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After all, chamber of commerce type conservatives love

After all, chamber of commerce type conservatives love nothing more than to opine on the great virtues of Texas. The low taxes, the low regulation, delightfully paired with a low investment in education, health care and really anything else that might be of use to their working-class citizens.
Krystal Ball
When I’m writing, I’m in an isolation chamber. I’m not one to think about that outside world stuff when I’m writing.
Adam Mansbach
Congress suffers a great deal of criticism for its partisan acrimony. But while we may disagree politically, and air our opposition in this chamber, it is the conversation behind the scenes that cements and defines our relationships.
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Without law, without the social stability it provides, there can’t be contracts and deals, there can’t be chamber meetings, there can’t be good jobs and safe families.
Cal Cunningham
It’s funny that people think because you don’t have a movie or record out, you disappear into a frozen chamber someplace. They think you’re dead when you’re not in the public eye.
Jason Schwartzman
Writing in modern Hebrew is a bit like playing chamber music inside a huge, empty cathedral. If you are not very careful with the echoes, you may evoke some monstrosities.
Amos Oz
I wrote The Same Sea not as a political allegory about Israelis and Palestinians. I wrote it about something much more gutsy and immediate. I wrote it as a piece of chamber music.
Amos Oz
I’ve spent my whole life before coming to Congress as a Chamber of Commerce manager. What that means is you help start small businesses, help them grow in good times and bad.
Kevin Brady
In chamber music, the audience can hear each instrument and understand (and feel) what the composer and the musicians have in mind as they play.
Karen DeCrow
In the 1950s in the United States, few music lovers were listening to chamber music. Daddy played Bach and Haydn on our phonograph for me. Not only did I become familiar with the form; he discussed the concerti. My own head start. My own Head Start.
Karen DeCrow
Rubio is clearly an open-borders Republican. He is the Chamber of Commerce candidate, the ‘more is better’ candidate, and the amnesty candidate.
Tom Tancredo
Jane, Henry VIII’s third wife, wasn’t present at her son’s christening, as ritual dictated she had to spend another month in bed. From her chamber she could have looked down on the christening procession below, and must have felt great pride.
Lucy Worsley
As a boy I used to go to the Chamber of Horrors at the annual fair, to look at the wax figures of Emperors and Kings, of heroes and murderers of the day. The dead now had that same unreality, which shocks without arousing pity.
Ernst Toller
I’ve learned powerful lessons about the nature of forgiveness from human rights defenders. For example, for the greater good of his country, Kofi Woods emerged from a torture chamber in Liberia to later defend the very men who had brutalized him.
Kerry Kennedy
Delhi becomes a gas chamber every year with the advent of winters, mainly due to stubble burning.
Arvind Kejriwal
When the media goes state and becomes nothing more than an echo chamber for the government, the task of sharing truth falls to the original keepers of liberty: the American people.
Dana Loesch
On any given vote, on any given day, a smart senator who has taken a bold or controversial position can reach far more media outlets between the elevator and the Senate chamber than he or she could garner in a full press conference back home.
Jim Webb
So, immediately after that, I got a commission to write a piece for chamber orchestra, and in working on the material I discovered it was possible to incorporate the Buddhist teachings into the music, so that’s what I started to do.
Joseph Jarman
There’s a view of Montana writing that seems stage-managed by the Chamber of Commerce – it’s all about writers like A. B. Guthrie and Ivan Doig. It used to bother me that nobody had a scene where somebody was delivering a pizza.
Thomas McGuane
I have the great privilege and honor of serving as the Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s largest trade association representing the blockchain industry.
Perianne Boring
We were very rich culturally. One Sunday each month, we would do this thing called Chamber Pots at somebody’s house. A classical music group would come over and we’d have dinner. There were thirty people – parents and kids – and we’d sit on the floor and listen to this beautiful music.
Kristin Davis
I never listen to music when I am writing. It would be impossible. I listen to Bach in the mornings, mostly choral music; also some Handel, mostly songs and arias; I like Schubert’s and Beethoven’s chamber music and Sibelius’ symphonies; for opera, I listen to Mozart and in recent years Wagner.
Colm Toibin
The future of that ancient chamber remains in considerable doubt.
Robert A. Dahl
I’ve actually been in more Elimination Chamber matches than any other human being on the planet. It really has been a badge of honor for me.
