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Nationally, more than one million Asian American entrep

Nationally, more than one million Asian American entrepreneurs create jobs in their communities, helping fuel local commerce. In New York, we have seen firsthand how this community has helped drive our economy forward through hard work and ingenuity.
Nydia Velazquez
Many still believe that conducting political and economic reforms at the same time is not an Asian way. But this is a fairy-tale. We broke that old stereotype by reforming our political, economic and social systems concurrently since 1990.
Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
The focus of my research is how secular movements originated in West Asian countries and subsequently changed to pan-Islamic movements. The role of Western countries in this aspect is also a part of the research.
Taslima Nasrin
When I came on to ‘Iron Fist,’ it was really Colleen Wing that sold it for me. I thought it was a good opportunity to see a really strong female Asian American.
Jessica Henwick
I would love to see an Asian American superhero.
Jessica Henwick
As a boy, I found myself drawn to Arthurian legends, and then to Celtic mythology, and then further east into the mysticism of Asian religions.
Mark Frost
Having played in U.S.A. in 1994, in France in 1998, as well as the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan – the first on the Asian continent – I have witnessed the excitement and passion unleashed in those different parts of the world.
Gabriel Batistuta
To follow my meal, I’d drink a glass of my uncle’s homemade apricot schnapps. He puts it in beautiful glass bottles and sells it at his local market in Austria. You don’t normally drink with Asian food, so this would be a fitting end to the meal.
Rachel Khoo
There was always a struggle with being Asian and not being Asian enough. It’s going to be down to me to own my race.
Henry Golding
I learned that instead of relying on and imitating American music, there is a better chance for an Asian artist to succeed if he or she follows his or her own culture.
Once there are more African Americans and Asian Americans behind the scenes as producers, writers, and directors, I think more inclusive casting will happen.
Nicole Ari Parker
During my time, squash was not even part of Asian or Commonwealth Games. Considering the dominance of Jansher Khan and I in the ’80s and ’90s, it goes without saying that Pakistan would have bagged a plethora of medals through us at these games. And yes, the ultimate prize would have been an Olympic gold.
Jahangir Khan
I’m Asian. Anything Boba please.
Jeannie Mai
If you are brown, black, Asian, or anything other than an English-speaking, highly-trained technician, the Republican Party doesn’t want you here.
Luis Gutierrez
I’ve grown up with racism my entire life. I’ve been bullied, sent to the hospital, beat up, I’ve been called a Chink and a Gook. Every single racial slur an Asian person can be called, I’ve been called it.
Arden Cho
I’m one of not even a handful of British Asian popstars who are maninstream. Of course I was always tagged as British Asian singer Jay Sean as opposed to pop R’n’B singer Jay Sean.
Jay Sean
My new mission is, and I’ve said this to the White House, I want the Buy America to be real. I want the Buy America to be by small businesses, African American businesses, Latino and Asian, but in particular our African American businesses who heretofore couldn’t even find the front door of government contracts.
Sheila Jackson Lee
I am ambitious, and I’m excited for my career to grow, and I do want to represent the Asian community and the Filipino community.
Vincent Rodriguez III
It was quite strange that people were saying I wasn’t Asian enough. It’s like, ‘Oh, you’re not Asian enough to play an Asian role.’ So what does that mean for people who come from mixed heritage? I grew up in Asia; I’m Malaysian.
Henry Golding
People don’t think that bread is part of Asian culture or Asian food culture, but it’s quite prevalent in Northern China, and you see it throughout Japan and as you go to Taiwan.
David Chang
Admittedly, no Republican can get elected statewide in California anymore, but nor can what we think of as, nationally, the Democratic Party. There are no Joe Bidens running; it is not working-class Democrats vs. liberal Democrats, or whatever their division is these days. It is Hispanic Democrats vs. Asian Democrats.
Ann Coulter
OK, it was black, it was below grade, I was female, Asian American, young, too young to have served. Yet I think none of the opposition in that sense hurt me.
Maya Lin
Thailand was never a European colony, so even though the city is very Western on the surface, deep down it’s very Asian. It’s quite enigmatic, and I like that. I can’t get to the bottom of Bangkok, and I never will.
Lawrence Osborne
Being an Asian person on SNL,’ when people are like, ‘Why did it take so long?’ It’s sort of a question that doesn’t fully understand the idea that there is no developmental experiential process for a queer Asian person to get into comedy in a way that feels inevitable.
