Top 44 Paranoia Quotes

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In A-ball, you're either going to move up, or you're go

In A-ball, you’re either going to move up, or you’re going to get released. That kind of paranoia played a lot into the players’ mentality leading up to the events of ‘Eight Men Out.’
D. B. Sweeney
Pol Pot carried out through the years enormous purges against his own followers because of his paranoia.
Sydney Schanberg
Ultimately, if you look at all my films from ‘Bloody Sunday’ on, they’re steeped in a post-9/11 atmosphere. ‘United 93’ is directly about 9/11, of course, but every one of the movies deals with paranoia, mistrust, and fear.
Paul Greengrass
I have a theory that you can tell what the head of a company is like by the people who work there. I knew a publishing house that was run on fear and paranoia, and I felt sorry for everyone who worked there. Needless to say, the person at the helm was not known for kindness, warmth, or grace.
Jane Green
‘Pi’ was one of my favorite films growing up because I thought it employed paranoia and voice-over, and also because it used this unreliable narrator in a very fascinating way.
Sam Esmail
I have an advanced degree in procrastination and another one in paranoia.
Joanne Harris
We vainly fancy ourselves above the ugly informing and paranoia of the right-wing McCarthy era, but in the 21st century, the Left has fashioned a mirror image.
Lionel Shriver
I think there’s a certain paranoia about science because there is a certain risk related to science which people are very wary about, and therefore, there is an inherent risk aversion to science and technology or, at least, science and technology of unknown.
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
The ’50s and the ’70s are sort of similar in that they’re both times of major paranoia in America.
Noah Hawley
I learned how but I have a terrible paranoia and fear. I do not drive an automobile.
Nikki Cox
People are tough. We’re evolved for less food; more exercise; less sleep; less security; more paranoia. The irony is that we’re so good at what we do. We strive for more food; less exercise; more sleep; more security; less paranoia – and we’ve succeeded.
Jeff Carlson
There’s a deep-seated paranoia that Americans have about not being Americans or something.
Billy Joel
My well-discussed ‘paranoia’ urges me to believe that some tiny segment of the NSA’s parsing algorithm is finely tuned to my voice.
John McAfee
African Americans have always known that a little bit of paranoia was healthy for us.
Cynthia McKinney
Environmentalists should like fracking for its relative cleanliness. But they don’t. They have made a bugaboo out of the chemicals in fracking fluids, which supposedly can leach into groundwater sources. I’m convinced they’re dead wrong. Ultimately, good technology with a cost advantage will win out over paranoia.
Kenneth Fisher
America is in a state of somnolence. It’s an avoidance of paranoia through ignoring reality.
John McAfee
My own reaction from a distance is that Pol Pot’s demise as the leader of the Khmer Rouge was inevitable, and that his own paranoia did him in as much as anything else.
Sydney Schanberg
Paranoia’s the garlic in life’s kitchen, right: you can never have too much.
Thomas Pynchon
Recently, a friend sent me the online musings of a televangelist who advised his thousands of followers that the Federal Reserve achieved satanic ends by manipulating the world’s money supply. Paranoia has replaced piety.
J. D. Vance
Really great entrepreneurs have this very special mix of unstoppable optimism and scathing paranoia.
Astro Teller
Paranoia can be such a powerful hallucinogen if you’re not careful – but it’s great to kind of recognize it as that.
Cedric Bixler-Zavala
In an era of parental paranoia, lawsuit mania and testing frenzy, we are failing to inspire our children’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination. We are denying them opportunities to tinker, discover, and explore – in short, to play.
Darell Hammond
I think paranoia can be instructive in the right doses. Paranoia is a skill.
John Shirley
Among the Internet’s many gains for humanity, decreasing paranoia has not been one of them. Anything from that lump under your armpit to what’s lurking in the sea – just type it into a search engine and watch your nerves explode.
John Niven
Paranoia is an illness I contracted in institutions. It is not the reason for my sentences to reform school and prison. It is the effect, not the cause.
Jack Henry Abbott
Anyone with the right mix of parental paranoia and entrepreneurial moxie can make a fortune by selling parents the equipment we think will keep us one step ahead of our kids.
Nancy Gibbs
No matter how happy and peaceful you can be at a certain time, you always have this – at least, I do – paranoia or catastrophic thought that even now that I have all this peace and quiet, what’s the next challenge? What’s coming next? On a very human level, I think most people can identify with that.
Salim Akil