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I've reinvented myself many times in my life. I thought

I’ve reinvented myself many times in my life. I thought I’d become a concert violinist but burned out at 17. I thought I’d go to law school but became Miss America.
Gretchen Carlson
The idea of standing five feet away from Norah Jones and listening to her sing Neil Young’s ‘Down By The River’ was just phenomenal. I compare that to what my kids know of at a concert, which is sitting in a stadium and watching a huge screen.
Mick Foley
I really feel that a concert is a place where you can bring up topics, and you can actually discuss them and feel them and have a great time.
Ann Wilson
The whole idea of our government is this: If enough people get together and act in concert, they can take something and not pay for it.
P. J. O’Rourke
New Year’s Eve, we’re going to be doing a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Symphony Hall. It makes me feel good, because of all the people they could have had, they wanted me! We do have to do a little work with the rhythm section.
Barbara Cook
Carly Simon abandoned the stage for seven years after collapsing from nerves before a concert in Pittsburgh in 1981. When she resumed performing, she would sometimes ask members of her band to spank her before she went onstage, to distract her from her anxiety.
Scott Stossel
The Concert for Bangladesh was just a moral stance.
George Harrison
Kids started coming to my concert, and I realized that I had sense of responsibility.
I always have to poop right before I do a concert. I don’t feel nervous, but I think that must be my body reacting.
Lil Dicky
In reading, a lonely quiet concert is given to our minds; all our mental faculties will be present in this symphonic exaltation.
Stephane Mallarme
British electoral law forbids different campaign organisations acting in concert unless they have a shared cap on spending.
Gina Miller
I’m really into Noel Gallagher’s lad culture vibe. I used to wear Fred Perry polo shirts a lot. In fact, I went to an Oasis concert, which I believe was the band’s penultimate gig before they disbanded, and I would say about 80 per cent of the audience were wearing the same polo.
Nicholas Galitzine
I was a piano performance major at USC. I left before I graduated because I realized at some point I wasn’t going to be a concert pianist and I was too attracted to popular music.
James Newton Howard
I’ll never forget the first concert I basically went to. Actually, Sonny and Cher was my first concert, but U2 was my first real concert. I was 17 and saw them at JFK Stadium and had really crappy seats.
Ed Kowalczyk
I was a tough kid with the jeans, the concert shirt with the flannel over it, the comb in the back pocket and the feathered hair.
Cameron Diaz
I decided during my teens that I wasn’t going to have the life of a concert pianist, much to the chagrin of a lot of people who had put a lot of money into me!
Cy Coleman
In my neighborhood, everyone had an opinion on the local cantor. You didn’t go to a synagogue to listen to the rabbi’s sermon. You went to listen to the cantor. It was like a concert.
Alan Dershowitz
I really, really love new work, and that’s why, you know, I produced a concert series supporting new musicals and stuff like that. I hope to do more things like that.
Josh Young
To tell you the truth, man, we spend most of the time travelling in hotels, in festivals, in concert halls, clubs, airports. The most unenjoyable part is all the security at airports.
Hugh Masekela
A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It’s a theatrica! event.
Freddie Mercury
I was at a Dolly Parton concert when I was about 9 years old. I saw her at the Ohio State Fair, and it was my first real concert that I’d been to. I saw that crowd and how they reacted and how great of a performer she was and the band. Just the energy of the whole thing collectively really captured me.
Jay DeMarcus
In my imagination yes, I remember, when I was six years old, I was conducting all this concert in my house. But now it’s real.
Gustavo Dudamel
We spend a great deal of time getting the fan to buy the ticket. Why shouldn’t it be: ‘Buy the concert ticket and bundle in the t-shirt, or join the fan club?’
Michael Rapino
I heard heart wrenching stories about fans who had tickets for the 1980 show in Montreal, the first concert that didn’t happen, when my dad died. They’d be in tears. It was hard to deal with sometimes.
Jason Bonham
My mom and I love Celine Dion. She was my first concert ever. Then I saw Titanic’ when I was really young and at my grade three talent show, I sang ‘My Heart Will Go On.’
Raymond Ablack
It is good medicine to go to a concert hall and forget the harshness of what’s going on. It can be a very positive thing.
Itzhak Perlman
I loathe hecklers. I haven’t got a good syllable to say. When you come out of the club circuit and into the concert hall, they should be gone. There’s an element of manners that should tell you that the ticket is dear and it’s a different venue.
