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I used a '57 Les Paul on one track, 'These Walls', whic

I used a ’57 Les Paul on one track, ‘These Walls’, which features Alam Khan on sarod. I tuned it way down because the sarode is naturally in C but I tuned the guitar down to D and he came up to D. It was all a pretty simple setup.
Derek Trucks
Then when I was writing alone, I’d just be in my bedroom in London and I had a little studio setup. I was like, You know what, if no one’s gonna produce my music, I’m gonna have to learn how to do it myself.
Nina Nesbitt
I’m not much for setup… punch line. I talk about my kids. I talk about my wife.
Al Madrigal
Also, if you watch the film once, there are lots of things that you won’t get because there are punch lines in the first act, the setup to which isn’t until the second act.
Simon Pegg
I like the sounds of EDM; the guys create new sounds, beautiful sounds. The melodies, it’s a little less. I like the kind of melodies I did with Donna Summer, or ‘Flashdance,’ where you have a verse, a chorus – a song setup.
Giorgio Moroder
I do have a little setup at home. I use Pro Tools and a Neumann mic. Neumann’s are my favorite.
We were proud of our first two records, but the parameters were pretty narrow. We didn’t have full drums, for example. There were just so many limitations to that setup, and we really fully explored them.
Ted Dwane
I binge write, basically. I do a lot of prep, research, setup. I’ll have a pretty detailed outline. Sort of like a beat outline. And then I’ll add little notes and dialogue ideas, and I’ll just create a 20-page document.
Cary Fukunaga
Sometimes the challenge of beating the jet lag and getting a decent sleep can be as hard to solve as finding the right setup for the car!
Romain Grosjean
I like the rhythm of comedy in dramas, if that makes sense. In other words, I don’t want to write setup, punch, setup, punch, where the joke dictates the scene; I want to find comedy in which the drama is actually driving the moment in the scene.
Rob Thomas
All of the Vines that were acted & setup & had nice cameras, those weren’t the good Vines. The good Vines were, like, a random little kid in the middle of a forest, like, yelling.
Billie Eilish
In a traditional Japanese or Chinese garden, it’s not only about the building or temple but about the whole setup – the structure, the landscape, the light, the plants, the water. The whole experience that makes your life there so beautiful.
Ma Yansong
My parents took me to Sam Ash, and I got a pretty cheap setup – a MIDI keyboard and one of those cheaper mixers – but it was dope, though; it was something. That was kind of how it was: just going to school, skating back home, making music, telling my parents I did my homework.
As a PC gaming enthusiast, a significant chunk of my time and money was spent building and upgrading my rig, always in pursuit of a better gaming experience. At some point, I decided to take a look past my three 3D monitors and figure out what the absolute best theoretical gaming setup would be.
Palmer Luckey
I grew up Catholic, so I have these defenses about listening to anything with too much religiosity; some of the lyrics didn’t sit well in my mouth. One of my beefs is the patriarchal setup. Having the ‘he, he, he, God, God, God, king, king, king’ stuff was hard for me.
Patty Griffin
I used Malta as a location to shoot a lot of my action sequences, and that’s because we don’t have the kind of setup that Malta Film Studios does. They have a world-class facility.
Vijay Krishna Acharya
I saw ‘Captain America’ in 3D. It’s cool. I liked the beginning. It’s a really good setup.
Theo James
It’s a privilege and an honour to be a part of the Indian team setup.
Ravi Shastri
To Sun-tzu and the ancient Chinese, doing something extraordinary had little effect without a setup of something ordinary. You had to mix the two – to fix your opponent’s expectations with some banal, ordinary maneuver, a comfortable pattern that they would then expect you to follow.
Robert Greene
Every product demands a certain budget and with the kind of setup that we have brought together for ‘Housefull 2,’ there has to be certain expenditure involved.
Sajid Nadiadwala
My guitar setup is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Jack Garratt
If you have more downforce, everything becomes much easier. Drivers drive better, engineers they have more room for setup, the tyres are working better because you switch them on earlier and you have less degradation.
