Top 33 Merging Quotes

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Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal aw

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.
Swami Sivananda
President Clinton is going to embrace President Obama, as he should. They are working together. They’re different kinds of people. Obama is cool, Clinton is a schmoozer. Both are great speakers. It’s a great merging of the party.
Bill Richardson
The opportunity and the concept of merging music culture with actual boxing is exciting. It’s bringing a younger demographic to the sport.
Curtis Jackson
I always have a positive reaction to Times Square – you’ve got so many people passing through here, so many cultures, and so many people merging into the central community of New York City. This is the hub of America.
Dhani Jones
I had worked in TV prior to working on ‘Game of Thrones’ – ‘Game of Thrones’ is far more cinematic than any other television show that I had done before, and so I feel that the worlds of TV and film are most definitely merging as one.
Rose Leslie
As much as we all talk about the future and how so many things are merging, there is a simplicity that is crucial.
Ryan Seacrest
The size of the effect that we measured from the first event, the merging of two black holes, the actual size of the signal was about one thousandth the size of a proton, what it did to our apparatus.
Barry Barish
When I was asked if I supported merging SBA into Commerce, I really wasn’t focused on SBA or Commerce; I was focused on the concept of merging agencies, or reducing duplicative programs, so that we could reduce those costs. I am a firm believer that SBA needs to be a stand-alone agency.
Linda McMahon
I grew up using maps and having a sense of direction, and now I have a phone. I used to try to remember numbers, and now I… can just call them up instantly. And that’s great. But what’s happening right now is that we’re in a phase of human evolution where we’re merging with machines.
Franklin Foer
If somebody honks a horn in Cleveland, they’re saying ‘Hi.’ It’s so rare to be honked at in anger. When we have merging traffic, we just interweave. There’s real courtesy.
Mary Doria Russell
It’s like that scene from The Player when they talk about merging Star Wars and Kramer vs. Kramer, or whatever. You could do that with music and it would just be awful.
Jonny Greenwood
It’s hard selling books in general: companies are merging, editors being laid off, bricks-and-mortar bookstores closing, large chain bookstores squeezing out independents, and online retailers squeezing out chain bookstores.
Christina Baker Kline
Television and web are merging.
John Cabrera
My hope is that witnessing the beautiful harmony created by merging different musical melodies will help people realize the beauty in our own differences.
Kamasi Washington
I’m not into politics but I am committed to a cause: ensuring design technology and engineering stays on the U.K. curriculum, alongside science and maths – grounding abstract theory, merging the practical with the academic.
James Dyson
Gradually I find that my whole soul is merging itself into this business of writing, and especially of writing poetry. I am going to try it; and am going to test, in the most rigid way I know, the awful question whether it is my vocation.
Sidney Lanier
Dance is merging with the more mainstream hip hop/R&B scene, and there will be new ideas and sounds.
Little Louie Vega
In early days of Live Nation, we really believed it was important to be a direct-to-consumer business, which the labels aren’t and no promoter was at the time. By merging with Ticketmaster, we could we give the artist a direct relationship with the fan.
Michael Rapino
We’ve been merging with tools since the beginning of human evolution, and arguably, that’s one of the things that makes us human beings.
Franklin Foer
I left science, then I went into art, but I approach things very analytically. I choose to pursue both art and architecture as completely separate fields rather than merging them.
Maya Lin
Switching over to a hybrid car is one of those right things, but, unfairly or not, it still has a reputation among car enthusiasts as something you have to pedal really fast when you’re on the ramp merging into traffic on the 401.
Linwood Barclay
My experience is in merging extraordinary creative content with innovative global commerce.
Natalie Massenet
My partner, Danny Strong, came to me with this idea of telling a story about my life and merging that with music and the hip-hop world. He wrote ‘The Butler’ and originally wanted to do ‘Empire’ also as a movie.
Lee Daniels
People already have bionic arms and legs that work by the power of thought. And we increasingly outsource mental and communicative activities to computers. We are merging with our smartphones. Very soon, they will just be part of the body.
Yuval Noah Harari
Suppose I put polka dots all over my body and then cover my background completely with polka dots. The polka dots on my body, merging with those in the background, create an optically strange scene.
Yayoi Kusama
In the media business, the lines are getting blurred between telecom, voice, data, and video, as all are merging into one single pipe. New players have come in, with Jio being a big example.
Subhash Chandra
An administrator in a bureaucratic world is a man who can feel big by merging his non-entity in an abstraction. A real person in touch with real things inspires terror in him.
Marshall McLuhan
Pension and health benefits are a cornerstone of union protection. When actors’ work is split between two unions, that protection is weakened or, in the worst cases, eliminated. That’s not acceptable, and it’s one of many reasons merging SAG and AFTRA makes sense.
Ken Howard
Whatever I’m working on, the character I’m playing tends to slowly bleed into my own real life. Not in any kind of creepy, Method actor-y kind of way – it’s just an innate kind of merging.
Paul Rudd
Benito Mussolini created the word ‘fascism.’ He defined it as ‘the merging of the state and the corporation.’ He also said a more accurate word would be ‘corporatism.’ This was the definition in Webster’s up until 1987 when a corporation bought Webster’s and changed it to exclude any mention of corporations.
Adam McKay
I’ve always liked the idea of merging esoteric art cinema with down-and-dirty exploitation films.
Panos Cosmatos
If I just remix and release, no one will listen. I am a

If I just remix and release, no one will listen. I am adapting, changing the song and merging a new song into an old one.
Bhushan Kumar
Pop is fusing more with the urban; urban is becoming the new pop. The two worlds are colliding and kind of merging.
Pedro Capo