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I don't think you should do things in your personal lif

I don’t think you should do things in your personal life differently because you’re a role model.
Shannen Doherty
Don’t allow old traditions to become permanent mental scripts for managing your life in the present. Reason: you will not be able to transform yourself to think differently and be better as you grow with age and maturity.
Darren L Johnson
Everybody’s going to approach a character differently, depending upon what they bring to it on their own intellectual level or their feelings from their heart and soul.
Peter Cullen
You can be shattered, and then you can put yourself back together piece by piece. But what can happen over time is this: You wake up one day and realize that you have put yourself back together completely differently. That you are whole, finally, and strong – but you are now a different shape, a different size.
Glennon Doyle Melton
I work differently than most people.
Billy Corgan
I went back and researched the history of gospel; where it came from, slavery times, communicating with each other without their master knowing what they are saying, and that gospel artists view themselves differently.
Boris Kodjoe
In a Transtromer poem, you inhabit space differently; a body becomes a thing, a mind floats, things have lives, and even non-things, even concepts, are alive.
Teju Cole
Teenagers are like atoms when they’re moving at hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing off each other. Everybody’s got such a crazy hormonal drive and reacting to each other differently and getting upset over little things. High school puts all these potential explosions in one place.
Anton Yelchin
An impatient person plays differently than a more patient person.
Vladimir Kramnik
For me, it’s common sense to treat other people like you would like to be treated. Empathy is a broad concept, but how do you get there? People get there differently. I get there by truly building a little trust and connection. You’ll tell me something, I’ll act on it, and then that builds on itself.
Oscar Munoz
I think every person is different in coping with pressure; every person thinks differently. For me, sometimes it is difficult because people expect so much of me.
Dimitar Berbatov
It is true that all mothers do things differently from their own mothers, but they don’t necessarily do them better.
Elizabeth Berg
There are moments from childhood that attract heat in our memories, some for their sublime brilliance, some for their malignancy. The first time that I was treated differently because of my race is one such memory.
Jesmyn Ward
God gave us all exactly the same fingers, arms, legs, and feet, but in our different countries we divided them all a little differently as we feel it, do you understand?
Ninette de Valois
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.
Warren Buffett
We’ve all done a lot of bad things in life. And I think you have to learn from what you do, and really think about, after you’ve done those mistakes, how to not do it again, and how to approach things differently.
Bernard Tomic
And, in a funny way, each death is different and you mourn each death differently and each death brings back the death you mourned earlier and you get into a bit of a pile-up.
Nigella Lawson
Marc Gasol, he’s more of a true center. There are guys who play that traditional center role, but the game is also played differently now.
David Robinson
I think everybody feels their pregnancy differently, and for me, I was so in work mode.
Cobie Smulders
It disturbs me when Obama says in the State of the Union address that he wants to make dropping out of school at 18 illegal, because people learn differently and before there are forms of learning for every type of person in the world, we shouldn’t be condemned for leaving.
Ezra Miller
If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.
Bill Watterson
It’s always interesting to me that we all hear music differently. It’s an awesome experience to hear what other people hear.
Tommy Lee
Part of the reason I wanted to model was to push the boundaries and challenge the perceptions of what a beautiful body is supposed to look like. Why should I feel any differently about looking good than anyone else?
Aimee Mullins
People’s brains work differently. The brain is like a muscle and you have to train it, keep it active, keep active in races. I notice if I haven’t raced for a while. It’s hard to see things clearly so you have to relearn that.
Mark Cavendish
I know how my body operates differently from what it did when it was 30 and when it was 20. As unhealthy as I am, I’m weirdly aware of exactly how my body functions.
Patton Oswalt
I’ve always been just as interested in making people think as I am in making them feel, and one of the things this scientific process allows me to do is make the audience look differently at dance.
Wayne McGregor
Everyone writes differently. I hope to get people energized so they’ll want to rush home to write.
Mary Balogh
I don’t read my books, so I don’t allow myself the dangerous luxury of toying with the idea of doing things differently.
Neel Mukherjee
One becomes a grandfather and one sees the world a little differently. Certainly the world becomes a more vulnerable place when one has a grandchild, or now I have two. And I think that possibly there’s some tenderness that came out of just time and age and being a parent and grandparent.
C. K. Williams
The Porto players were with me for two and a half years, they believed in me, in my methods, in the way we do it. The next day I go and a manager arrives who works completely differently.
Jose Mourinho
I’m a little unconventional; I do things a little differently.
Eddie Alvarez
I think, as a working mom, I have to dress myself diffe

I think, as a working mom, I have to dress myself differently now. I used to wear very kind of precious clothes. Now I wear more black.
Rachel Zoe
And in that time, I lost my dad and had kids of my own. It was like, OK, I get it now. I know what fatherhood is all about. And you look at your parents differently.
Paul Reiser
When I tell people there are three stories in ‘Thunderstruck’ that were from the same wrecked novel, they want to guess what they are. Nobody has. There are no characters or timelines in common. They’re structured very differently. A good novel wouldn’t have pulled apart so easily.
Elizabeth McCracken
I would say that one of the things I wish I could do differently would be to be more outgoing.
Ratan Tata
In teaching color, you teach people how to look something and see the tone in it and break it down to be able to paint it and reproduce that color. But then, I’m psychedelic, so I look at color differently. I like colors that are in contrast with one another, so that they flicker back and forth.
John Van Hamersveld
In modern pharmacology it’s so clear that even if you have a fixed dose of a drug, the individuals respond very differently to one and the same dose.
Arvid Carlsson
What decisions would you make differently today if you knew you would most likely live to be 150? How would you think about your 50s or 60s? How would you evaluate your career arcs or investments or even the area in which you live?
Peter Diamandis
Get the entire team involved in identifying and evaluating project risks. Everyone looks at the project differently, and sometimes the input from the student intern can be vital.
Bruce Pittman
Books by women, people of color, LGBTQ authors, differently abled people, and non-Americans are a great way of broadening horizons and building empathy.
Celeste Ng
Before I left China, I was educated that China was the richest, happiest country in the world. So when I arrived Australia, I thought, ‘Oh my God, everything is different from what I was told.’ Since then, I started to think differently.
Jack Ma
Every one of us is different in some way, but for those of us who are more different, we have to put more effort into convincing the less different that we can do the same thing they can, just differently.
Marlee Matlin
When you’ve got big sky, big places and less people, people act differently and treat each other differently. It’s tangible. It’s not just a concept. I grew up in the country and then moved to the city, and there is a tangible difference.
Robert Taylor
You always have to reset your volume for the venue you are in. Sometimes the tubes can have you scratching your head because they react differently at different volumes.
Joe Satriani
‘Conservative’ is a term that resonates differently with people. For us, Tae and I take that as being modest. The easiest way to put it is, if there’s a little girl in the audience, and she’s looking at us, I want her parents to feel comfortable with her admiring us and looking up to us.
Maddie Marlow
Women artists are still treated differently from men.
Yoko Ono
I’m not sure I’ll ever love softball as much as bobsled. It’s like having children: you don’t love one more than the other, you just love them differently, and that’s how my love for softball is vs. my love of bobsled – two totally different sports with different personalities.
Elana Meyers
When they write a bad review, and you agree with it, that’s the worst feeling. When you know you’ve done what you wanted and the best you could and you love the outcome, then you look at everything differently. Not everyone’s going to love everything you do.
Albert Hammond, Jr.
I realise that women don’t want to get treated differently but just equally. I don’t know what feminism is all about, but I understand that women should be treated equally, and I endorse that thought.
Varun Dhawan
I see the game differently than some guys. I’m always reading the next move.
Draymond Green
Women may think men have it all, but only because we’ve been socialized to express the emotions that are tied to this reality differently, which is to say, men are not to express the emotions that are tied to it.
LZ Granderson
Disapproval of homosexuality cannot justify invading the houses, hearts and minds of citizens who choose to live their lives differently.
Harry A. Blackmun
When you start to have success, people look at you differently and expect more from you. With that comes a lot of pressure to perform, so it can be a little overwhelming.
Julia Michaels
My family is no different from yours. We may be different from the geography that we come from. Some of you all may pray differently than I do, some of you all may be from a different ethnicity, but we all have the same story.
Cory Booker
We’ve gone from thinking the fuels that powered our growth were inexpensive, inexhaustible and benign to understanding they are exhaustible, expensive and toxic. Once you frame the problem that way, people will look at solutions differently.
Thomas Friedman
Having children made us look differently at all these things that we take for granted, like taking your child to get a vaccine against measles or polio.
Melinda Gates
Well, I’m not sure, but of one thing I am certain: History judges one differently than contemporary observers, and so I think that as time passes, I hope that not me personally so much, but our administration will be seen for some of the things that we accomplished.
David Dinkins
I go on and off home-school and regular school, but the kids don’t treat me any differently because they’ve all known me forever.
Yara Shahidi
When influential people speak, conversations spread like ripples in a pond. And those ripples are multidirectional; influencers inspire everyone around them to explore new ideas and think differently about their work.
Travis Bradberry
I think what’s at risk is kids losing touch with being a kid. Being a kid is being defined differently than it was when you didn’t have all this stuff you could put in front of your face.
Ashton Eaton
A molcajete is a stone mortar and pestle from Mexico. They’re great for grinding spices and making salsa and guacamole because they give everything a nice coarse and rustic feel. I’ve never collected anything, but I think I might start collecting these because each one is decorated differently.
Bobby Flay
Combat duty is strenuous and physically demanding, and I’m not the first person to notice that men and women are built differently. And while many will argue that women will only be allowed into combat arms units under the same requirements as their male counterparts, count me as skeptical.
Pete Hegseth
An arts education helps build academic skills and incre

