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There are things I wouldn't do when hosting, like get p

There are things I wouldn’t do when hosting, like get people up on stage or get the audience doing a sing-song or something like that.
Jon Richardson
The thing I learned about being in this industry is the core of hosting and the core of acting is authenticity. So if you’re just real in those moments, no matter what you’re doing, that’s what translates and makes you successful.
Hannah Simone
I guess drag queens, by nature, have to do everything. When you start being a drag queen, you’re grabbing the microphone, hosting the shows. Then, you’re setting the microphone down and doing the number. You’re spending the day before doing your wigs and sewing your costumes. You’re doing everything.
Trixie Mattel
Comedy has allowed me to be my 100-percent-true self, as opposed to other places, where I feel like that’s been a hindrance. Whether it’s music or poetry or hosting, people want you to be something else: they want you to be packaged in a certain way.
Amanda Seales
I would go into the Jungle if I wasn’t hosting it or I’d like to do ‘MasterChef.’ But ‘Strictly?’ God, no!
Ant McPartlin
Every comedian dreams of hosting ‘The Tonight Show’ and, for seven months, I got to. I did it my way, with people I love, and I do not regret a second.
Conan O’Brien
I love talk shows and hosting. I would want to do something like that. I’m not sure I would want to be a reality star continuously.
NeNe Leakes
I’m thrilled to be hosting ‘Catchpoint’. It’s always exciting being part of a new show, especially one that involves so many fun elements.
Paddy McGuinness
Hosting is pretty natural to me, since I was doing it as a kid.
Shenaz Treasury
My first job in TV was hosting this young teen magazine show, and all these high school teenagers showed up from all over Sacramento, California, and they chose four of us to host the show, two boys and two girls. And of the two girls, I was kind of the perky smart one and the other girl was the pretty one.
Lisa Ling
Hosting is a thankless job.
T. J. Miller
People dream their whole lives of their Oscar speech; I dreamt my whole life of hosting the Oscars.
T. J. Miller
Hosting and surfacing legacy media content isn’t all about YouTube trying to abandon its core, it’s about inviting a broader variety of viewers to the platform.
Hank Green
I have been a part of several shows, however this is the first time I am hosting a crime reality show. ‘Savdhaan India’ is a unique show that showcases how ordinary people have fought crime and stood up for their rights.
Hiten Tejwani
I had to be funny while hosting the countdown shows. That was my job.
Sajid Khan
As a host on TV, one has to engage the audience and contestants on the show. One has to bring a new element to their personality while hosting so that it doesn’t look monotonous to the audience.
Arjun Kapoor
I get asked to speak to a lot of different groups, one of the best parts of my job hosting a show on the Travel Channel, ‘Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.’ I take viewers to the far corners of the globe and introduce them to other cultures by exploring the foods they eat – at times, pretty strange stuff.
Andrew Zimmern
When hosting a party, move any clutter from the space where you’re entertaining.
Pippa Middleton
Amazon does online application hosting. So does Alibaba.
Adam Lashinsky
I’m going to be 100 years old, hopefully still hosting the ‘Kitten Bowl.’
Beth Ostrosky Stern
Hosting shows is a journey for me. I bond with the contestants.
Mandira Bedi
Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, in hosting the G20 summit and in the budget, must display the same boldness in tackling the instability at home that they do in promoting a worldwide answer to the global meltdown.
David Blunkett
I’ve actually taken meetings about hosting a late-night talk show. I don’t know that what we know as a late-night talk show is what I want. But I’ve been talked into a talk show, but it would be different.
I get small screen offers all the time, specially for hosting shows.
Priyanshu Chatterjee
There is something a bit volatile about hosting a big live show like ‘Eurovision.’ Anything could literally happen.
Mel Giedroyc
I don’t know what’s going on that I’m hosting the Emmys during really hard times. But I guess it’s an honor and a privilege that I’m the one who gets to try to walk that line of making people feel good.
Julie Chen
The printed word will be around long after many of our digital creations are gone, either because books don’t require monthly hosting, and blogs and websites do… or because the languages and platforms for which a particular digital creation was published will become obsolete.
Jeffrey Zeldman
I feel far more empowered, sophisticated, and forward-thinking in flats than in high heels. Especially when I am working and hosting meetings.
Emilia Wickstead
Please don’t ask which I enjoy more – acting or hosting – because I love them equally.
Michael Palin
I’m hosting a quiz show, but I never considered myself a game show host.
