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I'm friends with Criss Angel. Criss has offered me a mi

I’m friends with Criss Angel. Criss has offered me a million times to go downstairs and see the setup. I don’t want to see it. I just want to go, ‘God, how did you do that?’
Triple H
There are times when we look back and think, ‘Do you remember when we had to lug a piano downstairs to a basement of some venue to play for five people?’ We do a lot of reminiscing. It helps us keep our heads on straight.
Tyler Joseph
Downstairs in my house, I have a museum room. I keep all of my awards down there, and childhood photos, and even all the clothes I’ve worn on tour, in videos and on album covers.
R. Kelly
When I go to business meetings, I’m still told way too often by some receptionist, ‘The mail room is downstairs,’ to believe that racial perceptions don’t still exist. But I figure there are always going to be knuckleheads no matter how many of their herd get stuck in the tar pits of progress.
John Ridley
Being with the family, running downstairs and opening presents, it was always fun with my brothers.
Rob Gronkowski
‘Downton Abbey’ is my worst nightmare. I just hate that whole ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ thing, I think it’s really lazy and it doesn’t represent England, it’s this postcard view.
Tom Payne
I don’t mind getting old except for the pain. I have two new knees, so going downstairs is not perfect. Nobody tells you about the pain.
Diana Rigg
My first memory in the world is my gym teacher ripping my mother’s necklace off her neck and throwing it out the window and her running downstairs to go after it. I have no memory before that. I was 4. My father had a lot of girlfriends and my mother had a lot of boyfriends.
Mike Nichols
Nothing makes a man feel older than to hear a band coming up the street and not to have the impulse to rush downstairs and out on to the sidewalk.
Robert Benchley
I spend a lot of time working as a painter and in my studio I go from upstairs where I paint to downstairs where I play and record, so I get this thing crossing over.
Andy Summers
I see my large nose, like half an avocado. I broke it falling downstairs when I was six, and it now resembles a large blob of play-dough.
Arthur Smith
I can remember coming downstairs before school every day and my mom would be reading her Bible and doing her devotion and praying. Both my parents were prayer warriors.
Mike Fisher
When they come downstairs from their Ivory Towers, idealists are very apt to walk straight into the gutter.
Logan Pearsall Smith
‘Upstairs Downstairs’ somehow bestrode the different genres that had come before it to create a new drama entity. I suppose that’s one of the reasons why it became so instantly popular.
Ed Stoppard
Enter with the torch in the stadium. 80,000 people screaming. I was waiting downstairs for the start for 10 hours; I was so tired with the torch. I give the torch to the combined ski cross country that they win gold in Lillehammer in 1994.
Alberto Tomba
For novelists or musicians, if they really want to create something, they need to go downstairs and find a passage to get into the second basement. What I want to do is go down there, but still stay sane.
Haruki Murakami
I’m from the building where the wave was invented. Downstairs, under me. Ask Bigavel. Y’all call him Bigavel, Max B. I know him as Charlie Rambo. I’m from the building where the wave was invented, and it was invented after I was born.
We have home movies of Chris playing the piano with Will on his lap. One of the things that made my life so full was putting Will to bed and hearing Chris downstairs improvising.
Dana Reeve
When my dad needed a shirt ironed, he would yell downstairs to my mother, who would drop everything and iron his shirt.
Hope Davis
I’m writing a book, and there’s not even space for a desk in our home. So I spent my hard-earned book money and rented the small apartment downstairs from us.
Faith Salie
I could wake up six in the morning, go downstairs and record. I learned how to use ProTools and everything. Whenever I felt it, I could record.
Beanie Sigel
My schedule goes: wake up, running, exercise, downstairs, running shoes off, then to the shower. That’s the Jackie Chan diary.
Jackie Chan
Even on a personal note, my dressing table downstairs is crowded with things, like a mini landscape. It’s a city with buildings and towers and roads. There’s a pool and a little park. When I move something around it becomes a different tableau.
Tony Curtis
The cafes bore me; going downstairs is a nuisance. Painting and sleeping – that’s all there is.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
I used to have a silk dressing gown an uncle bought in Japan and when I came downstairs in it, my dad used to call me Davinia. There was never embarrassment about that kind of thing. My sister used to dress me up a lot. She thought I was a little doll.
David Walliams
We have telemedicine where, if you come into our office, you can go downstairs, and there’s a machine there and a nurse there, and you talk to a doctor who works from a clinic down the street. It’s just going to make a great health care system in the long run. We just have a lot of pains go through.
Bruce Broussard
The women in ‘Downton Abbey’ don’t compare to the women in ‘Upstairs Downstairs.’ Ours are stunning. We’ve got Laura Haddock, Keeley Hawes, Claire Foy… beautiful women.
Neil Jackson
I get a daily master class in Jenifer Lewis, and that’s been so special to me. If I haven’t prepared for something, she’ll ball up the script and throw it at me. She’ll say, ‘You’re not ready for this! Go downstairs and work on it.’
Anybody that comes in, a new person is supposed to spend six months downstairs in the basement doing prep work. I didn’t. I got on the line right away.
Dominique Crenn
Embrace the faff. Stare out of the window. Bend paperclips. Stand in the middle of the room trying to remember what you came downstairs for. Pace. Drum your fingertips. Move papers around. Hum. Look at the garden.
Tom Hodgkinson
My oldest boy, when I do skip, he’s gonna take over my slot. He was sitting on the stair in diapers wearing my mask with sticks while we were downstairs trying to learn how to be a band.
Shawn Crahan
With 'Titanic,' you have all the first-class passengers

With ‘Titanic,’ you have all the first-class passengers interwoven with wonderful stories about the maids and the engineers, the people downstairs in the galleys.
Sophie Winkleman
One of the maddening ironies of writing books is that it leaves so little time for reading others’. My bedside is piled with books, but it’s duty reading: books for book research, books for review. The ones I pine for are off on a shelf downstairs.
Mary Roach
Reggae was always playing at home in East Ham when I was growing up. Loud music would be coming from the bedroom, and downstairs all you’d hear was the bass. My uncles had sound systems and we used to go to Jamaica a lot as a family.
My dad has a huge vinyl collection downstairs, but I was never too interested. The only CD I had was by Adam Sandler.
Patrick Fugit