Top 80 Good Sense Quotes

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Comedy is difficult for an actor. But I think I have a

Comedy is difficult for an actor. But I think I have a good sense of humor and manage to make people laugh and make them happy.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
I’m no dummy. I have a good sense of the business end of this game.
Shawn Kemp
Bob Dole used to be really funny. Barney Frank can be kind of funny. Bob Kerrey has a good sense of humor.
Al Franken
I have a good sense of humor. I’m confident, passionate and honest. I’m a people person.
Maryse Mizanin
As a leader, these attributes – confidence, perseverance, work ethic and good sense – are all things I look for in people. I also try to lead by example and create an environment where good questions and good ideas can come from anyone.
Heather Bresch
I very much enjoy working with talented filmmakers who have a good sense for music, who have a strong feel for music and for what music can do in a film.
Johann Johannsson
I was nominated 13 times during my 15-week stay in ‘Bigg Boss’ but they couldn’t get me out. That is because I was truthful and entertained the audience with my good sense of humour.
Puneet Issar
If you do enough rap shows, you get a pretty good sense of an audience. You start to develop this sense of what a feeling of a room or a group is.
Daveed Diggs
My only claim to music is a good sense of rhythm, and I have been in musicals and done some singing.
June Whitfield
I worry that if I enjoy something – like the songs on ‘Some Nights’ are about wondering about who you are. I’m never quite sure and I’d hate to feel sort of content and get a good sense of who I am because if I know one thing, that’s not me. I don’t mind not necessarily being happy about it. And that’s fine.
Nate Ruess
I have a good sense of humor. I’m not Martin Lawrence by any means. I’m a little too country to be Chris Rock. But I fancy myself as being somebody with a good sense of humor.
Mark Henry
I like a man who can be a real friend, has a good sense of humor, a good pair of shoes and a healthy gold card.
Victoria Beckham
I have a good sense of direction.
Anwar Robinson
Australians are geniuses with a good sense of humour.
Fred Schneider
Maxims are the condensed good sense of nations.
James Mackintosh
Any good actor has to have a good sense of humour, too; they have to be able to manipulate people.
Chevy Chase
We seldom find any person of good sense, except those who share our opinions.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
I’m a sucker for a good sense of humor.
Spencer Matthews
I have a good sense of humour, and that’s what kept me for the 30 years I was locked up.
Anthony Ray Hinton
I think anyone who behaves boorishly but without a good sense of humor is not as fun to watch.
Gaby Hoffmann
I grew up as a Muslim: it was quite a conservative upbringing; I didn’t wear mini-skirts. But my mum and dad had a good sense of humour and were creative. I guess all of that shaped me.
Konnie Huq
I have a very good sense of tone, and it’s possible to talk about very personal things and maintain a level of dignity and even privacy – to go to the place, to talk about it, but not get icky.
Jane Pauley
The Muslims in the Cape are associated with having a very good sense of humor.
Riaad Moosa
One thing that N.W.A did, as Larry Flynt did before them, was to expand the boundaries of our reliance upon the good sense of the people to determine what’s right and what isn’t, what’s obscene and what isn’t, and what’s immoral and what isn’t.
Jerry Heller
A proverb is good sense brought to a point.
John Morley
Right now, the biggest shared value that I can think of is that you should treat others the way you want to be treated, and just have some good sense about what matters to you.
Craig Newmark
I started out from a pretty modest background, so I always had a pretty good sense of money. I always had to work for my money, save my own money, I always bought my own stuff with my money… trying not to waste money unnecessarily.
Marco Arment
I love Andre 3000 from OutKast. I think we’d complement each other, but I’m hoping he’s got a good sense of humour.
Paloma Faith
I was the classic killer. I always played an angry man. I think it was because I used to really be like that – I was hostile. And because I had a good sense of theatrical truth, I used my anger and rebelliousness and just went with it. Anger was just a part of me.
Harry Dean Stanton
Since there will be no one left to talk peace after the next war, it makes good sense to break with tradition and hold the peace conference first.
William Glasser
The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.
Pablo Picasso
I have a very good sense of humour. I love telling joke

