Top 40 Surge Quotes

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I was living out on Long Island in Baldwin, New York wh

I was living out on Long Island in Baldwin, New York when Hurricane Sandy hit. With the storm surge, the whole first floor of our house was under about three feet of water. We lost a lot of valuable stuff – sentimental stuff like pictures and Christmas ornaments. Nobody expected flooding that bad.
Chris Weidman
For the youth, the indignation of most things will just surge as each birthday passes.
Chris Evans
The Occupy movement flared and then seemed to fizzle out – until it re-emerged in the form of Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign and in the far-left surge that made Jeremy Corbyn leader of the British Labour Party.
Anne Applebaum
Nigeria has its problems, nobody denies that, but there is a surge of spiritual – I would say, Christian – dynamics that are awesome.
Reinhard Bonnke
The Middle East that Obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace, for the surge in Iraq had beaten down the al Qaeda-linked groups. U.S. relations with traditional allies in the Gulf, Jordan, Israel and Egypt were very good. Iran was contained, its Revolutionary Guard forces at home.
Elliott Abrams
I find that after every win, there is a new surge in motivation because it feels so good. I am addicted to winning. That sounds terrible, but it is true you are addicted to that feeling.
Cate Campbell
I really like Clinique’s Moisture Surge Hydrating stuff. It’s a super concentrated moisturizer. It’s pink and comes in a tube.
Bria Vinaite
We could receive a storm surge of three to five feet.
Ray Nagin
Poland in the 1990s saw a surge of unrestrained, American-style capitalism. With millions of Poles living in the U.S.A., the defeat of communism led many to aim for a lifestyle derivative of Chicago or Detroit.
Norman Davies
Surge pricing only kicks in in order to maximize the number of trips that happen and therefore reduce the number of people that are stranded.
Travis Kalanick
I find that people are constantly coming up to me now. There’s been a definite surge of people recognizing me and I’m not sure if it has to do with the DVDs or not, but I’ve sort of assumed that it does because the show has been off the air for three years now.
Shiri Appleby
For too long the U.S. immigration system has focused on accepting low-skilled immigrants. Basic economics tells us that the surge of low-skilled workers depresses wages and harms the prospects of American workers.
Mercedes Schlapp
As much as I’d love to give everybody a really cheap option, it’s just simply not possible in certain sorts of extreme events… I guarantee that our strategy on surge pricing is the optimal way to get as many people home as possible.
Travis Kalanick
Looking back and knowing what I do, I believe the people who started the initial surge at Heysel were not Liverpool fans.
Bruce Grobbelaar
We know what the birth of a revolution looks like: A student stands before a tank. A fruit seller sets himself on fire. A line of monks link arms in a human chain. Crowds surge, soldiers fire, gusts of rage pull down the monuments of tyrants, and maybe, sometimes, justice rises from the flames.
Nancy Gibbs
Nathaniel Rich wrote ‘Odds Against Tomorrow’ well before Hurricane Sandy and its surge crashed onto the isle of Manhattan, well before the streets were flooded and the subways drowned, only the Goldman Sachs building sparkling above the darkened avenues.
Cathleen Schine
The American surge of combat forces into Baghdad that was ordered by President Bush worked. And there was a calm, a relative calm that descended on the country kind of late 2008. That pretty much held until the last American combat soldiers left at the end of 2011.
Dexter Filkins
While everyone of all political stripes are admitting that the surge is working and dramatically reducing the level of bloodshed in Iraq, Obama managed to complain that the Iraqis aren’t spending as much in rebuilding their own country as a result of the surge.
Mike Gallagher
At the point that an idea approaches perfection, fashion and expectations surge ahead, leaving the innovator with considerable room to find further improvements.
Max McKeown
The situation in Iraq was dire at the end of 2006, when President George W. Bush decided to implement the surge and selected me to command it. Indeed, when I returned to Baghdad in early February 2007, I found the conditions there to be even worse than I had expected.
David Petraeus
I want to make music that will make the blood surge in your veins, music that will get people up and dance.
Alex Kapranos
Every movement, to stay alive – a very difficult thing to do historically – has to find a way to harness that initial surge of emotion and turn it to the hard, steady, un-sexy work of recruiting new members, strategizing, negotiating with those in power, keeping itself going.
George Packer
The initial two or three wins that you get really give you a surge in confidence. That helps for the following games.
Jesus Navas
Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.
Henry Ford
It’s Obama’s bad luck that he got elected just as the mayhem of the foreclosures, the banking collapse, and the General Motors disaster was accelerating the surge in unemployment to warp speed.
Tina Brown
I woke up in London one morning in the middle of an adrenaline surge, and I was just lying there – the sun was coming up – trying to think of the best way to describe this feeling, and ‘pang’ was the only word I could really use to describe it.
Caroline Polachek
One of the lessons of Vietnam, which we failed to heed in the Iraq war and the Afghanistan surge, is that before you commit U.S. military forces to aid or assist, it is essential to know what you want them to achieve.
Kathleen Troia McFarland
Stories surge up out of nowhere, and if they feel compelling, you follow them. You let them unfold inside you and see where they are going to lead.
Paul Auster
I showed up in October 1946, part of an early surge that would become a great nationwide baby boom. My sister Kathy was born a year later.
Tim O’Brien
Seen that way, the wholesale transformation of production technologies that is mandated by pollution prevention creates a new surge of economic development.
Barry Commoner
In ’08, Barrack Obama was famously elected president. Even though I’d supported McCain and dreaded what I feared Barrack might do, I felt a surge of elation when the networks announced he’d won. I really hadn’t thought the U.S. would go for an African-American for a decade or so.
Orson Bean
Ever since the movie premiered at Cannes, I've had a su

Ever since the movie premiered at Cannes, I’ve had a sudden surge of scripts and interest.
Berenice Bejo
A significant U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan has been continuous since October 2001, and President Obama’s short-lived ‘surge’ in 2009 was a continuation of his predecessor’s buildup there.
Michael Hayden
One would expect that a surge of new automation opportunities in highly paid work would catalyze a surge of corporate investment in computer hardware and software. Instead, the opposite occurred.
David Autor
During the surge in Iraq, we were able to roll back the tide of al-Qaeda and associated insurgents because we succeeded in mobilizing Iraqis – especially Sunni Arabs – to join us in fighting against the largely Sunni extremist networks in their midst.
David Petraeus
When food prices surge, poor families suddenly find themselves unable to afford enough nutritious food. If this happens during the first thousand days of a child’s life, the damage to his or her body and mind can be permanent.
Ban Ki-moon
Leading the coalition military effort during the surge in Iraq in 2007 and 2008 was the most important endeavor – and greatest challenge – of my 37 years in uniform.
David Petraeus
Despite global economic concerns, other nations are continuing to push forward and invest in their space capabilities. A U.S. withdrawal from the industry will only allow others to surge in their own capabilities, potentially impacting our national security and technology competitiveness in the future.
Nick Lampson
When you think of technological revolution, you probably think of geeks in cool coastal spaces like the Google campus, or perhaps of math wizards on Wall Street. But one source of rural prosperity is the adoption of radical new technologies – and a consequent surge in productivity.
Chrystia Freeland
Gribenes have been referred to as Jewish popcorn or kosher pork rinds. It’s basically chicken skin fried in schmaltz. They’re crispy and mixed with fried onions. I’m telling you, when you have it with chopped liver, it’s the most incredible thing because you get this crunch and this surge of chicken flavor.
David Sax