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When I was in juniors, I was fighting twice a year and

When I was in juniors, I was fighting twice a year and going nine months without fighting.
Claressa Shields
I don’t think there’s any dearth of talent in India – we’ve always had the best juniors in the world.
Mahesh Bhupathi
In juniors, sometimes you have an easy match. Sometimes the girls can play stupidly. In seniors, every match is complicated. Even if the girl plays stupidly, she’ll fight back and try to win.
Caroline Garcia
I am not a supporter of juniors increasingly going to top clubs.
Wesley Sneijder
If I had tried the Olympics any younger, I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I am right now. But there are definitely a ton of juniors out there, all around the world and in the USA, that if there was no age limit, they could definitely make the Olympic team.
Aly Raisman
A lot of my peers, be seniors or juniors, they’ll text me or they’ll call me and they’ll say, ‘Thank you for doing the music that you do because it pushes the genre forward in different ways.’ It’s a very rewarding thing to hear.
Eric Nam
My father was a genius footballer, a natural, two-footed centre-forward who had played for Arsenal juniors, but he was sent out to work aged 14 and so lived out his life in a frustrated, rageful way.
Sean Scully
When I was in S Club Juniors I had very long, straight, brown hair and I never really played around with it. I was very young and the team told me that I had to leave it alone, so the minute S Club Juniors disbanded I decided to cut it short.
Frankie Bridge
When I made my debut I had a lot of seniors in the side, then players of my own age group, then juniors and now am rubbing shoulders with teenagers. It’s actually the fourth generation of players and a rarity for a player to achieve it.
Mithali Raj
Being a teenager, I would think they were real strict, and I would get upset, but I’m glad they were like that. They didn’t let us do whatever we wanted. We weren’t allowed to date until we were, like, juniors in high school.
Denise Richards
2010 was an incredible year for me. I won the Best of the Super Juniors, and went on to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title. That was an unbelievable achievement.
Finn Balor
It is a great feeling that I am the first Indian to win a gold medal in track event in world juniors.
Hima Das
It took me time to adjust and to realise it was not going to happen like it did in the juniors.
Amelie Mauresmo
I was a physics topper in my school and used to encourage my juniors.
Manushi Chhillar
I’m just playing basketball, the same way I have always played, from juniors and even back to middle school, I’m just doing it the same way. Nothing different. Just a team game, playing and having fun and trying to play the right way.
Nikola Jokic
When I finished the juniors I felt, perhaps for about a year and a half, that everything was going to be the same and that I would be able to go out there and win any match. But it wasn’t the case. I struggled.
Amelie Mauresmo
When I was in S Club Juniors, I didn’t know if someone thought I was ugly or fat or didn’t like my hair.
Frankie Bridge
I wanted to start a proper academy and recruit juniors from all over Pakistan following my retirement after the World Open in 1993 but there was no support.
Jahangir Khan
I had a coach that was not a great player, but he taught with kids and juniors so that by the time he was 50 he was great. He helped me make the top 5 in the world and yet he wasn’t a great player himself.
Guy Forget
I have no intention of coaching Boca Juniors, and no-one from the club has approached me to do so.
Gabriel Batistuta
Walter Cronkite was a personally decent and convivial man, who literally couldn’t kill a fly, was kind to his children, generally helpful to juniors, authentically curious about the news, and, in his time, an energetic reporter.
Conrad Black
I don’t let it get to my head because there have been plenty of good juniors that haven’t made it to the big stage.
Frances Tiafoe
Nicol has great potential and there is a huge gap between her and the rest of the juniors. She needs to concentrate full time on the professional circuit from now on and it is the only way for her to realize her potential.
Jahangir Khan
I played in goal for Notts County juniors. I liked that sense that goalkeepers were outsiders, mavericks. But I stopped when I realised I wasn’t going to grow any more. I’m 5ft 7ins so I couldn’t have been a professional.
Mathew Horne
I think you always have, you know, new players. Every year you see new faces, juniors coming into the seniors. I was one of them at the time long time ago now.
Amelie Mauresmo
When I was in 7th grade, we were all given an exam. It was science and math, and the boys who did well were skipped ahead so that when they got to be juniors or seniors in high school they would be able to go to the local community college and take calculus and physics there. And I wasn’t skipped ahead.
Eileen Pollack
You will be courteous to your elders who have explored to the point from which you may advance; and helpful to your juniors who will progress farther by reason of your labors.
Abbott L. Lowell
The thing is, everybody wants to be famous. Everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to be that dude, but not everybody wants to do the work for it. And I think that’s probably one of the reasons why there’s so many juniors and only a couple that make it. Because I really wanted it. I wanted it real bad.
Frances Tiafoe
I loved my juniors growing up and how fun it was.
Joe Ingles
I went to a large consolidated school in Appalachia. And I wrote the story when I was in the second grade and I took it up to the third floor to the school newspaper office that was written and edited by juniors and seniors.
Tom Robbins
The unsaid message of that endless rack of juniors’ pushup bras? No matter what size you are, it still isn’t good enough.
Adora Svitak
We're in a good position with the Red Bull juniors. Whe

We’re in a good position with the Red Bull juniors. When I look around at what other schemes there are, Red Bull has invested a huge amount in youth and should be commended for giving these guys the opportunity that might otherwise have gone missing.
Christian Horner
Most of the girls who were better than me went to college or quit tennis. It’s interesting to see who stuck around. It’s pretty crazy to see who was good in juniors, who tried going pro. A lot of people fall off and it’s really that difficult to get to each level.
Bethanie Mattek-Sands