An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently.
Gavin Newsom
When you lose, you keep thinking, ‘I could have done things differently,’ but at that moment, you can’t do anything, so it is important to let go.
P. V. Sindhu
Drawing is not only a way to come up with pictures: drawing is a way to educate your eye to understand visual information, organizing it into a more hierarchical way, a more economical way. When you see something, if you draw often and frequently, you examine a room very differently.
Vik Muniz
When I started my writing process for ‘Empty Bank,’ everything had to do with money. It was at a time in my life where I started to see money differently.
I love that theatre can be political. You can go watch a play; it sends out messages, and you can go away thinking differently to the way you thought about it before.
Cressida Bonas
I love seeing what people wear out to dinner in different cities. I know how differently I dress in New York than I do in Los Angeles.
Melissa Rivers
I think it’s my nature to try and make original content, and that’s what I’ve done, is just try and approach things in an original way, and do things differently.
Darren Aronofsky
Anyone is welcome to hang out with me and have fun or sit down with me and talk. I don’t discriminate against anyone. And I don’t condone hating someone or treating them badly because they live differently than I do.
La’Porsha Renae
Everyone deals with trauma differently, and recovery is always a work in progress. But courage is contagious, and the more that people stand up and speak out against misogyny, the faster we can create the kind of world where we won’t have to.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
I believe there were things I probably should have done differently. But I’m not going to spend a lot of time crying over spilt milk.
Walter F. Mondale
I look at guys like – guys like Floyd Mayweather making $42 million dollars for a pay-per-view – what am I doing differently from what this guy’s doing?
Tito Ortiz
I think it makes sense to believe in God, but exactly what decision in your life you make differently because of it, I don’t know.
Bill Gates
With the single parent model, you experience betrayal differently. You experience lying from your kids differently.
Rosemarie DeWitt
Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects.
Blaise Pascal
I’ve been dealing with racism since I was a little kid! My dad’s super black, from Puerto Rico. Then my mom’s super white – she’s Puerto Rican too, but she grew up in Milwaukee. As a Latino in the U.S. I’ve seen how we are treated differently based on the color of our skin.
Anuel AA
The growth of FinTech has been driven by adoption across age groups, but the demand from the millennial generation to innovate and think about financial services differently has been a catalyst for change.
Taavet Hinrikus
Three or four stones in one firing will all react differently. I try to achieve a balance between those that haven’t progressed enough and those about to go too far.
Andy Goldsworthy
A shot is a lever; it’s all it is. You don’t open a car door differently each time. A car door is efficient – it opens and closes. So is a shot.
Jerry West
There are highlights when you become irreplaceable as a model, like when you become a muse to designers. They look at you differently; you’re not a coat hanger for hire.
I have always tried to portray each role as differently as possible.
Abhimanyu Singh
Enantiomers often smell and taste differently.
Ryoji Noyori
Neanderthals might think differently than we do. They could even be more intelligent than us. When the time comes to deal with an epidemic or getting off the planet, it’s conceivable that their way of thinking could be beneficial.
George M. Church
I liked the name Frederick Bickel and I wish now I had left it as it was. After all, Theodore Bikel, whose name was similar though spelled differently, didn’t change his, and he did all right.
Fredric March
We’re approaching things quite differently this time, but it will still sound like Marilyn Manson.
Daisy Berkowitz
Actually, the kids at school don’t treat me any differently at all just because I’m on television.
Beverley Mitchell
Actors are such wonderful creatures and such wonderful instruments. It’s always different on the page or in my head. I hear it differently. I see it differently. And then, you give it to an actor, and it comes alive in a way that you didn’t expect.
Kelly Masterson
My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Film is so much to do with perfection and how differently you can feel about someone at the beginning of the film and the end of the film.
Emma Thompson
I wish every American had an opportunity to sit down, to go to a base, to meet with families, to meet with service members, to sit down with our veterans – because we would think differently about our challenges as individuals.
Michelle Obama
Once we accept violence as an adaptation, it makes sense that its expression is calibrated to the environment. The same individual will behave differently if he comes of age in Detroit, Mich., versus Windsor, Ontario; in New York in the 1980s versus New York now; in a culture of honor versus a culture of dignity.
Paul Bloom
You have to challenge yourself and your muscles. When you are really regimented, it’s the same over and over and you start to get comfortable. Switching up the style of training works your muscles differently.
Curtis Jackson
I wonder whether my bleak-o-meter is set differently fr

I wonder whether my bleak-o-meter is set differently from other people’s.
Andrea Arnold
With women composing nearly half the American workforce and increasingly serving as the primary breadwinner for families, we can’t afford to treat pregnant women differently than their counterparts, especially when slight job modifications could help them stay in the workforce at no risk to their health.
Valerie Jarrett
When I saw the movie, I said, I wish I had heard the music. I would have ridden the horse differently.
Eli Wallach
When I got married, I decided to take a break. I wanted to travel, see life differently and discover things about myself.
Ayesha Takia
I’m really excited about my future plans, as I’m doing things differently and currently training like a Trojan in pursuit of becoming heavyweight champion of the world.
Tyson Fury
The real question is: if you knew there was a god, would you behave any differently? And if the answer is yes, then perhaps you should assume there is.
A. A. Gill
The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.
Friedrich Nietzsche
As long as you are in that white privilege bubble, you don’t need to see the world differently. You don’t need to see the world through the eyes of minorities or women.
Raoul Peck
When people say, ‘If I had my life over again I wouldn’t do anything different,’ well, I’d do everything differently just for the variety.
Samuel West
I saw New York differently after being in Paris for a few years.
William Klein
I can see how, given a certain degree of sensitivities, proclivities and rage, I could have ended up differently.
John Malkovich
There were many influences on me while growing up. In the late Seventies and early Eighties when I was growing up in Hyderabad, it was a bit more laid-back, and that gave you time to think about things differently without perhaps being caught up in the narrow approach to one’s journey through life.
Satya Nadella
Every President I think I’ve ever known, except Truman, has thought they didn’t quite get done what they wanted done. And toward the end of their Administrations, they were disappointed and wished they had done some things differently.
Billy Graham
We should prepare our future workforce differently. It isn’t just advanced STEM degrees. There are many jobs you can do without advanced degrees.
Ginni Rometty
I behave differently in different situations, and I’m slightly unstable and insecure, which I think are natural conditions of what I do. And I have a weird ear. Whatever I hear, I emulate. When I was a kid I did impressions: Forrest Gump, Rain Man, really big caricatures.
Max Minghella
Every firing happens differently except in this one respect: the person being fired can’t believe how fast it happens.
Glenn Kelman
Writers are born, not made. We can hone the craft. We need to try to encourage someone and make a dialogue, suggesting ways to do something differently or how to improve.
Alan Zweibel
We are all built differently. Some guys are more powerful. Some guys are very tall. I’m not very tall, so I rely on quickness.
Henrik Lundqvist
If Hello’ had been my debut film, the numbers would have played out differently.
Akhil Akkineni
Everybody makes his path differently.
Emanuel Ax
If you are going to think the same as everyone else and do the same as everyone else, you will end up being the same as everyone else. In today’s competitive environment you have to think a bit differently.
Lloyd Dorfman
I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be treated differently because of the color of my skin.
Mike Gallagher
I have a place in Chicago and I get there as much as I can… The city is so unbelievably beautiful. It’s one of the greatest cities on the planet. My heart beats differently when I’m in Chicago. It slows down and I feel more at ease.
Jeremy Piven
As big as my ego may be, I’m really not of the belief that I can’t be replaced. I didn’t invent the wheel. There’s someone else out there who can do what I do, maybe a little differently. I believe that Kiss is bigger than its individual members.
Paul Stanley
Happy or unhappy, families are all mysterious. We have only to imagine how differently we would be described – and will be, after our deaths – by each of the family members who believe they know us.
Gloria Steinem
Don’t let what you don’t know scare you, because it can become your greatest asset. And if you do things without knowing how they have always been done, you’re guaranteed to do them differently.
Sara Blakely
People react differently to puppets than they do to human performers: they become more playful, more open.
Kathe Koja
People’s lives really do turn out differently. And it certainly can’t be explained by how intelligent you remember them being when they were sitting next to you in organic chemistry class.
Angela Duckworth
As you get older, you look at things differently.
Brett Favre
It’s sad to be constantly judged for every move you make after your first success. If you wear your hair differently, you have changed.
Kriti Sanon
I was in high school after 9/11 happened. I didn’t get bullied. I didn’t get treated differently, but I definitely felt people looked at me differently.
Mustafa Ali
A dish should have flavor, texture, appearance and smel

