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I always thought that Mario was kind of the bad guy - b

I always thought that Mario was kind of the bad guy – because if you knew about the game, there was supposed to be a back story where Mario was teasing the ape, and the ape stole his girlfriend, and this was kind of karma for Mario, you know?
Rich Moore
Mario Ruiz Massieu’s resignation places the ball very firmly in Zedillo’s court. A key decision he will have to make is whether he is going to govern with, without, or against his own party.
Denise Dresser
I went from being ‘Mario who?’ to ‘Mario baby!
Mario Van Peebles
Growing up as a queer child in Mississippi, I got my Nintendo in 1985, and I’ve been lost in this world ever since. When I was scared because my church said people like me were going to burn in hell, ‘Final Fantasy,’ ‘Dragon Warrior’ and ‘Super Mario’ offered a lifeboat.
Brianna Wu
My wife, she is so good. She was a famous singer – had a show in Carnegie Hall, did a big city tour for RCA. Then she made the mistake of marrying me. The next year, another tour, but the third year, she had Mario and said, ‘Either I’m a mother or a singer.’
Sirio Maccioni
For me, ‘Evil Urges’ was like a video game. If you play ‘Super Mario Brothers,’ there’s a level where it’s like a snowscape, and then there’s a level where it’s a desert and a level that’s like a jungle.
Jim James
I have run with the bulls in Pamplona. I have raced with Mario Andretti in Indianapolis. I have climbed the Great Wall of China. I have jumped out of airplanes over Kansas.
Craig Sager
My mom, who’s been in the restaurant business for 40 years, is the number-one influence in my life. But I look up to a lot of people in the industry. Tops on my list is Mario Batali. My mom and Mario taught me the same lesson: Food is love.
Rachael Ray
I take care of myself and take antioxidating supplements suggested by my best friend and first fan – he takes care of my Internet presence – Doctor Mario Rosario Porzio. I eat well – in fact, very well.
Ornella Muti
Nintendo has an enviable position of having the best franchises in this industry in terms of ‘Mario’ and ‘Zelda’ and ‘Metroid’ and ‘Donkey Kong’ and all of those great franchises. Together, those are a library that any developer would kill for.
Reggie Fils-Aime
I did once answer the question ‘What would you say on your tombstone?’ I know what I would say: ‘Mario Cuomo, 1932 – dash,’ and, ‘He tried.’ That’s it.
Mario Cuomo
I think I had ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Tetris’ around, and that’s it.
Ana de Armas
Should I get back to playing like the 18-year-old Mario Gotze again? I will never be the old Mario Gotze again.
Mario Gotze
I would love to work with Mario Testino. I respect all the work he has done and is doing.
Nyle DiMarco
I started wearing high heels when I first worked with Mario Testino. He is tall; I had to be at his height. And I have never stopped since then.
Carine Roitfeld
Lidia Bastianich, sorry, but kind of boring. I mean, I love Lidia, but you can fall asleep watching her. And Mario Batali? I love Mario to death… but he’s not romantic or sensual. Those are the things I bring to the table.
Giada De Laurentiis
I’m not a big gamer, really. I used to play back in the day – ‘Mario Brothers,’ ‘Mario Kart’ and ‘Mortal Kombat.’
Grace Park
‘Super Mario Maker’ clearly is going to drive hardware. There are consumers who have always wanted to make their levels of Mario games. So that game will really speak to those consumers.
Reggie Fils-Aime
Everyone talks about the good old days, when guys were tough and quarterbacks got crushed all the time, but back in the day, there weren’t defensive ends that were Mario Williams – 6-7, 300 pounds, 10 percent body fat, running a 4.7 40.
Carson Palmer
There are only a couple characters and people in the world where, in history, where you can go anywhere in the world and say that character or person, that name, that song, and everyone knows what it is. Mickey Mouse is one, Disney, in general. In terms of gaming, Super Mario, he’s everywhere.
Jordan Fisher
There are two metaphors for Mario the person and not Mario the footballer. I think I am a man, but I don’t believe I need to say it. But I could also be Peter Pan because I do things my own way and I am free. So, yes, maybe I should say that I am Peter Pan – although I am much more of a man.
Mario Balotelli
My knowledge of video games ends with Nintendo ‘Mario Bros.’
Gina Carano
Mesut Ozil, a Mario Gotze, a Mats Hummels, a Holger Badstuber, and so on – they are very mature even in their younger years.
Joachim Low
When I was a kid, we never had a videogame in my house. But my cousin did, and each time I went to her house I was able to play ‘Tetris’ and ‘Mario.’ Those were the only two games I played as a child.
Olga Kurylenko
Kids love the ‘Mario Brothers’ games, which are whimsical, inventive and lots of fun.
David Sheff
I used to subscribe to Nintendo Power. The first issue had ‘Mario 2,’ and it had all the characters rendered in clay. So I started making all of these characters out of clay.
Rhiannon Giddens
Mario Mandzukic works so hard for his team. He’s not only a No. 9 but also runs behind the defenders and drops into midfield.
