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When I was on SmackDown, I would say we had the most we

When I was on SmackDown, I would say we had the most well-rounded women’s division, and I think that’s all because of the opportunities SmackDown gives. I think it was definitely the right place for me to start.
Alexa Bliss
Management, whether you’re managing in the lower division or you’re right at the top, is about getting the best out of what you’ve got.
Steve Bruce
Nobody – nobody – in my division wants to fight me, because I am the hardest fight for anybody.
Kamaru Usman
I like stuff like Joy Division and Verdi, and then some naff stuff.
Craig Revel Horwood
For me to propose a division of Jerusalem was really terrible. I did it because I reached a conclusion that without which there will not be peace.
Ehud Olmert
I want to be one of the elite fighters in the division.
Marcos Maidana
My attitude is, a monument, a statue, ought to signify unity instead of division.
Bill Nelson
The heavyweight division is dangerous because one punch can end everything.
Fabricio Werdum
There are many great fighters in the UFC; some of my favorites are Rodrigo Nogueira, Lyoto Machida, and B. J. Penn, but aside from these guys, the UFC has many great fighters in every division.
Anderson Silva
When people were selling the politics of fear and division and destruction, we were talking about hope. We were talking about the politics of joy.
Ilhan Omar
Everybody knows they’re on the Obama team: There isn’t vice presidential vs. presidential division, there’s not a generational pull. People have internalized that this is a real moment in history.
Rahm Emanuel
But now in open division, I get to fight a lot more. I actually like that.
Claressa Shields
Even when I was being recruited here to the University of Virginia, a lot of people in my own community didn’t think I was Division I football material because I played at a small private school.
Chris Long
Football is football; I don’t care if you’re doing it in Division II, NAIA, or in the SEC or anything in between.
Carson Wentz
Thinking of ourselves as members of ‘this group’ or ‘that group,’ I think that’s a recipe for division.
Wendy Long
I’m getting a little bored by the juxtaposition of American and other cinema. I no longer think this division is as true as it might have been in the 1980s, or the early part of the 90s.
Wim Wenders
I don’t see any division between the comic and the tragic. I feel like I’m writing about serious things, and humour is one of my tools. It’s not contrived, just part of my world, part of the way things are to me.
Miriam Toews
I remember, as a kid, we would go and watch the Red Arrows, and I thought it was similar to British wrestlers and the acrobatic division.
A fight with Tony Bellew would be a momentous occasion. He is a good boxer and a good person, and I also have the option to move into the heavyweight division.
Oleksandr Usyk
I go to a wrestling match, and I love it. But at a wrestling match, on every level – that includes Division I – you go into an empty and cold gym, you roll out a mat, and you set 10 chairs up on each side. That’s a dual meet, and it’s very hard to act like it’s a big event.
Chael Sonnen
In this league you might have a quarterback within your division that you’re worried about running all over the place, the next week it’s a running back, so to be able to have multiple answers for every situation is probably a benefit for everybody.
Bret Bielema
We must bring unity of spirit and purpose and condemn hatred and division wherever we see it.
George Osborne
The reason Joy Division and New Order are as influential and successful as they are is because of the unique playing of all the individuals.
Peter Hook
In recent years it’s become really apparent, the division between what government is and what communities want.
Ashley Zukerman
In a lot of ways, civil rights division is the conscience of the Justice Department. You can almost measure what kind of Justice Department you have by what kind of civil rights division that you have.
Eric Holder
I feel like the X Division, when it first started out, it was the thing that made TNA different than everything else that was on the scene. It was also the thing that brought a lot of the buzz around TNA in the very beginning.
Christopher Daniels
The athletes are still out competing the same as a Division I team, and I think we’ve done a good job of creating an atmosphere where they’re responsible for their actions and their play.
Cat Osterman
The only difference between me and Anthony Joshua is that he’s made more money. He’s a heavyweight and thats the blue ribbon division but that’s the only difference.
James DeGale
How many people in the women’s division can say they wrestled Robert Stone? Just me. To me that’s cool. It doesn’t always matter if you’re in the title picture, you just gotta make the best of what you’re given and it was fun for me.
Rhea Ripley
I believe 168 is my division and I’m willing to take on all-comers.
Callum Smith
Bar none, hands down, no matter what division I’m in, I am one of the best fighters in the world.
