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I think there are periods in this country when behavior

I think there are periods in this country when behavior is abhorrent: McCarthy, Watergate, Bill Clinton. It’s just a question of how the checks and balances in the American system work and how leaders stand up to it or don’t stand up to it.
Jake Tapper
In crime fiction, I cut my teeth on early Robert Parker, Elmore Leonard, John D. MacDonald, and Alan Furst. I always loved the writing of Hemingway and Faulkner. Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Border Trilogy’ has been a huge influence; I think I read those novels four times.
Nick Petrie
Joe McCarthy and his Senate hearings were like witch-hunts.
Desi Arnaz
We vainly fancy ourselves above the ugly informing and paranoia of the right-wing McCarthy era, but in the 21st century, the Left has fashioned a mirror image.
Lionel Shriver
I’m not Cormac McCarthy, but I can get my point across in a thousand words.
Duff McKagan
I got my first show at Blum & Poe because Paul McCarthy postponed his show, and they came to my studio and asked me if I could put together a show in two weeks.
Mark Grotjahn
The kind of stuff I usually read is a bit more on the literary side, like books that I think are influential in the sense that they’re doing pulpy subject matter in a refined way. Like ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy; I loved that book.
Isaac Marion
John Ashcroft is not a patriot, John Ashcroft is a descendant of Joseph McCarthy.
Howard Dean
In doing the screenplay for ‘Good Night, and Good Luck,’ the most important thing for me was to constantly go back to wherever the opposition would argue. So I had to keep reading all the books and articles about why McCarthy is such a good guy.
George Clooney
No one has a name in ‘The Road.’ Like Cormac McCarthy’s novel from which it’s adapted, ‘The Road’ features characters such as the man, the boy, the wife, the old man and the veteran.
Garret Dillahunt
I’m a big John Steinbeck fan. Cormac McCarthy. I’ve always loved the stories of regular people. Mark Twain, too. When you look back at some of the epic writers of our country’s history, very rarely do you find upper-class royalty. We seem to delve into the struggle of life and the labor of life much more frequently.
Lucas Neff
The one that I’ve always wanted – and I have Scott Rudin in my way blocking it – is ‘Blood Meridian,’ which Cormac McCarthy has offered to adapt into a screenplay.
John Hillcoat
I don’t know if you can ever steal a scene from Louis C.K. or Melissa McCarthy. I think that’s kind of impossible.
Sarah Baker
‘Tammy,’ the new movie starring, produced, and co-written by Melissa McCarthy, could be an artifact from some alternate universe: the creatures there resemble Earthlings but have an entirely different and debased idea of what’s funny.
Richard Corliss
One more recent novelist to come along is Cormac McCarthy. Him, I like.
Leslie Fiedler
The witch-hunting McCarthy era found Hollywood’s view of the press growing bleaker along with the decade’s view of everything else.
Steve Erickson
I believed in realism, as summarized by John McCarthy’s comment to the effect that if we worked really hard, we’d have an intelligent system in from four to four hundred years.
Marvin Minsky
American populist politics has a long tradition, from Andrew Jackson to Huey Long to Joseph McCarthy. But the politician Trump is most like could be George Wallace.
Joy Reid
I’ve written a lot of books in my time, and to write a book about Joe McCarthy and have some of the major media paying attention, I’m not used to that.
M. Stanton Evans
Of the modern critics, although I disagree with almost everything she says, I admire Mary McCarthy’s eloquence and social observation in ‘Sights and Spectacles’; she thinks in print, but she doesn’t have a real feel for the stage.
John Lahr
All of these charges by McCarthy were a way of getting the Democrats out of power. The Democrats had controlled the government for 20 years, and the New Deal had helped a lot of people. So Republicans turned instead to saying that the Democrats were soft on communism, which was ridiculous.
David Oshinsky
If you’re lucky enough to have a position where people listen to you, you should say stuff you believe in – but not if you’re Jenny McCarthy. Then you should shut up. But if you’re right, like Amy Poehler, then speak up.
Megan Amram
I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor, Whip McCarthy and the entire republican conference as we repeal Obamacare, fight rampant job killing regulations, cut spending and help put folks back to work.
Fred Upton
The McCarthy boys, at the proper moment, gave orders to fire upon the advancing enemy.
Buffalo Bill
Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society launched an anti-Communist crusade that won the support of millions of Americans in the 1950s.
Robert Dallek
We loved the language in Cormac McCarthy’s ‘No Country,’ which is really about the region, while in ‘True Grit’ it’s more about period: people did speak more formally and floridly.
Ethan Coen
The use of torture on suspected terrorists after Sept. 11 has already earned a place in American history’s hall of shame, alongside the Alien and Sedition Acts, Japanese internment during World War II, and the excesses of the McCarthy era.
Jacob Weisberg
McCarthy’s prose in ‘Blood Meridian’ comes blazing from the Book of Revelation.
Clive Sinclair
Administrator McCarthy committed perjury and made several false statements at multiple congressional hearings and as a result, is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors – an impeachable offense.
Paul Gosar
American history has always had elements of what we now think of as Trumpism – Joe McCarthy, George Wallace, Father Coughlin. It’s not as if these things haven’t always existed, and they were powerful. The big difference is Trump is president.
Bill Kristol
Melissa McCarthy makes everything better.
Jedediah Bila
Cormac McCarthy's language is perfect. He is in my view

Cormac McCarthy’s language is perfect. He is in my view the greatest living American prose stylist.
Tommy Lee Jones
I had a great career in Australia, so it was a hard decision to move to America. But in 2010, I was asked to audition for the part Melissa McCarthy ended up playing in ‘Bridesmaids.’
Rebel Wilson
I don’t read ‘genre’ fiction if that means novels with lots of killing and shooting. Even Cormac McCarthy’s ‘No Country for Old Men’ seemed pretty childish in that regard.
Geoff Dyer
A man has to be Joe McCarthy to be called ruthless. All a woman has to do is put you on hold.
Marlo Thomas
I’ll read anything Anne Carson writes, anything J. M. Coetzee writes, and anything Cormac McCarthy writes. I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to read a new Mary Ruefle essay.
Anthony Doerr
There was a very serious communist strain among American intellectuals before the war. America was a more tolerant place in those days, and Communists were not treated as pariahs. That ended with the McCarthy era.
Ken Follett
Melissa McCarthy – she’s so funny, and she keeps bringing it.
Liza Koshy
It evolved from my experience in the fifties, growing up during the McCarthy era, and hearing a lot of assumptions that America was wonderful and Communism was terrible.
Warren Farrell
I was pulled out of school for every moratorium day and every rally for a left-wing candidate… from Ed Koch in his heyday to Eugene McCarthy. That’s the culture that I came from.
Chris Meledandri
I have a lot of respect with Mike McCarthy and for what he’s done.
John Dorsey
McCarthy had ten years in the House of Representatives, only two terms as a senator. What did he pass? Are there any bills or any piece of legislation that he’s identified with? Not at all.
Robert Dallek
Jeanie McCarthy is the love of my life. She’s the only woman who really understands me, my music, and my heart. It took me a long time to find my soul mate, but thank God I found her before I moved to the other side of time.
Jimmy Scott
Jenny McCarthy has used her celebrity and sex appeal to attract attention to autism. And while no one questions McCarthy’s determination and passion, many scientists have debunked her anti-vaccine message and her claims that a gluten-free diet can provide a cure.
Nell Scovell