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There is no reason for me to show my collection in New

There is no reason for me to show my collection in New York, because it’s not about craft and technique there.
Zac Posen
I enjoy going to shows to study other artists. It is important to always remain a student to my craft.
Ravyn Lenae
What’s going to be hard for me is to try to divorce myself as much as possible from what I wrote. I’ll have to approach it simply as raw material and try to craft a film script out of it.
Michael Chabon
I describe management as arts, crafts and science. It is a practice that draws on arts, craft and science and there is a lot of craft – meaning experience – there is a certain amount of craft meaning insight, creativity and vision, and there is the use of science, technique or analysis.
Henry Mintzberg
Everywhere in the society, even my extended family, when they got to know that I am going to be an actor, they were very worried because there is a lot of negativity attached to my craft or being a heroine.
Bhumi Pednekar
The idea of exploring character relations and their development over a decade has to be appealing for any actor who cherishes his craft.
Vin Diesel
I get very competitive with myself and always look to better myself from my previous projects. I have learned that it’s important to work on the craft than the project.
Tahir Raj Bhasin
It’s rare that I’m not at work on some sort of craft project. I’ve often enthused about the need to make things; how it employs a unique set of muscles – physical, intellectual, spiritual – that I can attain a state of flow when making something that I almost never can when writing.
David Rakoff
I was really learning my craft as a jazz singer and working with some great players and all, really growing and feeling my wings.
Al Jarreau
The great thing for me, now, is that writing has become more and more interesting. Not just as a craft but as a way into things that are not described. It’s a thing of discovering. That’s when writing is really working. You’re on the trail of something, and you don’t quite know what it is.
Sam Shepard
I took my time to learn the craft and procedure. I wanted to do some substantial work first in cinema.
Harshvardhan Rane
I’m a geeky actor, in the way that I like the craft of acting.
Alan Tudyk
I came to L.A. with confidence in my craft, and I was very offended when I didn’t get a part. It took me awhile to understand that it is not always about your acting.
Zoe McLellan
I believe that I improve with every book I write – most writers will probably tell you the same thing. I’m still learning my craft and will be until the day I drop dead at my computer. In my opinion, art isn’t something that can be perfected. There’s always room for improvement.
David B. Coe
I hate to debunk the myth – kids don’t wanna hear it – but as songwriters, you have to polish your craft a little bit and hone it as much as possible.
Synyster Gates
What we hear now is great-sounding records with great-sounding grooves and loops. And the sound of these records is irresistible, but the craft of songwriting is just about over. That’s why, whenever I get an opportunity to do an album full of standards, I jump at it because I miss it.
Barry Manilow
There are so many actors that I meet that don’t act enough. Definitely take class, definitely train – that’s the most important thing you do. Build your craft. Become better.
Hill Harper
Film and stage are very different; I don’t necessarily prefer one over the other. Every few years, I get a big itch to go back to the theater. To learn humility, to learn bravery and to remind yourself that the pistons that drive your craft are working on full power. And to remind yourself how badly paid actors can be.
Rhys Ifans
In my time in the U.S. Senate, I tried to craft an energy policy… I will be part of President Obama’s efforts to achieve energy independence and enhance the landscape. I am also part of his reform agenda.
Ken Salazar
I’m so passionate and love the craft of movies and watch them over and over.
Joseph Benavidez
I think it takes an unbelievable amount of hours for anybody to master their craft.
Saint Jhn
There are a lot of considerations that come into play when you craft one of these ‘Saw’ scripts, and there’s only so much you can put into them.
Tobin Bell
I am not skilled enough or energetic enough to craft a persona. I just have to be who I am and hope people like it.
Pete Buttigieg
I take pride in my craft, and I work extremely hard.
Doug Baldwin
Work on your craft, and your career will come. Work on your community, and your career will come. But just work on your career, and you’ll have neither a craft nor a community.
Ali Farahnakian
Writing and creating, those things come to me on their own. I feel like… you sort of summon them and it’s like allowing the universe to enter your heart in an entirely different way to what it normally does. It’s like inviting that energy of the universe to enter into your craft in a way where it has a meaning.
