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For years we've had all the big-hitting HBO box-set dra

For years we’ve had all the big-hitting HBO box-set dramas, all these brilliant, witty, clever shows, and in return the only thing we’ve had to offer is big period dramas like ‘Downton Abbey’.
Alexander Armstrong
It took five days to drive to Los Angeles by myself. I listened to Abbey Road for six hours at a time and watched the desert open up before me again and again. I saw the sun set and rise at the Grand Canyon, and I sang out over the cliffs, picked up tumble weeds along the way and threw them in the back of my car.
Madi Diaz
Westminster Abbey, the Tower, a steeple, one church, and then another, presented themselves to our view; and we could now plainly distinguish the high round chimneys on the tops of the houses, which yet seemed to us to form an innumerable number of smaller spires, or steeples.
Karl Philipp Moritz
As I passed along the side walls of Westminster Abbey, I hardly saw any thing but marble monuments of great admirals, but which were all too much loaded with finery and ornaments, to make on me at least, the intended impression.
Karl Philipp Moritz
I don’t tend to watch TV. I’m like a Netflix junkie. I watch a lot of documentaries and movies on Netflix. I like ‘Downton Abbey.’
Charlie Hunnam
My favourite TV show is… ‘Downton Abbey.’ The characters are wonderful, and the style is created so beautifully on screen. Everything from the table settings to the linen seem perfect to me. While I’m watching it, I’m in a totally different world.
Mary Berry
The first time I went to Abbey Road and put those headphones on, I discovered I had two voices. I no longer had to shout in the studio, but I can’t knock the Cavern or the other clubs because they gave me my strong voice.
Cilla Black
I’ve built an 8-track studio in my house that’s virtually identical to what they used at Abbey Road, and I also own the 16-track set-up that Led Zeppelin used to record ‘Houses of the Holy.’ I’m interested in producing, but I’m mostly recording my own stuff.
Lukas Haas
I seem to watch less and less television. The best thing in ‘Downton Abbey’ is Penelope Wilton. She is always worth the watch.
John Hurt
Coming eyeball to eyeball with a hummingbird on my terrace is as exciting to me as any celebrity I’ve met as a result of ‘Downton Abbey.’
Lesley Nicol
My dad keeps joking about sneaking into my grandparents’ house and switching out their HBO for PBS so they think I’m on ‘Downton Abbey.’
Allison Williams
Abbey Road was actually one of the first studios I ever got the chance to go to. A friend of mine won a competition and got the chance to spend a day recording there – that’s when I was around 15 – and I was the only one who could engineer out of all of us.
Jonas Blue
I think the first time I realised ‘Downton Abbey’ was a hit was when I was sitting in a tea shop in New York and the couple next to me were talking about ‘Downton Abbey,’ and then they recognised me.
Michelle Dockery
I first came to Abbey Road Studios in 1994. I scored ‘Little Women’ there. What I remember most about it was how hard it was to come to London from Los Angeles and conduct when you’re jetlagged.
Thomas Newman
I always have to get my U.K. fix, and ‘Downton Abbey’ is definitely that. I absolutely love period dramas, but this one is particularly appealing – following the ins and outs of aristocracy as well as the interaction between the rich and the poor.
I’ve been watching a lot of cable shows like ‘The Wire’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Downton Abbey.’ I love how real the moments are.
Jay Chandrasekhar
I don’t really watch TV. I’ve got the box set of ‘Downton Abbey,’ which I’m enjoying.
Sidse Babett Knudsen
My favorite album is ‘Abbey Road.’ I love ‘Hey Jude.’
John F. Kerry
Americans should be ashamed of how aflutter they get about Downton Abbey – it’s unpatriotic. I seem to remember we fought a revolution so as not to put up with this nonsense, where notions of station are so unforgiving that upper and lower echelons are practically different species.
Steve Erickson
‘Humans’ seems to have gone down really well in the U.S. That doesn’t happen for British TV drama – unless we’re talking ‘Downton Abbey.’
Lucy Carless
Abbey Clancy is incredible. I saw a picture of her in a white suit recently, and she looked amazing. Victoria Beckham always looks classy, and I like Coleen Rooney’s style too.
Amy Childs
‘Downton Abbey’ is my worst nightmare. I just hate that whole ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ thing, I think it’s really lazy and it doesn’t represent England, it’s this postcard view.
Tom Payne
When I heard I had gotten ‘Downton Abbey,’ I remember I was standing on a freezing cold street in Manchester where we were shooting the Manchester part of ‘West is West.’
Lesley Nicol
There are two words that send romance authors into spasms of rapture: ‘Downton Abbey.’
Teresa Medeiros
People in L.A. think I’m so posh. They think I live in ‘Downton Abbey.’
Annabelle Wallis
‘Downton Abbey’ didn’t have the impact it had just because it was a good story about people. It was something about that period and that world that was fascinating to people on a level that wasn’t just as an entertainment.
Noah Hawley
I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Downton Abbey.’
Keeley Hawes
The women in ‘Downton Abbey’ don’t compare to the women in ‘Upstairs Downstairs.’ Ours are stunning. We’ve got Laura Haddock, Keeley Hawes, Claire Foy… beautiful women.
Neil Jackson
I can’t say I follow it, but I’ve watched ‘Downton Abbey’ a couple of times and loved it.
Forest Whitaker
I keep waiting for the day in which everyone who loves ‘Downton Abbey’ will realize they were actually watching a historical romance novel.
Julia Quinn
I let steam off by watching ‘Downton Abbey.’