Billy Connolly
My wife and I got to go onstage at a Flaming Lips concert at Webster Hall once. We dressed up like Scientology aliens and danced around. We had a shootout onstage with Santa Claus.
Bill Hader
A die-hard country fan, they’re not going to a Drake concert.
Kane Brown
People have taken time out of their day and spent their money to come sit down at a concert. And it’s jazz music-it’s not easy for them to get to it. I don’t want them ever to feel that I’m taking their presence lightly.
Wynton Marsalis
I’m the kind of guy that if I go to a concert and hear something that knocks me out, I don’t want to be left out of that. I’m going to try to get into that, and I’m running back home to practice.
Roscoe Mitchell
I had always sung in choirs. Even when it was something

I had always sung in choirs. Even when it was something to be laughed at or made fun of, you know, in school. And I was always the kid who was picked at the Christmas concert to sing the solo, you know, while the other kids snickered in the front few rows.
Scott Weiland
I find it really awkward to go to dinner on a first date. I like to go to a comfortable, loungy place or do something fun, like bowling or a concert.
Whitney Port
I thought the grunge scene was cool. This is going to sound weird, but I remember doing a concert at a tavern in the mid-’80s with Nirvana.
Sir Mix-a-Lot
While I was in Astana, a ballet master from St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre staged a performance of ‘Giselle’ in the opera hall. It was one of only a few performances to grace Astana’s concert spaces in many weeks, and tickets were impossible to come by.
Keith Gessen
Throughout the evening I would be recording these long saxophone delays and about four hours into the concert, if I wanted to take a break I would just play back the saxophone.
Terry Riley
When people watch me on TV, they see part of my life. I wanted to let them know the real me behind the scenes. The child who was a concert violinist from the age of six. The young woman who took on the challenge to compete in the Miss America pageant. The television journalist for twenty-five years.
Gretchen Carlson
People forget how outcast ‘They Might Be Giants’ can be. They have a reputation for writing really deft, funny, clever melodies, and they also make a lot of music for kids, which is terrific, but when you see them in concert, they can rock the house.
John Hodgman
We are the kind of people who obsess over one word… but we have only one shot to get it right in concert. It was hard the first time I practiced with them. I was so nervous that my vocal chords were paralyzed for about a half-hour.
Amy Tan
It’s really nice meeting people after a concert. Still, it’s very weird to be at the center of a group of 30 people all listening to what you’re saying. When that group turns into 300 people, it goes on from weird. Some people revel in it, and I don’t.
Robert Smith
There is still nothing under the sun quite like a Grateful Dead concert.
Lee Ranaldo
First concert I saw was a British boy band called Take That when I was 14 or 15. I went with nine girls from school.
James Corden
Most recently we’ve been working in concert situations rather than clubs. because there aren’t too many rooms there like Ronnie Scott’s, that are pure music rooms, where people come specifically to listen to music.
Chuck Mangione
And it wasn’t until ’84 when I was first asked to come to Sweden and do an album and concert tour.
Wanda Jackson
The world is full of ways for people to dance. Concert dance doesn’t get its due.
Judith Jamison
There was this really rock n’ roll guy who was very obviously dragged to my concert by his girlfriend. He had tattoos all over, and he was wearing a Metallica T-shirt. He came up to me said it was one of his favorite concerts because I had reached for his heart and dragged it out and put it in front of his face.
Lou Doillon
I have always felt an excellent rapport ever since my very first concert in Britain at Hampton Court. I have always felt understood. The British understand opera very well.
Andrea Bocelli
I remember being really, really young and watching Prince and Michael Jackson concert DVDs. One of my favorites is Prince’s ‘Rave Un2 The Year 2000.’
Gabriella Wilson
By the time this concert ends this evening, 30,000 Africans will have died because of extreme poverty. By this time tomorrow evening, another 30,000. This does not make sense.
Brad Pitt
I was playing surf music with my band when a girlfriend of mine who had come from Los Angeles took me to a James Brown concert. That show really changed my whole outlook and thought processes, especially about music and different cultures.
Timothy B. Schmit
CIOs have to be able to lay out a clear path in concert with the business leader – I used to make the business guy responsible for the apps and force them to answer the question of why they feel they need non-standard apps when they know that’s how the costs skyrocket.
Mark V. Hurd