Top 570 Magic Quotes

Magic Quotes: Inspiring the Wonder and Possibilities of the Imagination

Unleashing the Power of Magic

Magic, with its enchanting allure and captivating mysteries, has long fascinated humanity. It taps into the realm of the extraordinary, igniting our imaginations and reminding us of the limitless possibilities that exist beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. In this article, we delve into the world of magic and present a collection of quotes that celebrate its wonder, inspire creativity, and invite us to embrace the magic that resides within ourselves and the world around us.

Magic is not confined to the realm of illusionists and magicians; it is a force that permeates various aspects of life. It can be found in the beauty of nature, the transformative power of love, and the moments of serendipity that leave us in awe. By embracing the essence of magic, we open ourselves up to the extraordinary and awaken our senses to the wonder that surrounds us.

Words of Enchantment: Quotes that Inspire the Magic Within

Throughout history, poets, writers, and philosophers have explored the concept of magic, offering profound insights and inspiring us to see the world through a different lens. Their words capture the essence of magic, inviting us to believe in the impossible, nurture our creativity, and tap into the depths of our imagination. Below, we present a collection of quotes that celebrate the wonder of magic and ignite the spark of inspiration within us.

I'd do a demo recording by myself, layering instruments

I’d do a demo recording by myself, layering instruments on top of one another, and while that’s fun, it doesn’t have the same impact as getting some great players together in a great studio with a great engineer and producer, then waiting for the magic.
Bernie Leadon
Never ever doubt in magic. The purest honest thoughts come from children, ask any child if they believe in magic and they will tell you the truth.
Scott Dixon
I would really hate it if I could call up Kafka or Hemingway or Salinger and any question I could throw at them they would have an answer. That’s the magic when you read or hear something wonderful – there’s no one that has all the answers.
Regina Spektor
I think we have gotten to a point as Americans, unfortunately, where we take for granted the magic that life brings and that life is really special and every life matters. We tend to go through life but not take the moment to step back and remember you are here, right now, for a very finite amount of time.
Irvin Mayfield
I enjoy life so much I don’t want it to end, and dying does worry me. If you’ve got faith, you believe that you’re going to go to a magic land, but unfortunately, I don’t have faith.
David Jason
When I was 15, I had a crush on this guy who was really good at magic, and so I learned to juggle, thinking it would impress him. I spent hours and hours practicing, planning to show him. And then I never even saw him again. But at least I learned how to juggle.
Danica McKellar
Music’s the one thing I try not to analyze. I don’t want to destroy the magic that has always been there for me.
Dwight Yoakam
When I’m an audience member I do not want to go and see something that I already know, I want to see something that I don’t know. I want to be surprised and stimulated to think about something. I want the magic. I want to be in a situation of uncertainty; that’s what excites me.
Meredith Monk
I believe in magic, psychics and all that.
Molly Sims
I just always loved stand-up. It’s like magic. You say something, and a whole room full of people laughs together. Say something else, they laugh again. The fact that people come to see that and participate in that… I don’t know, it’s just like magic.
Dave Chappelle
The greatest work of art about New York? The question seems nebulous. The city’s magic and majesty are distilled in the photographs of Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand.
Jerry Saltz
We need a pedagogy free from fear and focused on the magic of children’s innate quest for information and understanding.
Sugata Mitra
I am always worried that over-planning and outlining will kill the magic of writing; most of the world I created in ‘California’ occurred via good old sexy sentence-making.
Edan Lepucki
The premise of ‘Secret Coders’ is reminiscent of ‘Harry Potter.’ An intrepid band of tweens stumbles upon a secret school, only instead of teaching magic, the school teaches coding.
Gene Luen Yang
What I’ve tried to do in my stage magic is to take a trick and give it an emotional hook.
David Copperfield
There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.
Norman Vincent Peale
The Polar Express is about faith, and the power of imagination to sustain faith. It’s also about the desire to reside in a world where magic can happen, the kind of world we all believed in as children, but one that disappears as we grow older.
Chris Van Allsburg
In this day and age, when you can use a machine or computer to simulate or emulate what people can do together, it still can’t replace the magic of four people in a room playing.
Dave Grohl
I saw ‘Magic Mike,’ and I thought it was great.
Abby Lee Miller
I don’t think people need to know what colour socks I’m wearing today; I don’t think people need to know what shower gel I’m using. There’s too much information in the world, and there’s no magic or mystery anymore.
Noel Gallagher
I didn’t want readers to have to make allowances for what they couldn’t see, but to be able to say to themselves that the fabric of the magic detailed was perfectly believable.
Terry Brooks
Magic touches people in the way great art does. It lets them see the world with new eyes.
Drummond Money-Coutts
We futurists have a magic button. We follow every statement about a failed forecast with ‘yet.’
Alvin Toffler
Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized.
Daniel Burnham
One of the things that Teller and I are obsessed with, one of the reasons that we’re in magic, is the difference between fantasy and reality. That is the subject that, if you have a brain in your head, is always dealt with in magic. The smarter the tricks you’re doing, the more that’ s an important thing.
Penn Jillette
I think to close half of Magic Kingdom for the purpose of a White House invitation town hall meeting on a phony main street on behalf of a phony president just strikes me as weird.
Newt Gingrich
We all know that one can never recreate the magic of an original film.
Ram Charan
All I know is movies; I went to school, but movies are my reference point for everything. I figured I’d have to P.A. or intern in the art department. Because the filmmaking process is so many people creating to make one piece of magic, so I’ve always wanted to be involved. With the acting, I doubted it.
Jordan Ladd
I have dictated stories from an airport after writing the story out in longhand on the plane that I got from phone interviews and then was applauded by editors for ‘working magic.’
Rick Bragg
It’s an honor to be a part of Magic Shave as their new ambassador. One of the problems that some African-American men have with shaving is razor bumps. Magic Shave is perfect because once you eliminate the razor, you eliminate the bumps, and it’s so easy to use.
Lance Gross
Making films is sort of like you’re pulling off a magic trick. It’s sort of like an illusion. It’s not real but you want it to appear real, and all kinds of things go into that, from the clothes you’re wearing to the make-up, to the light.
Jeff Bridges
Residuals from Australia, from the Mission Magic show,

