Top 434 Soccer Quotes

Soccer Quotes: Inspiring the Passion and Dedication for the Beautiful Game

Soccer, also known as football, is a sport that captivates hearts and ignites a fervent passion around the world. It is a game of skill, teamwork, and unyielding determination. These quotes encapsulate the essence of soccer, celebrating its beauty, excitement, and the values it instills in players and fans alike.

The Thrill of the Game

Soccer is a thrilling and dynamic sport that keeps us on the edge of our seats. These quotes capture the excitement, intensity, and adrenaline rush experienced both on the field and in the stands. They remind us of the joy and exhilaration that comes with every goal scored, every save made, and every skill displayed. These quotes serve as a tribute to the heart-pounding moments that make soccer an unforgettable experience.

The Power of Teamwork

Soccer is a game that emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and unity. These quotes highlight the importance of working together, trusting your teammates, and leveraging each other’s strengths. They remind us that success in soccer, as in life, is often achieved through collective effort, selflessness, and a shared goal. These quotes inspire us to embrace the power of teamwork and value the contributions of every individual on and off the field.

Perseverance and Dedication

Soccer is a sport that demands perseverance, discipline, and unwavering dedication. These quotes speak to the resilience and determination required to succeed in the game. They encourage players to never give up, to push through challenges, and to always strive for improvement. These quotes remind us that the journey in soccer, like in life, is filled with obstacles, but it is the unwavering commitment and persistence that lead to greatness.

The Beauty of the Beautiful Game

Soccer is often referred to as the “beautiful game” for its artistry, grace, and elegance. These quotes capture the beauty and poetry of soccer, celebrating its aesthetic appeal and the emotions it evokes. They remind us of the artistry in dribbling, the precision in passing, and the sheer joy of witnessing the game played with finesse. These quotes inspire us to appreciate the beauty of soccer, both in its technical brilliance and the emotions it stirs within us.

