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The best players will play. That's the way it will alwa

The best players will play. That’s the way it will always be.
Larry Bird
I know it’s more five-star now than it was then, but it’s still a difficult tour. In the same way as India and Pakistan players find it difficult coming to Australia. People sometimes have difficulty believing that.
Richie Benaud
If you don’t win a Super Bowl, you’re not considered successful in the National Football League. I can remember, when we finally won that first one, feeling so good for the players and fans.
Tom Landry
At Atletico, I always played with older players, sometimes out of position. I’d keep going back until I beat them.
Saul Niguez
I would never want Ukraine to be a piece on the map, on the chessboard of big global players, so that someone could toss us around, use us as cover, as part of some bargain.
Volodymyr Zelensky
If there is one thing that all players have in common it is that winning, competitive gene; the ability to overcome obstacles and fight for what you want from your career.
Andres Iniesta
It’s great to have atmosphere at the stadium, but football is all about the players.
Players have a great deal of flexibility when conducting diplomatic relations with their allies.
Mike Simpson
There is no reason why one should believe you should leave out politicians in cricket or any sport for that matter. There are ways and means in which government can assist in the management and development of players.
Roosevelt Skerrit
I can understand why some of these drummers and bass players become cult figures with all of their equipment and the incredible amount of technique they have. But there’s very little that I think satisfies you intellectually or emotionally.
Ken Burns
A lot of them have families to feed, and I think it’s a tragic situation where players aren’t comfortable speaking what’s on their mind or what’s right because they’re afraid of consequences that come along with it. That’s not an ideal environment for anybody.
Colin Kaepernick
When you go out on a football field, you are responsible for taking care of yourself. The more rules you get, the less players truly take care of themselves.
Jim Brown
We draft mostly high school kids and we have one of the finest, if not the finest, player development programs and coaching staffs and we teach our players the right way to play. We also have a game plan in scouting, and there are certain types of players that we look for.
Roy Clark
Barcelona has always had issues with Brazilian players: Neymar, Romario, Ronaldinho, and me. We were all treated badly by the club in the end, despite all our contributions and dedication.
I think English is very important for tennis players. To be on the tour, it’s much more easier if you speak English. So that’s why I knew that I have to improve my English.
Petra Kvitova
There are a few players who don’t like to think about the game.
Sachin Tendulkar
I think sometimes players must have a wake-up call before they realise they are back in African football.
Jay-Jay Okocha
I criticize a lot of players and coaches. But I back it up with facts. A lot of times guys get mad at me because someone told them what I said. I say, ‘You’re wrong: Go check the tape.’
Phil Simms
It’s not just about talent. It’s about having players with good mentality.
Chris Coleman
But to be fair, if you take players from my era to now, the game has changed and the players have many more shots. They use them differently than we did. The speed of the game has changed.
Ivan Lendl
I spent a few years here in Memphis, in the late ’70s and early ’80s, where I was studying a lot of country blues players and their styles. So it seems like every record I’ll do, I will appropriate these blues styles that I remember.
Alex Chilton
Yes, we’ve seen it all before. And yes, those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it. But no, the sky is not falling – baseball is such a great game that neither the owners nor the players can kill it. After some necessary carnage, market forces will prevail.
John Thorn
Some players lose motivation, but going to the court every day helped me.
Sofia Kenin
As a manager, the more consistent you are, the better off you are. It’s easy to be up when things go well. When things don’t go well, the players will follow your lead. So you have to be consistent and upbeat, which takes some work sometimes.
Terry Francona
I’m not buddy-buddy with the players. If they need a buddy, let them buy a dog.
Whitey Herzog
Players lose you games, not tactics. There’s so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes.
Brian Clough
I always felt if you were going to be successful, make sure you get good people. You win with great players. Coaches don’t win games. Players win games.
Hank Stram
I prefer Liverpool. The way we play is good for all of our players.
