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Yeah, well I'm not aspiring to be the Prime Minister.

Yeah, well I’m not aspiring to be the Prime Minister.
Alexander Downer
No actor who’s any good can say truthfully to themselves, ‘Yeah, I’m good; I’ve got this sorted.’
Gabriel Byrne
I wouldn’t ever give myself the label bisexual, but bi-curious, yeah.
Adam Lambert
For some reason, people with comedy, any time they can detect a pattern, it kind of freaks them out. ‘Those guys are always together!’ Yeah, they’re a comedy team. Anything they can recognize as a pattern they think is a hole.
Adam McKay
I spent my entire childhood in the same town, in Kent. I went to grade school there. There was a boarding school that my mother taught at, called – appropriately enough – Kent School, that I went to. Yeah, pretty much my entire childhood was spent in that town.
Seth MacFarlane
Yeah. I do get incredibly anxious. Almost borderline panic attacks.
Julian Cope
I think the press has an interest in communicating to its viewers or readers, and their viewers or readers drive profit for those news organizations, so I think those news organizations have a certain bias toward their own readers. Yeah, I think they are a special interest. Of course they are.
Mark McKinnon
Yeah, I try to be the best example I can be for young girls just as far as my person goes – just to uphold a good image.
Miranda Lambert
I loved Billie Holiday more than any other person other than myself on the stage. Yeah, I do.
Abbey Lincoln
Yeah. I’m amateurish. I can play enough to write a song, or strum on a little guitar to write out a song. But, I don’t play well at all. I wouldn’t even attempt for a second to play in public.
Ben E. King
Country music is some of the best-written music in the world, so yeah, one day, I would keep my mind open to doing a country record.
Ed Sheeran
People say this all the time and everyone, like, nods their head and is like, ‘Oh yeah, totally,’ but no one ever does it, including myself. I can do better at it, is just drinking a lot of water, like a gallon and a half, two gallons a day, like, straight water all day.
Ronda Rousey
Yeah, so I have, like, a YouTube channel where I kind of use my engineering background to make sort of ridiculous things.
Mark Rober
Are some women and children going to die? Yeah. But it’s doing the right thing. You got money, you sit around talking about peace. People who don’t have money need some help.
Kid Rock
Yeah, I read history. But it doesn’t make you nice. Hitler read history, too.
Joan Rivers
I can play guitar – but I can’t really. I wouldn’t say I’m talented at it. I just kind of watch videos on YouTube, and I follow the instructions… OK, yeah, my hidden talent: I’m good at following instructions!
Chloe Kim
Yeah, a few of the films I made were so bad they didn’t get released – they escaped.
Mickey Rooney
Mary Gauthier’s great. Yeah, we’ve played a lot of gigs together. She’s really wonderful.
Guy Clark
Yeah, I had a tremendous time shooting in Nebraska. I like that state a lot, all over it.
Sean Penn
When we’re falling in love or out of it, that’s when we most need a song that says how we feel. Yeah, I write a lot of songs about boys. And I’m very happy to do that.
Taylor Swift
Yeah I think Pitch Black was edgy, I think that’s what worked for our film.
Radha Mitchell
I was in the South of France. I saw a Brownie on a school trip. She was holding up a book. It said on the front ‘rough guide’. I thought: ‘Yeah’ she’s not a looker.
Jimmy Carr
My politics are: I’m a trustbuster. Very focused. And yeah, I’m pro-efficiency. I want the most economic activity at the lowest price possible. It’s good for everybody; it’s not red or blue.
Travis Kalanick
Yeah, I think that’s it… It’s like Jesse James. He became really popular because he lasted so long. You know, there is some degree of truth to the fact that time will dignify anything, too.
John Milius
My father’s from Australia and my mother was born in India, but she’s actually Tibetan. I was born in Katmandu, lived there until I was eight, and then moved to Australia with my mother and father. So yeah, I’m very mixed up, been to many different schools.
Dichen Lachman
I hate to say it… but, yeah, I mean, our class has always been really strong, and I always joke with my buddies saying it’s not cool to be 23 and on the PGA Tour anymore since everyone that’s been 22, 23, 24, they’re all winning.
Xander Schauffele
I DJ’d for years. I DJ’d in high school, and I think my parents thought it was a passing thing. And then when I was in my second year of college, I was like, ‘Yeah, you guys don’t need to send me money anymore. My DJ gigs are good enough. I’m selling music; I think I’m gonna have a record deal. I can pay my tuition.’
If the Olympic Games ever served a true altruistic purpose, they have long since outlived it. Yeah, the pursuit of athletic excellence, sportsmanship and international goodwill is plenty noble. But the modern Olympics are at best a vehicle for agitprop; at worst, a scandal magnet.
