Top 75 Incorrect Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Incorrect Quotes from famous people such as Ben Shapiro, June Brown, Joe Wurzelbacher, Sandra Day O’Connor, Mel Brooks, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Google is a private company. It has the capacity to uti

Google is a private company. It has the capacity to utilize its massive power for whatever political agenda it chooses. But for it to pretend to be an advocate for Internet freedom while simultaneously disadvantaging messages it finds politically incorrect is deeply hypocritical.
Ben Shapiro
My views are politically incorrect. Such as why we allow children to say what they think. It’s not how to bring up children. And now people give their children choices, like what they want to eat. Kids can’t deal with choices.
June Brown
It’s not politically incorrect to say you’re Republican or conservative.
Joe Wurzelbacher
I don’t know how a judge can concentrate on being fair and impartial when he or she is faced with possible jail time for making a decision that others deem incorrect.
Sandra Day O’Connor
Well, just being stupid and politically incorrect doesn’t work. You can be politically incorrect if you’re smart.
Mel Brooks
Have I been wiretapped? Yes. But who they said wiretapped me was incorrect.
Farrah Fawcett
I think people in the U.K. should be concerned about the under-representation of BAME actors in TV and Film, because it is an incorrect reflection of our society.
Georgina Campbell
I’ve never thought of it consciously… I say exactly what I think, and very often it’s totally politically incorrect. I get, always, chastised for it. So it’s not shtick. But I think I’m the one who says, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’
Joan Rivers
When I finally got a manager and a publicist and blah, blah, blah, sometimes they do things that you don’t authorize or maybe tell you information that’s incorrect, but you go around repeating it only to find out later that it’s not true, and it’s very embarrassing.
Wendi McLendon-Covey
I’m a take-no-prisoners type of comic, and I’m lucky because my fans get me and never have a problem with the politically incorrect themes of my act. But I am continually amazed by how a certain section of our society seems to be so freakin’ sensitive about jokes.
Lisa Lampanelli
The last time I went to a festival without a hat, two things happened. One: I got sunstroke. Secondly, I had to buy what can only be described as a Jamiroquai hat, which was sartorially incorrect – I’m saying that as a Jamiroquai fan. That was a disaster. I looked like a small clown.
Jamie Cullum
I have heard that my Wikipedia entry is completely incorrect, but then again, so is everyone else’s. I haven’t bothered about that.
Ian Gillan
Where we have been incorrect in what we have done, then I think we have an obligation to settle.
Lee Scott
The idea that education will lead to a lessening of bigotry is just factually incorrect.
Reza Aslan
I get angry when I think that people are blatantly incorrect on matters of fact.
Tom Colicchio
Occasionally, Donald Trump says something that is politically incorrect but which also happens to be true.
Peter Bergen
My audience expects me to push the limits, to be politically incorrect. I do that because for me, that’s the only place where the fun is, when I get to push the boundaries and make people laugh at things that they probably didn’t want to laugh at.
Ralphie May
We’re terrified of not having the answers, and we would sometimes rather assert an incorrect answer than make our peace with the fact that we really don’t know.
Kathryn Schulz
It’s incorrect to assume you can be a fashion editor because you blog, if you don’t have experience to look at fashion in a professional way.
Andre Leon Talley
As a player, it’s better to wait a moment for the correct call than be let down by an incorrect call.
Petr Cech
Even before V. P. Singh was shifted, the media was creating an impression that he was facing difficulties. This was totally incorrect.
Rajiv Gandhi
I have filed multiple defamations where my wife’s name is mentioned relating to any of my personal battles. It’s incorrect and the media needs to realize they can’t scandalize and spoil names every time just because an individual is married to a celebrity.
Raj Kundra
District of Columbia v. Heller, which recognized an individual right to possess a firearm under the Constitution, is unquestionably the most clearly incorrect decision that the Supreme Court announced during my tenure on the bench.
John Paul Stevens
It’s simply incorrect to call Dr. King a Republican.
David Garrow
If you truly believe something, and it’s incorrect, that doesn’t mean you don’t have integrity.
Jim Brown
I’m politically incorrect. I don’t get into politics like that. I speak about what I know and what effects me personally, and effects my folks.
I’ve always been surprised at the number of people who think we’ve got it all figured out. It’s incorrect, and it’s a real problem.
Edwin Catmull
They tell me I’m on ‘Politically Incorrect’ with Ollie North. That should be a lot of fun.