A dish should have flavor, texture, appearance and smell, but I’m doing it differently. We take Chinese food, play with your sentiments, memories of it, and then take you to the border; you won’t fall over the edge, but you get excitement.
Alvin Leung
I just want to tell stories that are meaningful and have inspiration to them; people can watch it and take away something, or maybe they’ll just think about themselves differently or think about the world differently. I just want to create characters that live on.
Dee Rees
Of course you do things differently in your 30s and 40s than in your 20s.
Michael Mina
My childhood was basically divided between fishing and roaming the woods and hiding out in my bedroom. Maybe things would’ve turned out differently if I’d had a TV in there; who knows.
Jonathan Miles
I used to be a lot better looking before I joined WWE. Whatever happens in the ring is real, and for anyone to think any differently would be a big mistake.
Roman Reigns
Pitches are like pages of a book; they’re so important. The chess game; how I set you up early, and how I’ll do it differently later.
Al Leiter
If you’re living with a scientist, you see the world differently than you do with a humanist. It’s in some ways very subtle, the differences in perceiving reality.
Joyce Carol Oates
People react differently to hearing ‘Procedure X has a 70 percent chance of survival’ and ‘Procedure Y has a 30 percent chance of death.’ Phrased that way, people flock to Procedure X, even though the numbers are the same.
Paul Kalanithi
I really believe we read differently when we know even the most banal facts of an author’s life.
Anne Michaels
I’ve always been one to throw caution to the wind, and my motto has been, ‘Never have a dull moment.’ Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but I don’t think I’d have it much differently.
Carlene Carter
I look back on my work and I think, ‘Oh, why didn’t I do that differently?’
Frank Oz
People respond differently to people who are grieving. They reach out. But depression is so very isolating. It’s hard to explain to anyone who has never been depressed how isolating it is. Grief comes and goes, but depression is unremitting.
Kay Redfield Jamison
I do not think I reinvent myself. Wearing my hair differently or changing my style of dress is playing dress-up. I don’t take it too seriously.
Mariah Carey
Thinking differently is my strength.
Carine Roitfeld
By making pictures, you learn the many different properties of photography. I use those properties differently than, say, an advertising agency would, but we’re both operating in the same reality. A face painted by Picasso occupies the same reality as a portrait by Stieglitz.
Sigmar Polke
The Internet is working because it’s free and open, and there’s no discrimination. Without these rules, ISPs could treat content differently based on commercial interests or even ideology.
Brian Schatz
I believe history will come to view 9/11 as an event on par with November 22, 1963, the date on which John F. Kennedy was murdered, cutting short a presidency that was growing ever more promising. Dreams died that day in Dallas; it is easy to imagine the 1960s turning out rather differently had President Kennedy lived.
Jon Meacham
The hoary joke in the literary world, based on ‘Dreams From My Father,’ was that if things had worked out differently for Barack Obama, he could have made it as a writer.
James Fallows
Everybody interprets things differently with their own perception, and I want poetry to pull out of them their own feelings.
John Trudell
Every director works differently.
Cate Blanchett
With soccer, I have the ability to do things differently. That is why I admire Leonardo da Vinci. He was able to create things other people wouldn’t believe in.
Roberto Baggio
If the culture shifts, if people think differently about women, the art will shift, too. You can’t ask art to make social change. It’s not what it’s for.
Salman Rushdie
When I was 14 or 15, a camp counselor told me I was smart. I had never been very good in school, but he told me once that I was smart but my mind operated a little differently.
Alan Dershowitz
People define Christianity differently. I think a large portion of our population are Christians, they’re not all growing in their faith, they’re not all active, but I believe that a lot of people believe in Jesus and believe that he is their Lord and Savior.
Joel Osteen
Mentally, I’m really strong, but for maybe the first time in my life, I cried about my career because I thought it was over. When you’ve been out for a year, and you think it’s over, you think completely differently after that. I was just looking on TV, and I wasn’t able to train, and in the meantime, I had a son.
Samir Nasri
I have fallen a few times, and each time, I have gotten up and grown as a person and looked at things a little differently.
Ali Krieger
It is nice to be around people who think differently than you. They challenge your ideas and keep you from being complacent.
Tucker Carlson
I think behind closed doors people behave differently no matter what period we’re looking at, because people have to stand up straight in public but can slouch behind closed doors – can you imagine wearing those corsets?
Brenda Blethyn
It’s very difficult, I think, for people to be around you when you’re getting lots of attention. It’s very difficult for young people to understand what that’s about when people start treating you differently when you’ve been doing the same thing you were doing the day before.
Julian Schnabel
Vets are different than other people. Frontline or support, they carry themselves differently than the rest of us. It is as if they entered the service as one person and came out another, and that is the person who they are the rest of their lives.
Rick Tumlinson
People deal with death differently; some even laugh at funerals.
Finn Wolfhard
Consumers have a different path to purchase. They don't

