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If there is one thing we need to avoid, it is competiti

If there is one thing we need to avoid, it is competition between E.U. institutions.
Miroslav Lajcak
The Catholic Church is one of the oldest, largest and richest institutions on earth, with a following 1.2 billion strong, and change does not come naturally.
Nancy Gibbs
So another challenge for our generation is to create global institutions that reflect our ideas of fairness and responsibility, not the ideas that were the basis of the last stage of financial development over these recent years.
Gordon Brown
When a few people control the bulk of money, they can not only influence elections by money power – which enables various forms of advertising and propaganda campaigns – they can also corrupt and misuse all institutions of the state to influence elections.
Prashant Bhushan
I think that by creating a world of plenty, by creating institutions and organizations that promote knowledge and promote understanding, I think I could be part of being in a better world.
Michio Kaku
I sincerely believe that for the New York theatre to remain relevant, all our major producing institutions should be presenting new American plays.
Theresa Rebeck
Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Equality is the public recognition, effectively expressed in institutions and manners, of the principle that an equal degree of attention is due to the needs of all human beings.
Simone Weil
If the air quality is terrible in Los Angeles, if a particular university is unusually expensive, if crime is on the rise in Dallas, or if a company has a lot of recalled toys, transparency can spur change. Whenever public or private institutions have to answer to the public, their performance is likely to improve.
Cass Sunstein
Some of these biggest financial institutions are out there trading in commodities. They’re buying oil tankers. This is not a financial system that has calmed down and is there to serve the American people.
Elizabeth Warren
Government has a legitimate function, but the private sector has one too, and it is superior. In other words, people are better than institutions.
Cal Thomas
The sprinkling of people of color through elite institutions in the United States, due to affirmative action policies and the limited progress of middle-class and upper-middle-class African Americans, creates the illusion of great progress.
Michelle Alexander
The power of protest depends not only on how many turn out, but also on what legislative, judicial, and civil society institutions exist to enact the will of those marching in the streets.
Cynthia P. Schneider
The biggest problem Haiti has is the weakness of its public institutions.
Jovenel Moise
For market discipline to constrain risk effectively, financial institutions must be allowed to fail. Under optimal financial regulatory and financial system infrastructures, such a failure would not threaten the overall system.
Henry Paulson
To be sure, American higher education is a diverse ecosystem, comprising institutions of all sizes, price tags, and mission statements.
Gordon Gee
You have various institutions like law firms and accounting firms which bill by the hour. I’m really against that. You have an incentive to go slowly, be there as long as possible, to over-research things and over-staff.
Robert Pozen
I think we’ve now gotten to this point where we’re growing more and more distrustful of our institutions, be they government or corporations or otherwise.
Rick Famuyiwa
Economists love to talk about incentives, but the bottom line is that people hate being controlled or manipulated, even when done through voluntary institutions. This is one of the most important tensions in capitalism.
Tyler Cowen
My observation on most people in national governments is that they have very little interest in and very little knowledge of the multinational institutions.
James Wolfensohn
Globalisation must have, as a critical component, international dispensation in the locality of U.N. institutions. It cannot be, and must not be, business as usual in the establishment and location of international institutions, especially of the United Nations.
Anthony Carmona
I like America, where believers eddy around each other like currents of air. Even our atheists are devout! To be an American is to be a believer. I don’t have much faith in institutions, but I still believe in people.
Victor LaValle
A liberal public is interesting to have as an audience. It is for that very reason that corporations make such an effort to ally themselves with cultural institutions.
Hans Haacke
A modern economy is marked by the feasibility of endogenous change: Modernization brings myriad arrangements from expanded property rights to company law and financial institutions.
Edmund Phelps
By bringing out into the public domain how human institutions actually behave, we can understand frankly, to a degree, for the first time the civilization that we actually have.
Julian Assange
In the Constitution of India the Supreme Court and the High Courts were seen as watchdog bodies, independent of the executive, and entrusted with the task of seeing that all institutions function in accordance with the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.
Prashant Bhushan
Institutions are imperfect. Governments surely are. People are.
Chuck Hagel
Appeasing Wall Street is to be expected from the GOP who do little to hide their true intentions and their defense of the wealthiest financial institutions and interests.
Luis Gutierrez
I remember Geauga Lake. I remember Six Flags. I remember going to the mall. I hung out there. These big, grand places that served as pinnacles of the community were not only institutions or places of commerce. They were communal spaces where a lot of people went and shared good memories. These are very nostalgic places.
Seph Lawless
The true and correct solution to eradicating discrimination is by establishing religious Sepharadi educational institutions. This is one of the reasons Shas was founded.
Eli Yishai
Financial institutions like to call what they do trading. Let’s be honest. It’s not trading; it’s betting.
Graydon Carter
The sanctity of our battlefields, monuments, and vetera

The sanctity of our battlefields, monuments, and veterans institutions is of utmost importance to preserve military history and pay respect to those who fought.
Henry Waxman
All institutions have lapses, even great ones, especially by individual rogue employees – famously in recent years at ‘The Washington Post,’ ‘The New York Times,’ and the three original TV networks.
Carl Bernstein
The only way Brexit might have worked without an economic collapse is the Norway model of close integration with the structure of the European customs union and single market without being part of the formal E.U. institutions.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
The United States took the lead in shaping the norms, rules and institutions of what became the liberal international order, including the United Nations, the international financial institutions and the Marshall Plan.
Antony Blinken
I voted in support of H.R. 5192, which seeks to curb identity fraud by requiring the Social Security Administration (SSA) to develop a database that financial institutions can use to compare their consumer data against SSA records.
Seth Moulton
The hallmark of our age is the tension between aspirations and sluggish institutions.
John W. Gardner
I’ve talked to so many people, so many institutions, about how China works.
Benigno Aquino III
I see no reason why the Shias should be debarred from having their voice in the elected bodies and governmental institutions in any matter which affect the Shias. We must so organise the Muslim League that justice is done to every sect and section inside it.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
People who feel alienated have little trust in the institutions of our society. This adds to the wider sense of disaffection and makes it more difficult for our politics to work.
Hilary Benn
Britain is not a country that is easily rocked by revolution… In Britain our institutions evolve. We are a Fabian Society writ large.
William Hamilton
Democracy no longer means what it was meant to. It has been taken back into the workshop. Each of its institutions has been hollowed out, and it has been returned to us as a vehicle for the free market, of the corporations. For the corporations, by the corporations.
Arundhati Roy
I am a product of affirmative action. I am the perfect affirmative action baby. I am Puerto Rican, born and raised in the south Bronx. My test scores were not comparable to my colleagues at Princeton and Yale. Not so far off so that I wasn’t able to succeed at those institutions.
Sonia Sotomayor
There is close to zero trust in institutions in Afghanistan. The mobile carriers have more trust than the banks.
Jan Chipchase
There is no evidence that more regulation makes things better. The most highly regulated industry in America is commercial banking, and that didn’t save those institutions from making terrible decisions.
Wilbur Ross
Successful business leaders who have helped build institutions of lasting value – all are committed to talent and a culture of excellence. This is usually accomplished by the identification, retention, and development of great people.
Bobby Kotick
The ‘conspiracy theorist’ is no longer a crazy person with a tinfoil hat, but they are the Edward Snowdens and the WikiLeaks that bring down major institutions and are the catalysts for social change.
Dean Haglund
The very special place that a language occupies among institutions is undeniable, but there is much more to be said-, a comparison would tend rather to bring out the differences.
Ferdinand de Saussure
Domestic workers allow many people with disabilities to maintain independent, productive lives and live in their own homes – not in institutions.
Kevin de Leon