I have a lot of guy friends, from martial arts and film

I have a lot of guy friends, from martial arts and film, and soccer. I actually barely know women.
Lexi Alexander
When I got injured, I think I was starting to sense that there was more to the world than just sports. This dream of playing professional soccer probably wasn’t the best track for me.
Eric Swalwell
At nineteen I was pretty sure I was going to be a professional soccer player. At that time I played for one of the Norwegian premier leagues. But I tore ligaments in both knees, so I started studying business administration and economics and became a financial analyst, and I worked at a brokerage firm as a stockbroker.
Jo Nesbo
I think a lot of people thought women’s soccer had arrived and it was here to stay and it was going to be huge, but that wasn’t realistic. It has progressed slowly.
Christine Sinclair
The only thing I could be better at is to be around more. Other than that, I’m a great dad. I come to the soccer games and teach her stuff, go over her homework with her every night; we stay on the phone. I try to be as good as a dad as I can be.
Ty Dolla Sign
In the past, I had my idols but today I enjoy learning from all the soccer I watch.
Andres Iniesta
I wasn’t good enough to be a professional soccer player obviously but that was my first goal in life.
Sean Durkin
Liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive anthrax in the mail as to develop a capacity for linear thinking.
Ann Coulter
I loved playing every sport. Soccer, water polo, horses. Whatever. I just loved it – especially competing against my brothers.
Nikola Jokic
From their castle in Zurich, the owners of soccer do not propose, they impose. That’s their way.
Eduardo Galeano
My daughter loves horses. My other daughter loves soccer.
Kyle Chandler
One reason outfielders don’t have stronger arms might be they don’t practice as much as we did. Most teams today don’t take outfield practice. Another reason is baseball has to compete with other sports now – basketball, football, soccer – for the better athletes that might have more skills and stronger arms.
Al Kaline
Soccer is one of those sports that pulls in a universal audience in terms of demographics.
Tanc Sade
Germany is where I had to become a true professional. They play in big games when they are young. We could model some of our soccer system after what they do.
Ali Krieger
Fitness has always been one of the top priorities in my life because that’s the way I grew up, with soccer being the sport of choice.
Ziggy Marley
I have really been disillusioned with soccer in England.
George Best
Colombia, Philippines, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, these are all powerhouse countries in pageants, and have very aggressive fans, this is like soccer to many in these countries.
Shanna Moakler
I can be a tennis player, a golf player, and even a soccer player.
Deontay Wilder
Stanford’s an amazing, amazing school. It was an extraordinary soccer program.
Christen Press
I think soccer is more respected now than it ever has been. You can see that in the numbers of young kids who are playing and the numbers of people who are coming to watch.
Brandi Chastain
I grew up in Europe, and soccer was the first organized game I played. When we moved back to the U.S. in the middle of 4th grade, I switched to American football and stopped playing competitively until college, when I played intramurals.
Andrew Luck
I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and I started to love soccer the most around 7-8 years old because it was a physical game. I could use my speed and strength to my advantage.
Alex Morgan
I love sports – I am a die-hard fan of soccer, and I am always at Maracana Stadium in Rio watching Flamengo play. I am also a big fan of basketball; I stay up at night to watch Lebron James play whenever I can.
Jose Aldo
I have a 16 year-old son, so I’m now a soccer mom. I stand on the sidelines and I hear the things parents are saying, so I want them to understand what it is their kids are feeling in any sports environment.
Brandi Chastain
American football seems to resemble soccer in that one scores by putting the ball through the opponent’s goal; but football, truly is about land. The Settlers want to move the line of scrimmage Westward, the Native Americans want to move it East.
David Mamet
Soccer runs in my blood.
Rey Mysterio
You got me: I do Pilates. I love Pilates because we do very specific training in soccer for the same six or seven muscles, but we neglect so many other muscles. So when I do Pilates, it helps get all the rest of the muscles in shape and gets them working together.
Landon Donovan
Of course I wanted an agent from the time I was like 5, but my mother was like, ‘No, you’re going to be normal, you’re going to go to school, you’re going to get good grades, you’re going to play soccer, and if you do well, if you keep your grades up, you can do one community-theater show a year.’
Laura Benanti
After high school, I earned a scholarship to play Division I soccer at a small school in North Carolina, but I didn’t get much playing time, which forced me to determine who I was beyond the field, something I had previously never had to do.
Clint Smith
Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of being paid like NBA, NFL and soccer and baseball athletes. They have that cushion where they can kind of hang out. Even the guys on the bench. But for us, we don’t fight, we don’t get paid and that’s the scary reality to it all.
Aljamain Sterling
My teammates and I are best known for our penalty kick victory against China to win the 1999 Women’s World Cup. But a lot of people don’t realize that when we were first playing soccer on the Women’s National Team, the Women’s World Cup didn’t exist. In fact, Women’s Soccer wasn’t even in the Olympics.
Julie Foudy
When it was soccer time, it was soccer time.

When it was soccer time, it was soccer time.
Sammi Giancola
The World Cup experience is more than just the game of soccer. It’s an event. And it will fly by faster than you think. It will end and you’ll be saying, ‘Wow, it’s over already?’ You have to remember to take it all in and enjoy it.
Cobi Jones
We started a new movement called street soccer, so I was already breathing and living the style. Since street soccer is not a game but a lifestyle, it required a matching wardrobe.
Edgar Davids
Basically my whole life revolves around soccer. I don’t take many vacations. Everything just gets put on the back burner because of my training. I miss out on a lot of weddings and family functions. But at the end of the day, I’m sitting here as a world champion, and it feels pretty good.
Carli Lloyd
For the average person walking down the street, they don’t even know a women’s soccer league exists in this country.
Julie Foudy
I played all kinds of sports when I was young: tennis, handball, basketball, some soccer. I focused on basketball when I was 16 or 17 and then came to the U.S. when I was 20.
Dirk Nowitzki
I used to wrestle when I was younger. It was soccer, wrestling, rugby league and now MMA.
Alexander Volkanovski
When I came from Europe, I was told that Americans don’t care about soccer and this and that. But the way people cared was beyond my wildest expectations. You can’t manufacture that.
Freddie Ljungberg
Quite frankly, I can’t get enough of soccer. I tell my jingoistic friends in the United States there’s a reason why it is the world’s No. 1 sport. The rest of the planet can’t be wrong.
Billy Beane
I would love being the soccer mom.
Jamie Lynn Spears
I played varsity soccer at Yale and continued playing at Cambridge.
Sarah Parcak
Soccer isn’t very social. Plus, if you don’t like someone on the other team, you can do something about it.
Mia Hamm
Jon Stewart says that he was a little kid with a big head. He had very little athletic ability. He went out to the soccer field, and it was awful.
Brian Kilmeade