Frank McCourt
If you’re going to call a book ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History,’ readers will expect some serious carrying on about race, and Thomas Woods Jr. does not disappoint.
Adam Cohen
It is always incorrect to assume you can know what someone’s moral convictions are based on their philosophical theories.
Stanley Fish
I’m concerned that boys have become politically incorrect, that we are a society in the process of turning against its male children.
Christina Hoff Sommers
I think that to explore the uncomfortable and the polit

I think that to explore the uncomfortable and the politically incorrect is the job of the artist.
Jared Leto
Every theory presented as a scientific concept is just that; it’s a theory that tries to explain more about the world than previous theories have done. It is open to being challenged and to being proven incorrect.
Marvin Harris
It has been rumoured that I was the brains of the robbery, but that was totally incorrect. I’ve been described as the tea boy, which is also incorrect.
Ronald Biggs
This is a great continent. I went to primary school on this continent, secondary school, university. I’ve worked on this continent, and I think that it’s a great disservice that, for whatever reason, people have usurped an imagery of Africa that is absolutely incorrect.
Dambisa Moyo
It’s a little strange when part of your family is in the public eye, and you’re being put into a box that you’re not necessarily in. That’s when it starts to feel a bit odd: When you’re being told who you are, but it’s incorrect.
Gabriella Wilde
I used to dread going on ‘Politically Incorrect’ with ‘up and coming’ comedians. But at least on ‘Politically Incorrect’, there would be just one has-been or wannabe on the panel.
Ann Coulter
It’s so politically incorrect to make a character gay and then make them ‘un-gay’ again. Like, once you become gay, you’ve crossed over, or you’re not allowed to be a person who doesn’t want to be defined by a label like that.
Marti Noxon
I think that there have been a lot of fear-based assertions that feminism is about aggression, and that is incorrect and untrue. Feminism is about equality; that’s what it’s about.
Jenny Slate
Health IT helps save lives now lost due to preventable medical errors, from incorrect diagnoses and needless infections to drug mix-ups and surgical mishaps.
Sheldon Whitehouse
It’s nice to have the power of Twitter to correct things that were incorrect.
Gary Lineker
We were American citizens. We were incarcerated by our American government in American internment camps here in the United States. The term ‘Japanese internment camp’ is both grammatically and factually incorrect.
George Takei
It’s incorrect to think of bacteria as these asocial, single cells. They are individual cells, but they act in communities, exactly the way people do.
Bonnie Bassler
Glacial pace is actually an incorrect concept. The glaciers move a lot faster and they react a lot faster than people imagine.
James Balog
I mean, people who say that the Tea Party isn’t a grassroots movement, I think, are incorrect. I think in some respects, it is a grassroots movement.
Matt Taibbi
Iago is one of the most liked characters in Shakespeare’s canon, and he’s the most evil, most extraordinarily manipulative person in history. He says the worst, most politically incorrect things, even for the time the play is set in – and yet audiences adore that character.
Kelsey Grammer
I do admit there have been times when I have made a statement that was incorrect.
Benny Hinn
Sadly, piped music in so many public spaces is often just more noise. Rarely is it carefully designed to enhance our experience; much more likely it is there because retailers have subscribed to an incorrect view that music makes people spend more.
Julian Treasure
When I’m stuck in my writing, the world is amiss. If I’m eating a sandwich, it’s an unsettled sandwich. If I’m in the shower, it’s an incorrect shower. It’s profoundly uncomfortable. But it’s what keeps me pushing.
Melissa Rosenberg
I was taught never to compromise: to never sing a cheap song. I never look down at the audience and think that they are ignorant or think that I’m more intelligent than they are. To think otherwise is totally incorrect and runs contrary to everything I was raised to believe.
Tony Bennett
If you hide information from people, don’t want people to see the Ten Commandments or don’t want people to hear about Darwin, aren’t we hiding things that we know from our future generations? I just think that that’s incorrect.
John Mellencamp
If any sort of error is inexcusable, it’s an incorrect phone number. One of the cardinal rules of copy editing is that every phone number published must be checked.
Bill F. Walsh
The Internet has turned the world into one gigantic linked community, capable of instantly sharing vast amounts of incorrect information.
W. Bruce Cameron
It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct one.
Alan Perlis
I’ve never had a haircut where I’ve gone to a hair cutting place and they gave me an incorrect haircut. So I’ve been pretty lucky.
Chandler Riggs