Lothar Matthaus
If there is a person behaving more destructively in popular culture than Mario Lavandeira, I cannot think of one. He has used cruelty as a crass mechanism to build up his own celebrity and has utilized political correctness to protect himself while using it as a weapon to dehumanize those he doesn’t agree with.
Andrew Breitbart
That ‘Super Mario’ movie from the 1990s… left a really bad taste in the mouth of our developers.
Reggie Fils-Aime
I didn’t invent the fear of sharks; it’s as old as mankind, and that – to take that responsibility would mean that Mario Puzo should take the blame for the Mafia.
Peter Benchley
What is important for me is that the people who know me for real know Mario how he really is. People who don’t know me, they read newspapers and they watch TV. TV is made to give a lot of opinions… so I can’t show the real Mario to everybody.
Mario Balotelli
Everyone needs the right partner. Mario Mandzukic is ve

Everyone needs the right partner. Mario Mandzukic is very helpful for Dybala and for Ronaldo.
Massimiliano Allegri
When I would go over to friends’ houses, and they would be zoning out to Mario Brothers, I just found it the most distasteful thing.
David Longstreth
When I was super young, I had an Atari and used to play ‘Space Invaders.’ Then I fell in love with ‘Mario Bros.,’ ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ and ‘Yoshi’ on Super Nintendo. I was quite a bit of a gamer as a kid when I think about it.
Amber Rose
I was a reporter for Gannett and the ‘N.Y. Daily News’ covering Gov. Mario Cuomo’s dance with presidential races in both 1988 and 1991.
Joel Benenson
You’ll never see me at the launch of the new PlayStation or some club. For me, the fun stuff is being able to get my mom tickets to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – she loves Mario Lopez.
America Ferrera
We believe that either our own teams or teams that we direct are best capable of creating ‘Mario’ games that will live up to the franchise. The same is true for ‘Metroid’ and ‘Zelda’ and all those wonderful properties. For us, we want to control those characters as a key corporate equity.
Reggie Fils-Aime
Of the people who cook on television, I have admired people like Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver and a few others because they are free of drama, display good taste and masterful technique, and use clear exposition to bring you up to speed.
Steve Albini
When I was very young, I started trying to sing like the great tenor Mario Lanza; my family used to play his records. We all learn best by imitating others.
Andrea Bocelli
Here at Fiorentina there are great players with whom I can train and learn, like Mario Gomez, Guiseppe Rossi and Massimo Ambrosini – there is a big difference compared to Bolton.
Marcos Alonso
Like most celebrities, of course, I adore all the Mario games.
Josie Maran
Super Mario RPG was one of my very favorite games when I was a kid.
Ashly Burch
I love using Mario Badescu Facial Spray while traveling. Sometimes the air circulation on the plane makes my face dry, so it keeps me refreshed and hydrated.
Karrueche Tran
My dad always said there’s four phases in an actor/director’s life. There’s ‘Mario Who?’ There’s ‘Get me Mario!’ ‘Get me a young Mario,’ and ‘Mario Who?’
Mario Van Peebles
I got the first Nintendo system, and me and my mother would stay up and play it together for hours and hours and hours – mainly Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart!
Frankie Grande
We play a lot of Nintendo games, a lot of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, a few different card games, really just stuff so we can stay loose and get your mind off of swimming before going into the meet with full focus.
Caeleb Dressel
At one moment, I thought that if I didn’t do a picture in a certain way, then it wasn’t a ‘Mario Testino Picture.’ And I’ve realized that Mario Testino is everything, Mario Testino is whatever he feels like being, because it always ends up looking like me, whatever I do.
Mario Testino
I feel like a lot of the successes in my life have come down to the Super Mario Effect, and while framing challenges like this has worked for me, of course, results may vary.
Mark Rober
One of the best games to play with a significant other is Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Maker,’ for the Wii U, which lets you build and play your own Mario courses.
Jason Schreier
I would certainly love to be playing Mario Kart up until the wee hours, but sometimes I’ve just got to call it quits.
Caeleb Dressel
Into the Breach’ is a wonderful strategy game where you play that you are trying to stop an alien invasion. But of course, ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ are just two of the most superlative games ever made, and so when I have time to completely lose myself in those, it’s really, really a joy.
Adam Conover
I love Mario Kart.
Alyssa Sutherland
When I was a kid, I played ‘Super Mario Bros’ and ‘Megaman 2’ and ‘3’ for hours and hours, trying to convince my mother they were good for me because they helped my hand-eye coordination. They influenced a whole generation of people to make computers what they are now, through problem-solving and so on.
Lee Pace
I don’t know about Mario Balotelli saying, ‘Why always me?’ – England should be saying as a nation, ‘Why always us?’ You can go back to 1970, when Gordon Banks got food poisoning and we lost to West Germany. Then there was 1986 and Maradona’s hand. And last time, Frank Lampard not getting his goal against the Germans.
Glenn Hoddle
Mario Balotelli is undoubtedly the greatest talent of Italian football.
Giorgio Chiellini