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I am excited Sundial and Unilever have created this par

I am excited Sundial and Unilever have created this partnership, rooted in a purpose-driven ethos, that represents an incredible opportunity to take our Community Commerce economic empowerment and impact model to another level.
Richelieu Dennis
To me, the flag represents the greatest ideals of the United States of America, not the worst, but different people look at different things and have different feelings about it. That’s what freedom of expression is all about.
Aaron Rodgers
Kendrick Lamar represents Compton’s evolution, embodying the New Vision for Compton – Purpose, Prosperity, and Progress.
Aja Brown
Anne Marie Schubert is one of the most horrible district attorneys in the state of California. She represents Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. It’s no wonder she continuously refuses to hold the police accountable for violence against people of color.
Shaun King
More and more people in my country recognise the dangers of having their governors appointed by Putin and having no influence in parliament because Parliament today is also following instructions from Kremlin and no longer represents its people.
Garry Kasparov
It’s weird to say, but every time I look at my daughter and I see this little living breathing thing that came from me, that represents all of the hopes and dreams that I would want for her, I see a miracle.
Josh Gad
The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short.
Homaro Cantu
‘Life Is Good’ represents the most beautiful, dramatic and heavy moments in my life.
I’m proud to be on the CBC and to see the management here represents both sides of every story. This is what’s unique about the new CBC: you get a Kevin O’Leary on it when five years ago you wouldn’t.
Kevin O’Leary
London represents the idea that someone pulled away the set from my life and replaced it with another. ‘Here is your new baby. Here is your new life. And now you do comedy.’ Without being smug, it’s the best fun.
Tim Minchin
By the sole fact of his entering into ‘Thought,’ man represents something entirely singular and absolutely unique in the field of our experience. On a single planet, there could not be more than one centre of emergence for reflexion.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Poetry, being supremely useless, by its very existence represents a protest against the so-called ‘real world’ of busy-ness and moneymaking, so we must embrace, salute and support our poets.
Tom Hodgkinson
What I have on my left calf is two skeletons; when you put them together, they form a heart, and it says, ‘Love till Death.’ That represents me and my wife – ’til death do us part.
Rey Mysterio
Moreover, Hispanics’ sympathy for big government represents a cultural predilection as well as an economic one.
Heather Mac Donald
To me Kate Spade represents a woman who still has stuff to get done. She’s like, ‘yeah I’m stylish but I need to be comfortable and able to move.’ I’m excited to be a part of a brand that’s meaningful to women in that way.
KiKi Layne
For many players the opportunity to be able to play with Messi represents a huge incentive.
Quique Setien
In any case, in so far as our knowledge of the universe carries us, the advent of civilization for the first time on our globe represents the highest ascent of the life processes to which evolution had anywhere attained.
James Henry Breasted
An album represents an artist or a band or a group of musicians at any given moment in time. You just produce the music that you feel good about and hope that the audience shows some interest in it.
Ian Gillan
The Security Council represents the situation from 1945 – you had the Allies who won the war who occupied that. The defeated guys – the Germans and Japan – were out. The occupied countries had no voice. That was fine in ’45, but today, Germany rules Europe, frankly. They are driving Europe but have no voice.
Mo Ibrahim
In fact, the CCP’s ideological agenda extends far beyond the country’s borders and represents a threat to the idea of democracy itself, including in the United States.
Robert C. O’Brien
If the vote that is progressive is split then all that does is open up the path for the Brexit party and allow it to pretend it represents the majority view in this country.
Keir Starmer
We’re fans of stuff like Maiden, but I think we generally get it from weirder places. For me, the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ represents one of the most brilliant harmony approaches to music. Boston did it very well, too.
Synyster Gates
The September 11th, 2012, attacks on the State Department compound in Benghazi, Libya, is important and should be studied because in the big picture, it represents a failed foreign policy that spans across both Bush and Obama Presidencies.
Brandon Webb
Good journalism, I think, represents life and if you try to organize something too neatly it usually blows up in your face and doesn’t really happen the way you want it to.
