea, you need to solve that problem with China. It’s a client state of China.
Steve Bannon
It may seem draconian, but the best recommendation I can make is to completely avoid grains.
David Perlmutter
It was the Congress that imposed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ it was certainly my position, my recommendation to get us out of an even worse outcome that could have occurred.
Colin Powell
The Commissioner was correct to ban Mr. Sterling from all official NBA business, to levy the stiffest allowable fine, and we will support his recommendation to press for Mr. Sterling to relinquish his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise.
Jerry Reinsdorf
A beautiful face is a mute recommendation.
Publilius Syrus
Brevity is the best recommendation of speech, whether in a senator or an orator.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Some of them, in accepting the proposed plan of government, coupled their acceptance with a recommendation of various additions to the Constitution, which they deemed essential to the preservation of the rights of the States, or of the People.
Caleb Cushing
A good face they say, is a letter of recommendation. O Nature, Nature, why art thou so dishonest, as ever to send men with these false recommendations into the World!
Henry Fielding
The Facebook way is that you sit at the table and you state your opinion, back it up with data, and make a recommendation.
Marne Levine
In the early 2009, a campaign plan developed by Petraeus and General McChrystal to defeat the Taliban, they required a minimum force of 40,000. President Obama rejected that recommendation and provided 25 percent less. He also decided he would pull the force out in 12 to 15 months.
Jack Keane
I care what my reader thinks. There is no fancy recommendation you can give me that would matter to me as much as Mary Jane from Youngstown writing me a letter. There is not one. Don’t need it, don’t want it, don’t require it, does not fill up my soul. It’s about her, not about the rest of it.
Adriana Trigiani
I was the chief executive once, I’ve been there. My recommendation to anybody is don’t go backwards.
Stuart Rose
But I believe that the DPKO at this time was very much involved with American administration and was acting, taking on consideration the demand or the recommendation of the American administration. American administration was very powerful.
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
The Rhodes scholarship process was very extensive. I had to do several personal statements, rewrite those over and over and over again. I had to get some letters of recommendation.
Myron Rolle
Maybe it’s old-fashioned, but I’ve always preferred to see players with my own eyes than on a video or going on somebody else’s recommendation. If that means getting up early and taking a flight, then so be it. Our success at Everton came from having a great recruitment team who I made sure were out watching the players.
David Moyes
There’s always a great deal of business to be transacted in one’s office. There are always visitors it seems to me, an unending stream of them, who come with letters of recommendation, or come actually on substantive business.
David K. E. Bruce
The secretary of defense makes recommendations, sometimes will make strong recommendations to the president of the United States. But the president, whoever it is at that time, decides, makes the call on whether or not to take that recommendation.
Lee Zeldin
Salman Khan did not help me get movie offers. What rubbish! Will any producer take a risk of millions of rupees at the instance of any person? Everyone knows that the film industry is highly competitive, and one gets a job on one’s talent only and not on any recommendation.
Katrina Kaif