Top 33 Anti-American Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Anti-American Quotes from famous people such as Glenn Greenwald, John G. Diefenbaker, Camille Paglia, Mark Meadows, Jay Chandrasekhar, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Who cares if virtually the entire world views Obama's d

Who cares if virtually the entire world views Obama’s drone attacks as unjustified and wrong? Who cares if the Muslim world continues to seethe with anti-American animus as a result of this aggression? Empires do what they want.
Glenn Greenwald
I am not anti-American. But I am strongly pro-Canadian.
John G. Diefenbaker
I’m worried about the future of America insofar as our academically most promising students are being funneled through the cookie-cutter Ivy League and other elite schools and emerging with this callow anti-American, anti-military cast to their thinking.
Camille Paglia
We continue to send money to the U.N. for countries who are anti-American and anti-Israel – it’s got to stop.
Mark Meadows
There was a Burger King in Hamilton, N.Y., where Colgate is, that had three sizes: Small, Medium, and Liter. I would go in there and order a large. And they’d say, ‘We don’t have large; we have liters.’ So they’d make us order liters of cola, which I found to be just anti-American.
Jay Chandrasekhar
I wouldn’t make an anti-American film. I’m one of the most pro-American foreigners I know. I love America and Americans.
Michael Caine
I’m not anti-American. I was raised to love both sides.
Emir Kusturica
I haven’t heard of any cases of anti-American blog posts being censored or bloggers encountering consequences for anti-American speech on the web in China.
Rebecca MacKinnon
Both Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama pursued policies of regime change after 9/11 – with Bush removing al-Qaida’s safe haven in Afghanistan and the sadistic anti-American dictator Saddam Hussein in Iraq – but Obama took it a step further and disregarded regional stability as a guiding factor for U.S. policy.
Pete Hoekstra
The Democrats have morphed themselves into the anti-worker, anti-American (as it relates to Iranian terrorists and China), and anti-family political party. They have strayed too far from the values – economic and personal – that have made America the powerhouse we are.
Trish Regan
Everyone in comedy thinks if you go to the U.S. you become a global star but, unfortunately, I’ve always been a bit anti-American – so I never did.
Jo Brand
Many of the people who are most considered anti-American would love to partake of the American dream: the unspoken slogan of many protesters outside U.S. embassies abroad is really: ‘Yankee go home, but take me with you.’
Shashi Tharoor
I’m tired of being labelled anti-American because I ask questions.
Susan Sarandon
In the minds of many Americans, if you are a radical Democrat or a Socialist, you are automatically a Communist. And if you are a Communist, then therefore you are an anti-American person and a person who is not a patriot. But nothing is further from the truth.
Michael Eric Dyson
Sides are being divided now. It’s very obvious. So if you’re on the other side of the fence, you’re suddenly anti-American. It’s breeding fear of being on the wrong side.
Sam Shepard
The Nisour Square shooting is a signature point in the Iraq war, one that inflamed anti-American sentiment abroad and contributed to the impression that Americans were reckless and unaccountable. The Iraqi government wanted to prosecute the security contractors in Iraq, but the American government refused to allow it.
Matt Apuzzo
I was in WCW 20 odd years ago and people really didn’t like the character I did at the time. It was a different time when you could really hammer that anti-American thing home and people hated it and hated me.
William Regal
On the ground, Pakistan is the most virulently anti-American state on the planet.
Ted Rall
The CNN international is a different service – it is even more leftist and anti-American than CNN is. That’s their business, that’s fine, but it can’t be getting any revenue. There is no cable network that I know of anywhere in the world other than in America that pays them for their products.
Rupert Murdoch
I’m not anti-American. But I am very strongly anti American bacon – the worst bacon in the world.
Gavin Esler
I think they should make it a felony to criticise a film product. Particularly my film product. It’s anti-American.
Richard Linklater
I’ve been called communist, socialist, anti-American.
Eric Schlosser
I’m not anti-American. I’ve lived with Kenny, a Texan, for six years.
George Michael
President Obama’s assault on the free-enterprise market and venture capitalists is anti-American and shows his greatest insecurity: his lack of private sector experience and his inability to understand the economy and help businesses thrive in these uncertain economic times.
Mercedes Schlapp
Every day at some point I encounter some sort of anti-American feeling.
Chelsea Clinton
Out-of-step intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and the deceased Edward Said have often been dismissed as crazy extremists, ‘anti-American,’ and in Mr. Said’s case even, absurdly, as apologists for Palestinian ‘terrorism.’
Salman Rushdie
Conservatives believe that international institutions such as the United Nations are anti-American and anti-Israeli cabals. Progressives do not like the economic medicine that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank force down the throats of developing countries.
Michael Ignatieff
In addition to anti-American terrorists with global reach, our adversaries include organizations – some nation states, some private and some criminal – that proliferate weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them.
Dennis C. Blair
According to the oil and gas industry and their proponents, I am a communist, terrorist, Nazi, Russian-sympathizing, anti-American, arsonist, extremist.
Josh Fox
The debate about the war seems pretty robust and free. Many publications, from the New Yorker to the Nation, feel perfectly comfortable printing anti-American articles and that’s fine. That’s what the First Amendment is all about.
Rich Lowry
I’m very close to thinking the United States shouldn’t be in Basel any more. I would not have agreed to rules that are blatantly anti-American. Our regulators should go there and say, ‘If it’s not in the interests of the United States, we’re not doing it.’
Jamie Dimon
We have repeatedly issued warnings, over a number of ye

We have repeatedly issued warnings, over a number of years. Following these warnings and these calls, anti-American explosions took place in a number of Islamic countries.
Osama bin Laden
Well of course New Zealand isn’t anti-American.
Helen Clark