Consumers have a different path to purchase. They don’t shop less than they used to; it is just that the footsteps went online. You have to think differently in how you engage with users.
Margo Georgiadis
Even when I speak English to my parents, I’ll say an English word differently to my Chinese parents and friends than I do to my English-speaking friends – you know, I’ll pronounce ‘McDonald’s’ differently, because it feels right, and that’s what I’m used to.
Jenny Zhang
I never thought of myself as a wealthy person. I’ve thought of myself as a person who has had a lot of luck. I don’t have the same stress that other people have, but there are too many things I could have done differently if wealth was what I was after. If I was all about money, I would have lived in L.A.
Alec Baldwin
Let’s be honest. Physicality is going to have a bearing on the parts you get. And if you think differently, you’re in the wrong business.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
To be completely honest, it’s shocking to me that I keep getting the villain roles! I do not see myself as the villain and I know, growing up, I was the opposite of a villain. I would never try to be a villain to anyone – but maybe other people I grew up with feel differently about that.
Cam Gigandet
I believe writing is where it all begins; you can not make a film look different, you have to write it differently.
Rakshit Shetty
Be your own person and don’t listen to anyone who says differently. We are all unique!
Ariel Winter
We don’t want to be treated any differently, and we want to continue with our lives and our careers.
Vanessa Kerry
I try to imagine how we would live if we didn’t know we were going to die. Would we live our lives differently? Less careful, maybe? Less scared? These are beautiful things to think about and build a song around.
Beth Gibbons
I guess I just process death differently than some folks. Realizing you’re not going to see that person again is always the most difficult part about it. But that feeling settles, and then you are glad you had that person in your life, and then the happiness and the sadness get all swirled up inside you.
John Prine
Early in my career, my 3-, 5- and 9-irons performed differently than my other irons. But I adapted and made them work.
Hale Irwin
I think the advice, regardless of gender, is always be open to conversations with people who do things differently than you do. If you’re starting to work in tech, talk to the artists, talk to the lawyers, talk to the people who are interested in other things.
Beth Simone Noveck
To illustrate what I mean, an apt dancer may be in thorough unison with the others in that particular group, and at the same time reveal a difference in dancing temperament, rhythm or technique; she may phrase, accentuate or actually interpret differently.
Florenz Ziegfeld
Everybody handles pressure differently.
Gerry Cooney
Every glass thermometer has subtle variations in the size and shape of the bulb at the bottom and the capillary tube inside, as well as variations in the width of gradations on the side. The compounded effect of these uncertainties is that each thermometer reads temperature slightly differently.
Sam Kean
Many of us live in dysfunctional families, and so even if it’s in a fairy tale, or perhaps because it’s in a fairy tale, we have a chance to look at that side of our reflected lives differently.
Kenneth Branagh
You can’t possibly prepare for what happens to you the day you hit No. 1 and people treat you differently.
Barry Manilow
Everybody has basically the same family, it’s just reconfigured slightly differently from one to the next.
Douglas Coupland
Israel is the agent and surrogate of the United States and as such is treated entirely differently from every other country in the region. How can anyone expect Iran to accept that it is right for Israel to have nuclear weapons while itself being disallowed?
Martin Jacques
Men and women do think differently, and frankly, we don’t understand each other. Not at all! But that’s what makes relationships so amazing.
Kevin Hart
When a thing’s done, it’s done, and if it’s not done right, do it differently next time.
Arthur Ransome
I believe that I’ve got a unique knowledge and understanding of this game, and I’m able to see it differently than a lot of people.
Kurt Warner
If you want to make more money, you’ll have to do things differently. You will have to do things you never even thought of doing in the past. You will have to do things out of your comfort zone.
Dan Pena
The implementation of autonomous driving needs a whole new rethinking. To really make it an attribute for society, we really need to think differently about where and when and how we implement this.
Henrik Fisker
When I was a teenager, if anyone recognized me for anything I did, it would ruin my day. I couldn’t handle it. It was some sort of neurotic phobia. I guess I was paranoid that people would treat me differently, or in an unfair way, because of my job.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
We learn differently as children than as adults. For grown-ups, learning a new skill is painful, attention-demanding, and slow. Children learn unconsciously and effortlessly.
Alison Gopnik
I feel like if I can help somebody look at money differently or manage their finances differently or spend a little differently, then I feel like I’m doing my job. So I’ll try to help them see the bigger picture and think longevity versus the temporary spending that we’re kind of accustomed to.
Bobby Wagner
All I can say is every relationship is different, and every personality, and everyone handles every couple’s social media differently.
Molly Qerim
I think if something’s emotionally real – and I’m not even talking about in movies or in art, but in life – you can’t really argue with that, even if your intellectual mind might know differently.
Spike Jonze
Every player has a different style of play, has a different talent, so people look differently at you.
Christian Eriksen
You have to design and program differently. Combat action in an MMO is so different to combat in a first-person shooter.
John Romero
You can learn a lot from people who view the world diff

You can learn a lot from people who view the world differently than you do.
Anthony J. D’Angelo
I wasn’t overwhelmed by dogma, and that sort of freed me up to look at things differently.
Mark Frost
Thank God my life is normal. I work hard to make it normal. My husband and I don’t want Hollywood drama. I go to the market and do the dishes. I’m not treated differently because I work on TV.
Alison Sweeney
I was definitely a tomboy. My mother liked to dress me differently, but it was her loss when I came home with mud in my hair every day. I’ve always been more comfortable with guys; I don’t know why.
Troian Bellisario
I had one incident where my daughter said that a girl asked if she was a brown person. I said, ‘We’re black. You have black people, white people, Chinese people, Hispanic people; we’re all brought up differently.’
Kevin Hart
Diverse groups do best at complex problems and innovation when the facts aren’t clear: each individual’s perspective allows him or her to tackle challenges differently and, when stuck, rely on others’ differing points of views to progress.
Alain Dehaze
The abduction of a child is a tragedy. No one can fully understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time, unless they have faced a similar tragedy. Every parent responds differently. Each parent copes with this nightmare in the best way he or she knows how.
John Walsh
Every creator sets up their world differently. That’s what’s so amazing about someone like Aaron Sorkin and his writing.
Lesli Linka Glatter
Doing film and television demands a kind of simplicity. If you think something differently, the camera will pick it up.
Michael Stuhlbarg
The people in the decision-making positions need to be thinking differently about who to hire, and looking more unsparingly at their choices. Why give this person a break over that person? Why give this person a second chance over that person? I do think that’s where gender comes into play.
Karyn Kusama
The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.
David Bohm
I’m not interested in showing a politician falling over; it’s about the issue and making people think differently about that.
Judy Horacek
Some things you never really fully understand unless you are actually black and you experience how it feels when someone treats you differently based on your skin colour.
AJ Tracey
As we grow, we learn to handle situations differently than we normally would.
Joyner Lucas
There’s only one true superpower amongst human beings, and that is being funny. People treat you differently if you can make them laugh.
Jeff Garlin
Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different.
Katherine Mansfield
Ten-year-old boys move differently than middle-aged women, who move differently than athletic guys, who move differently than government bureaucrats.
Brad Bird
The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.
William James
I have looked back on situations and thought that I could have handled a few differently and probably better.
Jim Evans
If you have something at risk, you think differently.
Henry Kravis
If you play the very subtle jazz tunes with acoustic pianos, acoustic bass and it’s a dead standard, you are going to play very differently. It depends on the music.
Lee Ritenour
You ask every conceivable question after Sept. 11 in terms of what more could have been done, what could have been done differently. My impression from working on these cases and investigations for almost nine years was that an awful lot of people were working over time to connect dots.
Mary Jo White
It’s hard sometimes if you think a character should look a certain way and you’re being pushed to do it differently. I’ve had fights over that. That’s why it’s so important that you work with good people.
Uma Thurman
I see myself as quite feminine. But many people seem to think differently about that; sometimes people mistake me for a man. In Paris I often hear ‘bonjour monsieur’.
Saskia de Brauw
I’m sure there are a lot of things I should have done differently. But I don’t think I’ve stepped on anyone along the way. If I have, I didn’t mean to.
Patti Page
You don’t repair that relationship by sitting down and talking about trust or making promises. Actually, what rebuilds it is living it and doing things differently – and I think that is what is going to make the difference.
Patricia Hewitt
I don’t think I approach my songs differently from other artists. You get a big picture of it, and you imagine the song and hear and feel it, and that big picture is like a snapshot, and it comes to you as fast as it takes to click a camera.
Steve Vai
I’d like to ask you: what you would prefer us to do? I’d like to ask my colleagues, would any other country act differently? I think the answer is very clear. No one would act differently.
Silvan Shalom
I will always continue to make stupid action films but I think ‘V For Vendetta’ is a very smart film and I think that people will feel differently about things when they see it.
Joel Silver
I was working with C. L. R. James; I believed in Marxist ideas about the labor and movement and the workers being the secret to the future. And I learned differently just by being in Detroit and being married to Jimmy Boggs.
Grace Lee Boggs
What we perceive things to be when they come out of our mouth is not what the listener perceives it to be. They think it differently. They’re not your blood. They’re not your mind. You get in an argument.
Dick Dale
The advent of interactive communications has created an

