Top 66 Juvenile Quotes

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When we were making 'Juvenile Hell,' we were listening

When we were making ‘Juvenile Hell,’ we were listening to the Jungle Brothers, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Biz Markie, A Tribe Called Quest.
Don’t ever call a guy first. The thing they want the most is whatever they can’t have. It sounds really juvenile, but it works.
Taylor Swift
I started writing juvenile novels around 1985. I never really thought of it as a career, but more as a way to make a living.
Natsuo Kirino
I have to say I’m all for public flogging. One type of criminal that a public humiliation might work particularly well with are the juvenile delinquents, a lot of whom consider it a badge of honor to be sent to juvenile detention.
Ann Coulter
Let’s figure out ways of keeping our children out of the juvenile justice system and in the classroom so that they’ll thrive. Because if you’re in the juvenile justice system, the chances of your going into the adult penal system are greatly increased.
Valerie Jarrett
Using adult stem cells drawn from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood system cells, scientists have discovered new treatments for scores of diseases and conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, juvenile diabetes, and spinal cord injuries.
Nathan Deal
Trump-era name-calling is just as tiresome and juvenile as it is nonsensical.
Rick Wilson
Experts say that if children can’t read by the end of the fifth grade, they lose self-confidence and self-esteem, making them more likely to enter the juvenile justice system.
Dirk Kempthorne
Typically diagnosed during childhood and adolescent years, juvenile diabetes, also referred to as Type I diabetes, currently affects more than 3 million Americans and more then 13,000 children are diagnosed each year.
Elijah Cummings
The most money we have ever been able to get appropriated for the juvenile justice bills was $55 million a year, about one-tenth of what was necessary.
Bobby Scott
I got a chance to work with Mystikal and Mannie Fresh and Juvenile and all these people as I was growing up, and so that really influenced everything I do.
Trombone Shorty
I did criminal defense work part-time, and that paid the bills for representing abused and neglected children… and for defending in juvenile court those kids the ‘child protective system’ had missed when it had the chance.
Andrew Vachss
I’ve been working in adult prisons and juvenile prisons for some time.
George Pelecanos
I would hope that the staffs at juvenile detention centers and reform schools are carefully chosen so that there is a community of support and hope.
Adam Rapp
I’ve certainly played those leading man or male juvenile roles, where you’re not supposed to make people laugh.
Andrew Rannells
I spent some time in juvenile detention, and as far as owning space, I may have owned too much space as a young boy, and it got me in trouble. But through that, I found some unity. I found acting, and that’s become a place to exercise that.
Jonathan Majors
My first two books, ‘Letters to a Young Brother’ and ‘Letters to a Young Sister,’ were… distributed pretty widely. Judges in juvenile justice facilities started citing the book as required reading.
Hill Harper
Any species capable of producing, at this earliest, juvenile stage of its development… the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, cannot be all bad.
Lewis Thomas
I’ve worked throughout California as a poet: in colleges, universities, worker camps, migrant education offices, continuation high schools, juvenile halls, prisons, and gifted classrooms.
Juan Felipe Herrera
But cord blood also holds the great potential of producing pleural potential cells that could cure many other diseases such as juvenile diabetes, a disease that I live with every day.
Dan Lipinski
Robert F. Kennedy Juvenile Justice Collaborative was formed in 2009 to improve federal youth reentry policy through advocacy, coalition building, and giving voice to youth who are directly impacted by the justice system.
Kerry Kennedy
When you write your first book aged 25 or so, you have 25 years of experience, albeit much of it juvenile experience. The second book comes after an extra year sitting in bookshops. Pretty soon, you begin to run on empty.
Douglas Adams
I’ve always been working on domestic violence prevention. I’ve always been fighting for people that are either downtrodden or the most vulnerable, and juvenile justice issues.
Catherine Cortez-Masto
As a state legislator, I had worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass a number of bills, including some related to higher education and juvenile justice; I’d created what would become San Antonio’s largest book drive and literacy campaign.
Joaquin Castro
Juvenile crime is not naturally born in the boy, but is largely due either to the spirit of adventure that is in him, to his own stupidity, or to his lack of discipline, according to the nature of the individual.
Robert Baden-Powell
I was never a ‘bad’ kid, but I did get into minor juvenile trouble. Look, I grew up in Brooklyn. This was the ’60s, and the neighborhood was rapidly changing and not without its problems. All the kids of the neighborhood ‘did their thing,’ breaking windows and the like. I was no different.
William Forsythe
Sometimes I think God loves the ones who most desperately ache and are most desperately lost – his or her wildest, most messed-up children – the way you’d ache and love a screwed-up rebel daughter in juvenile hall.
Anne Lamott
I have friends struggling with autism, juvenile diabetes.
Nicole Ari Parker
‘Solja Rag’ was designed for Juvenile. It wasn’t one of them beats where I was gonna chop it and see who I was going give it to: it was Juvenile all over it.
Mannie Fresh
My second grade teacher told me I would never graduate high school. That I was going to be a juvenile delinquent.
Miles Teller
I was listening to Ministry and Garth Brooks and Charlie Pride and Wynton Marsalis, and then I would listen to Juvenile or Lil Wayne. It’s just that I’m a big fan of music. I’m a student of music. And I just want to learn and keep enhancing my education about the music.
Trombone Shorty
The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searchi