John Pomfret
The question of changing the name must not be taboo. The Front National is a name that has a strong history. It represents a limit in the heads of some voters because it is still demonised.
Marine Le Pen
Nothing will ever outshine, for me, the countless children whose eyes and imaginations I’ve seen light up when meeting Black Santa and understanding that there’s a character of pure good out there that represents them.
Baron Davis
I’ve been left to wonder if it’s the national Republican Party Scott Brown represents, or the people of Massachusetts? Let me add that I believe it’s a fair question to ask of any of us, Republican or Democrat, who have the privilege of being sent to Washington.
Michael Capuano
The Producers Guild represents the creativity, innovation and dynamism that sets our industry apart from all others.
Jon Feltheimer
Conscience is the mirror of our souls, which represents the errors of our lives in their full shape.
George Bancroft
From a branding standpoint, the show represents only a fraction of our business, and the impact you actually have on the consumer is super, super tiny. I mean, what about the pre-collection? That is just as important as the show.
Marco Bizzarri
Of course God is endlessly multi-dimensional so every religion that exists on earth represents some face, some side of God.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
This republic represents the greatest basis for that un

This republic represents the greatest basis for that universal socialist order, the creation of which is at the present time the historic task of the International Proletariat.
Karl Liebknecht
St. Lucia represents, for me, where I found myself musically once I stopped trying to be cool, in some way, and stopped stopping these guilty pleasure influences I had from coming through.
St. Lucia
For me, Melania represents America. We’re all reluctantly married to Donald Trump now. She is a vehicle to making fun of him. I can’t do a Donald Trump impersonation, but I can impersonate her.
Laura Benanti
The electroencephalogram represents a continuous curve with continuous oscillations in which… one can distinguish larger first order waves with an average duration of 90 milliseconds and smaller second order waves of an average duration of 35 milliseconds.
Hans Berger
We see in the electroencephalogram a concomitant phenomenon of the continuous nerve processes which take place in the brain, exactly as the electrocardiogram represents a concomitant phenomenon of the contractions of the individual segments of the heart.
Hans Berger
You can’t put a gun in the hands of someone who represents a danger to themselves or society.
Thom Tillis
Real Madrid needs a coach that knows the club and understands the values that it represents.
Alvaro Morata
My transformation represents more than what is just skin deep; it represents my motivation, drive, and willingness to constantly improve.
Jinder Mahal
It’s easy for me to care about Toronto, because Toronto is a community that cares about itself. It represents the world. It talks to itself, and because it does, it figures out that there must be a music garden as part of its existence.
Yo-Yo Ma
What matters is voting for where you live: Who’s your mayor, who’s your police chief, who represents you, your city council, your judges. That matters that you vote.
Joe Walsh
Aerospace services represents one of our biggest growth opportunities for the future.
Dennis Muilenburg
Every red stripe in that flag represents the black man’s blood that has been shed.
Fannie Lou Hamer
Raising the minimum wage represents a substantial financial burden for employers, particularly start-ups, early stage companies, and family-owned businesses. In response, business owners would be forced to either lay off workers or raise prices to offset the rise in labor costs.
Fabrizio Moreira
I think if ‘The Narrow Road To The Deep North’ is one of the high points of Japanese culture, then the experience of my father, who was a slave laborer on the Death Railway, represents one of its low points.
Richard Flanagan
We Argentines do not realise what Leo represents for the whole world.
Javier Zanetti
I think part of what acting did for me is it kind of represents all my greatest fears. I’m sort of compelled to do it, but at the same time, it’s so frightening. But I think that the things that frighten me the most in life are the things I should be doing.
Hannah Ware
I don’t like Hollywood. I don’t like what it represents. I think that Hollywood is great if you’re an actor, actress, established. But for reality people or what people perceive as reality, it’s tough. People are constantly discrediting everything you put on camera.
Brody Jenner
‘Dreamsongs’ allows me to show the scope of my writing – with personal commentary that puts the works in context and includes some autobiographical details intended to reveal how each piece came to be, what it represents, and how it has formed, or been informed by, my philosophy of writing.
George R. R. Martin