Top 80 Guru Quotes

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You know the fact is that whenever there is a celebrati

You know the fact is that whenever there is a celebration for a person as great as Guru Nanakji, it is done by the government.
Amarinder Singh
My parents being Bengali, we always had music in our house. My nani was a trained classical singer, who taught my mum, who, in turn, was my first teacher. Later I would travel almost 70 kms to the nearest town, Kota, to learn music from my guru Mahesh Sharmaji, who was also the principal of the music college there.
Shreya Ghoshal
When ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand’ was released, it was a big success and very well appreciated. At that time, colour films had just started to be made, and Guru Dutt decided to take the title song of the film, shoot it in colour and rerelease it with new fanfare.
Waheeda Rehman
My parents’ selfless affection and dedication nourished and prepared me to receive the love of my guru or spiritual father, Swami Prabhupada. My parents prepared the soil in which my guru sowed the seeds of his compassion.
Radhanath Swami
When I first started, there really was no beauty guru community. I didn’t have the right production resources. I had to learn how to edit. I didn’t even have beauty products. I had to go out and buy them myself because beauty brands didn’t even know what a beauty guru was.
Michelle Phan
I actually got a part in ‘The Love Guru’, that Mike Myers film. I heard it’s awful. I got a Razzie award for it, which I’m quite proud of, but I still haven’t seen it. I have no plans to branch out.
Daniel Tosh
Since I was not able wholly to subscribe to any one set of beliefs advanced by any ‘guru’ I had to fall back on my own, however derivative.
Anthony Storr
My first-ever social medium was actually MySpace. But my first video ever was on YouTube – that’s when I thought I was a fashion guru – posting fashion stuff. I deleted all of those videos. And I regret doing that today, because I want to look back and see how baduy I was in seventh grade!
Bretman Rock
One does not become a guru by accident.
James Fenton
Thanks to my family and guru. They were quite confident that I could do it and think about music as a full-time career.
Sid Sriram
All of the religions are looking after the poor. At least leave me alone to look after the rich. I am the rich man’s guru.
If you have fear, you are bound by tradition, you follow some leader or guru. When you are bound by tradition, when you are afraid of your husband or your wife, you lose your dignity as an individual human being.
Jiddu Krishnamurti
I liked Guru Dutt, the way he used songs and the way he shot songs. He was a class apart.
Mani Ratnam
A lot of Friday nights, Guru and I would go kick it with Biggie, since he was just three blocks down from us.
DJ Premier
Gandhi protested against restrictive policies. So did ‘Guru.’
Vijay Krishna Acharya
My grandfather was a direct descendent of Guru Nanak, which my father also carried forth.
Pooja Bedi
There are so many things that pop up. If you are paying attention, you can learn every second of the day. Life is my guru.
Jeff Bridges
‘Celluloid’ is set in the 1930s. During the decade, the folk-classical genre seems to have been in vogue. It didn’t take much effort to compose because my guru Neyyattinkara Mohanachandran and his guru, M. M. Dandapani Desikar, used to sing this genre.
M. Jayachandran
K.G. Sathar, a neighbour, was my guru. He taught me the violin and Hindustani music.
Mohan Sithara
In the same way I am addicted to puddings – the sweeter the better – I have become addicted to the daily routines my Pilates and Gyrotonic guru, Nada, puts me through.
Ben Elliot
When Guru Randhawa and I sang, people really liked our chemistry.
Neha Kakkar
We have to penalize those who desecrated Guru Granth Sahib.
Amarinder Singh
The number one person who needs my books is me. I’m not some sort of disinterested guru who has worked life out and is handing things out to the poor people who might not have life worked out.
Alain de Botton
I was lucky to work with some of the finest filmmakers – Guru Dutt, Satyajit Ray, Vijay Anand, Raj Khosla, Asit Sen.
Waheeda Rehman
Guru Dutt was a serious person, yes. He used to be very impatient, not with the artistes, but with the technicians – especially the camera crew.
Waheeda Rehman
I work with actors who fit the bill. I have worked with Abhishek in ‘Yuva,’ ‘Guru’ and ‘Raavan’ because he was the perfect choice.
Mani Ratnam
In no way am I a spiritual person. I’m not some guru geek.
Linda Perry
Since the Indian film industry is one of the oldest, and I have grown up admiring all the movies, especially the classics starring Guru Dutt, I would love to work here.
Mahira Khan
I am proud to be a Sikh and am a true disciple of Guru Gobind Singh, who sacrificed his entire family for the Sikh religion.
Harbhajan Singh
Something like Deckard Cain is great; it doesn’t ruin your voice. But games that involve violence or battle or mutating and stuff like that really does take a toll on your voice. And I’ve even had to start to go to a voice guru kind of guy to do exercises to try to save and get back some of what I lost.
Michael Gough
I decided to do theatre intensely. I joined Makarand Deshpande’s group Ansh. He became my guru. That’s where I met Anurag Kashyap and Kay Kay Menon. These were the people who supported and inspired me.
Abhimanyu Singh
Even when I meet people, they start talking to me in Te

