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How do I explain Neil Young? Great question! I explain

How do I explain Neil Young? Great question! I explain Neil Young as, I would kill to see his acoustic shows.
Bob Mould
When Neil Young caught two women incessantly texting at a concert in 2012, he began mock typing on an invisible phone on stage until the women noticed and apparently left the show.
Elizabeth Flock
I don’t think Neil Young has a beautiful voice, but it’s something that grabs you, and the songs are so good.
Lykke Li
Farm Aid was started in 1985 by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews as a concert to support small local farms in the U.S.
Rebecca Pidgeon
I don’t think rock ‘n roll is necessarily a young man’s game. I think Neil Young is just as rock’n’roll now as he was in his 20s. I’d like to think we can still be edgy and challenging.
Adam Clayton
We loved Neil Young and all the music he’s given the world.
Gary Rossington
I’ve had mentors who were kind of the troubadour singer-songwriters, like Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and that’s just what I’ve always liked – people who would talk real honestly about their lives and their circumstance.
I’ve always been a fan of melody and emotional melancholy, whether it was Rites of Spring or Tears for Fears or Neil Young. If I hear a song that has a sweet melody, I’m a sucker for it, whether it’s Linkin Park or Little Richard.
Dave Grohl
Neil Young is the prime example, the grand goal, if you will. He’s still shredding, and he never lost his credibility.
Mac DeMarco
I wasn’t a rock ‘n’ roll girl. I said, Neil Young, Neil Young, where do I know that name from?
Carrie Snodgress
If you don’t die of thirst, there are blessings in the desert. You can be pulled into limitlessness, which we all yearn for, or you can do the beauty of minutiae, the scrimshaw of tiny and precise. The sky is your ocean, and the crystal silence will uplift you like great gospel music, or Neil Young.
Anne Lamott
Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Neil Young and Bob Dylan are my main influences.
Cody Simpson
Neil Young does throw in a major seven chord here and there, so if you’re a new guitar player learning Neil Young songs, you’ll learn some seven chords, and some different positions. Nothing too complicated, just enough to kind of open up your knowledge a little bit.
Jesse Harris
My mum is the biggest Joni Mitchell fan, and my dad loves Neil Young.
As much as I love acoustic Neil Young – and I do deeply – I may be more passionate about the electric. Luckily it’s not a contest, and we never have to make that choice. But Neil Young on an electric guitar – I feel like I’ve never seen or heard anything like it.
Jonathan Demme
I love ‘Crazy Horse,’ and Neil Young is one of my favorite guitar players.
Juliana Hatfield
Neil’s effect on the band was immediate and very fulfilling. He adds a certain edge to the sound and, of course, he is an incredible musician. We became a better band because of the inclusion of Neil Young.
Graham Nash
I’d actually like to make a country album one day. One of my idols is Neil Young, because he’s kept himself from being bored.
Art Alexakis
I’m too young to have experienced firsthand the ’70s rock, but when I was in high school, me and my friends were super into Neil Young. That was the grunge era, and he was considered cool again.
Bryan Lee O’Malley
You can say that Wayne Coyne sounds like Neil Young.
Mike Lowry
Whether it’s Neil Young or Johnny Rotten, a band has to have someone like that: someone who you listen to and know that he believes what he says.
Mike McCready
I was pretty strict in high school about who I would listen to. Musicians like Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell… who were, in my opinion, great writers. The music mattered, but it held hands with the lyrics, and the personality was, overall, unsullied.
Bill Clegg
Back when I was working with the Stones and with Joe Cocker and Neil Young and Neil Diamond and all of those – ‘the boys,’ I call them – it was fun.
Merry Clayton
I identified with white culture, and I wanted to fit in. I didn’t identify with black culture. Like, I didn’t like Tyler Perry movies, and I wasn’t into hip-hop music. I liked Neil Young.
Zoe Kravitz
When I was in Boston, I was doing a lot of Americana stuff – I fell in love with Ray LaMontagne, Patty Griffin, and Neil Young.
Madi Diaz
I learned Neil Young songs, Bob Dylan songs and older songs. It wasn’t until I moved to Philly that I had aspirations to maybe forming a band.
Adam Granduciel
My songs are like cheap Neil Young copies.
Randy Bachman
The press will naturally come and go as it has done with all artists, from David Bowie to Neil Young to U2.
Kelly Jones
We’re trying to have the band create something beautiful that hopefully one day, 20 years from now, can be picked up by a kid and hopefully have the same effect that Neil Young had on me, or Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath.
Ville Valo
When I first learned guitar – when I was 14 or 15 – I had an older cousin who showed me some stuff. And he was into all these tunings. He was showing me tunings that people like David Crosby or Neil Young used – like dropped D and open D tunings.
Lee Ranaldo
When the Eagles were starting out in the early ’70s, it would have been hard to imagine anyone in the fledgling, country-accented rock group someday seriously challenging the artistic punch of Neil Young or Joni Mitchell.
Robert Hilburn
I'm a fan of music, some rock music. But I like many ty

I’m a fan of music, some rock music. But I like many types of music. But I suppose a kind of longstanding love of specific bands would be Radiohead, Wilco, Neil Young, Tom Waits, REM.
Toni Collette
I listen to Neil Young and jazz and classical stations and, if my girlfriend’s driving, it tends to be Hall & Oates.
Frank Black
When I was a kid I was definitely into Neil Young.
Adam Granduciel
There was a note on my dressing room table that said, Call Neil Young.
Carrie Snodgress