Top 35 Acquaintance Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Acquaintance Quotes from famous people such as Claudius, Sam Yagan, Thomas Chandler Haliburton, Laurence Sterne, Ed Koch, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Acquaintance lessens fame.

Acquaintance lessens fame.
I get to be the nosiest friend or acquaintance that anyone has because it’s – my job is to ask you about your dating life all the time.
Sam Yagan
Hope is a pleasant acquaintance, but an unsafe friend.
Thomas Chandler Haliburton
The most accomplished way of using books is to serve them as some people do lords; learn their titles and then brag of their acquaintance.
Laurence Sterne
The mere process of growing old together will make the slightest acquaintance seem a bosom friend.
Ed Koch
The old Rankin-Bass animated specials seemed to exist in a loosely shared reality, which is what attracted me to them. Santa, Snow Miser, Rudolph, Frosty, even the Easter Bunny seemed to be on nodding acquaintance with each other, even if only in cameo appearances in each other’s cartoons.
Paul Dini
There we were, hundreds of us lined up, waving at the great man as he tipped his hat to us. And that is the extent of my acquaintance with Albert Einstein.
Gregory Peck
I can’t count a single conservative of my acquaintance that doesn’t include charitable work in their list of priorities.
Dana Loesch
As someone who has more than a passing acquaintance with most of the 20th century presidents, I have often thought that their accomplishments have little staying power in shaping popular views of their leadership.
Robert Dallek
Augmenting your appearance so drastically that it elicits a reaction from literally every acquaintance you greet is a sea change.
Emily Weiss
Probability is expectation founded upon partial knowledge. A perfect acquaintance with all the circumstances affecting the occurrence of an event would change expectation into certainty, and leave nether room nor demand for a theory of probabilities.
George Boole
You can gain in your effectiveness as a politician from a wide acquaintance with the world and from a degree of independence that having some outside interests gives.
William Hague
I’m not dating Prateik; he is just a good acquaintance.
Amyra Dastur
Experience – the wisdom that enables us to recognise in an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced.
Ambrose Bierce
Moderation is the inseparable companion of wisdom, but with it genius has not even a nodding acquaintance.
Charles Caleb Colton
The study of history and philosophy, accompanied by some acquaintance with art and literature, should be for lawyers and engineers as well as for those who study in arts faculties.
Terry Eagleton
A powerful attraction exists, therefore, to the promotion of a study and of duties of all others engrossing the time most completely, and which is less benefited than most others by any acquaintance with science.
Charles Babbage
I love to be loved. Whether it is by a significant other or an acquaintance, I get it.
Luke James
It’s so funny because when you’re working with an acquaintance or someone else, you’re being more polite. I find that I’m a little bit more of a brat when I’m in the studio with my dad, so I feel bad.
Colbie Caillat
My views of the missionary object are, indeed, different from what they were when I was first set on fire by Buchanan’s ‘Star in the East’ six years ago. But it does not always happen that a closer acquaintance with an object diminishes our attachment and preference.
Adoniram Judson
When a man looks across a street, sees a pretty girl, and waves at her, that’s not a rendezvous, that’s a passing acquaintance. When he walks across the street and nibbles on her ear, that’s a rendezvous!
Wally Schirra
I am said to be difficult of acquaintance, unwilling to meet any one half way, and showing a social manner which is easy, not diffident, but formal and unresponsive, tending constantly to hold people off.
Albert J. Nock
Bigger stories are made out of longer acquaintance with fact and character, but I also love the tiny stories in which almost everything has to be inferred and imagined.
Lauren Groff
I might have lost an acquaintance because of ‘Pregnant Women Are Smug.’ But we weren’t close. Actually, I don’t know if the woman knows the song is about her. I have a feeling she might.
Riki Lindhome
The first time I came to New York in 1952, I was busy with music. I made the acquaintance at this period with John Cage, and also the acquaintance of Varese for the first time. We were very good friends. He gave me some scores, and we recorded them a little later.
Pierre Boulez
The Mole had long wanted to make the I acquaintance of the Badger. He seemed, by all accounts, to be such an important personage and, though rarely visible, to make his unseen influence felt by everybody about the place.
Kenneth Grahame
I didn’t know V. S. Naipaul very well, and to a large extent, my acquaintance with him was limited to meetings at literary festivals.
Amitava Kumar
I look upon every day to be lost, in which I do not make a new acquaintance.
Samuel Johnson
There is so much of good in human nature that men grow to like each other upon better acquaintance, and this points to another way in which we may strive to promote the peace of the world.
Elihu Root
The beginning of an acquaintance whether with persons or things is to get a definite outline of our ignorance.
George Eliot
Too few presidents have steeped themselves not just in Lincoln’s words but his deeds, which is why Obama’s acquaintance with the great man is so compelling – especially since, like President-elect Lincoln, Obama will take office at a perilous time.
Michael Beschloss
Acquaintance. A person whom we know well enough to borr

Acquaintance. A person whom we know well enough to borrow from, but not well enough to lend to.
Ambrose Bierce
O thou Sun, send me as far over the earth as is my pleasure and thine, and may I make the acquaintance of good men, but never hear anything of bad ones, nor they of me.
Apollonius of Tyana
The slightest acquaintance with history shows that powerful republics are the most warlike and unscrupulous of nations.
Ambrose Bierce
There’s sort of an open offer to work with a guy in Los Angeles who does big band and orchestra arrangements who was at least an acquaintance to Les Baxter before he passed away.
Jello Biafra