Top 40 Medications Quotes

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I have had my genome fully sequenced and have learned a

I have had my genome fully sequenced and have learned a great deal about which medications I would respond to and which might or would induce major side effects, along with knowing many medical conditions for which I’m particularly susceptible.
Eric Topol
Dr. Jasper didn’t care if they got their checkups, their medications.
Norma McCorvey
There’s always going to be the need for new medications, better medications.
Anthony Fauci
The goal of my diet-style is eating for optimal health and longevity. What greater benefit could there be than living healthfully and actively into old age with no dependence on medications and almost no risk of heart disease, diabetes or dementia?
Joel Fuhrman
It isn’t a secret that my heart is damaged. All the treatments and medications haven’t been effective.
Moshe Dayan
In the past, I often found that when I reached out for a fast cure it led me down a slippery slope of more medications, hopeful dependence on the next prescription and ultimately a much longer drawn-out illness.
Carre Otis
When Medicare was first enacted in 1965, it provided coverage for hospitalization, doctor visits and surgeries, but there was no coverage for prescription medications.
Michael C. Burgess
As a nurse, I’ve seen firsthand the harmful effects of patients not being able to afford their lifesaving medications.
Cori Bush
Whether it’s a mom worrying about affording insulin for her children or a cancer patient fearing bankruptcy due the price of his life-saving medications, the number one issue Kansans talk to me about is the cost of health care and prescription drugs.
Sharice Davids
Years ago I was diagnosed with a condition, and my doctors prescribed human growth hormone and testosterone for its treatment. Under medical supervision, I have continued to use both medications.
Sylvester Stallone
Medications almost always do it better if they’re used in conjunction with other supports.
Mehmet Oz
Punishment for putting patients at risk ought to reflect the gravity of manufacturing, distributing or selling counterfeit medications.
Gene Green
The government would be making decisions about what type of care is given, what procedures can be performed, and the kind of medications prescribed. It would be a very profound change from the ideal to which we aspire.
Nan Hayworth
There are things that you can do today that, years ago, there was nothing. The community today needs to know that with MRI and the current medications the view is good.
Teri Garr
In my work as an emergency physician, I know that checklists can be helpful. They ensure complex procedures are done thoroughly and provide an extra assurance for safety. But they can also result in a ‘cookbook’ approach, where you get the same recipe of tests and medications as everyone else.
Leana S. Wen
Private companies mostly manufacture medications that resemble what we’ve already got. They get it patented and, with a hefty dose of marketing, a legion of lawyers, and a strong lobby, can live off the profits for years.
Rutger Bregman
America’s health care system provides some of the finest doctors and more access to vital medications than any country in the world. And yet, our system has been faltering for many years with the increased cost of health care.
Paul Gillmor
I’m fine, but I’m bipolar. I’m on seven medications, and I take medication three times a day. This constantly puts me in touch with the illness I have. I’m never quite allowed to be free of that for a day. It’s like being a diabetic.
Carrie Fisher
At the end of the day, my hope is that when the new Medicare- Prescription Drug Law gets up and fully running a lot more seniors will pay a whole lot less than they do today for their much-needed medications.
Dennis Hastert
Today, nearly 40 percent of a senior’s healthcare spending is on pharmaceutical medications.
Dennis Hastert
The discovery of HIV in 1983 and the proof that it was the cause of AIDS in 1984 were the first major scientific breakthroughs that provided a specific target for blood-screening tests and opened the doorway to the development of antiretroviral medications.
Anthony Fauci
Doctors will prescribe medicines for a particular disease but, as a side effect, those medications will work to prevent dozens of others.
David Andrew Sinclair
There is no common standard for education about diagnosis. Distinguishing between bipolar depression and major depressive disorder, for example, can be difficult, and mistakes are common. Misdiagnosis can be lethal. Medications that work well for some forms of depression induce agitation in others.
Kay Redfield Jamison
In this hectic life, we have no time to take care of ourselves, hence massage is needed for rejuvenation and stress reduction. A lot of people are looking for quick fixes: like, they are taking medications, and they are doing other things which are not healthy. But massage is very holistic and natural.
Nargis Fakhri
Beginning in June, Alabama seniors previously without prescription drug coverage should begin to see savings of between 10 and 25 percent on their medications.
Mike Rogers
The Postal Service is critical to our economy, our seniors and veterans who count on lifesaving medications, our small businesses that need to ship their products, and even to our democracy.
Sharice Davids
About half of all people don’t take medications like they’re supposed to.
Eric Topol
I don’t like to take a lot of stuff since I’m really sensitive to medications.
Kate Walsh
For those with health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, the rising cost of lifesaving medications is straining budgets, fueling undue stress, and forcing them to make difficult decisions.
Abigail Spanberger
The FBRI will continue to carry out fundamental research mainly in fields where new medical treatments or medications are urgently required, such as cancer immunology, ageing and dementia.
Tasuku Honjo
Dad was just an emotional wreck. He was drinking a lot of the time, he was smoking a lot of pot. And because he takes certain medications, the drinking was making him… you know, he wasn’t even present, really.
Jack Osbourne
Part of my training was learning how to refer patients

Part of my training was learning how to refer patients to cardiologists for heart problems, gastroenterologists for stomach issues, and rheumatologists for joint pain. Given that most physicians were trained this way, it’s no wonder that the average Medicare patient has six doctors and is on five different medications.
Mark Hyman
As a doctor, my thing is, we need to have access to medications; we need to have reasonable prices for medications.
Mikhail Varshavski
The skyrocketing costs of insulin are simply unaffordable for too many Maine families, and no one should be forced to choose between life-saving medications and essentials like groceries or clothes for their kids.
Sara Gideon
Folks in our community have a lot of daily pressures to deal with. Worrying about the rising cost of lifesaving medications shouldn’t be one of them. They deserve elected leaders who will fight for them, not special interests, and that is exactly what I will continue to do.
Sharice Davids
In our experience, when people make comprehensive lifestyle changes, they usually can reduce or discontinue medications such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-hypertensives, beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, nitrates, insulin, and so on.
Dean Ornish
I take medications every morning and night – they’re my breakfast, and they’re my dessert. I love them.
Chris Gethard
It’s important to say that depression has biological underpinnings, and that while medications do not seem to create irreversible changes in the brain, repeated depressive episodes do.
Andrew Solomon
Low-income seniors who choose to enroll in a drug discount plan will receive $600 of Federal assistance in 2004 and 2005 to further defray the costs of their medications.
Jim Gerlach
I don’t take any of the medications I took when I was younger: antibiotics, antacids, aspirin, asthma inhalers, ulcer medication, allergy shots.
Alicia Silverstone