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I loved WWE , but in the end, I was unhappy. It was jus

I loved WWE , but in the end, I was unhappy. It was just like planning an escape from a maximum security prison. I’d released a list of potential opponents online, so when the 90-day no-compete clause was up, I had matches booked on good faith. I thought about the follow-up.
Cody Rhodes
There is never a shortage anywhere of lawyers eager to attack the First Amendment, as though it were nothing more than a clause in a lease from a crooked slumlord.
Kurt Vonnegut
Few provisions of the Constitution are more plain than Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7: ‘No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.’
Tom Malinowski
The logic is often far-fetched – how does medical marijuana affect interstate commerce? – and some conservatives would like judges to start throwing out federal laws wholesale on commerce clause grounds. The court once again said no thanks.
Michael Kinsley
The Supreme Court has never ruled that Congress can use the Commerce Clause to require individuals to engage in an activity they have chosen to avoid. Yet that is precisely what Obamacare does: It forces Americans without health insurance to purchase coverage. Such a requirement is unprecedented and unconstitutional.
John Cornyn
I think I was about 30 before I realized that not every family talks about the presentment clause on a regular basis.
Mike Lee
I was one of the wildest Santa Clauses they ever had.
Mr. T
If you look at the Constitution, the two clauses of the Constitution make it very clear the president shall nominate, and the Senate shall provide advice and consent. It’s been since 1888 that a Senate of a different party than the president in the White House confirmed a Supreme Court nominee.
Cory Gardner
I came to Turin above all for my family, because at Manchester, they had inserted a clause in our agreement which changed the situation considerably. It really annoyed me.
Patrice Evra
People tell me if I don’t eat vegetables, I’m going to get scurvy. Well, what the hell. But I was never overweight as a player. There was a clause in my contract that said I had to weigh in at 270 every Friday morning. I always made it. I’d have dinner on Monday, and then I wouldn’t eat until Friday.
Art Donovan
You can’t solve a problem as complex as inequality in one legal clause.
Theresa May
If you want me in your film, do a favored-nation clause. Don’t determine my worth based on what’s left over.
Jessica Chastain
The Supreme Court, in 2005, emphasized and contrasted the great power of Congress under the Commerce Clause to regulate interstate commerce versus much more limited federal power under the discarded Articles of Confederation.
Barbara Ann Radnofsky
Arbitration clauses have become prevalent in most corporate agreements or contracts for employees.
Gretchen Carlson
Use of a mentally ill person’s involuntary confession is antithetical to the notion of fundamental fairness embodied in the due process clause.
William J. Brennan, Jr.
Magna Carta has 63 clauses in abbreviated Latin. Two of them that are still on the statute book, numbers 39 and 40, could be said to have changed the way in which the free world has grown.
Melvyn Bragg
In their rules there was only one clause: Do what you will.
Francois Rabelais
The United States has made a massive effort since the end of the Second World War to secure the dominance of its films in foreign markets – an achievement generally pushed home politically, by writing clauses into various treaties and aid packages.
Fredric Jameson
I had it in my contract with CBS, a very weird clause that was never written before and certainly not since, that if I wanted to do a variety show within the first five years of the contract, CBS would have to put it on for 30 shows.
Carol Burnett
There are really only a handful of directors who have a final cut clause in Hollywood. You only get that power if you’ve made a couple of hundred-million-dollar successes.
Gillian Armstrong
President Trump is taking foreign money through his businesses, which is in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.
Zephyr Teachout
Money is speech. It’s incongruous to say a multimillionaire can spend as much on his own campaign as he wants, but you can only give $2,300. His free speech rights are different from yours, thus violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. It’s absurd.
Roger Stone
The ‘takings’ clause of the Fifth Amendment is for conservatives what the equal protection clause of the 14th is for liberals.
Michael Kinsley
I don’t have a no-trade clause. I figure someone is going to pick me up.
Bobby Bonilla
I think we should talk about what the objectives of the party are, whether that’s restoring the Clause Four as it was originally written or it’s a different one, but I think we shouldn’t shy away from public participation, public investment in industry, and public control of the railways.
Jeremy Corbyn
I don’t think that if Justin Trudeau came back from the NAFTA negotiations with a new clause – ‘Oh, by the way, there’s going to be a new legislature that Americans will send members to that will pass laws that will bind Canada’ – I don’t believe Canada would ever go for that.
Andrew Scheer
When the 14th Amendment, equal protection clause was enacted, the galleries in the Senate were segregated. Now we have integration.
Arlen Specter
A morality clause is a grey area that the powers that be say if it is immoral, than it’s immoral, and you are getting fired.
Shane Douglas
Language is not merely a set of unrelated sounds, clauses, rules, and meanings; it is a total coherent system of these integrating with each other, and with behavior, context, universe of discourse, and observer perspective.
Kenneth L. Pike
Partly because the town is just finicky, there are strange Catch 22 clauses in the consciousness of this community and one of them was that you, I found out, you can’t do a comedy unless you’ve just done a comedy.
Val Kilmer
Look, I support gay marriage from a policy/voting booth perspective. I also happen to think that gay marriage bans like Prop 8 are violations of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause. And I suspect including gay marriage under the umbrella of ‘marriage’ will strengthen families.
Will Cain
We have to have a good look at the Constitution. Let's

We have to have a good look at the Constitution. Let’s determine where the shortcomings are. Then we can start talking of clauses.
Cyril Ramaphosa
The real difference between the United States and other nations lies not in the words of the preamble to the Constitution, but in the fact that the substantive clauses of that Constitution are enforced by individuals independent of and not beholden to the elected branches.
Harold H. Greene
In the absence of a limitation on local enforcement powers, the states are bound by the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution to enforce violations of the federal immigration laws.
Russell Pearce
Either the Obamacare is a dead letter, or the origination clause is; we can’t have both.
Trent Franks
When Tim Allen made The Santa Clause, I thought that was a delightful film. It took a modern sensibility but layered onto it a kind of sentiment.
Leonard Maltin
I never had a special social media clause, I had a standard contract, the same as every other player.
Israel Folau
I had been warned not to get on a motorcycle, sort of. I think there is a clause in most general basic contracts to keep yourself in one piece and not alter your looks without telling them first.
Charisma Carpenter
A ban on same-sex marriage violates the state Constitution’s equal protection clause.
Lisa Madigan
Some say the Constitution has robbed us of a proper land redistribution process. Others would want to look at other clauses. Well, it’s South Africa. Everything is transparent and open for debate.
Cyril Ramaphosa
The applicability of the Establishment Clause to public funding of benefits to religious schools was settled in Everson v. Board of Ed. of Ewing, which inaugurated the modern era of establishment doctrine.
David Souter
‘419 scams,’ named for a clause from the Nigerian penal code, are such a part of the white noise of the digital age that we no longer notice them.
Evan Osnos
I’ve made six films for Disney, and they have a clause in their contracts called the morality clause that I’ve always refused to sign.
Stellan Skarsgard
Knowing constitutional law helps one at the opera. The trial in ‘Billy Budd,’ as example, invokes the fugitive slave clause of the U.S. Constitution.
Karen DeCrow
The emoluments clause is in the Constitution for a reason: We, as Americans, need to know that the president acts in our best interests, not his own self-interest.
Rashida Tlaib