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When I knew I wanted to write a novel that would be a t

When I knew I wanted to write a novel that would be a twist on a conventional romantic comedy, I re-watched ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ as well as the other two films in the indomitable Ephron trifecta – ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail.’
Camille Perri
I loved films like ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and ‘Annie Hall,’ but these were very specific, white Manhattan experiences. You don’t see a single person of color anywhere, but somehow these films are universal. As a filmmaker and creator, I was frustrated with that idea.
Rick Famuyiwa
When I did the album for ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ I found myself out there in front of this big band, which I had no idea how to do, and they wiped the floor with me. It’s a very specific skill, and I didn’t know how to do it.
Harry Connick, Jr.
Nabokov began writing ‘Lolita’ before he ever knew of Florence ‘Sally’ Horner, an 11-year-old who was kidnapped from Camden, New Jersey, in the summer of 1948.
Sarah Weinman
‘When Harry Met Sally’ will endure. It will be the standard rom-com that others will improvise on for years to come.
Camille Perri
When I was very small, I was obsessed with ‘Sybil’ and Sally Field’s performance in ‘Sybil.’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I want to do that!’
India Eisley
People ask me over and over how is it that I work with stars. How do you work with Barbra Streisand, with Paul Newman, with Al Pacino, with Sally Field, Jane Fonda, you work with all these people. Isn’t this a problem? And it isn’t a problem at all. It’s terrific. It’s great fun. And I don’t know what the answer is.
Sydney Pollack
And the film that I’ve seen a million times is ‘When Harry Met Sally’ with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, and directed by Rob Reiner.
Dustin Lance Black
Sally Gardner must drive her publishers to distraction: no sooner have they worked out how to market one brilliant book than she delivers another that is just as brilliant but totally different.
Tony Bradman
I knew the words to 25 rock songs, so I got in the group. Long Tall Sally and Tutti-Frutti, that got me in. That was my audition.
Paul McCartney
My favorite genre is definitely romantic comedy. I love ‘When Harry Met Sally.’
Dylan Lauren
I think when romantic comedies are done well, it’s a great genre. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is kind of a benchmark for me, but I’m very happy to admit that I love ‘Pretty Woman.’ I do! It’s a great film, and so is ‘Sixteen Candles.’ I was a big John Hughes fan – still am. I have moments where I have to watch a Hughes film.
Jamie Dornan
I had a donkey called Sally that I used to call my BMX bike. As a child, I wasn’t a very good horse rider: I thought falling off was normal, and I would just get back on again. I didn’t realise you weren’t meant to fall off.
Lee Pearson
I’m a sucker for ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and all that romantic stuff.
Jason Fuchs
Why is she Mrs. C.J. Walker? It really was a matter of her trying to insist that people respect her, because during that time, white people would call any black woman ‘Sally.’ ‘Aunt Sally.’ So this was like… you can’t call me that.
A’Lelia Bundles
There’s a difference between being an actress who can sing and being a Sally Song-and-Dance.
Anna Kendrick
Sally Jenkins of the ‘Washington Post’ is the best sports columnist in the country. Second best is Gene Wojciechowski of, and third is Dan Wetzel on Yahoo!
Dan Jenkins
I literally felt like a freak, which is another aspect of the role of Sally that I relate to: total outsider.
Kristen Johnston
If you ask any adult woman in this country to name an iconic romantic comedy, I bet the answer you’ll hear more often than not is going to be ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ If the question were asked on an episode of ‘Family Feud,’ for example, it would place number one on the board.
Camille Perri
I’ve never done a musical, and I don’t think I could do one, but I would love to play Sally Bowles in ‘Cabaret.’
Lydia Leonard
The movies that I love and model after, like ‘Annie Hall,’ ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ and in particular for me, ‘Broadcast News,’ are the tone of life, which isn’t a setup punch-line every two minutes.
Jason Segel
Most coaches that I saw in my time off weren’t very happy in coaching, and I committed to my wife, Sally, if I was going back, I was going to be happy.
Mack Brown
It was only when I saw films in my early 20s by Jane Campion, Mira Nair, Sally Potter and Kathryn Bigelow, I started to think, ‘Oh, it’s possible.’ I dared to suggest that I wanted to train to be a film director.
Sarah Gavron
I had a weird situation were someone used my name to extort money from a woman. He took her for 60 or 80 thousand dollars. He is in prison now. It was on Sally.
Michael Biehn
I don’t know Sally Jenkins. I’ve met her once. I wouldn’t know her in an elevator.
Daniel Snyder
I don’t think people will ever forget I was an ‘Angel’, anymore than they’ll forget Sally Field was ‘The Flying Nun.’
Cheryl Ladd