Top 70 Naughty Quotes

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My brother Steve was always considered the naughty one

My brother Steve was always considered the naughty one but I used to drive my parents to despair because I had no fear. Id climb a tree without testing the branches and I was always getting into scrapes.
Tony Hadley
They’re naughty, all those writers – they mess around with people. I know James Gandolfini got a bit fed up on ‘The Sopranos’: if he said anything in front of a writer, told them a story from his life, it could make its way into the script.
Kelly Macdonald
I might put a nicer pair of heels on and a cooler outfit, but I’m still that naughty girl who likes a slice of cheesecake on my day off.
Jessie J
As a kid, I was hyperactive and the naughty one in school. I wouldn’t listen to anyone and thought I knew best. At home, I was always breaking things and annoying everyone.
Amir Khan
It was a sort of weird, troubled road into acting because I had been a bit naughty in school until I did my Highers, and then I was like, ‘Oh, I think I’m going to apply myself and surprise everyone.’
Chloe Pirrie
I was a bad kid. I was a really naughty kid. I couldn’t read or write. And that was me punishment – going to acting school.
Joe Gilgun
My parents broke up when I was six. Before, I was a very active, naughty child, but after my father left me, I stopped talking. I became very good at hiding my emotions. I felt so ashamed of telling others that I didn’t have a father, because that was not common in the 1960s.
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
More than an adult comedy, ‘Great Grand Masti’ is a naughty horror comedy, more on the lines of ‘Masti.’
Urvashi Rautela
I lived all my life thinking the reason I was in care was because I was naughty. Because I was breaking and entering, pickpocketing, vandalism. I wasn’t party to any social workers’ reports.
Neil Morrissey
I’m doing naughty things, I’m drinking too much, I’m going to clubs. It really didn’t matter to me, other than the fact that some parents wouldn’t let their kids hang out with me.
Macaulay Culkin
If I’m naughty, I’m grounded for two weeks or Mum takes my phone and my laptop because she knows I can’t live without them. Sometimes I’ll say, ‘Mum, do you just want to take my laptop?’ because I can still use the Internet on my phone. But now she’s going to read this and see what I’ve been doing.
Dionne Bromfield
I was a very naughty kid, who’d say ‘I’d write tomorrow.’
Sudha Murty
I used to get in trouble a lot in school because I would write very naughty stories and poems in class.
Right from the start, I loved the works of Mark Twain. Every time I read about Tom Sawyer, I’d go out and do something low-level naughty, just like him.
John Grisham
I was a very naughty child, on the verge of getting expelled, but I wasn’t a bad child; everything I did was for my own entertainment. But when I went into an exam, I did really well.
One thing that’s unique to ‘Uncharted’ is something called ‘chasing picture,’ where Naughty Dog run a section of gameplay and I’m allowed to ad-lib over it. We call it ‘panning for gold.’
Nolan North
I had a kiss with Raquel Welch’s daughter – she was a very naughty kisser.
Hugh Grant
I love living with animals. And my children love animals. I love walking around and being with the horses. But the deer? They’re naughty.
Stephanie Seymour
A ‘naughty pickle’ is how I’d best describe myself. I think fun and laughter is the whole point of life.
Celia Imrie
Kids should be naughty and go through that rebellious phase I didn’t have.
Naomie Harris
I’ve always had a lot of energy and had a lot of opinions all my life – people misunderstood that about me being naughty, gobby, or different.
I was very naughty. That’s the reason I didn’t go very much to the university, because I was partying with my friends more than going to the university.
Bianca Balti
Even in school, I was that kid others tried to pull down because I was naughty and did well in sports and academics. Life has trained me well.
Ritika Singh
I would score well, though I was not studious. I was a naughty kid, but not many know that fact.
Varun Tej
I loved the idea of playing this naughty old bag, offering her own explanation. It’s my idea of heaven.
Diana Rigg
It’s important for every child to have a bit of a naughty streak.
Spencer Matthews
I was a good Indian girl, but naughty in that I would often sneak out of the back door and into the garden and go off with my friends when I should have been at home cooking or cleaning.
Gurinder Chadha
I think it’s great to see how they’ve grown up, not just as actors but as people. They’re still very much the same kids that I met many years ago. They’ve grown up and they are funny and wicked and naughty and bright, and I think as actors their work is just getting better and better. They’ve blossomed.
David Heyman
My allegiance was always to the act. I wanted them to be happy. I wasn’t owned by a magazine or a record label. And I was a very naughty boy to boot!
Mick Rock
I’ve always had a naughty streak.
David Starkey
When I was seventeen, I left Scotland to go to Kent, a well-to-do boarding school in Connecticut, where there was a contingent of really naughty kids.
KT Tunstall
If I'm feeling in a naughty mood, I'll steal some of Ma

