Top 33 Farthest Quotes

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Being Peruvian means to come from the farthest place po

Being Peruvian means to come from the farthest place possible to get to Europe. Peru is the land of the Incas. It was the capital of South America; it was where the Spanish founded their empire and took over the Inca Empire and made it into a colony of Spain.
Mario Testino
Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest.
Jean Paul
When you come in as the second overall pick, the last thing you want is for guys to think you believe you’ve made it. Because that’s the farthest thing from the truth.
Carson Wentz
Blockchain technology has such a wide range of transformational use cases, from recreating the plumbing of Wall Street to creating financial sovereignty in the farthest regions of the world.
Perianne Boring
At the end of the day, I would like to have the farthest reach in terms of being able to communicate to as many people as possible. So it’s not that I enjoy being obscure; it’s that I sonically don’t want to be situated here or there.
It is common for those that are farthest from God, to boast themselves most of their being near to the Church.
Matthew Henry
There are a lot of sports that New Zealand does very well but MMA is a truly global sport and it’s practiced in the farthest reaches of this earth.
Israel Adesanya
Happiness comes only when we push our brains and hearts to the farthest reaches of which we are capable.
Leo Rosten
In our society, women are valued for their sexual attraction. I’d like to get away from the sex symbol idea of what beauty is. Actually, that’s probably the farthest thing from beauty, because it’s makeup and hair, it’s pouty lips – it’s not real.
Jessica Chastain
That’s the power of film. If it’s good, it can somehow make you feel connected to even the farthest thing from your own experience.
Ryan Gosling
If you’re the person living closest to the parent who’s going to need help, and you take on the whole role of primary caregiver, you can be pretty sure your sibling who lives farthest away is going to call you and say, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing.’ Because they’re not on the spot, and they probably feel guilty.
Gail Sheehy
When my husband Jonas and I started Auntie Anne’s in 1988, we never expected or anticipated building an international pretzel franchise. It was the farthest thing from our minds.
Anne F. Beiler
We have found that where science has progressed the farthest, the mind has but regained from nature that which the mind put into nature.
Arthur Eddington
We can conceive of eternity because we cannot conceive of a cessation of time. We can conceive of infinite space because we cannot conceive of so much matter that our imagination will not stand upon the farthest star and see infinite space beyond.
Robert Green Ingersoll
Knowledge born of the finest discrimination takes us to the farthest shore. It is intuitive, omniscient, and beyond all divisions of time and space.
I founded io9 back in 2008, and I watched it journey from the farthest reaches of space to its current home under this atmosphere bubble on Ceres.
Annalee Newitz
In the road ships must ride in 30, 40, or 50 fathom water, not above half a mile from the shore at farthest: and if there are many ships they must ride close one by another.
William Dampier
I think a lot of people mistake my confidence on stage for cockiness in real life, and that’s actually farthest from the truth. When I’m on stage, I’m that confident and that cocky because I have a microphone in my hand, and there’s a few thousand people staring at me. And I know they’re there to laugh.
Russell Peters
I’m the farthest thing from a foodie or a food snob. Those people terrify me.
Chrissy Teigen
I am a learner and always learning. I want to push myself to the farthest limits.
Payal Rohatgi
It is rarely the quick fix that goes the farthest. So don’t get tempted by political cycles and the lure of electoral wins.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart.
Henry Ward Beecher
‘Socialism’ became this weird household word partially because right-wingers call Obama a socialist, which he is the farthest from.
Alicia Garza
What fascinates me is that when we look at the history of women in politics, so frequently the women who get the farthest are the women who are quite conservative in their political views.
Karyn Kusama
Worldly wealth is the Devil’s bait; and those whose minds feed upon riches recede, in general, from real happiness, in proportion as their stores increase, as the moon, when she is fullest, is farthest from the sun.
Robert Burton
Work extremely hard, but as you continue to rise up the ladder, never forget your roots or where you came from or the people that helped you along the way. Humility takes people the farthest.
Kevin Olusola
I think Americans generally are not used to working very hard, in terms of working for the collective. I think in our country we have taken individualism to its farthest reaches, possibly.
Alice Walker
Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.
Dale Carnegie
A lot of people said I tried to speak white on the phone. That is farthest thing from the truth and offensive.
Ron Stallworth
After Mary Queen of Scots, I turned to the farthest subject possible: Cromwell.
Antonia Fraser
We fully believed, so soon as we saw that woman’s suffrage was right, every one would soon see the same thing, and that in a year or two, at farthest, it would be granted.
Antoinette Brown Blackwell
I can tell you right now, anybody that says I'm genius,

I can tell you right now, anybody that says I’m genius, that is the farthest thing from the truth.
Brad Stevens
It’s interesting – Pluto’s almost a brand unto itself. It’s the farthest. It’s the most diminutive of the classical planets. It’s been maligned by astronomers. It’s always the one with all the question marks in the back of the textbook in the table. I think children identify with it because it’s smaller, kind of cute.
Alan Stern