John Ridley
We do have pictures on the wall, in our office in Belfast where we spend half our time. All the head shots are on the wall. So yeah, we just throw darts at the ones we don’t want anymore.
D. B. Weiss
Yeah, I get depressed. I think we all do.
Bugzy Malone
Yeah, I had gay friends. The first thing I realized was that everybody’s different, and it becomes obvious that all of the gay stereotypes are ridiculous.
Bruce Springsteen
Yeah, I love history and I loved it as a kid.

Yeah, I love history and I loved it as a kid.
Paul Bettany
I would love to continue working on animated films. Yeah, those are my ambitions. No doubt.
Carlos Ponce
Yeah, but in the end his followers take what they want from his philosophy. Maybe it doesn’t matter what’s going on in David Icke’s mind. It’s how other people take him.
Jon Ronson
I tend to make low-budget movies but, yeah, I make more money than I ever thought I would make.
Laura Linney
Yeah I do think featherweight is done for me. It sucks because I worked hard and fought a lot of hard fights and did a lot of things right to move up the rankings and I have to abandon all that moving to 155 starting fresh.
Dustin Poirier
Did I get jiggy with Will? I would have to say no! Did I have fun with Will? I would have to say yeah! But you know, I did not jig with the man, if you know what I’m saying!
Bruce Greenwood
Oh yeah, I would have been a coal miner, I would think, if I hadn’t had tuberculosis when I was 12.
Tom Jones
I still dislike phones, yeah!
Martin Scorsese
To some degree, yeah, because I have to play a certain number of originals that might be considered avant-garde material. I realize though, that only a few people in the audience actually know what that music is, or understand it.
Archie Shepp
I never got lessons. I took influence from Chet Baker, Ian Dury, and Joe Strummer. I don’t hear my voice and think, ‘Yeah, that’s a banging voice!’ It’s more about putting the right emotions into the right words and the lyrics than anything else to me.
King Krule
I did a movie called ‘Quicksand No Escape’ with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. I think I was maybe 5. I was really little. Yeah, it was fun. And actually, Felicity Huffman played my mom.
Kaley Cuoco
And, so yeah, I’ll always want to work in independent films because you’re not forced into a category or a formula.
Terrence Howard
I’m singing these songs about death and stuff. I see somebody who’s, like, in their sixties or seventies at the show, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure. Fair enough.’
Phil Elverum
Yeah, ideally, I’d probably wish to be more anonymous. But scrutiny and success go together. And I want to be successful.
Paula Radcliffe
Yeah, I’ve only been acting since I was 18 out of high school.
Dylan O’Brien
If anyone reads about my story, and says, ‘Look, there’s a guy that struggled with a lot of stuff that I am dealing with now, and he got through it,’ then, yeah, I’d love that. If it helps one person, then that’s great.
Mardy Fish
Yeah, I’ve always been a big Chunky Soup guy. I’m digging all the new Chunky Maxx flavors, which are packed with protein. Specifically, the black angus beef.
Antonio Brown
Is there a movie I think I should have won the Oscar for? Yeah. All of them.
Morgan Freeman
Yeah, I mean, I put work out there for people to use and I’m grateful when you use it.
Kathy Acker
Yeah, I am lazy. There’s no doubt about that.
Usain Bolt
Yeah, well, it did earlier – but as Bobby and I have played together, our thing as a unit has become so strong that they kind of had to get in where they fit in. And most people do.
Charlie Hunter
Of all the planets apart from Earth in our solar system, Mars is the most hospitable. Yeah. Right. Better keep my visit short. And yet, despite the discomfort, the danger, I love it here. I love coming back for these imaginary vacations. The sights are amazing.
Greg Bear
Yeah, a lot of people ask me to take my shirt off, which is aggressive. I wish that I were just one of those guys who was just like, ‘You know, look, when I was seven I had a six-pack, and it just never went away.’
Max Greenfield
Series Two of ‘The Paradise’ is meaty and thoroughly entertaining… and yeah, you’re in for a good thrill ride!
Ben Daniels
Some people would call me a workaholic. I don’t consider this time: I just love my work so much, so it’s my real hobby, OK? And, yeah, getting some play during working hours for which you are paid is the best job I can recommend for anyone around!
Andre Geim
Yeah, I think that a play is a huge commitment, and I think that what it requires of you is a lot, so it really makes you dig in and find things, and it just makes you sharp, ’cause it’s live. Really, to me, it separates the men from the boys. I always say it’s like the frontlines of acting, when you’re on stage.
Yul Vazquez
Mature? Yeah, I get told that a lot. I don’t know if it’s true. I guess I try to be bright.
Thomas Horn
When one person says, ‘Yeah, me, too,’ it gives permission for others to open up.
Tarana Burke