Top 40 Reviewing Quotes

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The only thing that interests me is history - reviewing

The only thing that interests me is history – reviewing the past and making something out of it.
Leon Redbone
I start every day reviewing priorities, prepping for meetings, and getting updated on key projects.
Logan Green
I think the job of movie reviewing can be really tough. If a film has layers that need to be thought about, it’s easy to get missed the first time around.
Roland Joffe
I keep reviewing my feelings about the supernatural.
Tony Visconti
I don’t really think reviewing music is something you’re going to get famous doing overnight.
Anthony Fantano
I’m from a more rigourous journalistic background. If I say a car is good or bad, the viewers can trust the fact that I have spent all my working life reviewing cars.
Chris Harris
Always remember those things that tend to strengthen and improve your understanding. You cannot learn without attention, neither retain those lessons that you have once learnt without frequently reflecting upon and reviewing them in your mind; by this means, things long past will remain impressed upon your memory.
Dorothea Dix
When reviewing one’s portfolio, it is important to be aware of common mental mistakes that may lead to bad decisions. The most powerful is commitment bias, which, as manifested in investing, is the tendency to fall in love with one’s stocks.
Whitney Tilson
Occasionally, I’ll want to cover something that’s outside of my audiences’ tastes or interests. Every week or so I have to try and cover at least one or two of those things to keep my sanity. If you’re only reviewing what is in the top album spots on Apple Music every week, you can get kind of jaded.
Anthony Fantano
After reviewing the polygraph charts in private, the polygraph examiner told me that I had passed and that he believed I had nothing to do with the anthrax letters.
Steven Hatfill
I remember driving home one evening while they were reviewing the papers on the radio. One of the articles was about me separating from my wife. It’s a weird thing to listen to a news report about the break-up of your marriage.
Rory Bremner
My proudest moment was the number ‘Reviewing the Situation.’ I suspect that, because I gave my all to the role and because I was working with such a fine team of people, it inhibited my future career.
Ron Moody
‘The Practical Heart’ was published one week before the World Trade towers collapsed. Book reviewing and all else in our culture stopped dead-still for half a year. I went on the book tour anyway. But I felt like the apostle Paul going unto the catacombs where scared believers hid and prayed.
Allan Gurganus
I didn’t want the headache of having a publisher reviewing everything I wrote in advance.
Mark Millar
We’re reviewing everything to see how we can do it better, faster, and more efficiently.
David Neeleman
After much deliberation, and after reviewing the legal, public policy and civil-rights questions presented, I support marriage equality for same-sex couples and believe that DOMA should be repealed.
Bob Casey, Jr.
Critics who do the weekly recap, I find that kind of absurd. That’s like reviewing chapters in a novel.
Terence Winter
When I am there at our global product development centers, I am meeting with the design team and reviewing design work being done there and meeting with engineers responsible for work being done specific to that region, meeting with purchasing team.
Mary Barra
I don’t read for amusement, I read for enlightenment. I do a lot of reviewing, so I have a steady assignment of reading. I’m also a judge for the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards, which gives awards to literature and nonfiction.
Joyce Carol Oates
If I’ve ever regretted anything, it was putting all my eggs in one basket, holing up and kneeling at the altar of literature, instead of going out and at least reviewing, running around and trying to write for magazines. That would’ve been the intelligent thing to do, but I didn’t, and that was because of fanaticism.
Cynthia Ozick
I did my degree in journalism, and I then went on to being a games journalist, reviewing and previewing games and writing about the industry, visiting and interviewing developers.
Rhianna Pratchett
You’re actually making the rest of your day productive by spending 30 minutes reviewing your to-do’s, prioritizing them, and ruthlessly removing things that shouldn’t be there.
Caroline Ghosn
I knew a gentleman who was 65 who had a consulting firm outside of Kansas City, Mo. I convinced him to sell me the business, which did auditing and reviewing of freight bill charges, for nothing down. It was a step out of working in this bureaucratic setting of corporate America and going out on my own in 1984.
David Steward
Reviewing music or reviewing anything is a writing job. It’s nice if you are experienced in the field you are writing about, but writing is what you are doing.
Virgil Thomson
As soon as I was getting YouTube comments and hit 100 subscribers, I was thinking ‘maybe there’s something to this. I could keep going. I don’t know how far I can really push it just reviewing random indie bands on YouTube, but it seems to have more gas in the tank.’
Anthony Fantano
We’ll be examining and auditing and reviewing all of the programs of the department and really figuring out what is the core mission and how can the federal department of education really support and enhance the role of the departments in the states.
Betsy DeVos
What I enjoy about reviewing and writing for newspapers and periodicals is simply the chance to talk about all kinds of books and lots of them.
Michael Dirda
I might defend the reviewing trade, but a handful of haughty hired hands no longer having the last word on books is not a bad thing.
Lionel Shriver
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is continually reviewing its safety plan for the 100-plus operating civilian nuclear reactors in the United States. And when those plants were put into operation, they were required to have double and triple redundant safety systems.
Joe Barton
Because I’ve always been good at knowing what I thought and not reviewing prematurely and have gotten better at those things over the years, my flips are rarely that significant.
Robert Christgau
One of the occupational hazards of reviewing year-end biopics with Oscar ambitions is pointing out discrepancies between the real subjects and their on-screen avatars.
Richard Corliss
I grew up reading Updike. I remember being alarmed to f

I grew up reading Updike. I remember being alarmed to find that he had published short stories by the time he was 22. I think ‘Pigeon Feathers’ was the first collection of stories I read. Only much later did I discover his non-fiction reviewing and art criticism.
Justin Cartwright
Somewhere in the Commandments of Reviewing must be written, ‘Thou shalt not compare Asians to non-Asians.’
Celeste Ng
Reviewing good puzzle books is frustrating, because you get to page one of the introduction, find a curious puzzle, become engrossed for 20 minutes, miss your stop and then fail to get home in time to say goodnight to the kids.
Simon Singh
What is in question is a kind of book reviewing which seems to be more and more popular: the loose putting down of opinions as though they were facts, and the treating of facts as though they were opinions.
Gore Vidal
Clearly in my mind, I have two distinct positions – owner and manager. So I am open to reviewing my performance as a manager as any other person in Sun Pharma.
Dilip Shanghvi
We are reviewing and evolving our business plan as times go. But in the long term, we remain confident about creating a large scale business.
Ritesh Agarwal
The ‘New York Times’ is not reviewing books by non-white people.
Jenny Zhang
Prolonged, indiscriminate reviewing of books is a quite exceptionally thankless, irritating and exhausting job. It not only involves praising trash but constantly inventing reactions towards books about which one has no spontaneous feeling whatever.
George Orwell
To run a big marathon and win takes five months. When I’m on the starting line, my mind starts reviewing what I have been doing the last five months. I believe in my training, and I treat myself as the best one standing on that line.
Eliud Kipchoge