I have a very good sense of humour. I love telling jokes, especially on the golf course.
Engelbert Humperdinck
Before I finished another level of Scientology auditing, I had a very hard time with being wrong and I always had to have my own way – and not in a good sense. After auditing, I was able to have my thoughts, communicate them and not have to be right all the time.
Danny Masterson
Yes, I have a good sense of humor to sort of last a long time in show business, and I think to be able to find comedic value in who you are and the people that you work is always a good thing.
Jane Krakowski
President Obama has a good sense not just of the economic requisites for financial crisis firefighting but also how you build political support for moving forward on reforming the financial system, making sure that the banks are carrying enough capital.
Lael Brainard
It is like a voyage of discovery into unknown lands, seeking not for new territory but for new knowledge. It should appeal to those with a good sense of adventure.
Frederick Sanger
Let us not become so intense in our zeal to do good by winning arguments or by our pure intention in disputing doctrine that we go beyond good sense and manners, thereby promoting contention, or say and do imprudent things, invoke cynicism, or ridicule with flippancy.
James E. Faust
Those are just some of the people whom we interviewed in the documentary, but that should provide you with a good sense of the credibility of the individuals who bolster the case that this administration lied us into a war.
Robert Greenwald
People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense.
Ken Kesey
In building a management team, I look for integrity, loyalty, vision, and a willingness to think outside of the box, and challenge the status quo. I also look for people who have a good sense of humor and who value and empower their team.
Shari Redstone
My wife has a good sense of humor, and instead of calling me psychic with my novels, she simply refers to me as being ‘psycho.’ That’s because multiple things in my books have come true.
Brad Thor
Good sense travels on the well-worn paths; genius, never. And that is why the crowd, not altogether without reason, is so ready to treat great men as lunatics.
Cesare Lombroso
Honestly, I’m blessed with good genes and a good sense of discipline – I eat whatever I want, but I eat very controlled portions and stop when I’m full.
Alice Greczyn
A power of recall that depended solely on the electorate and was not subject to unnecessary hurdles of Parliamentary procedures would show trust in the good sense and fairness of the British people. In return, they might trust Parliamentarians a little more.
Jacob Rees-Mogg
It is essential that the women’s preventive coverage benefit, including contraception, be available to all women, regardless of what health plan they have or where they work – as Congress intended. Providing access to birth control just makes good sense.
Gwen Moore
I worked in script development, many years ago, and read a lot of scripts. Between that and the scripts I’ve read as an actor, and I’m a writer as well, I think I have a pretty good sense about whether the bones of a story are there and whether the structure is intact.
William Mapother
You have got to have a good sense of humor, you have got to be tough, and you have got to know how to dress.
Frank Vincent
The first ingredient in conversation is truth, the next good sense, the third good humor, and the fourth wit.
William Temple
England has been called, with great felicity of conception, ‘the land of liberty and good sense.’ We have preserved many of the advantages of a free people, which the nations of the Continent have long since lost.
William Godwin
I do find things funny. When you see life through the eyes of someone with a good sense of humor, which my grandmother did, life is a human comedy.
George Takei
A good sense of humor will get you everywhere.
Josh Bowman
If I fell into one relationship after another with men who were either emotionally tuned out and unavailable or hotheaded and controlling, or both, it was because I was lacking in good sense about men.
Kate Christensen
Good sense about trivialities is better than nonsense about things that matter.
Max Beerbohm
I think in my case, I had no choice but to have a good sense of humor. I grew up with my dad, Danny Thomas, and George Burns and Bob Hope and Milton Berle and Sid Caesar and all those guys were at our house all the time and telling jokes and making each other laugh.
Marlo Thomas
When you read reviews on Yelp, you get a good sense of what’s going to happen when you walk in the door of that business. The challenge is that there are fifteen million businesses in the U.S., and its very hard to communicate with all of them about how Yelp works, and why it works the way it does.
Jeremy Stoppelman
Once upon a time there was a Queen who had a son so ugly and so misshapen that it was long disputed whether he had human form. A fairy who was at his birth said, however, that he would be very amiable for all that, since he would have uncommon good sense.
Charles Perrault
I think it’s like music for the sake of music, and a lot of the words stem from liking music a lot, wanting to be a good band and having a good sense of humour, and living in a situation where we’re free to pretty much do what we want.
Jon Fishman