Top 80 Commitments Quotes

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I often think about what my replacement will do after I

I often think about what my replacement will do after I’m fired. She won’t have emotional commitments to decisions that I already regret.
Glenn Kelman
The idea that UN commitments should be followed by action is indeed a radical one, especially for the United States, where wilful neglect of its own commitments is the rule.
Jeffrey Sachs
I do not have any political commitments anymore. I’m politically a total agnostic; I’m one of the few writers in Italy who refuses to be identified with a specific political party.
Italo Calvino
I had the luxury of skipping the cabinet meeting to attend my daughter’s graduation. So many people don’t have the luxury of taking an hour away from the workplace to attend indispensable family commitments. We have to change that dynamic.
Tom Perez
Due to my business commitments, I am faced with time constraints and have not been able to personally spend as much time as I would like on my causes. These efforts are handled by my team of several people.
Vincent Tan
In the film industry, we work more on the basis of good faith and verbal commitments rather than legalities.
Manisha Koirala
I will not leave my South films for a Hindi film. I want to be sincere to my South film makers and commitments. Only if my dates are not clashing with any of my South films will I do Hindi films.
Kriti Kharbanda
We not only have a legal obligation to honor our commitments, we have a moral obligation to provide the coverage we promised to provide to these people.
Bob Ney
We must keep the promises and commitments we’ve made to our military veterans by ensuring needed services and care are always available and delivered in a timely fashion.
Elise Stefanik
Keep your word. Honor commitments, and they will double back to honor you.
Bill Rancic
Because I have sixty years of being a professional composer, conductor, musician, whatever, and you develop a lot of friendships and you get involved with a lot of sort of long-term commitments and obligations.
Gunther Schuller
We defeated communism in part by showing the world that a commitment to democracy and expanding economic opportunity makes people’s lives better and nations more secure, meaning our commitments overseas also makes us stronger and safer here at home.
Mike Quigley
Death created the modern American union, not just by ensuring national survival, but by shaping enduring national structures and commitments. The work of death was Civil War America’s most fundamental and most demanding undertaking.
Drew Gilpin Faust
Even prior to marriage and motherhood, it’s always been about prioritising and focusing on what you can commit to. That’s been my approach to every aspect of my life, be it my relationships or my professional commitments.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Though many corporations honor commitments to reduce dangerous pollution, some cut corners and cheat. The marketplace doesn’t always have mechanisms to correct bad actors.
Frances Beinecke
Senior development specialists in the Treasury can be counted on one hand. America’s government is not even aware of the gap between its commitments and action, because almost nobody in authority understands the actions that would be needed to meet the commitments.
Jeffrey Sachs
Most actresses have multiple commitments, from films to endorsements, that require us to maintain a particular look over a long period. Hence, there is never an opportunity to experiment with hair, so we just settle for a neutral look that we can work with across projects.
Disha Patani
I dated dozens of young men, had fun with all, made commitments to none.
Gene Tierney
Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep.
Denis Waitley
Commitments are one of the worst things to have in the music business. They’re very annoying.
Neil Young
Very strong declarations were made by those countries who are most responsible for global warming… the United States and China, which undertook commitments towards changing the situation.
Francois Hollande
The notion that marriage is an impediment to commitments to the larger community is a long-standing one – and one reason early Christians did not place the institution at the top of their moral hierarchy, complaining that married couples cared more about pleasing each other than doing the Lord’s work.
Stephanie Coontz
As the Obama administration negotiates with the Karzai government and with Pakistan, we may be tempted to make commitments that, in the name of nation-building, restrict our ability to fight terrorists. If we must involve the Afghan government in every night raid, our operations will slow and targets will escape.
Eric Greitens
Once we make the commitment to help ourselves, we are able to help others – and the universe supports our commitments.
Mariette Hartley
My father was a Tuskegee Airmen captain in the Air Force and a very strong personality. He believed in fairness and ethics and living up to the commitments you make to others. He ultimately became a judge, and he would talk to me over and over about how important it is to be fair.
John W. Rogers, Jr.
I do a lot of thinking about my work while I’m walking. More in the early morning when I’m trekking in the mountains. When I’m walking in the city, I think more about people around me – my brothers, my wife, some business situation, commitments.
Charles Ray
Social Security and Medicare represent promises made and we must keep these commitments.
Tom Coburn
After six prison commitments, at the end of those, I was more broken than when I went into the system.
Susan Burton
I think clearly the United States, as well as other western nations, should stand by their commitments to human rights and democracy and should try to influence other countries to move in that direction.
Samuel P. Huntington
I run a taxpayer group – the most powerful guy in D.C., nonsense. OK? There are buildings with thousands of people in them, all lobbying for more spending and higher levels of spending and more government commitments. And there are a handful – a handful of groups that fight for less spending.
Grover Norquist
Work has been my lover – I’ve shied away from any commitments.
Dennis Christopher
Have I seen The Commitments? I was obsessed with that m