Robert Kubica
We believe that when there is a democratic setup, we have a greater voice.
Asma Jahangir
Let’s face it. There is no setup in Pakistan to train and groom young players at the grassroots level in different sports. Those of us who did make a name for ourselves and became champions did it with our own initiative – there was no academy to back us till we reached a certain level on our own.
Jahangir Khan
I like guitar. It just turned out that it’s the instrument I learned to play. I have a lot of respect for it, and I’m learning more and more every day. For me, the classic band setup – guitars, drums, bass – will stay fresh forever. I don’t know. I’m still into it.
Mac DeMarco
So if you want to have a great video game-based movie you have to keep the mood of the game, use the normal character setup – but you have to flesh out the story and provide more background for the characters.
Uwe Boll
When you’ve got hardly any equipment, very little money and no access to any information, your sound is very much dictated by you, your setup and what you’re listening to. Nothing more.
Jon Hopkins
A lot of locked-room mysteries take time for you to pay attention and see the setup. They aren’t thrillers, and they don’t move along. The modern mystery story is really faster-paced, and I think modern readers tend to prefer seeing something happening on every other page.
Otto Penzler
A friend of mine told me a bunch of stuff on Buddhism and about Avicii being the lowest level of Buddhist hell, and it just sort of got stuck in my head. Later on when I went to setup a MySpace, I tried a bunch of names and they were all taken so I just kind of ended up with Avicii and then I got really attached to it.
I would love to be a dad. For the longest time, I’ve wanted kids, but you have to have the right setup, right?
Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Voiceover excited me and terrified me. I thought I was going to be really bad at it. It was so freeing and fun to not have to wait for 10 minutes between every setup. They just throw you a direction, and you just say it.
Anna Kendrick
I once took the key off my girlfriend's key ring so tha

I once took the key off my girlfriend’s key ring so that I could surprise her when she got home. So I did this whole romantic setup in our bedroom with flowers and rose petals. She was so mad when she got home, but then when she walked in, she was so surprised.
Trey Songz
If I am a part of a huge setup where my role is blink and miss why would I do that?
Rahul Roy
In older science fiction stories, they had to rely on storytelling as opposed to spectacle. The old run of the ‘Twilight Zone,’ the star was the writing and the storytelling, and the characters and the twists and the cleverness in the setup and payoff and execution.
Josh Trank
I like being part of the Great Britain setup. I like feeling I’m at a race that is important and the pressure that goes with it.
Lizzie Armitstead
Life is all in the setup. A lot of people think I got the world handed to me, and I let them think exactly that whilst they handed me the world.
Dan Bilzerian
I’m friends with Criss Angel. Criss has offered me a million times to go downstairs and see the setup. I don’t want to see it. I just want to go, ‘God, how did you do that?’
Triple H
I always told everybody the perfect joke would be where the setup and punch line were identical.
Norm MacDonald
I don’t really care, honestly, what the USGA does with the setup. I’m just here to play.
Xander Schauffele
The thing that really gets me about the game is I’ve never played two rounds that were anywhere close to being the same – ever. Even with the same golf course and setup, nothing is ever the same. I love that about golf.
Darius Rucker
The drivability of an engine is a big part of the setup on a road course. If you can’t squeeze the gas down you can’t go anywhere.
Michael Waltrip
Comedy is just to me, maybe it’s a natural knack, if I can see where the joke is in the writing and I can see where the setup is and I can tell this is the way to make it.
Matt LeBlanc
Our ideas about love and attractiveness are so primal, our need for belonging so intense, that most of us are loath to abandon our favorite beliefs on these issues. If you’ve ever let yourself feel lovable and lovely, only to be deeply hurt, you may see accepting your own body as a setup for severe emotional wounding.
Martha Beck
From a good lie in the middle of a fairway bunker, I’ll make the same swing as I do from an average fairway lie. I’ll dig my feet in slightly and keep my lower body stable so I won’t slip, but I don’t change my club selection or setup. It’s only when the ball is sitting down in the sand that I’ll make some modifications.
Ernie Els