Residuals from Australia, from the Mission Magic show, saved my butt. So there is a reason for everything.
Rick Springfield
To me, the best projects are the ones where you have a pretty good idea of what the spine of it’s gonna be, but then all sorts of things happen that you could’ve never predicted, and those are the magic moments of the films.
Marshall Curry
‘Children of Blood and Bone’ is basically ‘Black Panther’ with magic.
Tomi Adeyemi
When I was about 19, I shot a tape of me doing magic just to people on the streets, and I would edit together all the reactions and I kept pushing this idea, and then ABC came on board and made my first show.
David Blaine
I know the difference between black magic and white magic.
Tina Turner
I was considered a comedy magician. And – how do I put this without sounding egotistical? – it didn’t take me long to realize that comedy magicians usually couldn’t do comedy or magic.
Ricky Jay
The first time I sang with David Daniels… I had never performed with a countertenor before. That first time was magic, it was so beautiful. And he’s such a great artist.
Cecilia Bartoli
I went from being a kid who loved to perform magic tricks to becoming the world’s most notorious hacker, feared by corporations and the government.
Kevin Mitnick
I can cite a few cases of where people have tampered around with magic and witchcraft that they’ve been very severely frightened and traumatised by some of the outcomes. I mean we are playing with fire, and I had to say that.
Peter Hollingworth
If I had a magic wand, I would live in a building in New York, big enough so my friends, my family could all have apartments in it. We’d raise our kids in the same space and have backyard barbecues and get old and fat together.
Liz Murray
It is a labor of love, but there is a lot of labor, especially when you’re trying to build a big, epic world with lots of details and a kind of physics of magic that makes some sense and actually has some rules to it.
Aaron Ehasz
There is no magic wand that can resolve our problems. The solution rests with our work and discipline.
Jose Eduardo dos Santos
When you’re rehearsing, you get really inspired in the beginning, but then it becomes repetitious and you lose the magic. How do you get the magic again? The magic happens when you’re not pushing it.
Nadine Velazquez
The moment that we realize our attention has wandered is the magic moment of the practice, because that’s the moment we have the chance to be really different. Instead of judging ourselves, and berating ourselves, and condemning ourselves, we can be gentle with ourselves.
Sharon Salzberg