Have I seen The Commitments? I was obsessed with that movie. I just watched it again about two weeks ago.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I believe we should reframe our response to climate change as an imperative for growth rather than merely being a way of being green or meeting environmental commitments.
William Hague
If old American alliance commitments don’t count for as much, countries will, in some cases, then say, ‘Well, we’ve got to militarize in certain ways and act more independently.’
Richard N. Haass
The Lord will bless us with more baptisms if you make sure the ones you have are going to keep their commitments. The Lord will not prepare more people for baptism if we are not converting the ones we have.
Richard G. Scott
Our country, the United States of America, may be the world’s largest economy and the world’s only superpower, but we stretch ourselves dangerously thin by taking on commitments like Iraq with only a motley band of allies to share the burden.
John Spratt
You can’t walk away from your responsibilities and commitments.
Mary Kom
When we love and make loving commitments, we create families and communities within which people can grow and take risks, knowing that hands will be there to catch them should they fall.
Jonathan Sacks
The tech industry should make bold commitments to address pressing societal issues.
Richard Edelman
And also I assert our interest in respecting all our obligations and implementing all our commitments. And will save no effort whatever to protect this newborn opportunity of peace, that is provided through what we have already declared here today.
Mahmoud Abbas
There are certain TV shows that probably would have made me rich, and there are certain commitments I could have made that probably would have raised a lot of eyebrows that I didn’t. But I don’t look back at those decisions and say, ‘Oh God, I’m such an idiot.’
Josh Gad
Innovation requires a novel approach to scientific problem solving, higher level of resource commitments over much longer time durations.
Dilip Shanghvi
US presidents can make all the commitments and declarations they want until they are blue in the face, in the Muslim world they will always be perceived as partisan.
Daniel Barenboim
The place where we keep our clothes isn’t always the only place where we keep our commitments.
Stephanie Coontz
My commitments are for Punjabi films – I want to work for the industry to uplift it.
Gurpreet Ghuggi
My family matters most to me, even though so much of our daily lives and commitments make it so difficult to be as present with those you love as you might wish.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
But obviously, we can’t afford to make some bad long-term decisions with regard to basic commitments our country has – trade those away for some short-term assistance that may or may not be there a month from now.
Fred Thompson
If you’re not putting enough away for emergencies or retirement, making commitments in advance, such as signing up for payroll withholding, can help.
Richard Thaler
Our post-denominational age should be the perfect time for a Mormon to become president, or at least the Republican nominee. Mormons share nearly all the conservative commitments so beloved of the evangelicals who wield disproportionate influence in primary elections.
Noah Feldman
I’m proud to have led the brokering of the ambitious 2030 climate package in the European Union to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40%, which puts the E.U. ahead of the global pack in terms of commitments.
Ed Davey
As a relatively young woman – I’m 33 – I hope to one day have a family and already have commitments. If and when I’m elected as an MP, I would face a choice: take my family with me to London each week or be apart for four, maybe five, nights a week.
Lucy Powell