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As the label has developed over the years, more and mor

As the label has developed over the years, more and more structure and tailored pieces have been added, and so, whilst the core values of the brand have remained, I feel it’s important to try new things and add more layers and dimensions to a collection every season.
Matthew Williamson
There are always dimensions, and the way they get expressed is through the writing and the actors and the director you get to work with on that day. But there are always dimensions, outside of really basic stuff for very young people where it needs to be very clear.
Ben Mendelsohn
An artiste’s input, her ability to create dimensions within the given space is very important.
Urmila Matondkar
It would be amazing to play Sylvia Plath. She was so dark, and what came out of her writing was troubled and fierce. The dimensions, levels, layers and levels would be incredible to take on.
Evangeline Lilly
What women really want is opportunity and the freedom to love and accept all aspects of womanhood – the intellectual, spiritual, professional, biological and relational dimensions of who we are.
Rachel Campos-Duffy
When a coil is operated with currents of very high frequency, beautiful brush effects may be produced, even if the coil be of comparatively small dimensions. The experimenter may vary them in many ways, and, if it were nothing else, they afford a pleasing sight.
Nikola Tesla
For as long as our people are held hostage by controllable socio-economic forces, we cannot afford to be indifferent to the ravages of poverty in all its dimensions and ramifications.
Ibrahim Babangida
I have a theory of living on the boundary: on the boundary of patriarchy and the boundary of different dimensions.
Mary Daly
If diffraction or interference phenomena were to be sought it was therefore necessary, in accordance with the basic principles of wave theory, to select for the test arrangement far smaller decisive dimensions than those employed in corresponding tests with visible light.
Max von Laue
The cross reveals that we’re called to a deeper, fuller experience of what it means to be alive and open to new dimensions of life which our religious boundaries – creeds, atonement theologies – have kept us from experiencing.
John Shelby Spong
There are going to be priorities and multiple dimensions of your life, and how you integrate that is how you find happiness.
Denise Morrison
Refugees are the human dimensions of a failed state.
Sam Brownback
Photographs are two-dimensional. I work in four dimensions.
Tino Sehgal
Every character, when it comes to a cinematic representation, gets complicated and layered. You are given a lot of dimensions than a single dimension to an individual. That’s the main difference between seeing something out of the window and seeing something on screen.
Fahadh Faasil
I can look at a photo and the dimensions of any piece and tell you if it’s going to sit well with the four other pieces in your room.
Nate Berkus
True 3D is, you have to kind of originate the images in three dimensions.
Paul W. S. Anderson
On the other hand, we don’t understand the theory too completely, and because of this fuzziness of spacetime, the very concept of spacetime and spacetime dimensions isn’t precisely defined.
Edward Witten
My own position is, that it is largely up to the work itself to suggest the nature of these referential points without dimensions in and through the processes by which the distance between them is maintained.
Brian Ferneyhough
We’re taking the top iconic characters and bringing them to life as toys that our players can buy. We know that our players would like to play in both dimensions.
David Baszucki
The dimensions of my feelings are too violent.
Klaus Kinski
The arrival of DNA testing has brought new dimensions to the investigation of crime. It has brought resolution to old cases where past investigators were unable to uncover the truth. It has brought justice in new cases where once the truth might never have been known.
Chris Grayling
If I take the theory as we have it now, literally, I would conclude that extra dimensions really exist. They’re part of nature. We don’t really know how big they are yet, but we hope to explore that in various ways.
Edward Witten
I’ve always been thinking in three dimensions, ever since I started working with computer animation in the early ’80s.
John Lasseter
Einstein had looked at the numbers and dimensions that went into his equations for gravitational waves and said, essentially, ‘This is so tiny that it will never have any influence on anything, and nobody can measure it.’ And when you think about the times and the technology in 1916, he was probably right.
Rainer Weiss
Listening to A. R. Rahman as a five-year-old opened my mind to a whole new set of creative dimensions.
Sid Sriram
Because there is something psychologically wrong with you on some level if you want to be on TV, if the only way you can fulfill yourself is by literally going from three dimensions to two dimensions.