Chris Jericho
The confessional is not a torture chamber, but the place in which the Lord’s mercy motivates us to do better.
Pope Francis
As an author, you’re really grateful for the people who are supporting you, but on some other level, that can be a dangerous echo chamber.
Paolo Bacigalupi
Prime Minister, I see you’ve already mastered the essential craft of the European politician, namely, the ability to say one thing in this chamber and a very different thing to your home electorate.
Daniel Hannan
I may fall here in the Senate chamber, but I will. never make any compromise with any such men.
Benjamin F. Wade
For us, genocide was the gas chamber – what happened in Germany. We were not able to realize that with the machete you can create a genocide.
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
I know that my body and my mind can take anything that any space outfit wants to give me – high altitude chamber test, which is fine; centrifuge test, which I know I can do five and six G’s. These things are easy for me.
Wally Funk
My teachers said, ‘Always keep a Beethoven sonata under your fingers.’ I always have. I still play chamber music, and I always play classical.
Neil Sedaka
There's nothing appealing about the Elimination Chamber

There’s nothing appealing about the Elimination Chamber. When I first walked into it, I was terrified. You start out the match in these pods, and you’re just watching everyone go at it, waiting for your time.
Alexa Bliss
I say to string players in small chamber orchestras, ‘it’s always easy to become a passenger on the journey in sound, just adding volume to the whole. But if you play in an individual way, it makes the difference between good and great sound in an orchestra.’
Itzhak Perlman
I have interest in competing in every big event like Money in the Bank or Elimination Chamber or SummerSlam or whatever it is. I want to be part of those shows, I want to be part of that product; that’s where I want to be.
Kevin Owens
I listen to lots of music, especially Bach, opera (all periods), German lieder, chamber music, and rock, old and new. I can’t listen to music while I write. It’s too absorbing.
Cheryl Mendelson
King Frederick I of Prussia conceived the Amber Chamber in 1701 as a magnificent gift to the Russian royal family that would seal the alliance between the two powers.
Stephen Kinzer
If people around the world knew how well people at Guantanamo Bay are treating prisoners, they would not fall prey to the accusations that some in our Chamber are making. They are all receiving judicial review.
Robin Hayes
Sometimes I get too wound up in my chemistry, but if you play chamber music, it’s impossible to think about chemistry.
William Lipscomb
Nobody outside of a baby carriage or a judge’s chamber believes in an unprejudiced point of view.
Lillian Hellman
There is but an inch of difference between a cushioned chamber and a padded cell.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It’s an honor to be recognized by the U.S. Chamber for my work to advance pro-growth policies that will help move our community forward, particularly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sharice Davids
People do not use foul language in the House of Commons chamber. They just don’t do it, and I don’t, either.
Anna Soubry
I started directing chamber orchestras, then adding bigger pieces, adding winds, adding small symphonies. I’ve always loved chamber music, and I’ve done a lot.
Joshua Bell
A lot of my close friends are musicians and are consumed by the idea of death; their heads are like a torture chamber. I’m not like that – I don’t have death anxiety and I don’t think about it all the time.
Phoebe Bridgers
The sports world is an echo chamber. All it takes is one quote from a general manager and a thousand sports columns bloom.
Michael Lewis
I wanted to entertain and make people laugh. I think it really hit in third grade, but once I was in high school, I joined chamber choir. I wanted to do musical theater, too, but they had rehearsals at the same time. That was a bit of ‘Sophie’s Choice.’
Chrissy Metz
Content isn’t just a brand or message that you develop yourself and then throw out into the echo chamber. It’s a mirror.
Eugene Lee Yang
I took my mother-in-law to Madame Tussaud’s Chamber of Horrors, and one of the attendants said: ‘Keep her moving sir; we’re stock-taking.’
Les Dawson
I expected to die. At no time before the trial did I expect to escape with my life. Yet being executed in the gas chamber did not necessarily mean defeat. It could be one more step to bring the community to a higher level of consciousness.
Huey Newton
The polls and the pundits and the media seem to talk to each other. It’s sort of like an echo chamber.
Larry Hogan
Mozart has written opera, symphony, sacred and chamber music – not to mention his piano and violin concerti.
Neville Marriner
What passes for real debate in Washington often seems more like an echo chamber, with politicians talking at politicians.