The advent of interactive communications has created an inflection point where it’s economical to provide education differently than in the past.
Alan Patricof
I think it’s part of the responsibility of an artist to shock, to upset, to make people think differently, and to surprise people. And that’s where the good humor is, if there’s a surprise and there’s something unexpected. Something that’s not normal, not in the realm of general living expectations.
Bill Plympton
Suffice it to say, every actor works differently. Laurence Olivier would put on his costume and when the wardrobe was right, he was in character. That sounds superficial, but it’s true, and look at the results.
Michael Mann
Venezuela’s government must work toward achieving a true culture of democracy for our region. There’s no room for persecution based on ideological reasons or for thinking differently.
Mauricio Macri
Juries are not computers. They are composed of human beings who evaluate evidence differently.
Alan Dershowitz
Poets don’t draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently.
Jean Cocteau
We knew we were different, even from our elementary school days. We were the class clowns; we engaged with people differently. We knew there was something out there that was meant for us.
Drew Scott
But to be fair, if you take players from my era to now, the game has changed and the players have many more shots. They use them differently than we did. The speed of the game has changed.
Ivan Lendl
It’s time to start thinking differently about money and debt and start the healing process – and the process toward wealth and freedom. ‘Freedom from Bad Debt’ can get you started.
Robert Kiyosaki
We need to have people who are talking about, ‘Here’s exactly what I would do differently.’ That’s what’s important as we go vote.
Bill Haslam
Sometimes I feel I’m being animated, but it comes off differently. Unfortunately, I was cursed with these sleepy eyes.
Wyatt Cenac
There is no getting around the reality that the second Iraq war was a war of choice; had it been carried out differently, it still would have been an expensive choice and almost certainly a bad one.
Richard N. Haass
Research shows that girls look at leadership differently than boys.
Anna Maria Chavez
Sometimes the band can’t fully hear your fill, so they come in differently. So I’ve also learned not to really step out too much, because you sacrifice the band when you do that.
John Otto
Music hits everyone differently every single day.
Ryan Hurd
I think we’ve done that. But it’s not something you really notice, ’cause I’ve always thought the people here have always done their best, and they continue to do their best. They just might do it a little bit differently.
Mark Kelly
Historians sometimes view presidents very differently from the way the public did at the time. Sometimes they don’t.
Michael Beschloss
College inspired me to think differently. It’s like no other time in your life.
Larisa Oleynik
Putting on my legs is like putting on my shoes. I understand that’s how some people might think differently, but I hope that in London, their perceptions open up.
Oscar Pistorius
Turing was always a legend among computer/geeky kids. He was such an outsider in his own time, and because of that, he was able to see things differently. It was a story that had been well told in books, onstage and on TV, but never on film.
Graham Moore
No two people react to things the same way, and even the same person reacts differently at a different time.
Vijay Deverakonda
Every one of us is different in some way but for those of us who are more ‘different,’ we have to put more effort into convincing the less different that we can do the same thing as they can… just differently.
Marlee Matlin
In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race. There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently.
Harry A. Blackmun
Once you have a disease like cancer, you look at life a bit differently. Some things that were important no longer seem as important as they were.
Linton Kwesi Johnson
I feel like every night, when you see a really good production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or something, you should hope that it ends differently. That’s why we watch our favorite movies again and again.
Leslie Odom, Jr.
Being mixed in the South, that’s a struggle that everybody deals with differently. Some people go careening to one side or the other, and some people try to walk a tightrope between the two. I grew up spending equal time with both sides of my family.
Rhiannon Giddens
I don’t know if referees look at me differently; you’d have to ask them. I hope everybody gets treated the same, but I know that it doesn’t always happen.
Arjen Robben
Costume is a massive thing. I think costume makes you stand differently.
Luke Evans
I think that different actors go about their preparation differently, but when it comes to acting, I use my imagination.
Edi Gathegi
Anyone I know who’s almost died has come out of it, at least for a while, looking at things differently.
Alan Alda
Fame is really strange. One day you’re not famous, and then the next day you are, and the odd thing is that you know intellectually that nothing in the world is different. What mattered to you yesterday are the same things that matter today, and the rules all still apply – yet everyone looks at you differently.
Matt Damon
We want people to know they shouldn't feel like social

We want people to know they shouldn’t feel like social pariahs just because they want to dress differently or listen to rock n’ roll.
Andy Biersack
All of my friends are animal people. To me, cats are people, too. Animals are people, too. I travel a lot and when I go overseas, it’s really hard on me because the animals are treated much differently, especially in developing countries.
AnnaLynne McCord
In 2007, I sold my first book, ‘Grimspace.’ It says it’s SF on the spine. I believe it to be SF, though it’s certainly written differently. I write in first person, present tense, and the protagonist is a woman with a woman’s thoughts, feelings, and sexual desires.
Ann Aguirre
The thing I will say is that probably culturally, women are treated differently, which means, I think, you’re criticized more, you have to listen a little bit more, you have to justify yourself.
Lisa Randall
I used to think no one should go into show biz, but now I feel differently. I now feel like it’s a great career. If you can do it and make money at it and still not be so famous that you can have a normal life – then I think it’s a great career.
Julia Sweeney
The players on the team are the reason why we win. You don’t have to treat them all identically; they’re not going to be all the same. Your ability to lead and motivate those guys differently is important.
Josh McDaniels
It’s what I do. I don’t deserve any awards for this, it’s just music. It’s just writing songs. You sit down, you write a song, you record it. You tour and play the songs live, dress them up a bit differently, or dress them down.
Elvis Costello
It’s good to know that other people think differently, and that’s what makes the characters interesting.
Keira Knightley
The beauty of being a curvier girl is that we’re all shaped so differently.
Ashley Graham
Love always ends differently and it always begins differently – especially with me.
Taylor Swift
I try to separate my modelling work from my school life because I don’t want people to think of me differently or that I am a certain way because of it.
Kaia Gerber
There’s a way I could have done things differently. I know that. If I offended anyone along the way, I do apologize.
Alec Baldwin
Most people, throughout history, haven’t learned one language to the exclusion of another. You learn to speak differently to a peasant and to a shoemaker. You speak differently to your mother, who comes from Burgundy, and to your father, who comes from Swabia.
Ivan Illich
My mom has always said that the one thing she wishes she had done differently is have a job. She felt like the single-mindedness made her a little nuts sometimes, and she could have used an outlet for herself when we were little.
Jennifer Garner
It is clothes. It is parts. Therefore, you combine the parts differently to create your own unique expression.
Tadashi Yanai
People see things differently and remember things differently. It’s why if somebody robs a liquor store and there are four witnesses they’ll often disagree.
John Kennedy
When you mature, you also get more secure about yourself. You see things differently.
Ana Ivanovic
I was always asking people about their work. How do you do a job like that? Do you love it? What does it pay? I was lucky to have access to people who could answer my questions. Otherwise, my life could have turned out very differently.
Sal Khan
Everyone does things differently on offense. Everyone’s goal is to score points.
Tom Brady
If you think about the under-30 generation, the millennial generation – GenTech, as I call them – they grew up with a screen in front of them. And so they think about everyday processes, like payments, differently than you and I do.
Dan Schulman
The root of the problem I have is anxiety, and it’s all derived from something – I’m just going to say it, some kind of sadness. It manifests in so many different ways and it affects people differently.
Vinny Guadagnino
I think I have a part of myself which is a woman. When girls are together, they speak completely differently than when there is a guy around. But, with me, they don’t see this masculine thing stopping them, and there is not this boundary.
Christian Louboutin
I don’t like being treated differently.
Josh Hutcherson
Back in Oakland, we have a lot of food in the locker room, but on the road, it’s mostly just fruit. So we have to prepare differently. But really, once you get to the gym, everything on the road is pretty much the same.
Stephen Curry
When someone lives as a minority, they experience the world differently than those of us who live in the majority. We may occupy the same physical space, but we don’t occupy the same psychic space.
Jennifer Granholm
You have to think about space differently; you have to think about time differently when you’re talking about a graphic novel versus a movie.
Travis Beacham
Around here, though, people don’t treat me any differently. That’s to be expected. I don’t mind at all, being in the shadow of three Hall of Famers. I just want to learn all I can from them.
Reggie Lewis
Each day I feel a little differently; some times I try to write something that’s fictitious and then there’s other times where I try to write something that’s true.
Josh Turner
I would say that I definitely play a different role with my style; I like to mix it up a bit according to wherever I am. I dress differently in New York, L.A., Paris and London.
Rachel Zoe
I think I may have to grow up without growing old. I think we’re going to have to define differently what I’m going to be. We’re going to have to define my growing up differently.
Mattie Stepanek
At a certain point, Mike Tyson and I reacted to violence a little differently. I was afraid to leave my house for three years while he became the heavyweight champion of the world. The thing was, at first, we reacted to it the same way, and our cowardice and trauma defined us.
Brin-Jonathan Butler
Every character thinks differently, and every character