Michael Chiesa
I've been talking about unifying the division for a lon

I’ve been talking about unifying the division for a long time.
Deontay Wilder
Anyone with a belt in my weight division I want to fight.
Chris Eubank Jr.
The divisive environment my grandfather created in the family is the water that Donald has always swum in, and that division continues to benefit him at the expense of everyone else.
Mary L. Trump
At 17… I went to the second division in Spain, played a lot of minutes, and we actually won that league.
Jose Calderon
Although the flagship brand, Pepsi-Cola, has always been second to Coca-Cola, the Frito-Lay division is ten times larger than its largest competitor, Diamond Foods, Inc., of San Francisco. Its products take up whole aisles at Walmart.
John Seabrook
I’m the bad guy of the division.
Colby Covington
People make a big deal about celebrations and what’s appropriate and what’s not. But just talking with some veteran guys, I think anytime you get a chance to celebrate with your team, regardless if it’s winning the division or winning a series, whatever it is, you take advantage of that.
Clayton Kershaw
I was raised – professionally – in the Public Integrity Section. I started in 1976, stayed there for 12 years. It was formed after Watergate by then-head of the Criminal Division Dick Thornburgh, who ultimately became Attorney General.
Eric Holder
To my great disappointment, it appears that the politics of division are making a big comeback. Many Americans share my disappointment – especially those who were filled with great hope a few years ago, when then-Senator Obama announced his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois.
Paul Ryan
In college wrestling, you see a lot of talented athletes come in and fail because Division I class wrestling is the pinnacle of wrestling in America.
Ben Askren
Austin Aries is a guy that has been the longest-reigning ‘X Division’ champion, has proven himself all over the world before he even got to TNA, and is well-respected in the industry, so I think he’s a guy to look out for and I look forward to working with.
Bobby Roode
I feel great at 145. This is my division. I’m open to fight anybody.
Cris Cyborg
We need to start looking at some of the root causes of division. And one of the reasons why people are exploited to hate, to fear others is that people are afraid in their own lives.
Jagmeet Singh
In the division, yeah, I believe I have the best ground game.
Charles Oliveira
The heavyweight division needs me.
Tommy Morrison
I’ve been Intercontinental Champion lots of times, Television Champion. One of my favorites has been the Hardcore Championship because it reflected my favorite style, and I feel that the X Division belt does that, too.
Rob Van Dam
To me, the X Division has been the core of Impact, and my all-time dream match is AJ Styles, and he was one of the pioneers of the X Division.
Brian Cage
It is an absolutely unique success of the church community to have introduced such an epoch-making change, in just a few years, without having a serious division.
Hans Kung
For my part, I make this pledge to all of you: The politics of division, of pitting east against west, urban versus rural, region against region, and people against people will have no place in my Administration.
Ed Rendell
I tried my best to ensure I kept the respect for the middleweight division in the tradition of Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake La Motta.
Marvin Hagler
The ‘AEW’ women’s championship will be the cornerstone of the women’s division. The championship will be treated with the utmost respect and prestige. We hope to inspire future female wrestlers to dream of holding such a meaningful title.
Brandi Rhodes
The welterweight division has really emerged as one of our most exciting weight classes.
Scott Coker
I want to be the first champion of the 125-pound division.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
I thought my time in TNA went about as well as it possibly could for what it was. With me being as young as I was and them trying to highlight the x division like they did.
Roderick Strong
I’ve seen a couple white girls coming to my concerts wearing head wraps, and I think they look so cute. It’s kind of sad to see that people are really into separation, trying to separate everybody and making a clear division of ‘us against you,’ even with fashion. That sucks. It’s not the way the world is supposed to be.
I am the top guy in the super middleweight division.
Caleb Plant
I’ve lined the field. I’ve washed the uniforms. I’ve washed my own equipment. Those Division I guys don’t understand that. I’ve worked myself up the ladder.
Will Muschamp
I believe that in America, freedom and individual liberty will, in the end, always triumph over class division and collectivism with voters of all stripes.
Robert C. O’Brien
At Amazon, we were not working with the e-commerce division but with the Web services team. We started Flipkart completely from scrap. Moreover, the whole shopping behaviour and infrastructure challenges in the Indian market were different from that in the U.S. and European markets.
Sachin Bansal