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As publishers focus on blockbusters, they steadily lose

As publishers focus on blockbusters, they steadily lose interest in little-known authors from other countries.
Stephen Kinzer
I needed the time to go to college and spend years with people who aren’t in the business and become a person on my own in order to be the person that I am and the performer that I am. I wouldn’t give that up to be in blockbusters or have more money.
Sarah Steele
One of the more noble things the Oscars can do is pay attention to movies no one knows about. Blockbusters don’t need much help.
Jeff Daniels
I’ve been influenced by a lot of films. And a lot of them are the typical interesting, artsy films. But I haven’t talked enough about how there are those few big blockbusters that really rock your world.
Patty Jenkins
It is important that alongside the blockbusters there are stories that can inspire and audiences can experience together in the cinema.
Justin Chadwick
I was so glad that I was able to use my skills of speaking Chinese in a film where the character is Chinese, because sometimes you actually don’t get to do that. Especially in Hollywood blockbusters today because they want everyone around the world to understand what is happening, so they usually want you to speak English.
Fala Chen
My father loved ‘Godard and Truffaut.’ He was more artsy. My mom loved the ‘Bourne’ trilogy; she likes big blockbusters. She loved that I did ‘I Am Legend.’ My passion for acting came with my passion for movies.
Alice Braga
The first film I ushered was Lynne Ramsay’s ‘Morvern Callar.’ I started at 18. Best job in the world. Blockbusters, indie films, classic matinees.
Zawe Ashton
Movies are somewhat diminished by blockbusters, which are great, but there’s not enough choice.
Pierce Brosnan
I teach at USC. I have a big class of 360 kids, only about a fifth of whom are film majors. I don’t just show the Hollywood blockbusters. I show independent films, foreign films, documentaries.
Leonard Maltin
I’m of course disillusioned with what has happened to World cinema. Now cinemas in both Eastern and Western Europe are filled with the same blockbusters from Hollywood.
Alexander Walker
Your big movie stars who’ve been in blockbusters generating a lot of dollars are looking for the meatier, substantive roles that they think will make the awards season.
Trudie Styler
The nature and the DNA of IMAX has been redefined in the past years to shoot these huge blockbusters. But I think that it’s not the sole purpose of IMAX to capture cars exploding in your face.
Xavier Dolan
A company’s commitment to searching out potential blockbusters and then investing in marketing to convert potential to reality attracts and retains top scientists and creatives.
John Quelch
Everybody’s trying to make blockbusters.
Sydney Pollack
There are so many things I’d like to change in the industry. Everything from the reliance of style over substance to their reluctance to hire me for big budget blockbusters, but the thing I would love most would be if they understood people don’t have to be Hollywood beautiful to be sexy or interesting.
Colin Mochrie
Everybody wants blockbusters. I like to see a few pictures now and then that have to do with people and have relationships, and that’s what I want to do films about. I don’t want to see these sci-fi movies, and I don’t want to do one of those. I don’t understand it.
James Garner
Independent cinema is more thoughtful, delicate. While Western blockbusters can have their own kind of delicateness, it’s not delicate enough. You have to be ready to compromise to enter that field. I will do so only if it’s worth it.
Golshifteh Farahani
The entertainment business remains a business of blockbusters, and increasingly so.
Anita Elberse
Blockbusters run the mainstream industry. We may never again have a decade like the 1970s, when directors were able to find such freedom.
Roger Ebert
Everyone wants to work in America. Maybe not blockbusters or Terminator, but to have the choice.
Eva Green
I love being part of huge mega blockbusters, and I love being a part of small independent films and small stage.
Natalie Dormer
I turned down the opportunity to be in some films that went on to be blockbusters.
Elizabeth McGovern
Well, look at all of these summer blockbusters. You can’t help but laugh a little, because you’ve already seen a lot of these movies 482 times.
Sean Penn
I think Paul Newman had an amazing career. I also love what Tom Hanks has done. He has always made very grounded movies that have something to say. He has found a way to make blockbusters that are about something and that is what I want to do.
Josh Duhamel
Media companies’ hit-focused marketing did not emerge in a vacuum. It reflects how consumers make choices. The truth is that consumers prefer blockbusters.
Anita Elberse
Some of the most interesting questions needing to be asked today can best be asked on television, or on stage, and they can be wonderful, great dramas, but they won’t necessarily be blockbusters.
Julie Walters
It’s wonderful to do these great blockbusters and bigger pictures, but my heart is always with true stories.
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
As far as acting in films, there is not much out there that is very interesting to do. The ones that are interesting to me are independent films and they have trouble raising money. With people putting their money into blockbusters, there is not much left for the independents.
Karen Allen
‘The Kids Are All Right’ is amazing. The performances are insanely good. Julianne Moore is going to wreck you. This is the best I’ve ever seen her, and I’ve seen everything she’s ever done. I like the story, and I think it’s a great alternative to the big summer popcorn blockbusters.
Matt Bomer
I like serious films, the moneymaking blockbusters that don’t make any kind of sense and John Carpenter films.
Pam Grier
Without doing the big blockbusters, I wouldn't be able

Without doing the big blockbusters, I wouldn’t be able to find the money to go after little projects that I want to do.
Jason Statham
I would be lying if I said I did not feel bad when ‘Shamitabh’ failed, but I was proud to be associated with a film like this. If it were easy to know the pulse of the audience, then all movies would be blockbusters.