Even when I meet people, they start talking to me in Telugu, even though I’m a Kannadiga. But my character in Hello Guru Prema Kosame’ will change that image of mine. You’ll see me as an urban city girl in glamorous clothes.
Pranitha Subhash
Every few months, I would take off to the U.S., which had people wondering why I went away so often. My trips were always to meet my spiritual guru, Maaji, who is based in the U.S. I would always come back with clear mind and sure footing.
Nikita Thukral
I’m not a QB guru.
Devin McCourty
My mortal Guru was my Irish-Christian brother who taught me how to do everything and gave me my moral values. My spiritual Guru are my parents.
Victor Banerjee
The word ‘guru’ is very loaded, so I would never refer to myself that way. I see myself as a teacher.
Gabrielle Bernstein
I like characters who are larger-than-life, whether life-loving women or the artist or guru who grabs everything. But I don’t live among people like that.
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Coach Reid is always going to dial the right plays up. He’s a guru.
Travis Kelce
Most people think of me as a makeup guru, but might be surprised to know I’m also a trained artist and a huge comic book fan.
Michelle Phan
I’m no parenting guru. I suppose you just take everyday as it comes and do what you think is best.
Spencer Matthews
In ‘Guru,’ the business aspect is more of a layer and sub-text… to me, Harshad Mehta’s story is a tragedy, a classic Greek tragedy, where the greed of a lot of people got attached to him.
Vijay Krishna Acharya
There are so many films which are my favorite in 100 years. There are legendary films like ‘Bombay,’ ‘Dil Se,’ and ‘Guru’ as I liked Abhishek Bachachan’s performance in the film.
Neha Sharma
Guru died tragically and there were so many rumors about how he went out. I got to see him in the hospital right before he passed, and one of the last things I said to him before I walked out of the room was that I was going to make sure that his family was straight.
DJ Premier
I have never said that there is no need for a guru. All depends on what you call guru. He need not be in a human form.
Ramana Maharshi
I am very happy to have debuted in Telugu with a film like ‘Guru.’
Ritika Singh
Guru Nanak Dev ji’s life and teachings give a message of affection, compassion and brotherhood for the entire humanity.
Ram Nath Kovind
The number one person who needs my books is me. I’m not some sort of disinterested guru who has worked life out and is handing things out to the poor people who might not have life worked out.
Alain de Botton
By singing the Guru’s hymns, I, the minstrel spread the Lord’s glory. Nanak, by praising the True Name, I have obtained the perfect Lord.
Guru Nanak
Jazzmatazz’ was Guru’s thing, but Gang Starr was his baby. I don’t care what anybody says. That dude loved Gang Starr.
DJ Premier
I met Leo Fender, who is the guru of all amplifiers, and he gave me a Stratocaster. He became a second father to me.
Dick Dale
As for whether I am a ‘new age guru’, I am not at all. I help companies build employees who lead without a title and become high performers.
Robin S. Sharma
When I was 9, I was into T. Rex, Gary Glitter, and Alice Cooper. I knew The Beatles because my nan introduced me to them, but T. Rex was the first band I got into myself. I got ‘Metal Guru’ a few months after hearing ‘Children of the Revolution’ in Pwllheli in North Wales at a market.
Ian Brown
When I was little, my dad told me about Anandpur Sahib and the court of Guru Gobind Singh. That we came from a tradition of poets, warriors and artists who created when it was illegal to create… we’re groomed to be reckless in the defense of what we feel is right.
Rupi Kaur
In 1954 I was on Broadway for five months in ‘The Matchmaker’ and went once a week to the classes of Uta Hagen, a theatrical guru whose teaching in retrospect illuminated the whole of my training at the Old Vic.
Prunella Scales
I’m not modern or ancient: I’m just contemporary. I’m sure every guru of his time was contemporary.
Jaggi Vasudev
I do not think, like people say, that I am a guru or I know everything.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
If you can do a squat and a pushup, you can build up to becoming a fitness guru.
John Morrison
I grew up watching Mickey Mouse and going to Disney World, like, 2,000 times. Mickey Mouse is like my guru.
Greg Cipes
I bow at His Feet constantly, and pray to Him, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Way.
Guru Nanak
Anyone from our era knows that Guru was in every club and every bar and every spot. He could go all night, all day. And he would never be tired!
DJ Premier