Top 55 Negatives Quotes

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A lot of people don't want to vote because they believe

A lot of people don’t want to vote because they believe the negatives rather than the positives about the outcome of their decisions about the sheriff or councilman or the board of education in their community.
Bushwick Bill
I’m taking all the negatives in my life, and turning them into a positive.
I work very hard at creating complex characters, a mix of positives and negatives. They are all flawed. I believe flaws are almost universal, and they help us understand, sympathise and, paradoxically, feel closer to such characters.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
It’s easy to play a character who is suffering with a disease or has a psychological problem. ‘Gentleman’ is completely opposite. There are both positives and negatives in the role, and it is the most challenging role I have done so far.
There’s something magical still about it when I get in a darkroom, and you’ve shot a roll of film and you develop it and you look at your negatives, and there’s, like, imagery there. That always stuns me.
Jessica Lange
You always try to take the positives and negatives out of the game.
Simon Mignolet
Everyone has a voice. I mean, that’s the good side to the Internet Age and social media. Obviously, there’s negatives to it, but I think that the fact that everyone has a voice now is a tool that we can use for good.
Trace Lysette
I would say each day I’m still growing and still learning, but negatives, obviously they’re always going to criticise me for my goals and assists, which I need to add to my game if I want to be compared with the people I’m playing with.
Alex Iwobi
I’m quite a positive person anyway and I realize the benefits of not trying to look at the negatives on things.
Ryan Mason
Actors like Pran Sahab, Jagdeep, Asrani established their identities by doing specialized roles but today acting is more general. Actors used to be image conscious then but now heroines are also playing negatives, it is a notable change.
Raza Murad
I am not a kind of person now who broods over the failures and negatives.
Uday Kiran
Everybody has positives and negatives. I just want to learn and keep getting better.
Vijay Shankar
Over emphatic negatives always suggest that what is being denied may be what is really being asserted.
Jonathan Raban
If you’re thinking about all the possibilities of your life, there are extreme negatives, which you hope don’t happen, and extreme positives, which you just aren’t willing to think about because you think you’ll jinx it.
My motto is never to hold on to anything. I accept and then let go: not just the negatives, but the praise, too. Or it’ll get to my head.
Nargis Fakhri
When I die and my memories die with me, all that will remain will be thousands of yellowing photographs and 35mm negatives in my filing cabinets.
Caterina Fake
As an opinion manager, a campaign consultant, fixing personality negatives is a lot easier than fixing character negatives.
Paul Manafort
Fear is the dark room where the Devil develops his negatives.
Gary Busey
I didn’t care for Steve Austin because of his mouth. He was a very, very vulgar individual and anybody who is like that I can never be a fan of. So, any of his positives were overshadowed by the negatives.
Bruno Sammartino
Al Gore has all of the positive attributes of Bill Clinton but is saddled with none of his negatives. He’s a great big teddy bear of a political figure – Teflon coated, road tested, and everyone’s nice guy.
Peter Navarro
I feel some people are cynical by nature. You show them anything, they only see the problems and negatives.
Rajkumar Hirani
I made myself a little angry before beam. That’s the best way to do beam. It’s important to fuel yourself with some devastating things, but I also realized that if I daydream about doing well and having this silver medal, it’s more motivating than focusing on the negatives. So I learned to focus on the positive.
Aly Raisman
Try not thinking of peeling an orange. Try not imagining the juice running down your fingers, the soft inner part of the peel. The smell. Try and you can’t. The brain doesn’t process negatives.
Douglas Coupland
If I ever have a son, and if he wants to follow in my footsteps in Formula 1, my main responsibility will be to point out some of the negatives.
Jenson Button
Trump’s negatives are negatives that deal with his personality. People don’t know yet what to make of him.
Paul Manafort
By limiting or denying freedom of speech and expression, we take away a lot of potential. We take away thoughts and ideas before they even have the opportunity to hatch. We build a world around negatives – you can’t say, think, or do this or that.
Jill McCorkle
More negatives write than call. It’s a cheap shot for me to go on the air with the critical letters or E-mail I get because the reaction of the listeners is always an instantaneous expression of sympathy for me and contempt for the poor critic.
John Hall
People do like to talk us down, it’s a Scottish thing. We are pessimistic, we look for the negatives all the time.
John McGinn
I always hear about romance and love and relationships, and we’re so scared to talk about the negatives, about when it doesn’t work out.
Andi Dorfman
I only take the positives, and I don’t take the negatives.
Gauri Khan
There are positives and negatives to publicly traded and private companies.
Lisa Su
When you start over and jump into new tech, you don't k