Every character thinks differently, and every character has a different energy and way that they tick. But to find a character like Kai, who is so far that he doesn’t even feel things, he is so different from me. That is the most exciting part.
Chris Wood
I learned sweep picking from a variety of sources. One was a Frank Gambale instructional video, but he executes his sweeps a little differently.
Synyster Gates
If you were to do it again, you’d probably do some things differently. But the decision is right to have a single entity manage the water and the waste water for a country.
Enda Kenny
When I worked with Robin Williams, now there is improv! He is just as funny as you think he is. We did at least five or six takes of every scene, improvising every scene differently. He was a riot.
Stephen Root
I have done 16 films with David Dhawan and I have tried to do every character differently, be it Sharafat Ali, Mutthu Swamy or Calender, because of my theatre experience.
Satish Kaushik
My dad is a chemical engineer, and my mom was a teacher. They were pretty serious about education, but I always thought about things a little bit differently.
Aaron Levie
I don’t treat my family any differently because they’re on television. I’ve always had a problem grasping fame. I don’t think I understand fame, and I don’t think I ever will. I think that anybody who thinks that they understand fame, they’re doing it for the wrong reasons.
Brody Jenner
At the end of the game, coaches always talk about what could have been done differently with the game plan.
Anne Donovan
Despite the best intentions, companies often become culturally dysfunctional. This occurs when leadership has a perception about the culture that conflicts with reality, or leadership behaves differently than what might be written down.
Peter Levine
I never understood why anyone cared about the Kardashians until a friend, who’s Latina, told me that she liked them because they’re a family who look like hers. I was able to appreciate them differently.
Martine Syms
Women communicate differently and process information differently, which leads them to resolve conflicts differently.
Dee Dee Myers
We do things differently. You don’t have to worry about being part of a particular genre. You just go for it.
Tyler Joseph
In the light of the Divine Goodness, it seems to me, though others may think differently, that ingratitude is the most abominable of sins and that it should be detested in the sight of our Creator and Lord by all of His creatures who are capable of enjoying His divine and everlasting glory.
Saint Ignatius
I’m wired differently.
Bill Goldberg
Historically, WordPress has been purely focused on the writing side. However, we’re thinking about mobile completely differently, and I think there’s a big opportunity to take the community of creators that loves WordPress and deliver an audience to the amazing things they’re making.
Matt Mullenweg
We need to articulate luxury differently. We live in the world of the ‘like’ culture. As a society, we’re consuming so much imagery, it’s like gorging on sugar, and the only way to find depth in a ‘like’ culture is by presenting the unknown.
Jonathan Anderson
I’ve been singing one kind of genre for a long time but have always tried to push to new auras about picking new songs or the same kind of genre but trying to sing it differently, treating it differently.
Arijit Singh
You can look back at anything and wish you’d done something differently.
Edie Brickell
I’ve been trying to make a difference as an actor. I want to play characters that move people, have them look at their lives differently, or give them an escape.
Hill Harper
Every black man in Chicago walks through the world differently, and I think what young black boys do is observe, and that’s what gives them their road map.
Lena Waithe
I believe that every day is a celebration and every day I’m born anew and genuinely try to live every day differently.
You never know when you lose a case whether it was because the facts were against you, or because the judges had already made up their minds, or if you could have done something differently.
David Boies
When you grow up in a family of languages, you develop a kind of casual fluency, so that languages, though differently colored, all seem transparent to experience.
David Antin
It’s so different when you change your hair color, you’re treated so differently. It’s a very funny experience. It’s fun – I love changing up my hair.
Kate Bosworth
People think of you differently if you’ve been in their homes. They think they own you because they watched you while they were eating dinner, or they can turn you up or down, or even freeze you.
Maggie Smith
I learned that being sort of legitimately recognized by a legitimate and traditional recording academy, it made people look at us a bit differently. Not everyone, but some people.
Tucker Halpern
People tend to associate anyone who looks and behaves differently with illegal or immoral activity.
Marilyn Manson
The fashion editor as it used to be has changed. Now you have to wear many hats, and whoever tells you differently is wrong. Now you’re on TV, whether you want it or not.
Nina Garcia
You know what it’s like: you don’t want to read your old books again. All you can see are the flaws, what you would do differently.
Irvine Welsh
Everyone connects differently with different things.
Brynn Cartelli
Our cinema is coming of age, and people are realizing we need to tell different stories differently and in fresh manner and not just do formula stuff and serve it to the audience.
Pankaj Kapur
One of the big myths about philanthropy is that it's al

One of the big myths about philanthropy is that it’s all about donating funds for a cause. I like to look at it quite differently. Philanthropy is about ‘giving’ – not just in monetary terms but also in non-monetary aspects, like time, ideas, or being a volunteer. Donating money is just a small part of philanthropy.
Pankaj Patel
Sometimes it’s nice to have a song that can be taken more then one way, so it can be interpreted differently.
Geddy Lee
Me as president would not be like anybody else as president. Everyone does the job differently.
Dan Shechtman
If we had been less reliant on technology and the security that we enjoy in being divorced from what we used to know, maybe things would have turned out differently.
Heather Donahue
I think there is no better way to invite a human being to view their body differently than by inviting them to be an athlete, by revering one’s body as an instrument rather than just an ornament.
Alanis Morissette
My way of playing is very different and Karpov plays very differently as well.
Vladimir Kramnik
What I love is the comedy of the body. It’s a little highfalutin’, but you can even say pre-verbal comedy. People laugh differently at stuff that isn’t brought to them via the spoken word. It’s from a different place; it’s a different quality of laughter.
Bill Irwin
The only way a ventriloquist speaks differently is that he forgoes using his or her lips, and learns to reproduce sounds using the tongue, upper palate, and teeth only. Those ‘difficult’ letters are B, F, M, P, V, W, and Y.
Jeff Dunham
The transition to WWE has been an incredible road. It’s been great, it’s been difficult, it’s been motivating, and it has allowed me as a person to just completely see myself differently and allowed me to grow in a different perspective with their input.
Aleister Black
For me, I feel like I don’t see myself as all that different from other humans as a woman, but I’m surprised by how frequently I’m asked to see myself differently.
Karyn Kusama
Every night is different, a ball of thread that unrolls differently.
Jane Siberry
Men and women shop very differently, and where women are open to edgy, conceptual looks, very, very few men are.
Michael Bastian
Power projects are differently placed to road projects. There’s difference stress across different companies across different groups based on their leverage levels.
Chanda Kochhar
I think there is a lot of good in making the All-Star Team. People look at your career a little bit differently.
Frank Thomas
When you wear the costumes in a period drama, you already feel like a different person – the clothes make you stand differently, change your posture, the way you walk. You really have to have stamina – you have two hours in hair and makeup, and then another hour to remove all that.
Jodie Comer
One thing I wish I’d done differently in my career is insist on having friends or family on tour. I was really young when I travelled the world with Eternal, and I was always homesick.
Louise Nurding
I treat my wife very differently than I treat my chums and my pals. I wouldn’t worry about calling them on Valentine’s Day, opening the door for them, or making sure they were OK.
Mike Huckabee
I was prom queen, and the year before, I was prom king. It was kind of the same; you just got a differently shaped crown.
Andreja Pejic
While the primary focus continues to be on religious minorities – the Christian religious minorities and the Jewish community – ISIS will also go after people who interpret and believe the Muslim faith differently than they do.
Pete Hoekstra
How rude would I be, walking around and saying: ‘Hello. I’m Eleanor Mondale. My father was vice president of the United States. Treat me differently.’
Eleanor Mondale
I write synopses after the book is completed. I can’t write it beforehand, because I don’t know what the book’s about. I invent something for my publisher because he asks for one, but the final book ends up very differently.
Jackie Collins
The government must recognise that taxing retailers differently is reckless.
Theo Paphitis
I have, like, three suits to my name. But one thing I’ve learned is that when you dress up in real life, people treat you differently.
Matt Bomer
Bureaucrats behave very differently than a private-sector manager because their motivations are different. Permanent bureaucrats, no matter how senior, worry about their next job.
John Sununu
My nephews all look at me differently now. Before, they couldn’t relate to me, and now I’m like a god.
Ruth Buzzi
France generates a significant part of its energy requirements from fission reactors and these have achieved a perfect safety record. We build ours all differently.
Wilson Greatbatch
I’ve often taken important classical, biblical or literary stories and interrogated them. I have tried to reinvigorate Lot by interpreting it differently.
Howard Barker
Since your company is the product that makes all of your other products, it should be the best product of all. When you begin to think of your company this way, you evaluate it differently. You ask different questions about it. You look at improving it constantly, rather than just accepting what it’s become.
Jason Fried
When you are successful, the perception of the people around you changes. If I do a variety of work, people notice me differently, and that is what is happening. I am fortunate to get these opportunities.
Rajkummar Rao
At some point, I started listening to music a little differently. Rather than being like, ‘Yo, this is dope – who made this?’ it started being like, ‘I wish I made this.’
It’s fun and super exciting to see how other people work, how other people write music, and how other people put things together. To me, it’s an endless learning process, and I love doing it because everybody works so completely differently.
Alison Mosshart
One performs a very different act when reading a movie

