Top 40 Life Goes On Quotes

Life Goes On Quotes: Embracing Change, Resilience, and Growth

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and challenges. In every phase of life, there comes a moment when we face unexpected changes, setbacks, or loss. During these times, it is important to remember that life goes on, and within that notion lies a powerful message of resilience, strength, and the capacity to adapt. These quotes encapsulate the essence of embracing change, finding hope amidst adversity, and recognizing the inherent beauty of the ever-evolving nature of life.

Embracing Change: Embracing the Unpredictable Path of Life

Change is inevitable. It sweeps us off our feet, challenging us to let go of the familiar and venture into the unknown. These quotes remind us that although change may be daunting, it also presents us with new opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and personal transformation. They encourage us to embrace the uncertainties of life and navigate through them with grace and courage, knowing that change is often a catalyst for positive change and personal evolution.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Finding Strength in Challenging Times

Life throws curveballs, testing our resilience and inner strength. In moments of adversity, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or defeated. However, these quotes inspire us to tap into our resilience, to rise above challenges, and to find the inner courage to keep moving forward. They remind us that setbacks and obstacles are not the end of our journey but rather opportunities to grow, learn, and discover our true capabilities.

Finding Beauty in the Journey: Embracing the Ever-Evolving Nature of Life

Life is a series of interconnected moments, each contributing to the tapestry of our existence. These quotes encourage us to cherish every experience, to find beauty in the ordinary, and to embrace the impermanence of life. They remind us that even amidst hardships, there is a constant flow of new beginnings, possibilities, and joys waiting to be discovered. They inspire us to live in the present moment, appreciating the journey rather than solely focusing on the destination.

As with real families, my fictional family on 'Life Goe

As with real families, my fictional family on ‘Life Goes On’ had its ups and downs, and as part of the fictional downers, the actors were often called to cry on cue. This absolutely terrified me, because I was a pretty happy kid who didn’t have much to cry about.
Kellie Martin
It’s never nice to lose someone close to you; unfortunately, life goes on, and we have to make peace with it and move on.
Francois Hougaard
We were the first generation of rock & roll, but life goes on.
Ian Gillan
I know life goes on if you make a big bet and you lose. But if you don’t give yourself the best chance of winning, you’re going to kick yourself tomorrow.
James Holzhauer
To be slandered the way I get slandered is really uncalled for, but life goes on.
Fat Joe
Life goes on after a breakup.
Andi Dorfman
I would say people remember me from ‘Life Goes On’ more than anything.
Kellie Martin
I accept I am going to miss playing because it’s such an important part in my life. It’s going to be difficult to fill that gap. Life goes on.
Xabi Alonso
In a perfect world, I would be a painter. I love working with my hands. I don’t get to do it as much as I like, but I am finding a way to make more time as life goes on because it’s a really great outlet for me to express myself.
Halle Berry
I wanted to acknowledge that life goes on but that death goes on, too. A person who is dead is a long, long story.
Elizabeth McCracken
At college – I went to Yale, and everybody’s very smart, and everybody has their thing that makes them special, and people at Yale would pretend they didn’t recognize me. Only after they’d had a couple of drinks would they start singing the ‘Life Goes On’ theme song.
Kellie Martin
My father was the youngest of seven, and nobody lived to be 60. And so we were always sitting shiva in my house, and my father would say, ‘Life goes on.’
Judy Blume
You learn if you mind stay open. And once you can’t learn no more, your mind must be closed. Life goes on and you keep growing, you know?
Bobby Womack
The longer your life goes on, the more death you face.
Patrick Swayze
If you don’t like me, life goes on, you know what I mean? But I hope you do like me. Because I think that in addition to being pushy, I’m nice.
Christine Quinn
My maw died when I was 20. You tune into the radio or the telly and life goes on. Things keep on happening. The world doesnae stop.
So long as the system of competition in the production and exchange of the means of life goes on, the degradation of the arts will go on; and if that system is to last for ever, then art is doomed, and will surely die; that is to say, civilization will die.
William Morris
Yes, I have cancer and it might not go away, but I can still have a future because life goes on.
Kris Carr
Some writers can only deal with childhood experience, because it’s complete. For another kind of writer, life goes on, and he’s able to keep processing that as well.
V. S. Naipaul
Back in those days, a parent looked at the disability and didn’t see the ability. ‘Life Goes On’ showed that people with a disability can be included. Just give them a chance and let them learn. That’s what the show was trying to teach.
Chris Burke
People moan about Twitter, people being rude and trolling. Just turn it off. Life goes on.
Tom Parker Bowles
Life goes on if you’re one of the lucky ones.
Judy Blume
Life goes on, and I’m moving on to the next thing, but I hope the soaps that are still running will thrive. They have millions of loyal viewers.
Susan Lucci
We want to do something important in the World Cup, and hopefully I have the chance. If not, well, life goes on, I’ll keep working the same way and supporting my teammates.
Carlos Vela
I was in this sheltered little environment where, basically, all my high school experience was in ‘Life Goes On,’ and everyone told me where to go, what to do, how to think – I never had to do anything for myself.
Kellie Martin
Having your father to help you to get back up is good, but you need to get up by yourself and walk alone. Life goes on.
Lyoto Machida
I did this role in Life Goes On as an HIV positive character and so emotionally that was the most challenging.
Chad Lowe
Shows have asked a lot of actors to take cuts. Shows are going off the air. So okay, life goes on.
Austin Peck
I love men’s company, but I don’t feel I have to be married. Men are a wonderful part of life, like chocolate. But my life goes on whether they’re there or not.
Jerry Hall
Your life goes on, and then your life goes on plus ‘Star Wars.’ It’s just been an incredible time.
Daisy Ridley
Life goes on pretty much the same way. I’ve been working on a couple of films on the side. You may see some more. You may even see another television show.
Norman Lear
Life goes on, and we have to keep coming up with fresh

Life goes on, and we have to keep coming up with fresh ideas.
Max Cavalera
Here’s my advice to my brown friends: The next time you’re on an airplane in the U.S., just speak your mother tongue. That way, no one knows what you’re saying. Life goes on.
Maz Jobrani
Because after my first year I had a lot of success, took everybody by storm, came back the next year thought it was easy and didn’t have near the season I had the previous year. It was kind of a wake-up call. And so, life goes on.
Brett Favre
I’m realizing for the first time, your life goes on while you’re trying to pursue this career. I saw my career as everything. But you have this life, too. Living your life fully, you come to know yourself better. You’ll find the place for it.
Nicholas D’Agosto
I don’t really get embarrassed a lot because I feel like life goes on. I mean, I fell on stage one time; like, I tripped one time. My voice cracked… That’s pretty embarrassing.
Jay Park
We’re all expendable. We think the world’s going to stop when a pope dies, or a king. And then… life goes on.
Sylvester Stallone
As life goes on, life just gets harder.
B. J. Penn
We see North Koreans as automatons, goose-steeping at parades, doing mass gymnastics with fixed smiles on their faces – but beneath all that, real life goes on with the same complexity of human emotion as anywhere else.
Barbara Demick
Life goes on, and one should look ahead and not backward.
Sonali Bendre

As we navigate the unpredictable path of life, let these quotes serve as a gentle reminder that no matter what challenges or changes come our way, life goes on. Embrace the opportunities for growth, tap into your resilience, and find beauty in the journey. Remember that you possess the strength and wisdom to navigate through any storm, and with each step forward, you are writing a unique and inspiring chapter of your own story.