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I remember when we were having cage matches and Superfl

I remember when we were having cage matches and Superfly Snuka was the first to do this – both of us were doing dives off the top rope – but at MSG he did off the top of the cage onto Don Muraco.
Ricky Steamboat
I liked the generation of Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs, who I admired. I was a little bit jealous of Karel Poborsky who played in Manchester and experienced great matches. I know he still feels that love.
Pavel Nedved
Politicians wishing to set a better tone should have the discipline to avoid televised cage matches.
John Sununu
The human element, the human flaw and the human nobility – those are the reasons that chess matches are won or lost.
Viktor Korchnoi
I do love the Ashes and some of my best memories are from Ashes cricket. I just wish we’d played a few more Test matches.
Isa Guha
But when I’m losing a few matches, suddenly ‘It’s his fault’, ‘He doesn’t want to practice’, ‘He doesn’t need it’, ‘He doesn’t care’. And when everything goes well, there are people coming behind the stone, saying, ‘Oh, my God, he’s back finally, and I was there to help him out’.
Marat Safin
Tennis matches can last a long time and there are lots of times when all sorts of things can go through your mind.
Juan Martin del Potro
Obviously black matches with everything.
Bad Bunny
Matches in England are special.
Xabi Alonso
I don’t like friendly matches.
Marco van Basten
I’ve been in the ring with so many guys, and I’ve been in the ring quite a bit with Randy. The WWE live events are… a little bit different from what you see on TV. It seems to flow better; more matches, longer wrestling.
Roman Reigns
There’s probably a hundred more submission holds in the WWE because of me training to bring in those submissions so people could look at them a legitimize them for pro wrestling. You look at it before I was there and after I was there: it’s different matches.
Ken Shamrock
The train’s always full of football fans going up to see matches. Oh, they make sure I hear their points of view all right. They all want to have their say about their team, and make their opinions known.
Gary Lineker
I tend to like the last sentence I just wrote, which is: ‘It was late in the fall and the trees lining our driveway had turned red like a row of burning matches.’
Jess Walter
I still recall the first time I laid eyes on Ric. Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch were wrestling, at the time, in Minnesota, and they took a liking to this kid who’d been hanging around the matches. That kid was Ric Flair, and they brought him to my ranch in Amarillo, Texas.
Terry Funk
Piggie James was the storyline that brought LayCool to fruition and really started and helped develop our characters. It was a main storyline that, at the time, started giving Divas more screen time and longer matches – we even had a huge celebration.
Michelle McCool
I want Shogun because he’s a legend of the sport. I respect him very much. He has good style and it matches with mine. I want to fight him in Brazil.
Glover Teixeira
When my two boys were growing up and asking me about what I did and what kind of player I was I showed them all the matches from the European Championships in 1988 when we beat Germany in the semi-final and won the final against Russia.
Ronald Koeman
I meditate and I have cut out red meat. For me it is just breathing techniques, learning to be still, to control your thought processes, it calms you down. It wasn’t about dealing with the pressure of games – I’ve always been all right in matches.
Fabian Delph
I don’t think I’d be the wrestler or the athlete that I am today if I didn’t have some of the intergender matches that I have.
Tessa Blanchard
I definitely miss parts of wrestling like having matches, especially when I watch the product.
Eve Torres
When you are in the World Cup, you must focus on seven matches and not losing any.
Lukas Podolski
I prefer ECW’s style as far as the actual matches I’m capable of having.
Rob Van Dam
For my TakeOver matches, I was always just a huge mess, a huge ball of nerves.
I’ve had several tough matches. Just getting through it every day, it’s really motivating.
Denis Shapovalov
I produce the most exciting matches with pretty much any person on the roster. Pick any guy on the roster, and I can tell you a match I had with them that people can still remember.
Like everyone else, I thought Messi was the best player in the world, and to be here with him now is a fantastic honour. It’s a great experience watching him in training and in matches… the way he can transform a match is unbelievable.
Philippe Coutinho
I’ve had some of my best matches with Christian.
Randy Orton
You work throughout the week to be prepared for the matches you’re called upon to play. If you train badly you go into the matches with doubts.
Willy Caballero
I know I did not play an 11-a-side match until I was 12; even beyond that, we tended to play smaller-sized matches on smaller pitches.