One performs a very different act when reading a movie and when reading a novel. Your attention behaves differently.
Manuel Puig
How can educated and sophisticated viewers react so differently to a work of art? Is it just Kulture Klash? No, since most of the time there’s no Klash at all. On the occasions when we disagree, it may be because we’re looking for different things in dance.
Robert Gottlieb
You fall in love differently when you are young and far from home in a seductive place. You fall in love with the very air you breathe, and the vivid colours and the unbearably sweet sensation of distance and unaccustomedness.
Howard Jacobson
In religion, there’s a certain type of fear that if somebody believes differently from me, that it’s a threat. Because I’m right, and there cannot be two ways that are right, so if I’m right, anything different than this must be wrong; and we attack those things and it’s really due to insecurity, ego and fear.
Radhanath Swami
I really think truth comes from the body. When you’re running for your life, you breathe differently; you talk differently.
Evelyne Brochu
When you talk or write or film, you work with the music inside you, the music that formed you. Different generations have different musics in them, so whatever they do, it’s going to come out differently, and it will speak in beats of their own generation.
Robert Krulwich
Science fiction is essentially a kind of fiction in which people learn more about how to live in the real world, visiting imaginary worlds unlike our own in order to investigate, by way of pleasurable thought-experiments, how things might be done differently.
Brian Stableford
It’s a misconception that you don’t have seasons in southern California. They are just very subtle. The vegetation is very different. Plants react differently. You just have to be a little more observant.
Christoph Waltz
I see L.A. as a workplace rather than somewhere to live. If I don’t get out, I go crazy. If you have a little success, people treat you differently, so it’s good to keep a healthy perspective. It’s acting, not rocket science.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
I’m a writer because I love reading. I love the conversation between a reader and a writer, and that it all takes place in a book-sort of a neutral ground. A writer puts down the words, and a reader interprets the words, and every reader will read a book differently. I love that.
Garth Stein
Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently.
Tom Robbins
Police officials routinely execute search warrants on private homes and offices, and Congressional offices should not be treated any differently. There cannot be one set of rules for elected officials and another set of rules for everyone else.
Bobby Jindal
There are moments in one’s life where you look back and you say, ‘Well, I wish I had done this differently.’
Nicholas Meyer
In Bollywood, you have to do one film at a time, and there are no mixed schedules. And doing four films at a time is out of the question. Telugu film industry works very differently. But the kind of films I’m getting here are better than what I’ve been offered in Bollywood.
Rakul Preet Singh
When you’re on the inside, there’s no other perspective but what you see on the inside. When you’re on the outside, you get to look at things a little differently: how you can help, how you can fit in, how you can do certain things differently.
Daniel Sturridge
Every actor prepares differently and to different degrees of privacy. Some want to talk everything out. Others really don’t want to talk anything out – or rehearse much.
Todd Haynes
There are times where you can’t do it yourself and the system takes over, or it’s appropriate to do things differently. But I think driving your son and your wife away from hospital was really important to me.
Prince William
I think actors are very obsessed about looking different and behaving differently, but all people need is just a different film. They don’t want a different you; they want a different story.
Ayushmann Khurrana
People who don’t fit the mold are treated differently than those who do.
Carly Fiorina
Having kids makes you think about the world differently.
Tony Fadell
I don’t think that genius goes hand in hand with being socially inept or being a sociopath or being a misanthrope, but I do think that it is a mind that can think so differently – so beyond how one is supposed to think.
Hanya Yanagihara
It’s funny because everybody has injuries, and different teams handle them differently.
Jason Kidd
The biggest problem is integrating people from countries with Islamic agrarian cultures. They don’t share with us the core values of modernity and think quite differently about relationships between women and men and individual responsibility.
Pim Fortuyn
I’ve always wanted to be a DJ so I could play the music I love for other people. That feeling hasn’t changed, but my sets are always evolving. In terms of tailoring to a specific crowd, certainly I do play differently depending on the situation. It’s a different feel, for example, in a small club versus a festival.
As the governor of this state, I obviously see the issue quite differently.
Gray Davis
Coming out was crucial to changing attitudes about gays and lesbians: will people feel differently about abortion if they know their mother, their aunt, or their friend had one?
Katha Pollitt
Just because someone or something thinks differently than you do, it doesn’t mean that it’s not thinking.
Morten Tyldum
One of the advantages of having to live with JUnit for 8 years is now we can look back and see which decisions we made worked nicely and which we would have done differently.
Kent Beck
Contrary to popular view, I’ve never been patronized in the Middle East. Men maybe treat women differently, but they do not treat them with disrespect. They don’t hate women. It’s a very different kind of mentality.
Zaha Hadid
Everybody handles protesters differently.
Rick Scott
We try to treat everywhere we play differently and that’s really important.
Colin Greenwood
Most teachers are not trained in how boys and girls lea

Most teachers are not trained in how boys and girls learn differently.
Michael Gurian
Strangely enough, politics may just be the one realm in which having kids imposes no penalty on women. Kids are practically a necessity. For scientists, or Supreme Court justices, or chief executives, or the woman who wants to learn to fly F-l8s off an aircraft carrier, it works differently.
Stacy Schiff
If you asked me today if there’s a piece that I would do differently – there’s nothing. Regret happens with all my films.
Raoul Peck
You know that I’m always a proponent of doing things differently.
Roger Goodell
Silos and bureaucracy are well-oiled machines in corporate America, but they are ultimately perpetuated by individual behavior. If we start behaving differently, we can create change. In other words, shifting your focus onto the team – or the ship as a whole, not just yourself – will have meaningful impact.
Chris Fussell
I chose Rio Ave because I had something in my head about wanting to do it differently to how I had done it in my past. Something new.
Carlos Carvalhal
I know, being the odd one out can feel brutal. But, rest assured, it’s also wonderful – because your desire to do things differently isn’t ‘uncool.’ In fact, it’s the exact opposite.
Kathryn Minshew
In therapy, I see myself in the mirror differently.
Ricky Williams
We all drive differently and have different styles. For me I need a car I can develop beneath me and feel comfortable in. If the car feels neutral and unbalanced it doesn’t work for me.
Jenson Button
In cartoons, in movies, time passes differently. There are flashbacks and flashfowards.
Warren Spector
You work with every actor differently. It’s like if you’re a mother, if you have children, some children need more discipline. Other children, you back off of a little bit and let them be. It’s the same way with actors. Some actors need a lot of hand holding. Other actors like to be let be, and you let them go.
Rob Reiner
Men and women study things differently, and it’s not because of our chromosomes. It’s a product of our cultural conditioning.
Hope Jahren
I think Messi is an absolute giant in the game. Not so much because of his dribbles and actions. That’s why most people rate him. But I think, differently from others, that he is phenomenal in his teamplay and combination play.
Robin Van Persie
Both my parents are artists, so that just makes me look at everything slightly different. I listened to different music; I dressed differently. So I kind of grew up without following the pack.
Jason Momoa
‘Hellraiser’ was what ‘Hellraiser’ was. It was a $900k movie, and there wasn’t anything I would have done differently. But ‘Nightbreed’ was taken away from me. It was thought that its meaning wasn’t… Its meaning didn’t chime with the producers.
Clive Barker
Tennis players go into a press conference, and almost every one of them is the same. We do very little differently on a day-to-day basis.
Lleyton Hewitt
My style statement is fun and flirty. My wardrobe must-haves are a good dress that can be styled differently, a good pair of jeans, and a few nice tops.
Tena Desae
The same stimuli in the world can be inducing very different experiences internally and it’s probably based on a single change in a gene. What I am doing is pulling the gene forward and imaging and doing behavioural tests to understand what that difference is and how reality can be constructed so differently.
David Eagleman
Of all the unhappiness I went through, you must know I wouldn’t live a moment of my life differently for what I have now. Would I do it all again? I wouldn’t want to, but if it got me to the same place, yeah, I’d do it. Because I realize now that God would not give more than I could handle.
Nell Carter
Stress is a byproduct of subconscious beliefs you have about the world. You can’t choose not to believe something. You believe it because you think it’s true. To eliminate stress, you must learn to challenge these beliefs so that you see them differently.
Andrew J. Bernstein
Artists realise that mathematicians have a way of looking at the world that can make them see things differently.
Marcus du Sautoy
I think the graphic novel form works, in practice, a lot differently from watching a movie. You can put it down and pick it back up whenever you want – something you can’t do in a theater.
Travis Beacham
I was a woman in a man’s world. I was a Democrat in a Republican administration. I was an intellectual in a world of bureaucrats. I talked differently. This may have made me a bit like an ink blot.
Jeane Kirkpatrick
One of the biggest ways to level the playing field is to give all young people the same context on what opportunities are out there. And that means touching on some of the questions that are a little taboo in society: How much money do you make? What are your stresses? What would you do differently if you could?
Sal Khan
I feel differently immediately when I start to put weight on. I don’t like that sluggish, blunted disposition that I have when that happens.
Mehmet Oz
It is impossible to do a thing the way I see it because the closer I get the more differently I see.
Alberto Giacometti
You cannot say things one week and then behave differently.
Brian O’Driscoll
I think it’s natural as you get to the end of your twenties to start thinking about what you could have done differently – whether they went well or whether they went terribly.
Bryan Lee O’Malley
I don’t think anyone ever gets over the surprise of how differently one audience’s reaction is from another.
Dick Cavett
Potato salad is very personal: everyone makes theirs differently.
Trisha Yearwood
Different refs judge fights differently.
Joseph Parker
I don't wish I did anything differently. The most impor

