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I'm OK with messing up sometimes and not getting everyt

I’m OK with messing up sometimes and not getting everything perfect – and there’s something really relatable there for people that aren’t so seasoned in the kitchen.
Haylie Duff
I think it was that we were really seasoned musicians. We had serious roots that spanned different cultures, obviously the blues.
Jimmy Page
I do like potato chips, French fries and Barney’s burgers in L.A. with seasoned curly fries.
Jessica Biel
Especially today, Mollywood’s action scenes comprise of many ‘hero touches and the villain flies’ scenes. I never promoted that, and only believed in realistic stunts, with just the right amount of cinematic feel seasoned on them.
Babu Antony
Even if you’re a seasoned professional multi-tasker, your body, mind, emotional life, and growth potential can get a blow from over-committing. Take a look at what’s on your plate if you’re swamped, and you can surely find some space for yourself even when you feel trapped.
Tara Stiles
You know, it’s kind of a shame in a way but the more seasoned directors a lot of times have more difficult getting a job than first time guys. New kid on the block kind of thing.
Jeff Bridges
Ultimately, when two professionals meet, I don’t really see the location as being a defining factor. If you’re a psychologically weak fighter, maybe it would be. But if you’re a seasoned pro, it doesn’t really come into it.
Michael Bisping
I like simple food, seasoned with just salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Complicated food and complicated lives are never good.
Sirio Maccioni
State funds, private equity, venture capital, and institutional lending all have their role in the lifecycle of a high tech startup, but angel capital is crucial for first-time entrepreneurs. Angel investors provide more than just cash; they bring years of expertise as both founders of businesses and as seasoned investors.
Jay Samit
Carl Froch is a strong, seasoned world champion and there’s no quit in him.
George Groves
I felt slightly superior to student politics, for instance. I had no reason to think this, but I thought of myself as slightly more seasoned. I became quite cynical talking to my student friends.
Kazuo Ishiguro
I was like, ‘Welcome to the world of soap operas! Clothes off and in the bed!’ I thought that’s how it was going to become every day Everything just moved so fast so I really wasn’t seasoned to that.
Greg Vaughan
‘One Minute Mentoring’ is written in the parable style Spencer Johnson and I popularized in ‘The One Minute Manager.’ It’s an entertaining story about the mentorship between a young salesperson, Josh, and a seasoned executive named Diane. As the characters learn about mentoring, so does the reader.
Ken Blanchard
When I came to WWE – I got signed when I was 23. When I was on ‘SmackDown’ roster, the main roster, I was 24. I wasn’t ready for those responsibilities. I wasn’t – I wasn’t seasoned enough as a wrestler, as an in-ring performer.
Jinder Mahal
I’ve always loved acting, even from when I was a child. But when I got on stage, I realised I couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag. I was wild and full of unharnessed energy, but I was around all these seasoned performers like Rita Cullis. It was as if they were all in slow motion.
Claron McFadden
Often we women are risk averse. I needed the push. Now, more than ever, young women need more seasoned women to provide that encouragement, to take a risk, to go for it. Once a glass ceiling is broken, it stays broken.
Jennifer Granholm
Working with Kajol was a delight, as we complemented each other. She is a seasoned actor, and there is so much to learn from her.
I can always do five, five-minute rounds, any day, even if I was drinking yesterday or doing whatever. I’m a seasoned athlete, an endurance athlete, and I’m always working out.
Nate Diaz
First of all, you want to do the soaking with almost all of the larger beans because that will take care of the gas, and second of all… they want to be seasoned and flavored.
Crescent Dragonwagon
One of my favorite dishes in the world used to be steak tartare, which is raw ground beef seasoned and then served.
Eric Schlosser
Cause I was such a novice and thank God that Sarah was as seasoned as she was because she was really a great leader in that regard in the sense that she would communicate really well with the crew.
Charisma Carpenter
The business side of real estate investing is fraught with risk. Unlike purchasing mutual funds or savings bonds, with real estate, you can lose money; this is one of the reasons that seasoned real estate investors caution neophytes never to get too emotional about a property and always be willing to walk away.
Fabrizio Moreira
The relationship between you and your boss will change over time. When you just started out, that boss was your mentor and took you under their wing. As a seasoned employee, though, you no longer need your boss to guide you along. You should be able to handle tasks on your own.
John Rampton
If deep-frying catfish, try a dredge of seasoned flour and cornmeal and add some bacon fat to the oil.
Tom Douglas
I am a seasoned performer.
Loni Love
I become more seasoned, it’s less interesting to try and compete in the pop market.
Sheryl Crow
At this camp I had the unique experience of showing all these seasoned Westerners that it was possible to make a fire by the friction of two sticks. This has long been a specialty of mine; I use a thong and a bow as the simplest way.
Ernest Thompson Seton
Obviously, I’m at the beginning of my career, contrary to what anyone else thinks. I’m 19 years old. In any other country, everywhere else, you’re a prospect. And that’s what I am right now in Europe. I’m a prospect. I’m not a seasoned veteran.
Freddy Adu
Any person seasoned with a just sense of the imperfections of natural reason, will fly to revealed truth with the greatest avidity.
David Hume
I love being on sets with very seasoned directors as well as very new directors. Every time is a discovery process. You learn something new every time.
Mark Wahlberg
The seasoned woman is going to offer a more seasoned character.
Robin Wright
In order to have good fried chicken, you should wash an

In order to have good fried chicken, you should wash and season the bird the morning you’re preparing it for dinner. Don’t wait and do it right before you start cooking. Throw it in the refrigerator, seasoned, that morning, and give it a chance to soak up all the salt and pepper and goodness.
Paula Deen
In a startup car company, everything you do has to be done in a different way than a traditional car company. And the main reason is that all of these big car companies are operating like giant well-oiled machines – you could put a very seasoned executive in, and all he has to do is make sure the machine keeps running.
Henrik Fisker
In time we grow older, we grow wiser, we grow smarter, and we’re better. And I feel like I’m becoming more seasoned, although I don’t have my salt-and-pepper hair.
My own favorite way to cook and eat razor clams is to simply dredge them in a mix of seasoned flour and cornmeal, then pan fry them in butter until crisp and golden. Be careful not to overcook them so they stay tender, not tough and chewy.
Tom Douglas
Great VCs are more than mere investors; they are often seasoned leaders who have built companies themselves.
Joe Lonsdale
When the woodpecker is searching for food, or laying siege to some hidden grub, the sound of his hammer is dead or muffled and is heard but a few yards. It is only upon dry, seasoned timber, freed of its bark, that he beats his reveille to spring and wooes his mate.
John Burroughs
No Christians I know who are supporting Trump are under the illusion that The Donald is a seasoned student of Scripture.
Robert Jeffress
‘You better do a lot of praying’ is good counsel for all of the Lord’s servants, new or seasoned. It is what His wise servants do. They pray. The disciples of Jesus Christ when He lived on the earth noticed that about Him.
Henry B. Eyring
Seasoned queens can also learn new tricks, right?
BeBe Zahara Benet