The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task, it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn’t need its brain anymore so it eats it!
Daniel Dennett
For two consecutive Broadway seasons, I had probably the best juvenile roles there were for an actor. Then I moved to California to recreate my role in the film version of ‘Tribute.’ I started working in film and television after that, and 38 years blew by!
Robert Picardo
Tolerating organized crime promotes the cheap philosophy that everything is a racket. It promotes cynicism among adults. It contributes to the confusion of the young and to the increase of juvenile delinquency.
Robert Kennedy
Evolution was far more thrilling to me than the biblical account. Who would not rather be a rising ape than a falling angel? To my juvenile eyes, Darwin was proved true every day. It doesn’t take much to make us flip back into monkeys again.
Terry Pratchett
Under many current state laws, minors who have been victims of trafficking are charged as criminals and go to juvenile detention as offenders.
Bill Flores
I never found even in my juvenile hours that it was necessary to go a thousand miles in search of themes for moralizing.
Horace Walpole
When we first met, I was trying to put a band together. I asked around at school for other guys who wanted to play in a band. Someone told me about a juvenile delinquent they knew who played bongos.
Wayne Kramer
Once a week we go to juvenile hall and talk to boys there. Just go and spend a day in the juvenile courts.
Lisa Bonet
I was never very good at being an unemployed actor. I always thought that I should have been doing something pro-active. I was never good at doing juvenile leads. I suppose it’s because I have this big sarcastic head on me.
Deirdre O’Kane
When I was younger, I was thinking of ways I could get respect so people wouldn’t bother me. I was down for whatever. I ended up going to juvenile hall, facing a good amount of time for a first-time offense.
Lil B
We’ve got to make sure that the young, violent, serious juvenile offender is punished, that it’s fair punishment, that it’s punishment that fits the crime and that is understood and that is anticipated and expected.
Janet Reno
I don’t really know what an adverb is. A dangling participle? That sounds really rude. I don’t know what character is, really. Plot seems vaguely juvenile to me. It’s all about language, it’s all about how you apply it to the page.
Colum McCann
I began working on stage in Atlanta when I was 3, doing a dance act with the Ragamuffins of Rhythm. Later I became a juvenile straight man for the older comedians. After that I worked out a stand-up act.
Nipsey Russell
As a newspaper reporter, I covered and was around a fair number of crime scenes involving juvenile delinquents, and few things bothered me more than listening to their parents. Crying, ranting, proclaiming how great their children were despite being kicked out of school or previous run-ins with the law.
LZ Granderson
I think it’d be pretty juvenile to make a record as a reaction to my critics.
Andrew Ridgeley
My task with ‘Uh-Huh’ was to make a more even record and get away from juvenile topics like ‘Hurts So Good.’ But I also knew if I wanted to continue, I had to have more hits.
John Mellencamp
So much of male heterosexual comedy can be steeped in a gay panic. A lot of juvenile comedy is predicated on that.
John Benjamin Hickey
At home I’ve got a very puerile, juvenile sense of humour.
Thom Yorke
When fully implemented, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will prevent up to 6,600 premature deaths and 150,000 juvenile asthma attacks annually.
Brian Deese
I began going to juvenile prisons. And some of these kids face some very, very tough lives. How do they handle these lives? Do they even know that if their life is bad, that they’re still OK? Do they know that? Do they know that someone is thinking the same way that they’re thinking?
Walter Dean Myers