I don’t wish I did anything differently. The most important thing to me was to play baseball.
Eddie Murray
Yellow fever outbreaks are not uncommon. But, as with other infectious diseases, when they occur in urban areas, they can play out very differently – not least in terms of the speed and scale at which they can spread.
Seth Berkley
I’m playing George quite a bit differently this season, and I’m glad you picked up on the fact that she kind of made peace with her situation at the end of last season.
Ellen Muth
I was really confident when I left WWE. I was confident that I would have a good time, and I was confident that I could wrestle differently than perhaps people saw me in the last few years with WWE, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for this level of everything.
Cody Rhodes
Apple makes great hardware. The reality is, in the OS, we see things differently.
B. Kevin Turner
Regrets are idle; yet history is one long regret. Everything might have turned out so differently.
Charles Dudley Warner
It is never the case that I will push myself more for the World Championships and play differently in a Super Series or vice-versa.
P. V. Sindhu
When you get sick and it’s extended, you go through all these mental phases, and everyone handles them differently.
Josh Homme
That’s a big deal for kids, when they come into the kitchen and the teacher is drinking coffee with mom. They react differently on the next day when you say: ‘Sit down and shut-up!’
Ed O’Neill
I think people perceive me completely differently than how I perceive myself. I see myself as a sweet, cosy, motherly type. We all want people to be more glamorous and daring and adventurous than they actually are.
Jade Jagger
At the time of the Silver Jubilee, I was a grumpy anti-monarchist. I didn’t celebrate and was appalled by the celebrations. In my idiocy, I missed out! I feel completely differently now compared with that time.
Helen Mirren
In schools giving students a full education, not to create great artists but about the right to have full expression and imagination and creativity, along with an acknowledgement that everybody learns differently. You try and you fail and you try again. All those skills are useful in the workplace, too.
Damian Woetzel
When you have a spiritual foundation, you look at poverty differently then.
Dennis Banks
I think music is my favorite thing to do, but I go through periods where I think differently.
Nat Wolff
I get thousands of letters, and they give me a feeling of how each book is perceived. Often I think I have written about a certain theme, but by reading the letters or reviews, I realise that everybody sees the book differently.
Isabel Allende
The post-crisis perception, at least in the media, appears to be one of Americans being held down by Wall Street, by big companies in the private sector, and by the wealthy. Capitalism is on trial. I see it a little differently. If a lender offers me free money, I do not have to take it.
Michael Burry
You get really scrappy when you’re making things for zero dollars, and you just have to keep thinking like that. It’s not like, ‘Oh, we now have a little bit more money, let’s do things differently.’ If you just keep boiling it down to the simplest possible way to make it, I think that always ends up being the best.
Jon Watts
Mama showed me that I didn’t have to change just because someone else saw things differently. She showed me that having differences is normal and that I didn’t have to be afraid of the differences in all of us.
Priscilla Chan
Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot and seen things differently than any other average high school kid.
Jalen Brunson
I wasn’t bullied or anything, but I was treated differently because I was an actor, and I had big dreams.
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time.
Ornette Coleman
Richard Pryor introduced me to the world of the inner city, and the urban world, and did it hysterically. My favorite comedian, even though we work 180 degrees differently, but funny is funny is funny.
Bob Newhart
I’m a different person who’s not my father or my mother. I want to be treated differently from them. I am myself, Twinkle Khanna. I am proud of being the daughter of such illustrious parents, but I would not like to be compared with them time and again.
Twinkle Khanna
I’m a mother now and married, and knowing what I know now, I would definitely have gone about things quite differently.
Rebecca Loos
Love is an emotion. It can’t be seen or touched, and it is experienced differently by everyone, therefore it is difficult to measure.
Marian Keyes
How does anybody change from the time that they’re 18 till they’re 25? Everything kind of changes. You see the world much differently, and you get your priorities in order a little bit more.
James Lafferty
In your teens, you get the physical puberty, and between 28 and 32, mental puberty. It does make you feel differently.
Kate Bush
Everybody eats a little differently, but the more where you are aware of what you put in your body and how it affects your performance, the better opportunities you have. And that’s what I’m trying to do.
Aaron Rodgers
There’s no law of physics that says we have to be an unsustainable society – in fact, quite the opposite. The planet’s ready to work with us if we’re ready to think differently, but we do have to make that jump and start to do things in new ways.
Alex Steffen
More and more, museums will look at restaurants and chefs differently – as if they are curating art.
Danny Meyer
When you perform, you can convey emotions differently, and your look can reflect each of those emotions.
Rita Ora
If there is anything I would do differently in my life,

If there is anything I would do differently in my life, it is that I would study business more. I’m trying to teach my daughter Chloe at an early age about investing and money so she’s not afraid of it.
Donna Mills
In the music business, we all do different things, but we sit there and admire other people who can write a song differently or sing differently. It’s not so competitive.
Barbra Streisand
Because of the tax on being different, individual actors in the labour market from different backgrounds can rationally value the same opportunities differently.
Vivienne Ming
Our schools too often want to shut people up so they can’t talk about real solutions. People who think differently tend to clam up because they think something is wrong with their ideas.
Ben Carson
There isn’t a right or wrong way to be depressed, anxious, or struggle with PTSD. Mental health challenges manifest differently for different people, and it’s important that people see that on-screen.
Jessica Barden
Sometimes keepers are looked at differently to outfield players.
Brendan Rodgers
It’s not a case of: ‘Read this book and then you’ll think differently. I’ve written this book, and I don’t think differently.
Daniel Kahneman
Fitness is defined differently by everyone, but for me, the most important thing is being healthy. As tennis players, what we do is not the healthiest thing. We almost abuse our bodies.
Sania Mirza
Whenever I approach a record, I don’t really have a science to it. I approach every record differently. First record was in a home studio. Second record was a live record. Third record was made while I was on tour. Fourth record was made over the course of, like, two years in David Kahn’s basement.
Different people, in good faith, can look at the same fact and interpret it differently. But that’s where an interesting conversation begins.
Eric Schlosser