Top 44 Endeavour Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Endeavour Quotes from famous people such as Martin Scorsese, Shaun Evans, Nicolaus Copernicus, Rachel Shelley, John Chrysostom, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Part of making any endeavour is that each one has its o

Part of making any endeavour is that each one has its own special problems. It’s the nature of the process.
Martin Scorsese
If I can be dead honest with you, when I first see the script for a new episode of ‘Endeavour,’ if anything jars, I say, ‘What’s this? Has it got a place in our story?’ And if it hasn’t, it has to go.
Shaun Evans
I am aware that a philosopher’s ideas are not subject to the judgment of ordinary persons, because it is his endeavour to seek the truth in all things, to the extent permitted to human reason by God.
Nicolaus Copernicus
I endeavour to read more, be more informed on gay rights. Whatever floats your boat is my outlook. It’s hard enough to be happy without having legislation against you, too.
Rachel Shelley
The divine law indeed has excluded women from this ministry, but they endeavour to thrust themselves into it; and since they can effect nothing of themselves, they do all through the agency of others.
John Chrysostom
Among peoples who are geographically grouped together like the peoples of Europe there must exist a sort of federal link. It is this link which I wish to endeavour to establish.
Aristide Briand
All business is capitalistic. You require capital for any sort of business endeavour.
P. J. O’Rourke
All art is dependent on technology because it’s a human endeavour, so even when you’re using charcoal on a wall or designed the proscenium arch, that’s technology.
George Lucas
Any film, or to me any creative endeavour, no matter who you’re working with, is, in many cases, a wonderful experience.
Martin Scorsese
Man’s endeavour to cross even the most difficult terrain with railway lines has produced some of the most stunning marvels of engineering of the modern age.
Prashant Bhushan
I am overwhelmed to be a mentor of Kolkata Endeavour Society to encourage and support the initiatives towards helping the people who are in need and thus, do our utmost bit to save humanity.
Rituparna Sengupta
For a scientist, it is a unique experience to live through a period in which his field of endeavour comes to bloom – to be witness to those rare moments when the dawn of understanding finally descends upon what appeared to be confusion only a while ago – to listen to the sound of darkness crumbling.
George Emil Palade
I always think that the ability to fight and defend oneself is a skill that every man should have but endeavour never to use, you know?
Charlie Hunnam
In all unmerciful actions, the worst of men pay this compliment at least to humanity, as to endeavour to wear as much of the appearance of it, as the case will well let them.
Laurence Sterne
I believe there is a relationship between having an interest in the arts and the behaviour of society as a whole. Some politicians find it difficult that the arts is a weapon of happiness… Politics is often about deprivation rather than the opening up of ideas and nourishing creative endeavour.
Richard Eyre
Virtue she finds too painful an endeavour, content to dwell in decencies for ever.
Alexander Pope
I don’t get mobbed in the street or bothered. Well, people do stop and say nice things. ‘I like ‘Endeavour,’ or, ‘I loved The Thick of It.’
Roger Allam
Everyone brings their top game to Endeavour. We’re very lucky. I’m glad people love it because that’s our intention.
Shaun Evans
A man and a woman may become quite intimate in a quarter of an hour. Almost certainly will they endeavour to explain themselves to each other before many minutes have elapsed; but a man and a man will not do this, and even less so will a woman and a woman, for these are parallel lines which will never meet.
James Stephens
With all due respect, I have a job to do, and that is to try and make ‘Endeavour’ the best it can be.
Shaun Evans
It seems as if an age of genius must be succeeded by an age of endeavour; riot and extravagance by cleanliness and hard work.
Virginia Woolf
I know it is a somewhat delicate matter to refuse a gift, but in this case the statue is so atrocious that every endeavour should be made to keep it out of the church.
Giles Gilbert Scott
You don’t go into space just for the science. Economically, it is not worth it. I think the reason we should be in space is for the exploration; it’s the human endeavour.
Helen Sharman
Schools don’t really allow failure and yet it’s a valid part of any endeavour, not just writing.
Roddy Doyle
I run around so much that I finally reasoned that composing is the one musical endeavour which you can do anywhere, anytime.
Andre Previn
I think for most people it’s hard to understand what it is about swimming – I mean it’s such a solo endeavour.
Stephanie Rice
The true basis of morality is utility; that is, the adaptation of our actions to the promotion of the general welfare and happiness; the endeavour so to rule our lives that we may serve and bless mankind.
Annie Besant
Novelists are stamina merchants, grinders, nine-to-fivers, and their career curves follow the usual arc of human endeavour.
Martin Amis
I shall endeavour still further to prosecute this inquiry, an inquiry I trust not merely speculative, but of sufficient moment to inspire the pleasing hope of its becoming essentially beneficial to mankind.
Edward Jenner
There is something mysteriously powerful that can happen when young, inchoate minds come into contact with older and more worldly ones in a spirit of intellectual and creative endeavour – if I believed in progress, I suppose that’s what I’d call it.
Will Self
Team sports is the best for bonding. These sports lessons are also true for startups. You want to be at the top of every endeavour, but you win some and you lose some. As a team, however, you always pump each other up and move forward.
Naveen Tewari
I look upon it as a Point of Morality, to be obliged by

I look upon it as a Point of Morality, to be obliged by those who endeavour to oblige me.
Richard Steele
I’m just tickled pink that I’ll be on Endeavour’s last flight.
Gregory H. Johnson
This is a Solo Flight, but I want aviation enthusiasts and adventurers everywhere to join me in the endeavour.
Steve Fossett
I will always endeavour to bring out the best films.
Vijay Antony
If any among you covet riches, let him endeavour to overcome, for the victorious not only preserve their own possessions but acquire those of the enemy.
Action is always seen as the bottom rung of thespian endeavour, that’s just the way it is.
Sylvester Stallone
Everything has to keep moving forward in ‘Endeavour.’ Otherwise, it will stagnate.
Shaun Evans
Endeavour to be faithful, and if there is any beauty in your thought, your style will be beautiful; if there is any real emotion to express, the expression will be moving.
George Henry Lewes
The life of Dumas is not only a monument of endeavour and success, it is a sort of labyrinth as well. It abounds in pseudonyms and disguises, in sudden and unexpected appearances and retreats as unexpected and sudden, in scandals and in rumours, in mysteries and traps and ambuscades of every kind.
William Ernest Henley
Generally, it is human endeavour to have young people lead, and you see that in public life in the U.S. and everywhere.
Salman Khurshid
Riding a bicycle is the summit of human endeavour – an almost neutral environmental effect coupled with the ability to travel substantial distances without disturbing anybody. The bike is the perfect marriage of technology and human energy.
Jeremy Corbyn
We ought as much as we can to endeavour the Perfecting of our Beings, and that we be as happy as possibly we may.
Mary Astell
I want people of my generation who’ve never seen ‘Endeavour’ before to enjoy this series.
Shaun Evans