Top 40 Uplift Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Uplift Quotes from famous people such as Roma Downey, Brandon Flowers, Gary Wright, Lucy McBath, Gregory Porter, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Over the years, I've found myself wishing sometimes my

Over the years, I’ve found myself wishing sometimes my angel would show up. I could use a little uplift, a little reminder.
Roma Downey
I’ve definitely got a lot more cautious about my lyrics – I feel I want to be a positive force in the world, and I want to uplift people. That’s something that comes with age.
Brandon Flowers
Music is an extremely powerful force if used properly to uplift people. I believe music should be uplifting and not downgrading… it’s a very, very powerful tool.
Gary Wright
I truly enjoy hearing from our community about the issues that matter most. It’s conversations like these that shape our community and drive my work to pursue common-sense solutions that protect our families, lower health care costs, uplift our veterans, and support our local businesses.
Lucy McBath
‘Take Me to the Alley’ is about trying to uplift the lives of people who have been afflicted, maybe the homeless or somebody with an illness, or maybe they’re refugees.
Gregory Porter
And I do believe that the way to change a society, to uplift people – not just their spirit, but to uplift their society and economic base – is through education.
Rainn Wilson
People use the notion of God to bully people and hurt people, when we can use the concept to respect and uplift.
Victor LaValle
As strong, beautiful, powerful women like the WWE Divas are, we should always support each other and always uplift each other.
Summer Rae
The closer the bird is to the surface of the water, the firmer and more inelastic is the uplift of the rising air. The bird appears to almost feel the surface with the tip of its weather wing.
Lawrence Hargrave
‘Pose’ itself is about family. It’s about all kinds of families and how they bring themselves together and how they uplift each other and how they fight even harder to move forward.
Mj Rodriguez
During Women’s History Month, we celebrate milestones in gender equality, and we uplift the stories of women who have impacted our world with their creativity, advocacy, service, invention, and discovery.
Ralph Northam
Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.
Paul P. Harris
The work that I engage with, whether it’s self-generated or collaborative, is uplifting and supporting historically marginalized and disenfranchised people, because when I uplift up those groups, I’m uplifting myself and supporting myself – it works out in that way.
Asia Kate Dillon
Since I’m in the entertainment business, I think I have to hold a mirror up to myself and say, ‘Am I complicit in miseducating and misinforming our youth by participating in this business, or can I use this business to re-educate and uplift?’
Hill Harper
Nixon had lists upon lists upon lists. They were tragic lists saying, ‘Smile more,’ or, ‘Be stronger – remember, it is your job to spiritually uplift the nation.’ This understanding of his limitations is heartbreaking.
Peter Morgan
The hook of ‘Bryson’ is based on something my mom created. She used to sing it to me when I was little and feeling down. When I was a baby, she’d sing it to me, and that’s pretty much the hook. That’s why the song means so much to me, because I feel like if it could’ve uplifted me, then I know it’ll uplift others.
NLE Choppa
Sports uplift us. It’s celebratory, gives us optimism and joy.
Travis Kalanick
The familiar can feel good – especially with so much uncertainty when we turn on the news. But it doesn’t uplift us, challenge us, or inspire anew as truly original work can.
Eric Metaxas
Look at me as a man who performed works musically. Who uplift people who need upliftment, mentally, physically, economically – all forms. Who told the people to live with love ’cause only love can conquer war, and to understand themselves so that they can understand others.
Gregory Isaacs
I love connecting with individuals who share my passion and commitment to uplift and inspire young people.
Cynthia Bailey
I have to try and uplift the standard of living for the people in Zambia. If I cannot do that, I will have failed.
Michael Sata
I think America is going to have to think through whether it wants to uplift the political dialogue or advance an approach that divides and, frankly, can lead to violence.
Jim Leach
Education and work are the levers to uplift a people.
W. E. B. Du Bois
I just feel to be confident in yourself is to surround yourself with positive people, people that uplift you and are only here for what you do and love what you do.
Skai Jackson
There’s nothing more special than talking in your community, and using your celebrity to uplift people and help them.
Doug E. Fresh
Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows?
Joel Osteen
I’m making music that I love and I want to hear. At the same time, things like making money, making crazy money – you gotta find ways to reach to everybody but uplift everybody.
We must use words to uplift and include. We can use our words to fight back against oppression and hate. But we must also channel our words into action.
Stacey Abrams
Three hours of focused time on the projects that will really add value and uplift your career are so much better than 10 hours where you are constantly being interrupted and taken off your focus.
Robin S. Sharma
Just as it is fire’s nature to burn, it is meditation’s nature to heal, to bring peace and uplift you beyond your worldly environment and transport you to a higher plane.
Alice Coltrane
One man’s uplift is another man’s sentimental hooey.
Josh Radnor
We all have a responsibility, and since I've been so wo

We all have a responsibility, and since I’ve been so wonderfully blessed, I really want to share and to make life at least a little better. So every chance I get to share the gospel or uplift people, I will take full advantage of that opportunity.
Gladys Knight
Our music is a get-up music. Get you up music, uplift your spirit. That’s what I’m trying to give you.
I remember a time when all my fans were crying and sad and going through hell. Now, we’re trying to uplift each other and accept ourselves for who we are, even if nobody else does.
Mary J. Blige
The reality is there’s a limit to how many people any country can bring in. And we as a country have a right to say we want to bring people based on their ability to contribute to our economy, to be safe, productive citizens, and to uplift the nation as a whole.
Stephen Miller
Yoga will uplift you if you are feeling sluggish or down, relax you if you feel high-strung, and soften your edges if you are feeling angry.
Mandy Ingber
A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
What’s interesting is with a lot of the work I do through my foundation, the ‘Manifest Your Destiny’ foundation, we really encourage people, and we attempt to empower, uplift and inspire people to live out their dreams, live out their destiny.
Hill Harper
Ted Kennedy’s inspiration will loom large over our politics for years to come, uplift us in the healthcare fight, and help to achieve his dream of liberty and justice for all.
Christine Pelosi
I wanted to use my fame and this face that everyone knows so well to help uplift and inspire people around the world.
Muhammad Ali