If I’m feeling in a naughty mood, I’ll steal some of Mama’s Creme De La Mer. If I’m feeling in a very naughty mood, I’ll steal some of Daddy’s Creme De La Mer. On the whole though, I’m very low maintenance.
Amber Le Bon
One of my favourite scents in the world is the ‘Brown’ candle from Hotel Costes in Paris. It smells like naughty nights in corners of clubs.
Poppy Delevingne
I am very enthusiastic and positive about ‘Bailaras’ which is a maiden movie under my home production – Naughty Men Production.
Binnu Dhillon
I got into a lot of trouble. Maybe that’s why my parents didn’t really like me and I didn’t blend in with my family. I was always the naughty one.
Benjamin Clementine
Of course I’m naughty. I’ve always had to compete for attention, you see.
Rachel Johnson
England is still a place where a naughty boy who comes from nothing can live his dream.
Raheem Sterling
At school, I was the classroom clown – I was always being thrown out for being naughty. Before I left, a teacher called me in and suggested I became an actor.
David Harewood
My character Kabir Raichand in ‘Haasil’ is quite a brat. It’s a very naughty character… very impulsive. He does a lot of things without thinking and then realises that ‘oops I messed it up.’ But he is very clean hearted, straight forward and a nice guy.
Vatsal Sheth
I went to a school called Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. I went because initially I was very naughty, and my mom thought if I was busy, I’d be better. And I didn’t really do acting until later on in the school, with an amazing teacher. I left, went traveling, came back.
Daisy Ridley
As a bookish child in Calcutta, I used to thrill to the adventures of bad girls whose pursuit of happiness swept them outside the bounds of social decency. Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Emma Bovary and Anna Karenina lived large in my imagination. The naughty girls of Hollywood films flirted and knew how to drive.
Bharati Mukherjee
I was naughty but never demanding. I never asked my parents for shoes or tracksuits. I was happy with what I had.
Hima Das
I’m a little bit naughty, not too rude and a little bit saucy. That’s what I love about Chatty Man – I can just be that on my own show.
Alan Carr
If the front-page news is a comedian doing a joke that people think is naughty, that proves there’s no real news that day, does it not?
Russell Howard
How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
William Shakespeare
I was often very, incredibly naughty, and if I didn’t come home at tea time I used to be sent to bed without any dinner. But people used to bring me things: I was better fed in bed.
Diane Cilento
Actors are the best and the worst of people. They’re like kids. When they’re good, they’re very very good. When they’re bad they’re very very naughty.
Kenneth Branagh
I’ve always been naughty but shy since my childhood, and comparatively Raima’s always been an extrovert.
Riya Sen
I try genuinely, when I’m playing a character, to not judge them and just to inhabit someone as how one sees them. That being said, you also want to make sure that you don’t blur the edges of people too much because humans are naughty and complicated beings.
Eddie Redmayne
I like naughty boys. I was married to David Bailey, who was one of the naughtiest. I like real men, and I like masculinity.
Marie Helvin
Q was naughty, you know? He’s naughty. He’s not evil. He’s not all good. He’s sort of bad. You get to play him the way you role out of bed in the morning.
John de Lancie
I didn’t notice my parents’ split because I was off doing my own thing. I was very naughty.
Keeley Hazell
When I was younger, acting, singing and dancing was what it was all about. That’s really what kept me in school because I was really naughty otherwise.
Suki Waterhouse
I was a naughty kid.
Liam Hemsworth
Working at Disney makes you aware of the family image of the studio. There are no naughty words used on the set like there were on the all-male cast of ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’
Bob Crane
I think Australians do well here because we feel a bit naughty, like we’re in America and if they only knew how much fun we were having, we’d all get thrown out, you know.
Melissa George
At 16, I started reading trashy stuff, anything slightly naughty and risque.
Romesh Gunesekera
I could have ended up in a gang or in prison because Harlesden is real rough and I was always a naughty boy. That’s how I got into boxing.
James DeGale
She can be Mary Poppins but she can also be – I would never use the word ‘crude’ in the same sentence as Julie Andrews because she is so fine and beautiful – but she can be naughty and she doesn’t mind a good joke.
Nicholas Hammond
I was quite naughty at school. I was always in the back of the class messing about with the Bunsen burner rather than paying attention.
Jim Sturgess
I’m the fussiest eater on earth; my husband despairs. I like chicken and pasta, and can’t resist milk chocolate. I figure if you’re going to do something naughty, make it really enjoyable.
Bonnie Langford
I was very, very naughty in school.
Barun Sobti
As Latinas, we tend to be overly partial considering st

As Latinas, we tend to be overly partial considering stereotypes. I’m interested in being naughty and edgy.
Judy Reyes
I think that short films often contain an originality, a creative freedom, an energy and an invention that is inspiring and entertaining. I think they are, as Shakespeare put it, a good deed in a naughty world.
Kenneth Branagh
People in general are used to seeing me as the naughty girl because that’s what they’ve always cast me as.
Eartha Kitt
Queen Latifah used to help me out with my kids, because while we were all out on tour – Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, Heavy D – when Public Enemy went onstage, I didn’t have anybody solid to watch my kids. So, Latifah would help me out.
Flavor Flav
I am bad mannered, naughty, and one of those few people who lands up in controversies, but I guess that’s expected of me.
Ekta Kapoor
I feel every kid has to be naughty.
Soha Ali Khan
There’s a lot of stigma attached to being in a home. Other parents don’t want their kids to play with you because you’re naughty or nasty.
Neil Morrissey
Blank House was exactly a nice empty sheet where nothing was accountable because you were so naughty that you were in Blank House.
Diane Cilento