Eric Dier
To win Test matches consistently you’ve got to take 20 wickets – yes, you’ve got to score runs but if you can’t bowl a team out it doesn’t matter how many runs you score.
Glenn McGrath
I don't think anybody in the world matches up with my s

I don’t think anybody in the world matches up with my skills. That’s just the way you’ve got to be when you step in the cage.
Corey Anderson
Wins and losses just blur into one as you move around the world playing matches.
Heather Watson
I’ve done a lot of ladder matches in my career and usually you come out a little more sore than you would in a regular match.
Christopher Daniels
If I could go back in time, I would have loved to have done more with Triple H. He blossomed into a bigger star after I left. I regret, looking back now, that we didn’t have more matches or better matches or at least one pay-per-view match where we could have really showed our best stuff – or, at least, I did.
Bret Hart
I saw United matches on TV as a kid in Sao Paulo. I loved watching Ruud van Nistelrooy. He was a hero for me because of the way he scored goals in all competitions.
A lot of my main-event matches will last around the half-hour mark, and if you can have a variety of emotions within that half hour, that’s a great story from start to finish.
Kenny Omega
There’s always a little bit of anticipation – some people call it nerves – the night before, and although I always slept pretty well before big matches, you want to be on edge a little bit to get the best out of yourself.
Glenn McGrath
I did one pudding match, but that was one or two times out of a span of 6 years or 7 years, and everybody wants to think that those 7 years were nothing but bra and panties matches when they weren’t.
Melina Perez
Sometimes you have chemistry with people that is undeniable, and it just works, and sometimes you have matches with someone you think you are going to have good chemistry with, and it just doesn’t turn out that way.
Kevin Owens
A lot of people have a different perspective on this but my personal view is that while things have become more professional with we being centrally contracted, we don’t play as regularly as the men do. The number of matches we play is too less as compared to men.
Mithali Raj
It’s not possible to win all matches.
Claudio Ranieri
You never know what your best is. I can’t limit myself to a 60 and say it is my best. If I can chase any total and if I win matches for India, then only it would be my best.
Smriti Mandhana
Not only was it that I surprised people by beating Bret Hart, but it was a great match. They still rate it as one of the best wrestling matches of all time.
Owen Hart
It’s important we win and because of the players we have we should win some matches in style.
Jamie Redknapp
I don’t want people to look back at my matches and say, ‘When you did that move, it was good, and I liked it because it was cool.’ I want people to sort of remember a rush of images and the emotion that they felt when they saw it. That’s when I think you have a real masterpiece in your hands.
Kenny Omega
Usually, I don’t look behind; every day, I’m looking at the next matches – what’s in front.
Unai Emery
When I was 17, I listened to reggae music. I loved Bob Marley. I started growing dreadlocks. It’s always been my way, that the outside matches what’s going on with me inside.
For a lot of lads, they grow up going to matches with fathers or mates. Those Saturday or Sundays where you head over to the stadium probably with a scarf on – knowing every word, every clap and every pause to the supporters’ chants.
Graeme Souness
I’ve had a few matches with Kevin Owens. I can recollect him taking advantage of me somehow underhandedly and me being walked and trampled all over and allowing it to happen.
I won’t say I have won many matches, but I used to take care to just do my role.
People think that coaching is about winning football matches – which, of course, it is – but throughout my career it has also been about helping people become better, more able to deal with life and be more successful in their lives, on and off the football pitch.
Graham Potter
As a wrestling promoter, I believe that it has to be a unique, special situation. Intergender matches should be treated on a case by case basis. If they become the norm, then I don’t think it is interesting.
Jeff Jarrett
Playing main-draw matches helps, and playing in front of crowds and playing in big matches definitely helps, getting them all under your belt.
Jack Sock
It’s all very well to go out there and put on an exciting match, while some of my matches are the most exciting out there, but having a character like mine that people can relate with is very important. I feel like that is a good reason why my character has worked.
Marty Scurll
I have always wanted to play for Barca since I was a kid. I watched all their matches.
Ousmane Dembele
At 15, I was a tape-ball ‘professional’ and would take ten rupees per game to win matches for different teams.
Wasim Akram