Top 33 Rocket Science Quotes

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If you want to save the natural environment, you just u

If you want to save the natural environment, you just use nuclear. You grow more food on less land, and people live in cities. It’s not rocket science.
Michael Shellenberger
It turns out that understanding the British public is not rocket science. The British appreciate honesty and they also have a bonkers, off-the-wall sense of humour like me.
Nicole Scherzinger
If you’re in the ring with somebody that doesn’t throw good punches, guess what. Don’t have him throw any punches. You work to their strengths. It’s really not that difficult. You don’t try to get them to do things that are out of their realm or whatever. It’s not hard. It’s not rocket science.
Christian Cage
If you grow up on the good side of the tracks, you’re going to belong to something over there. If you grow up on the bad side of the tracks, you’re going to belong to something over there. It’s not rocket science.
Richard Cabral
When minimum living wages, bargaining for fair wages, pensions, and job security are denied in too many countries, it is not rocket science to understand the drivers of inequality.
Sharan Burrow
The way I do that is to keep coming up with good songs and when I do a concert, I make sure I give a good performance. It’s not rocket science.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
Significant officials at publicly traded companies are casually and cavalierly engaged in insider trading. Because insider trading has as one of its elements communication, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize it’s nice to have the communication on tape.
Preet Bharara
You can make real food in 20, 30 minutes, but we’ve convinced ourselves that it is a rocket science. It’s a shame. It’s the media and the food industry: they’ve fed our panic around time.
Michael Pollan
To process and close models in 50 states and 2,000-plus counties with the myriad of, just, tens of thousands of different regulations, customs, vendors – it’s a monster. So the only way to do that is with technology. It really is rocket science.
Dan Gilbert
It’s not rocket science. It’s social science.
Clement Mok
Filming ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ has made me realise I’m missing the part of my brain that warns me about danger because – even though the tasks are terrifying – I find it really exciting.
Rachel Riley
If you want a dog, go to your local animal shelter and adopt one. It’s not rocket science, it’s dog science.
Emma Kenney
The thing that interests me least about the radio business is the radio business. But I’ve had to learn a little bit about it. It’s not rocket science: You get ratings, that’s good.
Al Franken
Writing a screenplay’s not rocket science, but I was in a bar, and the bartender came up to me and said, ‘I saw ‘Night at the Museum,’ and the thing about him and his kid brought me and my kid together.’ Something like that… it’s like, ‘Oh, right. That’s why we’re doing it.’
Robert Ben Garant
I found that people like rules, and I love to tell people what to do. It’s not rocket science when it comes to weight loss. It’s about eating a little less and moving a little bit more.
Bob Harper
I’ve never thought of acting as rocket science – you put on the costume, get your hair cut, and that’s it, really.
Marc Warren
Cricket is not rocket science. Bowlers often get wickets through perseverance, accuracy and being patient rather than trying to blast opposition teams out.
Andrew Strauss
Nowhere in this country should we have laws that permit drinking and driving or drinking in vehicles that are on American highways. This is not rocket science. We know how to prevent this, and 36 states do.
Byron Dorgan
Film production is not rocket science. It’s about organizing resources and pooling in funds.
Ravi Babu
I saw Boy George looking amazing, absolutely unbelievable, and messaged him asking for the number of his nutritionist. I got in touch with her, and she put me on this diet plan, working out which foods do and don’t suit me. It’s not rocket science – basically, don’t eat cake, don’t eat bread.
James Corden
I don’t know what metalcore is. I know what rock n’ roll is… It’s not rocket science.
Andy Biersack
I went to MIT. I do rocket science. Being a mom is much harder.
Heidi Hammel
I don’t believe in diets. They don’t necessarily work. What they do is scrub your weight down, but as soon as you finish, you naturally go back up. I keep everything in my diet – gluten and sugar – I just cut it down a little bit and train more. It’s not rocket science.
Paul Hollywood
I don’t think makeup is rocket science or a cure for cancer.
Cindy Crawford
The basic thing you teach your children is to respect other people. It is not rocket science; it’s as simple as brushing your teeth.
Shefali Shah
It’s only rock and roll, my god! It’s not rocket science.
Steven Adler
It’s true in everything, not just in drag: To be a success, you have to understand the landscape. You have to know thyself, and you have to know your history so that you can draw from people who have figured out the equation you are faced with. It’s not rocket science.
Just to keep my mind sharp. When you have like one job, you want to think about it enough to do well, but you can’t over think it. It’s not rocket science. It’s just trying to kick the ball through the uprights.
Stephen Gostkowski
‘Rocket Science’ is really where I fell in love with filmmaking, I think ‘Camp’ was incredible, but it was so bizarre, and I was trying to find my footing in this world where you don’t have an audience for immediate validation.
Anna Kendrick
We need to reform the political system, or we’ll lose the democracy. I don’t think it’s that hard. It doesn’t take rocket science. We’ve done it before successfully at the presidential level and tried it several places at the state level.
Molly Ivins
It’s not rocket science: The best ads tell great stories. They look and feel like the content you’re already consuming. They invite you in. They make you laugh. They teach you something. They also sell.
David Droga
It's so important for young girls see that it's not wei

It’s so important for young girls see that it’s not weird for girls to understand what happens in the red zone. It’s not rocket science. For a lot of the girls that I grew up around, that’s common knowledge.
Samantha Ponder
Politics is all about relationships, people. A lot of it’s emotional. It’s not rocket science.
William M. Daley