Ryan Adams
Some bands today have the experience of really working together and honing their craft. And other bands are very much like, ‘I just got a guitar for Christmas, let’s start a band.’ And you can hear the difference.
Robbie Robertson
What I want people to take away from my music is that it’s important to listen. Especially for young people, your opinion is the one that counts the most when it comes to your craft.
I thought we would have at most an audience of 5,000 devotees because I made the decision to stick to craft, not to gossip, not to be interested in any of the juicy stuff that they talk about on other shows, but stick to the question of craft.
James Lipton
I think that I had read so much fiction that the craft itself sort of sank into me. I didn’t read any ‘how to’ books or attend any popular-fiction-writing classes or have a critique group. For many years into my writing, I didn’t even know another author. For me, a lot of reading was the best teacher.
Ann Maxwell
Rahman sir keeps pushing himself. He keeps trying new things, whether it is his craft, music or sound… he is always learning. He looks for opportunities to learn, even from children.
People like me for who I am, I don't wanna change that,

People like me for who I am, I don’t wanna change that, if anything I just wanna hone my craft and get better at it.
Tones and I
You’ve got to wake up and perfect your craft, every day, and at the end of the day, you know, you get the star power, magazines, photos shoots, but you’ve got to say humble, you’ve got to stay grounded.
Dion Waiters
In politics, it’s very theatrical. There’s a lot of stage craft. The campaign is trying to tell a story that they want people to believe in, and candidates are playing the role, like actors, by a creative personae that people will be attracted to.
Beau Willimon
Being a writer is a very difficult craft. Just like learning an instrument, it takes a long time and I couldn’t really say I was a writer even after my first memoir.
John Densmore
If you work hard and you believe in your craft and yourself, I don’t think nobody can stop you.
I always liked the magic of poetry but now I’m just starting to see behind the curtain of even the best poets, how they’ve used, tried and tested craft to create the illusion. Wonderful feeling of exhilaration to finally be there.
David Knopfler
I care deeply about craft: the quality of how something is made and the experience it enables.
Kevin Systrom
Even in making objects, as soon as you start to get the feeling that some form of craft is coming into place, you realize that everything is wrong. Because craft is really just a fetish. It is wasted energy. It’s about the object, some space which has nothing to do with the human.
Jeff Koons
Whenever you step on the ice, you need to be a student of the game and try to hone your craft. You’re never going to play a perfect match, but you’re always chasing that perfect game.
Hilary Knight
I use a stream-of-consciousness approach; if you don’t censor yourself, you end up with what you’re most concerned about, but you haven’t filtered it through your conscious mind. Then you craft it.
David Byrne
It wasn’t stone. It wasn’t welded steel. It wasn’t traditional sculpture. They thought it was craft, or something else, but not art. They couldn’t define it in the early Fifties when I was starting out.
Ruth Asawa
I started doing comedy because that was the only stage that I could find. It was the pure idea of being on stage. That was the only thing that interested me, along with learning the craft and working, and just being in productions with people.
Robin Williams
I hate the idea of massive fame. I think the scariest thing for an actor is when your name becomes bigger than your craft or what you can do.
Vanessa Kirby
The top athletes are consummate pros who work obsessively at their craft. Approach yours the same way.
Tom Peters
Joe Klein is the flower of American political journalism, a sharp raconteur who shows traces of the gonzo style that was in vogue when he was honing his craft at Rolling Stone back in the day.
Thomas Frank
I think what made Dancing With the Stars’ the number one show for so long, is that we take our craft seriously, we take our relationships seriously.
Valentin Chmerkovskiy
A writer must experiment with genres. Otherwise, it is a restriction on the craft.
Ravi Subramanian
I went to a seminar early in my career on the craft of storytelling by Robert McKee. It was really life altering. There are basic principles on how to craft an engaging story and he covers them well. He’s got a book out, ‘Story,’ that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in improve their storytelling.
Jane Jensen
Sticking with your craft goes a long way in ensuring that you’ll be successful.
Luvvie Ajayi
Independent films are the ones with the great possibility of keeping you on your toes, challenging your craft and skills, and forcing you to learn something new.
Manoj Bajpayee