When you start over and jump into new tech, you don’t know what the negatives are going to be until you go through a few cycles. We’re always changing our tech, but we don’t wholly destroy it with each game. We’re taking parts out.
Todd Howard
Like many other people, I grew up with so much adversity and negativity, it would have been easy to get overwhelmed and give in. But by turning negatives into positives, losing into a journey to winning, I have been able to overcome the odds that were against me and change them into motivation for my success.
Bobby Bones
I’m not a businesswoman… I never looked after my negatives and you need that to prove you took the photographs.
Astrid Kirchherr
One of the things we’ve always tried to do is help others with our story. Whether it’s with the infertility issues, whether it’s with the breast cancer, we said we’re gonna turn these negatives into positives. And if we can help others by sharing our story, then it’s worth it.
Bill Rancic
Both films and TV have their compunctions, their positives and negatives. For example, I explored a character at great length in ‘Maryada’… which can be the ultimate high for an actor, but I won’t get this luxury as a film person.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
It has been my policy not to respond to each of the many canards which have been part of the campaign to discredit my investigation, nor to waste time trying to prove negatives.
Jim Garrison
It took me years to learn to deal with the realities of fame and success. It’s hard work sometimes but clearly the pluses outweigh the negatives.
Mick Hucknall
You’ve got to have positives and negatives about you. I think that’s a good negative, that the only thing they could say about me is my size.
Aaron Donald
The kinetic quality of New York, the kids, dirt, madness – I tried to find a photographic style that would come close to it. So I cropped, blurred, played with the negatives.
William Klein
You just take the negatives and learn to make a positive out of it.
Julius Randle
We know the Premier League is a spectacular league. We would like to play there, but if you take all the positives and all the negatives, it’s very difficult to leave Barcelona. If you feel at home and you’re from Barcelona it’s difficult to change.
Sergio Busquets
As an actor, it’s hard to approach any character with negatives.
Jimmy Smits
Being in the public eye, there will always be negatives. Those dark aspects will always be there and, so too, those things that will try and tear you down, but I have made the choice not to engage with them. I’m not going to let them affect me or destroy me.
Rain Phoenix
There are certain aspects that I miss of coaching. But you can’t just pick out the good parts. You’ve got to be all-in and understand there’s some negatives, too.
Jeff Van Gundy
The result is – document destruction – we’re really not going to be able to prove beyond a truth the negatives and some of the positive conclusions that we’re going to come to. There will be always unresolved ambiguity here.
David Kay
Having money hasn’t made me any happier. There are some negatives associated with it too, like having to be away from home when you don’t want to be.
Lisa Stansfield
I keep a journal, and every day I write down one great play that I had that day. I don’t write down any negatives.
Heather O’Reilly
I’ve never been paid by or colluded with any Russian to hack the D.N.C., to create search-engine optimization tools to cause Trump’s positives up and Hillary’s negatives up. I’ve never been to Prague.
Michael Cohen
There were a lot of negatives, of course, but there were positives to living a life unfettered by possessions. It gave us the chance to focus on education, which was very important in the Soviet Union.
Jan Koum
There are a lot of pros and cons about social media; it’s just how you choose to handle it and how you have to be prepared for the negatives as well.
Aubrey Peeples
Everyone seems so excited by the fact that music is more accessible, people can find new artists more easily and it’s cheaper, without focusing on the potential negatives, not least of which is that idiots can more easily listen to your favourite music.
Romesh Ranganathan
Sometimes I think it would be nice to be in a warm office every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I know how lucky I am to be playing football for a living. The positives by far outweigh the negatives.
Adebayo Akinfenwa
Growing up, I didn’t give my grandfather’s photography a second thought. I wasn’t involved in his work, except that I helped my dad print his negatives.
Kim Weston