Maury Povich
Syria is hosting the most dangerous terrorist organizations.
Ariel Sharon
People get to know you better on the small screen, be i

People get to know you better on the small screen, be it while judging or hosting a show.
Sonu Sood
Hosting the Olympic Games of course guarantees the world’s attention, but there is more to it than simply bathing in the global spotlight. Most importantly, host cities can use the opportunity to create a positive and lasting legacy, resulting in both tangible and intangible returns to local communities.
Eduardo Paes
I’ve done plenty of daredeviling – from white-water rafting to bungee jumping. But I think the most fearless was hosting the Emmy Awards. It was overwhelming, and I definitely had to leave fear at the door.
Neil Patrick Harris
When I was 12, we began hosting exchange students from Norway, Sweden, Japan and Spain. I soon realized there was a whole world out there. I was determined to spend my sophomore year in high school abroad. My school taught only Spanish, but I wanted to go to France, and I did.
Guy Fieri
Maybe I’ll give Broadway a try. But you know what would be great? Hosting the Oscars. I promise you, that would be a show no one forgot.
Dwayne Johnson
It’s always nerve-wracking when you’re hosting ‘Saturday Night Live.’ You either sink or swim.
Christina Aguilera
This was 2008, you know. The economy was falling apart, spiraling. And I was hosting a game in New York, and there was $5 to $7 million on the table.
Molly Bloom
I want to be a morning-talk-show host. I love Kelly Ripa’s job. She gets to live in New York and has this amazing job hosting a talk show.
Ellie Kemper
Anybody who really knows about the TV business knows that it would be impossible to just march in one day and say to your colleagues and bosses, ‘Oh yes, I’m hosting my own show.’
Andy Cohen
Hosting is work. It means you don’t get to go up to your room and disappear and take a nap. Like everybody else does after lunch. I’m talking about hosting, not hosting a dinner party, but hosting people staying in your home.
George Clooney
As a British fashion designer, it is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be creative director of Team GB as the hosting nation of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Stella McCartney
At one point in my career, while still hosting ‘The Arsenio Hall Show,’ I was told by my doctor that it might not be physically possible for me to have children.
Arsenio Hall
I never felt comfortable hosting TV.
Dan Levy
Adnan Virk and I work so well together, he’s got the terrific background from hosting ‘Baseball Tonight.’
Scott Rogowsky
Jimmy Kimmel has proven to be a preeminent voice in comedy, with 15 seasons of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ under his belt and successfully tackling the herculean task of hosting both the Emmys and the Oscars in the same season.
Channing Dungey
I was 16 years old and wanted to help my mom with the rent. There was a restaurant called China Buffet in Tampa that hung a ‘Help Wanted’ sign outside, so I went in and ended up hosting every Friday and Sunday for $6 or $7 an hour.
Michelle Phan
I don’t think I’m a good host. I’m not a good host. I’m terrible at hosting. That’s my problem.
Chelsea Handler
There’s so many things that can go wrong, and if I’m merely playing and not hosting a festival, none of those things reflect on me.
Porter Robinson
I tried to holla at Oprah while I was hosting a red carpet for BET. I really liked Oprah at the time, and I asked her to dance and she said yes. I was giving her the eye and she just thought it was cute. I was young, but I was confident. I was saying stuff in my head but the words were not coming out of my mouth.
Ray J
Being an online platform, we ran into challenges with Cuba’s lack of Internet accessibility. We were able to work around that by creating a program unique to Cuba where many local hosts are working with hosting partners who have Internet access and can help them manage their Airbnb requests and bookings.
Belinda Johnson
No, I was not into cake fails before hosting ‘Nailed It.’
Nicole Byer
Kenya doesn’t have much of an infrastructure for hosting a film.
Ralph Fiennes
The first phase of social media was listening to the conversation. The second phase was joining the conversation. The third phase will be hosting the conversation on your site.
Jason Calacanis
On a personal level, I love the idea of hosting an awards show. I think that sounds like kind of a fun thing to do.
Zachary Levi
It is very different hosting and judging a show like ‘Love School’; it was unlike acting in a movie or series or being part of a reality show. But I keep telling myself that I have just one life, and I have to make the most of it.
Karishma Tanna
Viewers don’t see more of anchors because we shoot only once a week and it’s aired across three months; so, you always feel that a certain person is only anchoring. I’ve been acting for fifteen years and hosting for seven years, but I haven’t done a soap, so a lot of people tend to think I’m not acting anymore.
Karan Wahi