Top 40 Whimsical Quotes

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A TV touchstone for me is 'The Days and Nights of Molly

A TV touchstone for me is ‘The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.’ That series was whimsical and smart and had the mix of comedy and drama that I now trade in – but with a dash of magical realism. I wanted to be Molly Dodd, but more than that, I wanted to be Jay Tarses, who created the show.
Jenji Kohan
‘Cry Baby’ is like this fairytale version of me. A lot of it is based on real events, and some of it is made up to make it more whimsical.
Melanie Martinez
What I do for a living is whimsical and fun and ridiculous. I’m supposed to make people laugh. We all have that child in us. For many people, that child gets pushed into a corner. But if you want to be creative, that little kid can never go away.
Jeff Dunham
I wish the word whimsical wasn’t used now.
Roger McGough
I’m interested in non-fiction, but a form of it which is very badly behaved, which doesn’t define itself as straight-ahead journalism or memoir. It blurs boundaries, plays fast and loose with the truth – not to be silly, whimsical or lazy, but to get greater purchase on what it feels like to be alive.
David Shields
On my first album, I felt like, if it was going to be turned into a movie, it would have been directed by Sofia Coppola. She creates this kind of pastel-colored palette that’s very whimsical but also very stagnant. And that’s really how I heard the record.
Charli XCX
I like that ‘once upon a time’ quality, where the telling of a tale has an elevated sense of story. There’s a whimsical quality to it. Sometimes in fairy tales more things seem possible, even though often they’re real world based.
Erin Morgenstern
My daughter is a very adventurous eater. I’m not the guy who sits around lamenting that all my kid will eat it is Tater Tots and chicken nuggets. With my kid, it’s more a capricious and whimsical decision-making.
Adam Mansbach
I have an almost entirely written correspondence with a few friends of mine who are really busy. We exchange quite long and sometimes quite whimsical, sometimes quite meaningful, sometimes silly letters.
Sue Perkins
Snow is like a manic pixie dream girl: fun and whimsical when you encounter it only through the barrier of a movie screen – but absolute misery to have to put up with in real life.
Alexandra Petri
‘The Cauliflower’ is full of these bizarre anecdotes, some of them petty, others moving or whimsical, as its many characters try to make sense of the universe in which they live – a universe strange, febrile, and utterly unique.
Justin Cartwright
Even though my work is whimsical. I have a very serious job. I cry more than I laugh.
Richard Simmons
Kids love the ‘Mario Brothers’ games, which are whimsical, inventive and lots of fun.
David Sheff
I think my friends would say I’m pretty goal-focused but whimsical.
Jenny Slate
To people of my generation, the picture show was really another dimension – sensual, whimsical. No uniforms or collective rites, but a place where little boys like me could laugh and feel free.
Federico Fellini
Rarely in broadcasting history has so much been riding on the whimsical flick of a few thousand wrists.
Harriet Van Horne
For me it was really important to get the essence out of the music for the story and not, sort of, press the music into the service of the whimsical telling of it.
Graeme Murphy
The thing I really love about ‘Saturday Night Fever’ is that the movie is a gritty drama. Most people just remember the amazing, whimsical fantasy dance scenes, but then, when you watch it again, it’s raw.
Max Joseph
I’ve spent half my life on planes. I have a lot of love for New Zealand, though. That is where the really arty, whimsical side of the family resided – in Hobbitland.
Alice Englert
I come from theater, and doing period stuff is so whimsical and imaginative and so outside any frame of reference than I have ever had so I prefer that just in terms of fun factor.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I always try to have a fun nail. It’s something whimsical that you can pull off anytime.
Gracie Gold
Planning bores me. I like to go with the flow. Being whimsical is nice, occasionally. It keeps things fresh; there’s no expectation.
Vijay Sethupathi
The rugs that I picked out and the pillows with the little owls, sort of like whimsical throw pillows – I feel like you can never enough whimsical throw pillows in your house, in your life. My husband probably disagrees.
Busy Philipps
I’ve never been a fan of whimsical or confusing storytelling.
Paul Thomas Anderson
I love whimsical things and forests. I’m really into all that.
At 35, I’m definitely starting to feel more like a grown-up than I ever have. There’s nothing in my life that is childish or whimsical. Having fun is fantastic and I never want to lose a sense of that – and also, I think, you have to have that to put into your work or else it’s going to feel stiff.
Drew Barrymore
Even talking, I’m super-loud. I could never have that kind of meek, little wispy whimsical lavender and lace voice. It comes from my body. There’s no way I can fight it.
Beth Ditto
On inspection, Gaudi’s architecture isn’t whimsical at all.
P. J. O’Rourke
Mermaids are just the most whimsical, mystical creatures of all time.
Jazz Jennings
I’ve learned to respect the whimsical.
Michael Leunig
I like playful beats, xylophones, whimsical sounds of Bobby Johnson productions.
Lil Xan
I was the laziest person around. Suddenly, one day, I d

I was the laziest person around. Suddenly, one day, I decided to become an actor. Thank God for that whimsical decision: else, by now, I’d have been a 140-kilo, butter-chicken-bingeing hotelier.
I’m a street photographer, but I’m interested in any ironic, whimsical images, and there’s something very romantic about a circus.
Mary Ellen Mark
The position of an assistant director in Japan is a handyman who does everything if necessary. They must overcome the unreasonable demands of hard-hearted and whimsical directors, and staff with different personalities or habits.
Takashi Miike
The first books I remember having an impact on me when I was a kid were L. Frank Baum’s ‘Oz’ books, which were much stranger than the movie: at once rather whimsical and really dark.
Steve Erickson
As a kid, I loved the whimsical Superman and Batman stuff, and as a teenager, Marvel was more angsty, and that appealed to me. Marvel dealt with more stuff I could relate to as a teenager.
Jim Lee
I love Fredorator and what they produce and the storytelling of ‘Adventure Time’… There’s such a dark, adult underlying theme underneath the whimsical, magical children’s aspect of their storytelling element.
Michelle Phan
Brexit is a ceaseless grind of conversations about customs unions and backstops. Anything that can add an air of whimsical, childlike wonder to proceedings can only be a good thing.
Nish Kumar
I describe myself as a big kid with an old soul, I’m very playful whimsical, but I definitely have that old soul as well.
Where once Lego offered a whimsical form of escapism into the world of the subconscious, encouraging creativity and imagination, it’s transformed into a rigid ‘box ticking’ discipline where children are encouraged to build by conformity.
Ben Fogle