Nina Arianda
People will consider me a part of their lives for howev

People will consider me a part of their lives for however long ‘Downton Abbey’ lasts. It’s a lovely thing to feel as an actor.
Michelle Dockery
It’s interesting that we assign the label ‘political’ to art that doesn’t just fit a mould of status quo. Is ‘Downton Abbey’ not political? That’s political! Every piece of art offers a perspective on the world. And what is politics if not a perspective on the world? ‘Downton Abbey’ is about class. It’s also about race.
Riz Ahmed
I actually didn’t listen to the Beatles song ‘Nowhere Man’ when I was writing my book of the same name. What I listened to a lot was ‘Abbey Road.’ Its disjointedness and its readiness to confuse only to delight were inspiring to me.
Aleksandar Hemon
I remember wearing overcoats, hiding in the bushes outside of Abbey Road Studios, waiting for the traffic to clear. As it did, we would drop our overcoats and run out on to the cross walk and strike our poses.
Jack Irons
When I left ‘Downton Abbey,’ it hadn’t yet taken off and become the phenomenon that it is, to this day. That all happened after I left. But, it was fabulous to be a part of it and to be a part of the cast. We had an absolute ball!
Rose Leslie
You’re not gonna see me in ‘Downton Abbey,’ but culture is changing.
Ashley Walters
Working on ‘Downton Abbey’ is amazing, but there’s an ensemble cast of between 18 and 21 actors. With ‘Love Life,’ there are two couples and a few other key characters. As a smaller unit, you’ve got to take more responsibility – at the same time, you can have more ownership of the direction it’s going in.
Rob James-Collier
I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I’d got ‘Downton Abbey’ when I was 22.
Lesley Nicol
It’s stupid to say that there’s any comfort to be had in ‘knowing your place,’ but there is a sense of reassuring escapism to something like ‘Downton Abbey.’ There’s a perceived romance and elegance that is wonderful to lose yourself in.
Kate Reardon
My wife tells me I should check out ‘Downton Abbey’, but I gather that series might be almost too intense for my temperate nature.
Michael Dirda
We’ve got a younger fan base – and their parents. One day when we were at Abbey Road, an entire family was outside waiting for us – like, a nine-year-old, a 16-year-old, and their mother. They can agree on liking us for whatever reason. It’s kind of strange.
Ryan Ross
Abbey Road’ was a fantastic record.
Glyn Johns
For years, I longed to hear Armstrong describe what it was like to contemplate Earth from 238,900 miles away. Former Space Center director George Abbey once told me that many NASA astronauts felt that looking at Earth was akin to a religious experience.
Douglas Brinkley
The way I see it, the third series of ‘Downton Abbey’ is all about change and how each character adapts to those changes.
Michelle Dockery
I loved my experience on ‘Downton Abbey.’ We shot it in six months, and it was the first time I’d ever been on TV, and I was surrounded by my friends. It was a wonderful, wonderful time.
Rose Leslie
Labor, under their current leadership, want to be the Downtown Abbey party when it comes to educational opportunity. They think working class children should stick to the station in life they were born into – they should be happy to be recognized for being good with their hands and not presume to get above themselves.
Michael Gove
I was already in a band, and the teachers called my mum in and said: ‘Abbey’s so clever, it’s a total waste if she follows her dream’. But I never wanted to do a job I didn’t love, and I’d always wanted to be a model or an actress or a singer.
Abbey Clancy
‘Upstairs Downstairs’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ appeal to people because they’re about our history, they look so beautiful, are written by amazing writers and have high production values.
Keeley Hawes
Like ‘Twin Peaks,’ ’24,’ ‘Mad Men,’ and ‘The Sopranos’ before it, ‘Downton Abbey’ enriches the iconography and collective lore of pop culture. It replenishes the stream.
James Wolcott
I love the Beatles, but I don’t listen to them at all regularly. Most of my friends are bigger Beatles fans than I am. I respect them, and I love them – ‘Abbey Road’ is probably one of my favorite albums, but I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the ‘White Album’ the whole way through.
Kevin Parker
I tried to get people at ‘South Park’ into ‘Downton Abbey,’ and it didn’t work. I think they were like, ‘Downton Abbey?’ What?’ And I kinda made a big plea in the writer’s room, like, ‘Guys, you should really watch it. It’s good. It’s addicting. My wife and I are obsessed with it.’
Bill Hader
I am a huge ‘Downton Abbey’ fan – huge!
Joan Rivers
At the end of the day, whether it was in a little church or Westminster Abbey didn’t matter: it was me, as a brother, doing a reading for my sister and her husband at their wedding, and I wanted to do it right.
James William Middleton
I mean, you can’t walk down the aisle in Westminster Abbey in a strapless dress, it just won’t happen – it has to suit the grandeur of that aisle, it’s enormous.
Bruce Oldfield
I think the reason why people love ‘Downton Abbey’ is because all the characters are given the same weight. Some are nice, some are not, but it has nothing to do with class or oppressors versus the oppressed.
Julian Fellowes
I wanted to write something visual that I could read to the children. This was when I created the idea of Redwall Abbey in my imagination. As I wrote, the idea grew, and the manuscript along with it.
Brian Jacques
On a very gloomy dismal day, just such a one as it ought to be, I went to see Westminster Abbey.
Karl Philipp Moritz
I get invited to a lot more glamorous parties since I’ve been in ‘Downton Abbey,’ which has made me much more fashion conscious.
Lesley Nicol
For dramas, I love ‘Downton Abbey.’ I’m a sucker for the BBC.
Grace Potter