Sadio Mane
Just to be in the locker room with the NHL players, go out to dinner with them, hang out with them. I feel like it was an invaluable experience and kind of like going to Harvard law school, I guess, because that’s the best education you could get being around guys like that.
Jack Hughes
As players we’re held accountable for poor performance, I think the same should be said for journalists.
C. J. McCollum
I don’t want it to be comfortable for players to step in, stroll about and walk away with three points. But there won’t be any old-school flat balls, cold tea or wet floors.
Chris Wilder
I'm starting to see players copy what I do. I'm flatter

I’m starting to see players copy what I do. I’m flattered.
Dennis Rodman
I learned a lot in the Minor Leagues, spending six years there. I honed my skills, as far as coaching goes. I was able to work with the players in a lot of facets of the game.
Ryne Sandberg
The movements which I make I cannot possibly repress because, at the time, I am actually the idea I am interpreting, and naturally I picture my players and auditors as in accord with me. I know, of course, that my mannerisms have been widely discussed.
John Philip Sousa
It’s always about ‘what have you done for me lately.’ As players we see what is going on.
Malik Jackson
A different type of human has to play that sport. Hockey players keep fighting – nobody cares what’s wrong with you, as long as you have one foot to skate on, you keep playing.
Davis Webb
The captain at international level has to be someone who is one of the first names on the team sheet, someone who has the respect of the other players and someone who has good leadership qualities.
Jamie Carragher
My goal is to outwork everybody in recruiting, sign the best players in the state, and turn these guys into the best team we can.
Kirby Smart
Sports build good habits, confidence, and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities.
Julie Foudy
You can’t win unless you have good people with great attitude. They are the ones who won the games. I didn’t win any games. You never saw a coach make a tackle anywhere. My philosophy was to get the best players and then try to do something new with them.
Hank Stram
My shoe has been going through evolution, and we having great feedback from the 1 to the 2 and the 2.5’s, so I think just consistency. The biggest thing I wanted to accomplish was a shoe that basketball players loved and felt like they have an advantage out of.
Paul George
The great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.
Blaine Lee
So, the international community are all the countries that are important: the United States definitely everywhere; the European Union because it is very important, and also, they do show a great deal of international responsibility; and then the local players.
Lakhdar Brahimi
Every team needs goalscorers, attacking players, players who can sweep up the ball, but every team needs that someone who can be the link between defence and attack. The greatest teams always have that sort of player.
Harry Winks
I’ve gained a lot of experience playing with some of the top players in the world from different countries.
Lindsey Horan
Certainly, our work has identified CTE in many professional football players, but we’re also seeing it in a very high percentage of college players.
Ann McKee
It’s important to make sure your players have the mindset that playing international cricket is still the ultimate form of cricket.
AB de Villiers
Finding myself in a final with Atletico makes me happy. Why? Because I know the feelings of all the people at the club – because I know how the players feel. They need to see their team as champions, so we have more fans every day.
Diego Simeone
We should because when coaches get fired, the players have a lot to do with it.
Allen Iverson
The players make the manager, it’s never the other way.
Sparky Anderson
The Dodgers told me a big bonus was no good, and they said other players would resent it. Better for me to take a small amount of money and work my way.
Roberto Clemente
I’m not God’s gift to rockabilly. There’s great players out there, and some of them deserve a lot more than they’ve gotten.
Brian Setzer
Superstar NBA players don’t just change positions in their prime. Not eight years into their careers… not when they’ve been consistently at the top of the league in scoring… and especially not when their team lacks another dominant scorer.
Trevor Ariza
Somebody tell the damn players to start playing like old school.
Karl Malone
When a point guard is unselfish and thinking about the team, about winning first, it relates to the other players. So, I think that is my style of play.
Ricky Rubio
Look, I’m in the top 20 of players who ever lived.
Charles Barkley
There weren’t many black players when I was growing up, and I remember playing and looking up to the ones that were playing.
Jarome Iginla
I’m a self-taught musician aside from what I’ve been able to pick up from other players.
Walter Becker