Sam Seder
The big mathematical challenge for flying robots is making them move in six dimensions: x, y, z, pitch, yaw and roll. We create 3-D obstacle courses in the lab – windows, doors, hula-hoops taped to posts – and ask the robots to fly through. It looks like a Harry Potter Quidditch match.
Vijay Kumar
Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other.
The reasons why images are so primal and people immediately relate to it is that we are exquisitely engineered to interpret information that is arrayed in two dimensions. That’s our eyesight. That’s how our eye-brain system works. So it immediately feels to us when we look at an image like we have extended our senses.
Carolyn Porco
Once Ptolemy and Plato, yesterday Newton, today Einstein, and tomorrow new faiths, new beliefs, and new dimensions.
Albert Claude
I want to give every single character the dimensions and complexity of a main character.
Paul Rust
What we call the 'world' and the 'universe' is only one

What we call the ‘world’ and the ‘universe’ is only one frequency range in an infinite number sharing the same space. The interdimensional entities I write about are able to move between these frequencies or dimensions and manipulate our lives.
David Icke
Luckily, ‘Petta’ encompasses all the dimensions of Rajini sir’s performances. His main strengths are his charm, style, and the fun that he represents.
Karthik Subbaraj
I think a playwright realizes after he finishes working on the script that this is only the beginning. What will happen when it moves into three dimensions?
Don DeLillo
Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Under its influence, ordinary songs take on dimensions and powers, like emotional superheroes.
Kate Christensen
I haven’t got an opportunity to experiment with the dimensions of my moustache much. But yes, if the role demands, I’m ready to shave it off. I feel it’s good to have moustaches for South films, but I’d love to remove my moustache; why not?
Ravi Teja
My children – in many dimensions they’re as poorly behaved as many other children, but at least on this dimension I’ve got my kids brainwashed: You don’t use Google, and you don’t use an iPod.
Steve Ballmer
Everything is expressed through relationship. Colour can exist only through other colours, dimension through other dimensions, position through other positions that oppose them. That is why I regard relationship as the principal thing.
Piet Mondrian
Technologies that may be realized in centuries or millennium include: warp drive, traveling faster than the speed of light, parallel universes; are there other parallel dimensions and parallel realities? Time travel that we mentioned and going to the stars.
Michio Kaku
You are a victim of your own neural architecture which doesn’t permit you to imagine anything outside of three dimensions. Even two dimensions. People know they can’t visualise four or five dimensions, but they think they can close their eyes and see two dimensions. But they can’t.
Leonard Susskind
Each of my roles affects different dimensions of my life.
Mark Pellegrino
I don’t believe in ghosts, but I believe in aliens and alternate dimensions.
Matt Duffer
When you’re pitching movies, sometimes you know what the idea is, but you fully don’t know the dimensions of it.
Colin Jost
A monument’s dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated.
Gutzon Borglum
The Severing is a catastrophe: an event that does not take place ‘at’ a certain ‘point’ in linear time, but a wave that ripples out in many dimensions, and in whose wake we are caught.
Timothy Morton
Understanding Hamas/Hezbollah as social movements that are progressive, that are on the left, that are part of a global left, is extremely important. That does not stop us from being critical of certain dimensions of both movements.
Judith Butler
We live in a world of social media, dating apps, online profiles where everyone is portraying themselves in 2D, trying to look cool. Portray yourself in three dimensions.
Matthew Hussey
For me, it’s important that as you’re introducing yourself, you show different dimensions.
As far as extra dimensions are concerned, very tiny extra dimensions wouldn’t be perceived in everyday life, just as atoms aren’t: we see many atoms together but we don’t see atoms individually.
Edward Witten
Evolution has ensured that our brains just aren’t equipped to visualise 11 dimensions directly. However, from a purely mathematical point of view it’s just as easy to think in 11 dimensions, as it is to think in three or four.
Stephen Hawking
You know the Einstein waves can be thought of as a distortion of space and time. But the way we see it, we see it as a distortion of space. And space is enormously stiff. You can’t squish it; you can’t change its dimensions so easily.
Rainer Weiss