Bowen Yang
In British TV, if there is an Asian character, there usually has to be a reason for them to be Asian, whereas in America, you have a lot more roles where the person just happens to be Asian.
Jessica Henwick
For once in my life, I wanted to flaunt my Asian side instead of hiding it to fit as somebody else… ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ made me want to get in touch with my roots, instead of running away from them.
Jimmy O. Yang
I’ve always been very passionate about trying to have Asian-Americans or Asian faces be more prominent in mainstream media.
Eric Nam
A lot of Asian girls love being basic because it’s safe. But the thing is, a lot of my fans are those girls, and they want to be bolder, but there’s no one they could look up to and be like, ‘It’s OK to be that way.’
We cannot say that Asian Champions Trophy is that easy a contest.
P. R. Sreejesh
In this context, the current recovery in the Japanese economy is taking place in tandem with the growing interdependence with the rest of the world, particularly with the other East Asian economies.
Toshihiko Fukui
Not only do I not want to be stereotyped as this Asian girl who fights – gee, what a wonder – but also I have more to offer than that.
Maggie Q
I'm half white, half Asian. I think of myself as hybrid

I’m half white, half Asian. I think of myself as hybrid. People usually think I’m Latina when they meet me. That’s what made me learn Spanish.
Maya Soetoro-Ng
I saw an opportunity to use a restaurant to identify a lot of my issues and concerns with being an immigrant in America, and Asian in America, and a young person in America.
Eddie Huang
I feel like it’s a bit of a misconception that all actors have to be expert martial artists if they’re Asian.
Simu Liu
I’ve read some amazingly derogatory things about me over the years and I’ve sat there and thought: if you replaced ‘ginger’ with ‘black’ or even ‘Asian,’ you’d be up in front of a judge.
Mick Hucknall
Make your plate colorful. A lot of Asian countries make it a point of having five colors present on every dish, which leads to eating nutrient-rich foods.
Harley Pasternak
I am very honored to be named Asian Player of the Year.
Ali Daei
Definitive statements get people riled up, which is why I usually moonwalk away from them, but here goes nothing: You cant eat a South Asian meal without raita. Raita is the savory yogurt condiment thats served alongside everything – from Pakistani lamb biryani to Bengali shami kebabs and South Indian okra stir-fry.
Sohla El-Waylly
I’ve been lucky to come up when there’s such a huge explosion of women, and especially Asian women, in music.
Michelle Zauner
I don’t want to be boxed in or looked at a certain way, as in, ‘Yo, he’s an Asian rapper.’
Rich Brian
I remember winning the Asian Cup in 2004 in China, coming through so much adversity including a final against the hosts. We won 3-1 and it was a wonderful competition, which we won by playing great football.
Everyone looks me and says, ‘I’m not going to let that Asian kid embarrass me. I’m going to go at him.’ That’s how it’s been my whole life.
Jeremy Lin
The first initial feeling, at least for me, was to go out and play well and hopefully win and have the Asian community be even more proud.
Michael Chang
The Asian woman in Hollywood movies has usually been one of two extremes – totally submissive or totally ruthless. In either case her primary function has been decorative.
Tamlyn Tomita
Wong Kar-wai and Ang Lee are two Asian directors I’m really fond of.
Bai Ling
Whatever ethnicity you are, yes, absolutely you have to be proud of who you are man. I am really really proud to be Asian, I got to say.
Jimmy O. Yang
Years ago, there was one Asian person in a soap and the entire Asian acting community was going for that role. Now, you can find a few different Asian people, and their character isn’t entirely based on their religion or culture: they just happen to be in a soap.
Mandip Gill
I believe Indian hockey itself is going through a major phase of transformation. We set our sight on winning the gold medal at the Asian Games. We have achieved that.
P. R. Sreejesh
We have many different kinds of global centers like the global business center or the special center for Mongolian and Central Asian residents in Seoul.
Park Won-soon
South-east Asian salads are a great balance of salty, sweet-sour and spicy. Its important to have both pork and seafood, but you can vary the seafood from prawns and squid to crab meat or even small pieces of firm fish such as monkfish, John Dory or gurnard.
Rick Stein
My wife and I were worried, when we had our firstborn, about how he was going to think of himself in a mostly white neighborhood. Particularly Asian men, I feel, we suffer more than Asian women, because we’re told we’re not worth anything in general.
John Cho
I’d heard a lot of Asian people were rooting for me, but I had no idea. I was stunned. They were… impassioned, especially compared to Japan. I couldn’t even have anticipated that kind of welcome.
Ayumi Hamasaki