Top 35 Weird Things Quotes

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The Yale group was doing the Harold. So by our senior y

The Yale group was doing the Harold. So by our senior year we were trying to do the Harold. Again, we had no idea what we were doing. We had one guy in the group who was pretty experimental; he would kind of push us to do weird things. It was really fun, a great experience.
Rachel Dratch
We’re kind of in a voyeuristic world. We have TV shows that are all about watching people do weird things in houses. People are obsessed with that. There’s live coverage of it.
Jamie Bell
I love to watch videos, and I’ve always liked to film and take pictures. I have an eye for really weird things that nobody thinks about. I used to make little movies about myself and then edit them on iMovie.
Billie Eilish
Markets do very weird things because it reacts to how people behave, and sometimes people are a little screwy.
Alan Greenspan
I felt sometimes too responsible as an actor because people promote violence or weird things that I don’t want to be part of.
Sophie Marceau
You never know what to expect when you’re in America, especially when I’ve been in L.A., where you walk out the door, and suddenly there’s a monkey bicycling by in front of you. There are just so many weird things going on there, but it’s fun.
Astrid S
The Japanese fans always send weird things.
Tom Felton
My dad was this sort of avant-garde guy who did all kinds of weird things. He was a true original and anybody who met him never forgot him.
Paul Thomas Anderson
Different people’s houses smell like different weird things. God forbid someone should come and nail down what my house smells like. It’d probably be a litter box… sweaty socks… and burnt bacon. That probably is what it smells like.
Wendi McLendon-Covey
People have always had these weird things about how you have to be really good looking to be a singer.
Kathleen Hanna
A lot of weird things happen to me. People call out to me on the street and I figure I know them, and I walk over. And then they start to talk about a movie, and I get so embarrassed. Sometimes they think I’m Lorraine Bracco or Laura San Giacomo or Marisa Tomei. I’m sure it happens to them all the time, too.
Annabella Sciorra
I made odd noises as a child. Just did weird things, like turn off light switches twice. I think my parents thought I had Tourette’s syndrome.
Johnny Depp
It’s one of those weird things where I’m always curious about what’s next. It’s not just an empty restlessness, I try to appreciate things as they’re going along and in the moment, but when things are good, I’m always anxious about how I can better that or take it on further.
David Droga
My natural response to a stressful situation is to shut down. I do weird things, like, I don’t cry, I get really cold.
Amy Adams
I like to take risks and do weird things and stuff that’s not normal compared to other Hollywood movies. Not stuff that’s totally avant garde and daring, but doing stuff that’s in other languages and not using stars and using real people – things that they generally don’t do in mainstream films.
Eli Roth
I get very upset when people start adding weird things to romesco.
Jose Andres
In the 1950s in Columbia, South Carolina, it was considered OK for kids to play with weird things. We could go to the hardware store and buy 100 feet of dynamite fuse.
Kary Mullis
I played the mini-tours for a lot of years, and man, you see some weird things out there. There are a lot of desperate people, strange personalities and marginal players, and with that you’re going to see some cheating.
Boo Weekley
I do weird things, and people watch.
Bo Burnham
I can remember weird things from way back, but not what I had for breakfast.
Lee Mack
A lot of weird things happen in life that are not always pertaining to your main objective.
Hiro Murai
I mean one of the weird things about TV and one of the things that some actors don’t like but I kind of dig is that you never know where you’re headed, I mean you never know what the writer might think of next.
Mary McCormack
When I was 22, I had this horrible psoriasis outbreak. It was all over my legs, I couldn’t walk because my legs were cracked and bleeding. Weird things like that can happen to your body.
Eli Roth
I don’t really have any gimmicks. I don’t actually do anything that’s strange. I don’t even wear weird things.
Lana Del Rey
One of the weird things about being a designer is guessing what the world will want about a year in advance of when they will want it. It becomes almost a psychological test in a way – how do I feel now and how do I want to feel then.
Michael Bastian
Once, when I was about eight, my mum handed me a sandwich, and I remarked: ‘What are those weird things on your hands?’ I was referring to the visible pores, which were such a contrast to my own alabaster-smooth skin. My mum looked mortified, while my grandma laughed and said: ‘They’re nothing – look at mine!’
Kate Garraway
A role needs a certain tone, so your own tone also changes. It’s not like I lock myself up in a room to get into the zone. It is based on what I am feeling, because the minute you try too much, weird things happen. Of course, for an intense role you need some silence, and you need to do a lot of thinking.
Alia Bhatt
I’ve always been a bit of an inventor, just making up weird things people haven’t thought of before. I can’t tell you exactly what, though, because they might actually happen one day!
Cara Delevingne
When I first got sick, they told me I had a year to live, and I was writing my memoir really fast. There were really weird things happening with my nervous system and my heart and stuff, and it didn’t look like I was gonna make it, so I was writing really fast, and then I couldn’t write anymore.
John Lurie
I really enjoy what I do, and who I’m with and where I am. Having said that, I’m not really a person of habit, because what I do in my job is travel around the world and play concerts to people, and occasionally do very weird things.
Robert Smith
Weird things happen when strange men run for election. See Donald Trump for details.
Katie Hopkins
I remember being four or five, not understanding how to

I remember being four or five, not understanding how to be funny, so just going around the house and my mum and dad’s friends, confusing adults by saying weird things.
James Acaster
It’s all about risk-taking when you’re making an album. Don’t be scared to do weird things sometimes.
Vic Fuentes
People turn into fools when they see a movie star and do weird things.
Sam Neill
Men do weird things when they experience fear. It’s like a fight-or-flight thing.
Rashida Jones