Bill Delahunt
It’s easy to talk a good game in an echo chamber, it’s easy to witness to people who think exactly the same way you do, but to test your convictions by going outside your comfort zone is where the ideological battle needs to go.
Dana Loesch
The wings are moved several times by hand to charge the crank chamber with mixture, which flows on through the external pipe and inlet valve to the compression space and cylinder.
Lawrence Hargrave
For most people, chemotherapy is no longer the chamber of horrors we often conceive it to be. Yes, it is an ordeal for some people, but it wasn’t for me, nor for most of the patients I got to know during my four months of periodic visits to the chemo suite.
Geraldine Brooks
Being on ‘Raw,’ being part of the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match and the first-ever Elimination Chamber was incredibly exciting.
Mandy Rose
The 1994 midterms had been a shocking rout for the GOP, which picked up 54 seats in the House and eight in the Senate. No one had seen it coming. The Democratic Congress was supposed to be a permanent fact of life; it had been 40 years since Republicans had controlled the chamber.
Steve Kornacki
I really like Adam Curtis’ ‘Century of Self.’ It’s about how artists have failed the general public by being so exclusive, like being in an echo chamber. I was definitely more like that in my early twenties – my music was completely inaccessible.
Weyes Blood
A leader who cobbles together his self-esteem by attempting to silence or libel his critics and by amplifying his echo chamber is a dangerous one indeed.
Faith Salie
If you have an architecture of control, let’s say, where you select in advance everything that’s going to affect your life, then you’re going to live in a very small world that will have an echo chamber feature… Pandora, which I love, actually feeds into that.
Cass Sunstein
What I started to read and most enjoyed while I was a student was an Italian edition of ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.’
Amanda Knox
I’m a storyteller – that’s my chamber, that’s my box. I’m always tryin’ to give you the best story from our side of the table that you could really relate to quick. I understand where I wanna be at, but sometimes the production takes me where I need to go.
I wonder if the nursery and the chamber of horrors are

I wonder if the nursery and the chamber of horrors are as far apart as people think?
Tove Jansson
If you’re writing a piece for the Boston Pops, the balance is towards one end. If you’re writing a piece for a chamber music society, then it’s towards another point. I won’t make a final answer on that. I think it changes with every piece.
Peter Maxwell Davies
Don’t all writers have a hidden nerve, call it a secret chamber, something irreducibly theirs, which stirs their prose and makes it tick and turn this way or that, and identifies them, like a signature, though it lurks far deeper than their style, or their voice or other telltale antics?
Andre Aciman
I began like all composers, writing for small groups. Chamber groups.
David Del Tredici
My romantically favorite era is 78, 79 listening to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 4, the live tapes, echo chamber and break beats.
Kool Moe Dee
Constitutionally, a revising chamber is useful and important. The first occasion I know of in history when the Lords fulfilled this role was in 1539 when Henry VIII’s act of proclamations was neutered by their lordships so effectively that the Act was repealed in 1547.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
When Auden said his poetry didn’t save one Jew from the gas chamber, he’d said it all.
Tom Stoppard
Experience is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every air-borne particle in its tissue.
Henry James
I approach everything as chamber music. Even with Beethoven symphonies, I lead from the violin and basically encourage the orchestra to think of it as a giant string quartet.
Joshua Bell
When I was a kid, all I knew about Michael Jackson was that he was crazy. He had a monkey named Bubbles and some kind of oxygen chamber, and he used to be black, but he made himself white, and he was nuts. That was Michael Jackson in full. Wacko Jacko.
Jon Lovett
We live surrounded by people who sound like us, vote like us, spend like us. We get only the news we want to. And then scream into the social media echo chamber that is designed to serve us up information we already like.
Stephanie Ruhle
If some of our works are symphonies, then wrapped walkways was chamber music.
I do sometimes feel like I function within an echo chamber and I’m just kind of preaching to the choir.
Weyes Blood
Composers most identified with the chamber music form are Corelli, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and, of course, Bach. Of course, Bach. If there is any one composer who gives us reason and emotion, it is Bach.
Karen DeCrow
Individual bankers are rightly being investigated by the police. I and all colleagues in the chamber hope that if criminality is proven, they will go to jail and bear the same brunt of punishment as any other criminal.
Andrea Leadsom